Tom Brady: Jake Camarda “Made Probably The Play Of The Season For Us”

January 2nd, 2023

Tom Brady admits to covering his eyes in agony.

Yes, that mind-bending play by rookie punter Jake Camarda with 40 seconds remaining yesterday even blew the mind of 23-year NFL veteran Tom Brady.

It was that good. Joe laid it out here with video if you forgot about it or were taking dump when the Bucs lined up to punt after a brutal 3-and-out when they attempted to ice the victory on the ground.

NBC Sports NFL insider Peter King honored Camarda in his weekly common, but that’s nothing compared to The Goat himself going on national radio tonight to profess his adoration of Camarda’s play and how it saved Brady from an emotional meltdown.

Brady was on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio with Let’s Go! host Jim Gray. Kudos to Gray for telling Brady that the Bucs’ special teams were “atrocious” yesterday and Camarda “saved the day.”

Joe thought Brady would wag a finger at Gray and get into his usual teamspeak, but Brady rolled right along with it.

“Jake made a great play to catch it and get it off, running left, kicking with his right foot — saved the day no doubt. I was sitting on the sideline and I saw the ball skip. There was a wall of bodies in front of me and I just kind of put my head down and closed my eyes and looked up and saw him kick it. So, I was probably like a lot of the fans on TV; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Happy Jake made probably the play of the season for us, which we needed at that point.”

Brady went on to say “you never see that” when it comes to a punter (not a kicker) pulling off a high-pressure play with the game truly on the line.

What an accomplishment for the rookie. There’s no way Camarda ever dreamed of Brady dropping national love on him.

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