Todd Bowles: No Rebuild

January 17th, 2023

Zero interest in a rebuild.

More than a couple of Bucs fans want the team to tank in 2023 (and play Kyle Trask?) so the Bucs can begin a rebuild, presumably with quarterback Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.

(Joe has no problem with #CollapseForCaleb.)

Bucs coach Todd Bowles made it clear that won’t be happening.

He was asked after last night’s season-ending loss to Dallas in the wild card round if the Bucs should tear the roster down and rebuild, or should the team just reload?

Bowles didn’t mince words: “Reload.”

“Never rebuild,” Bowles said. “You always reload. You feel like you have a chance to win every year. You’ve just got to tweak some things from a schematic standpoint all the way around – offense, defense and special teams.

“Obviously, no one ever comes back with every player on the team, so we’ll have some new faces in here. That’s just part of the game.”

Joe can say this right here and right now: If Team Glazer next year (not this spring) wants to draft a franchise quarterback, Joe has no trust in failed offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and Bowles to develop one.

Bowles had two high-draft-pick quarterbacks in New York (Sam Darnold and Christian Hackenberg) and both busted out. Leftwich had first-round draft pick Josh Rosen in Arizona and he busted out.

That’s 0-3 between those two with first- or second-round quarterback picks.

No thanks.

220 Responses to “Todd Bowles: No Rebuild”

  1. BucU Says:

    Did he say reload? Lolololololol.

  2. Tucker Says:

    Lol what a clown, joe, I have zero confidence Todd can do anything competent much less develop a QB.

  3. Tucker Says:

    How embarrassing this defense looked this game should absolutely confirmed firing Todd what an epic failure.

  4. Bucfan Says:

    Isn’t defense Bowles strength? Look at the game plan last night. Time for both Bowles & Lefty to go!!

  5. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I hope everyone enjoyed the ride with Brady. Now, reality kicks in.

  6. ClwJB Says:

    We are the laughing stock of the league with Todd and his band of tools

    Fire Bowles and all of them today!

  7. Hail2dabucs Says:

    One thing he can be competent at . And that’s being in over his head ! This whole coaching staff is an embarrassment & so are most of the players with the exception of maybe 5 !

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We will be rebuilding whether Bowles calls it that or not.

  9. ViSyl Says:

    Tweak somethings?? He says like it was a close game. You need to change 99% of what was shown during the whole season. Fire the entire clown staff. Stop this madness.

  10. Marques Says:

    To be fair all three have proven to. It be NFL starting QB’s.

  11. Sampson Says:

    No rebuild… really… what game were you watching Coach? The game I saw demanded a complete teardown of the teams philosophy and playbook. He should be beyond embarrassed after that showing. They weren’t even competitive.

  12. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    The 2023 will be one ugly season with Brady not there along with alota familiar faces on the roster……..losing season again

    It’s a Bucs Life!

  13. Chuckstutz Says:

    Our coaches the great non communicators

    Give me some fired up coaches motivators.


  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Go after Derrick Carr….. then Draft offensive lineman in the first two rounds.

    We need a starting Left Tackle and Right Guard.

  15. Jp09 Says:

    All we need is some new coaches, a quarterback, offensive linemen, a third wide receiver, defensive linemen, linebackers, a few DBs and a kicker! The good news is we’re $50 mil over the cap. Yes, this is a rebuild and it should start with the coaches

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I think Brady will stay, he’s not going to the west coast and has made that abundantly clear in his podcast.

  17. Morgus the Magnificent Says:


  18. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Fire him… Don’t let him touch anything else..

  19. Ed Says:

    The first tweak is to have Todd clean out his office. His team has done nothing this past season to put any faith in his ability to be the motivator and leader to the team. He failed miserably when he had bye weeks, teams playing guys off the street and playing teams that just fired their coaches.

    The first mistake the organization made was promoting him to head coach. Now that they will have an offseason to interview and meet with coaches that have a better vision for the team, then they can do the rebuild.

    There isn’t much to reload. Mostly players to cut or try to trade. It just didn’t workout the second time around for coach Bowles.

  20. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Brady ain’t staying in an Organization that will be a fire dumpster of a roster come this season… way

    I think he’s tired of getting hit so much

  21. Duane Says:

    Not sure why you would reload when its clear the coaching staff cant manage the talent they were given this year. There should have been an offensive mind leading this team, not a lame azz DC who still thinks its the 90s. The OC they bring in is likely to be his successor if they have any kind of success, so just rip the bandaid off already. Lovie 2.0 is even lamer and more boring than the original.

  22. DBS Says:

    Sure hope the next thread we see is . They Have Been Fired!

  23. Darin Says:

    Reload the gun pointed at bowles and Leftwich. Wish ya well boys just won’t be here!

  24. DungyDance Says:

    Tweak some things?! This season, with the roster we had, was a disgrace. Not so sure Bowles deserves another shot if this is what he thinks.

  25. NEfan Says:


  26. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I think we’re stuck with Todd Bowles for another season….given The Glazers history of Head Coaches…….

  27. LVMYBUCS Says:

    My treat if they fire both of them! I rather have no coach then these two.

  28. mark2001 Says:

    Sorry. Very little to no chance of competing with Todd at the helm. Even in our own division, everyone will have better draft picks than we do. Brady will be gone. NO will have a new QB. Carolina is on the rise. ATL, who knows. Time to get a new coach. We will be lucky to not end up in the division cellar next year.

  29. Panhandle Buc Says:

    According to PFF – BL has been FIRED!!!

  30. Brian Says:

    This roster is not good. Only made the playoffs in a bad division. J licht cannot draft impact players and build a long term roster. Need to clean house this off season.

  31. LVMYBUCS Says:

    You lie? Panhandle Buc Says:

  32. Davenport Says:

    Please be gone — we do not want a wasted 2023

  33. Chris Stewart Says:

    On the upside, with this staff , they can try and give it their 100% and we will still have great draft picks.

  34. HC Grover Says:

    Is Todd and the Band of Bowzos still here? If so I could care less what they do.

  35. MarvAlbert Says:

    Some random thoughts:
    Fire entire coaching staff
    Hire Sean Payton
    Let Brady walk, if he’s so inclined
    Acquire Derek Carr
    Clear all dead wood from O line and defense

  36. Panhandle Buc Says:

    I gave the source – why lie?

  37. biff barker Says:

    Flush this turd.

    What do you expect will be different next year?

    This guy is an average coordinator, awful HC.

    Fire the staff today. Starting with BA.

  38. LVMYBUCS Says:

    If it wasn’t for Brady we wouldn’t even have made it to the playoff. I can’t believe they gave the keys to these two coaches.

  39. SB~LV Says:

    Lol !!!!!
    Fire sale and trade any player
    Total rebuild

  40. Sean Says:

    Don’t get mad at Bowles. He’s been absolutely consistent. He’s a substandard head coach who is utterly set in his (limited) ways. He always will be be this way. Get mad at Licht, the Glazers, and Arians for allowing him to fail upward.

  41. Jason the licht is never on Says:

    As you read the comments, I have not seen one that says”stay the course” we as buc fans deserve a better chance. Todd “toilet” Bowles is a good defensive coordinator. Head coach not so much. FIRE him and let’s stop him from sinking our ship into another lost decade. Not even upset about last night knew it was coming

  42. LVMYBUCS Says:

    My apologies I read it wrong I thought/hoped it said TB ( Todd Bowes) had been fired. I guess wishful thinking overcame me. Sorry. @Panhandle Buc Says:

  43. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Jason Licht needs to hit the road too, there is ZERO alignment between Bowels and Licht on the way they want a franchise built, Licht got lucky that Brady showed up Only 2 players on the bucs should not be available for trade and that is wirfs and the rest should be made available, and it includes Mike Evans and that hurts to type that

  44. John Says:

    Toilet Bowles + Trask = #1 pick

  45. SKBucsFan Says:

    Although Bowles has proven he isn’t the guy, he is correct in saying we need to re-load (for a different coach). We will tank regardless of who we have with him at the helm. Focusing on the O-line and receivers this draft will help in that re-build. But Licht will find a way to suck.

  46. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    If the Glazers don’t fire Bowles, the message to fans is that the owners don’t care about winning. Bowles was set up for success this year and he failed miserably. I do not give him any credit for the division title. The Bucs backed into the playoffs and last night’s game proved they had no business being there. I keep reading the Joes write that because Bowles didn’t get to pick his assistants, he deserves a second season. What would make anyone think the results would be different if Bowles had his own assistants? I know the Glazers have never fired a coach after one year, but this is not the usual case where a coach was hired to build a winner from nothing. Bowles took a winning team and ran it into a ditch. One year is enough to prove he is not the right coach for the job going forward. The Bucs need to cut their losses and move on.

  47. MarvAlbert Says:

    Seriously? “Reload” starts with firing this clown and his entire staff. Face it: if you can’t win with Brady, you can’t win. Period

  48. Beej Says:

    Most first round QB’s seem to fail, the oddity is when one DOESN’T

  49. Jack Clark Says:

    Todd Bowels doesn’t want to be a head coach, he wants to be a defensive coordinator. You can tell because he still wants to call all the plays on defense and not fix the offense. Todd Bowels WILL NOT CHANGE. He will not make gutsy calls or play no risk it no biscuit football. It will be more of the same next year and I have absolutely NO FAITH in him to change for the better. We need an offensive minded head coach who lets the DC and OC call the plays while he manages the game.

  50. A Says:

    Please Brady, stay or go, inform the Glaziers that this coaching staff sucks and has to go…

  51. Nprbuc Says:

    How many how many more examples do Glazers need to give this entire coaching staff the boot? There is NO one part of this team that has played well. We have a kicker who bombs kick and that’s about it.”Tweaks and schemes” The man is a loser as a coach and leader of men. Stands in his sideline pose while one of HIS men lays on the ground injured. Never went onto the field until the Cowpies coach showed more concern than him. He even got showed up in an injury response! These clown coaches need to be gone immediately!

  52. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Fire them all. What they did to the offense is criminal and unforgivable.

  53. Yucs2Bucs Says:


  54. HC Grover Says:

    All sources claim Lefty getting the axe. Heavy, bleacher report. USA Today Steelers now etc.

  55. Bubby Says:

    Why would we trust Jason Licht to rebuild anyway?!?! He moves up for kickers and this years 1st round draft pick’s biggest contribution was taking out our pro bowl centers knee while in half pads.

    He did get Tom here but there also weren’t a ton of choices. Tom did the rest. Just wait and see who decides to stick around post-Tom.

    He did get Bruce here, but then Bruce got to control the staff thereafter by getting his friends a job.

    If we rebuild, start in the front office.

  56. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Leftwich to be fired….Likely OC for the Steelers……lots of luck with that.

  57. mark2001 Says:

    What is wrong with you guys? Lovie part 2 will do a great job next year.

  58. NEfan Says:

    Blows said he is going to call Brady to see what his intentions are. I heard Brady changed his VM to: ” Hi this is Tom, I can’t come to the phone please, leave a message unless your coachless Bowles then go eff yourself, lose my number!”

  59. Slacker Says:

    Can someone tell me any logical reasoning for keeping Bowles? He failed with a “stacked” team assembled to make a run. Nobody will want to play here and no decent coordinator will come. Ya he’s just going to all of a sudden look like a good coach with a far less talented roster. Get real

  60. Doctor_Berto Says:

    This team is void of any high end talent outside of Wirfs. Time to clean house and that includes Licht.

  61. HC Grover Says:

    Most media sources claim they will keep Bowles. I think it would be a Super Blunder. It will lead to even more calamity and disaster for our team. Shattered and tattered.

  62. Stormy Says:

    Reload, rebuild, whatever. If this fool is running it, it will be a failure.

  63. The Graham Tram Says:

    It’s really hard to get the number one pick with a competent head coach, and we need a year to run some cap off the books, so Reload it is.

  64. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    With Bowles as HC, Sam Darnold may end up becoming a Buc.

  65. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bubby Says:
    January 17th, 2023 at 8:52 am
    Why would we trust Jason Licht to rebuild anyway?!?! ”

    Jason Licht is the BEST GM we have ever had. Not even Rich was better.

  66. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Sure would be nice to have a Josh Allen or Joe Burrow type to keep us nationally relevant for many years to come. I’m thankful for this whole Brady thing but it’s already tiring going in to every off season with a sense of impending doom. Things need to stabilize. We’re kinda old and slow across the board. Idk if I’m really a fan of the actual construct of the team. We need to get bigger, tougher, faster, younger. I want the Bucs to build a brand other than us being a truck stop for old free agents. It can be done. No one has been more irrelevant or boring than the jaguars – but they’re, dare I say kinda trendy and cool right now. Idk what Bowles os talking about with this reload thing being 45 mil over the cap and not particularly talented or athletic anymore

  67. The Graham Tram Says:

    I can’t see anyone wanting to be the OC for Bowles, but maybe you tell Todd Monken he’s got a shot at being the successor if he comes.

  68. darengibo Says:

    Did Bowles keep himself as DC while head coach in NY?

  69. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Doctor_Berto Says:
    January 17th, 2023 at 8:54 am
    This team is void of any high end talent outside of Wirfs. Time to clean house and that includes Licht.

    Well, that is wrong. We’ve got talent all over the place. Injuries were why we had to rely on 3rd stringers all year (promoted to starters).

    Coaching is the root cause of them not playing well.

  70. HC Grover Says:

    With Bowles the Bucs will be at best, semi-competitive next year. Less than mediocre, We will end up like Houston with Lovie. My 8 Ball says: Outlook not so good. Predict last place NFC South. Brady is prolly on a fast plane to anyplace but here.

  71. Wesley Says:

    I’m sick of defensive minded coordinators as head coaches. This is an offense run league now and 2001 Ravens or 2002 Bucs won’t work anymore. Defensive minded head coaches are not creative, do not take chances, and have bad to middle of the road offenses. Lovey and Bowles are prime examples. Let them just stay defensive coordinators where they belong.

  72. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If Bowles remains, the Lefty will to…if not, they will promote from within.

    New coach = all new staff.

  73. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Hire Gordan Ramsey! LMAO! Did you see the blank stare on Bowles and Byron Sandwiches face last night? Clueless! Bye man! Maybe they can make a Ham and Cheese, but I doubt it!

  74. bucfan999 Says:

    Bowles has to go. He would have been a good coach in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s when a defensive coach with his philosophy of score 14-17 points a game and we’ll win with defense that hold the opposing team to 10 points a game but in the 2000’s the game changed in favor of of the offense. The rules are made to score points and if you don’t score at least 24 points a game you are doomed to mediocrity. Bowles was given a team that under Arians averaged 30 points a game & he turned them into a plodding team that averaged 17 points a game. This is all on Bowles, as bad as Leftwich is as a Offensive Coordinator this is all on Bowles philosophy as a Defensive Coordinator & next year will be worse if we keep this coach.
    Come on Glazers listen to the fans and jettison this entire coaching staff and bring in a Offensive Head coach. Maybe even Sean Payton as we’ve seen the Saints will let Carolina talk to him so why not Tampa?

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s an idea…since everyone wants to tank…make the woman asst coach HC. Make history.

  76. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Don’t really care what he says, because he shouldn’t be the one making those calls next season. Bye Todd

  77. Kentucky Buc Says:

    We’ve got some heartless players to be rid of even if Brady does come back.

  78. FrankFooter Says:

    with 55 million over the cap, the bucs mismanaged the salary cap. They can’t sign a QB. Their plan was to play Trask while they get out of the 35 million cap hit that Brady imposes next year. Expect 2-4 years of sub 500 records. By then, most of the staff will be new.

  79. Doctor_Berto Says:

    Bonzai, who outside of wirfs is high end all-pro type talent? Evans is getting old, Devin white kinda sucks, lavonte is too old. Missing anyone?

  80. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Hey Joe(s): Time for the FIRE TODD BOWLES (Bowels) Poll…..not a Confidence poll, a “Should he be fired poll!!!”

  81. Joey Strom Says:

    “We’ve just got to tweak some things”, such as replacing the entire coaching staff.

  82. Jeff’s real dad Says:

    I have faith in Todd delivering us the #1 pick in 2024 so I ain’t mad

  83. Mike C Says:


  84. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I agree with Bowles. Bucs fans have resorted back to our loser mentality. We don’t need to rebuild. This team has too much of at least a decent core to think about rebuilding. Licht needs to hit big in the draft. He must draft some players who could contribute next year.

  85. bucs4life Says:

    What is the value of a coach who can squander a defense like ours like he did? The same applies to Leftwich about our loaded offense, but in a far worse way.

  86. HC Grover Says:

    Dean, Edwards, Mason, Stennie, Wells, Hicks, David, Julio, Gholston, and Brady are the only free agents of note that are up. Miller, Gabbert and etc. will play for peanuts cause nobody will want them.

  87. gbobucsfan Says:

    Byron and Brett Maher hanging out at a Hooters in Tampa after the game.

  88. gotbbucs Says:

    Tweak things?

    You had all training camp to tweak things. From game #1 of the preseason it was obvious the offense was broken. The entire regular season it was obvious the offense was broken. Every week it was the same lip service of ” we talked about it, and this needs to be changed”. Low and behold, the next week was the same issues.

    Sitting on your hands with your phalanges up your rear end isn’t tweaking, buddy.

    If Bowles and Leftwich are still on that sideline next fall the Glazers will be tweaking their bank accounts to compensate for an empty stadium.

  89. mark2001 Says:

    Nobody… I mean nobody… that has watched the games for 30 or more years, would remotely think that changing the OC would solve the problems this team has. Our D picks have been marginal. And don’t think that Todd hasn’t had a large say in that. Game planning, motivational leadership, game time decisions. NONE OF THOSE WILL CHANGE WITH TODD AT THE HELM. So let’s get real.

  90. Bobby M. Says:

    Leftwich also had Winston….couldn’t make him serviceable. He’s had Trask, can’t get him to QB2 status. The Jags dodged a major bullet not hiring him, he would have train wrecked Lawrence’s career with his square peg/round hole play calling.

  91. Jerry Says:

    They will not fire Bowles. I’m telling you that right now. Next year will be awful no matter what. They will use the year to fix the cap, find a journeyman QB, and let Bowles go down with the ship. Then next year will start the rebuild.

  92. Destinjohnny Says:

    We have the worst o line in football
    We can’t run or pass pro
    54 is done
    Secondary is marginal
    D line ?? Below average
    The biggest problem…
    People think the guy who is the head of personal decisions is doing a good job
    Jason licht is awful

  93. The Anomaly Says:


  94. big_buc$ Says:

    LOL Rebuild? Are you serious bro? The bucs are over the cap and you have over half of your defense as pending free agents. Sorry its time for the Bucs youth movement. Need to get young across the board. The draft should entirely focus on the trenches. Build the front line on both sides of the ball. As for QB just admit that was a waste of a pick in 2021 on Trask in round 2. Should have been building the defensive line after that Super Bowl win in the 2021 draft. The first 3 picks imo should have been defensive players just to be for this moment when the new league year starts in March.

  95. BucWild83 Says:

    With Bowles as HC, a deliberate tank job won’t be necessary.

  96. Destinjohnny Says:

    Spot on big Bucs
    Problem is who is driving the draft car mate

  97. EEK Says:

    Let the firing begin

    This playoff appearance was a fluke of randomness

    The team played poorly all season and was lucky to get to play Arizona without a pro qb and back into the playoffs

    Time for a rebuild with a new foundation – build the base first (new coaching and new culture)

  98. ElioT Says:

    This team is so screwed it’s not even funny. The losing culture is going to infect this locker room worse than MRSA real quick when Brady moves on/retires.

    Wirfs, Winfield and maybe Vea are keepers.

    Everyone else should be on the market.

  99. BucsMinisiterFuller Says:

    Where in the written history of mankind does it show that Tampa can develop a rookie quarterback?
    Nowhere, that’s where.
    Ready my lips no Rookie Quarterbacks in Tampa!

  100. HC Grover Says:

    Assumingh Lefty is gone what good OC will want to work as Bowles assist with Gabby and Trask as his QB?

  101. Eric Says:

    Seems everyone forgets that the consensus was that Brady demanded that Arians be replaced. Bruce had said some bad things about Brady in the press.

    Brady brought this on himself to some extent along with the retire and unretire fiasco, and the limited practice demands. As well as humiliating guys on the sidelines.

    Bowles and the coaching staff need to go. But maybe Brady too.

  102. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Not firing both Bowles and Leftwich would be like wiping one ass cheek only. Shet still there. FIRE THIS CIRCLE JERK SHET SHOW.

  103. Buc4evr Says:

    Agree with Bowles, we should reload. But not with him or Leftwurst. Coaches need to be canned today. We need a younger veteran QB that is mobile. OL. DL, and TE.

  104. Jim Says:

    We were one Cooper Kupp play from the Super Bowl last year. What changed between last season and this one? No B.A. Lost a couple O-linemen (Jensen most of the year). Lost Pierre-Paul, Suh, and Whitehead.

    Out of all of those no B.A. and O-line seem to matter the most. Draft O’Cyrus Torrence and get a new O.C.

  105. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Eric Says:
    January 17th, 2023 at 9:34 am
    Seems everyone forgets that the consensus was that Brady demanded that Arians be replaced.


    That was later determined not to be true.

  106. HC Grover Says:

    It looks like by keeping Bowls and only replacing 1 clown the owners are setting up a sale this coming year after they get rid of MU. I bet 24 will be the year of new owners.All the owners are doing is trying to keep the show on the road til then.

  107. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Well, if BL is fired but Bowles remains then the new OC better be able to get at least 35 points per game because Bowles defense sucks and is as much to blame as the offense. If Licht and the Glazers can’t see that then I hope the BUCS lose every game next season. Pfffft

  108. Destinjohnny Says:

    Who is drafting The players ???
    It starts and ends with that person
    Go through the roster and U will see it

  109. Defense Rules Says:

    Todd Bowles … “Never rebuild, you always reload. You feel like you have a chance to win every year. You’ve just got to tweak some things from a schematic standpoint all the way around – offense, defense and special teams.”

    The very idea of ‘tanking an entire season for a high draft pick’ is repulsive, BUT … Todd’s ‘tweaking’ this roster doesn’t cut it either. Call it what you want, but the Bucs are in for a major rebuild.

    Yes we have a core of younger players who we can build around, along with several veterans whose contracts can’e be dumped (too much dead CAP involved), but that’s not THAT large a core to start with. Bucs have 26 FAs now, and have only 32 players under contract for 2023 (19 offense, 10 defense & 3 S/Ts). And several of those under contract won’t be with us next year I’ll bet because of their salaries. IOW, call it what you want, we’ll have a LOT of new faces next year because the faces that we had THIS year didn’t cut it. And since we’re already MINUS $42 mil on the projected salary CAP, that won’t be an easy puzzle to solve.

  110. HC Grover Says:

    My 8 Ball say Brady retires and go to FOX. Gabbert will start for Bowls and his new assistant clown.

  111. ScottyMack Says:

    I assume Brady is going to retire. It’s the only sensible thing for him to do. The Bucs do not have anything on the bench that would qualify as even a good backup QB (you Kyle Trask people are delusional).

    The Bucs won’t fire Bowles after only one season so they need to do the obvious – fire Leftwich and get a true offensive guru as the O.C. After that, they need to either really shore up the offensive line or get a mobile QB.

    If they can shore up the line, I know it sounds crazy, but the best choice for QB out there is Matt Ryan. He’d love to finally have a team with high quality receivers – something he has not has in quite a few years.

    If they go status quo with the O-line, the best choice in a somewhat mobile QB right now is (dare I say it?) Baker Mayfield.

  112. NEfan Says:

    I can’t get the stoic I don’t give a F face Bowles had while Gage was down is indicative to his personality and team management. Bucs van do better!!!

  113. Jerry Says:

    Going to be slim pickings finding a good OC that will come in here with no QB, no cap space, and a head coach that will enter the season on a hot seat. Good luck whoever wants that job.

  114. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Dr Berto – Antoine Winfield. Otherwise I’m with you. Winfield and Wirfs are our 5 star guys and foundational pieces. Evans and Godwin are good to very good but it’s not anywhere near like 2,3,4yrs ago. Brady and offense were big issues all yr but I’m not sure any of our receivers were exactly “elite” at creating separation. Anyway, I’m with you- to me we aren’t anywhere near as talented as we like to think we are. We WERE. But like aura said we got old and slow overnight, that’s the reality

  115. TombsEN Says:

    This team wasn’t as good as the last few years and I don’t know why some of y’all can’t or won’t understand that.

  116. Jack Clark Says:

    I’ve been intentionally avoiding all Cowboys fans today LOL


  117. mark2001 Says:

    Total failure on every level. I said that Bowles was playing his cards to prepare for the post season and was some savant genius about to spring the trap on other teams or that a sub 500 underperforming team is about all he can produce, and he was a lousy HC in almost every aspect of the game. I guess he answered the question for me pretty emphatically.

  118. mark2001 Says:

    TombsEN.. No S sherlock. Find that grain sorting through some cowpie? It is one thing to Win a SB or lose in the last series to the team that is going to win a SB. It is another to vastly underachieve and end up looking silly and poorly coached. But then, the cowboys have looked that way for a decade. So maybe you do know how that feels.

  119. mark2001 Says:

    Bingo Jerry. Hiring a good OC knowing that the HC is falling through thin ice and he will likely be looking for a new job in another year? Tony had that problem his last year or two. And Bowles is no Coach Dungy.

  120. Andrew Fish Says:


  121. BucsMinisiterFuller Says:

    Don’t avoid Cowboys fans, Jack.
    Be a man, congratulate them.
    Their team showed up Monday night.

  122. ChattBucsFan Says:

    Why haven’t Bowles and Leftwich been fired yet?
    Todd’s winning percentages with the Jets .625, .313, .313, .250. He doesn’t reload he, he empties the chamber

  123. ChattBucsFan Says:

    Jerry Says:

    Going to be slim pickings finding a good OC that will come in here with no QB, no cap space, and a head coach that will enter the season on a hot seat. Good luck whoever wants that job.

    Exactly, need a clean slate!

  124. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Jerry’s on the mark. What OC wants to come to this clown show.

  125. mark2001 Says:

    So in other words, Jerry. Just firing Lefty to somehow “placate” the fans into thinking that the biggest problems on this team are solved, is basically fool’s gold.

  126. mark2001 Says:

    Frankly, if we don’t fire Bowles and Lefty, I think we might actually be in the worst situation that we have been in during the last 30 years. Brady goes, no QB. Old team, salary cap problems, rising teams in the division well into rebuilds, worst draft picks in the division next year, rising teams in Jacksonville and Miami, and a shaky economy. Looks pretty bad.

  127. Jeff Says:

    Trade for Derek Carr and hire a new O-Coordinator. Do that, and you’ll have a 10 win team.

  128. cspann Says:

    Oh yeah!? 43 mil over cap screams rebuild!

  129. Swanee Says:

    Owners need to step down from all football operations immediately! They are bringing back Bowles, confirming they are not competent to make rational and responsible Decision on a head coach. 2023 season will be a complete embarrassment to the country.

  130. Former Mrs Brady Says:

    It’s time to send Greg Olsen packing and not a moment too soon.

  131. mark2001 Says:

    Jeff…Not with Bowles calling the shots Jeff. A defense that can’t stop the run. that constantly gets punked by average QB’s and average Receivers? Bad in game decisions from the sidelines at game time. No motivation and leadership. Loss of many FA’s and even a bigger salary cap issue with Carr’s salary and paying Brady what we owe him? Can I have some of what you are smoking?

  132. NEfan Says:

    Jeff, did the Raiders have a 10 win team with Carr? Actually have they ever had a ten win season with Carr. He is another Jeff George, Dalton, Jamais, Tannahill etc. 2nd, 3rd tier. He can’t win.

    The team needs to fire Bowles and hire a HC with a relationship with a good OC and build from there.

  133. mark2001 Says:

    Swanee… the flight of Midstate fans going elsewhere and an empty stadium will let them know they are totally wrong to bring Bowles back. Some people need to learn the hard and expensive way.

  134. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Joe & fans can I ask a question? I’m wondering if having to many different types of receivers is the issue with TB12? One minute you have a short but speedy receiver in the game then u have a tall but slower receiver in the game then u have a slow Lenny and then a fast White. Could it be that all the swapping of different skilled and body type make things difficult for TB12? Just wondering why one throw is to high and then one is to low ect.

  135. mark2001 Says:

    True NE. He can likely only win with a Bucs 99 , full of future HOF’er, defense. And Bowles would never put a defense of that caliber on the field. He would be lucky to have one that can hold their own against good teams playing decently.

  136. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    Don’t worry with Bowels as head coach we won’t have to try hard to draft first overall.

  137. mark2001 Says:

    LVM… you need different kinds of receivers. If anything, the Bucs missed having a AB fast, quick and shifty receiver that can get open, alongside Evans and Godwin.

  138. Buc-Up Says:

    If Bowles stays then we’ll probably be in position to draft a top QB next year for the new head coach!

  139. HC Grover Says:

    Report on Gage sonds OK he has a concussion and a neck injury with nothing paralyzed.

  140. Bosch Says:

    It is just like Bowel Movement to act like he even has a say in the matter. Between Brady’s inevitable departure, aging veterans and salary cap, the Bucs will be substantially weaker personnel wise. Call it reloadif you want to, but you will be 1-16 next season and fired at the end of it.

  141. Kentucky Buc Says:

    You can sum this year up in one word. Undisciplined.

  142. Lamarcus Says:

    First thing on the priority list is to move on from Brady

  143. beano Says:

    “Joe has no problem with #CollapseForCaleb”

    You were bigly on Johnny Manziel. 😛

  144. Your Mom Says:

    It is tough as fans to know that we may have to wait an entire 20 months until Bowles is canned and this team is worth watching again.

    He failed in New York, he failed this season. Why should we believe another season will be any different?

    They could fire him now and save us 20 months of uselessness.

  145. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Rebuild starts with getting rid of Bowles and Leftwich

  146. Richard Dickson Says:

    “You’ve just got to tweak some things….”

    Please show me the tweaks you made this year that were worth a damn.

    Hell, show me the tweaks you made AT ALL.

  147. ocala Says:

    This has got to be a joke. If the Bucs keep Bowles they need to play Trask and take the 2-15 medicine required to get Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.

    Bowles is the worst head coach in the NFL so getting rid of the worst OC in the league will not be enough when they are going to lose the GOAT.

  148. Old Sombrero Says:

    The Bucs are incapable of developing a QB. They haven’t done so in their entire history. The few that have found success after their Bucs years could maybe be considered partially developed by the Bucs while one could also say their ‘development’ while a Buc was such that any improvement would be success. Doug Wiliams, Steve Young, Vinny, are 3 that I can think of who flourished after leaving and the list of failures is staggering…Winston, Frreman, Simms, Gradkowski, the guy from Maryland whose name escapes me, Leaf in his short time here. There’s been so many I can’t remember. There’s one from the past (Craig Erikson) who I saw develop back in the Wyche days. You could actually see him progress and it was fun. Other than that I cannot recall a QB who these clowns drafted that you can say were developed into a franchise QB.

  149. Bobby M. Says:

    I think Glazers take a shot at Bill O’Brien…..possibly Payton. If you can get an elite coach for a 1st rd pick who can lure Brady back and develop another QB, I think Bucs have to consider it. Brady likely has 2 more years in him….that’s plenty of time to draft and groom a replacement. If Brady doesn’t return, we’re still prett darn attractive to other available QBs.

    We stick with Bowles and his conservative philosophy, job is a bit less attractive and frankly some will assume he could be fired if he produces another disappointing season.

  150. Coburn Says:

    Sadly this roster is aging too much at this point… And the dead cap… If you do anything less than a rebuild at this point it feels like we would just end up sucking it at best being mediocre for longer instead of biting the bullet. We need a huge youth infusion

  151. Buc4evr Says:

    If Bowles comes back there will be a mass exodus from the stands. The whole team has become a dumpster fire in one year. Unbelievable!

  152. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    No one is mentioning how the defense Besides the 1st 2 series , awful,slow, lost and embarrassing!!! Where were the turnovers, ludicrous!!!!

  153. Jerry Says:

    I don’t think there will be a mass exodus of fans because the Glazers have a lot of fans locked in for at least another year. Which leads me to believe a lot of this was anticipated.

  154. BucsFan81 Says:

    As long as we have these inept coaches we are screwed. The only thing better than keeping Bowles and Leftwhich is if they bring Winston back on top of that. This team is in desperate need of a rebuild. A bunch of slow old guys that are constantly hurt.

  155. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Upstate NY BUC

    ……all dedicated Bucs fans have been saying this all season long bro……

    The Defense is it’s own mystical creature right now………

  156. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Hedge your bet and hire – Jim Caldwell as the new OC

    Jim Caldwell
    * Years Coached: 18
    * Record: 179-109-0
    * Win%: 62.15
    * Playoff Record: 13-11
    * Playoff Win%: 54.17

    Also see if you can bring in Frank Reich as the new QB Coach

  157. Mike S Says:

    Bucs are finished for another decade. We’re screwed.

  158. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I’ll tell you what though…..what veteran QB would wanna come to this dumpster fire of a roster right now???? I don’t any of them would unless they’re just straight up looking for a pay day.

    I can seriously see a young QB under center come this new NFL season.

  159. Bojim Says:

    Maybe 4 wins next year? The Bucs are back. 🙁

  160. SufferingSince76 Says:

    If they tank for the 1st pick, why would you want to watch that garbage? Just like Herm said, you play to win the game. I won’t waste my time or money knowing they aren’t trying.

  161. BucsMinisiterFuller Says:

    Old Sombrero speaks the truth

  162. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Jim Caldwell hasn’t been linked at all to any coaching positions????? Besides, why in the world would any established coach come to this dumpster fire???

    I’m telling yall this….the Glazers will not fire Todd Bowles in order to save some pennies…….that’s just how they are.

  163. Randy Says:

    I thought Todd Bowles was a defensive specialist. Apparently not, time to move on from him.

  164. Cobraboy Says:

    If Bowles stays, we should rename the area Stompa Bay.

  165. SB~LV Says:

    Grab the Cowboy’s OC
    and make him HC

  166. Cobraboy Says:

    My preference is to clean house, get the cap under control, and get some draft picks for several vets. Restock.

    Otherwise, it’ll be more of the same, if not worse.

  167. Mike S Says:

    When they promoted Bowles to HC what was the reason they gave? Was it because it gave them the best chance of winning the Super Bowl?

    That’s not what was said.

    They promoted Bowles to for racial equity – not because they wanted to win the super bowl. Winning the super bowl is not the priority in Tampa. They are more interested in identity politics. This is why they won’t fire Bowles. They don’t care about winning in Tampa – that isn’t the priority.

  168. BucsMinisiterFuller Says:

    Mike S with a HOT TAKE, and a bad one at that.

  169. SB~LV Says:

    Where is the HEADLINE?
    We are All waiting for ?

  170. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @ TheBucsAnthem

    Coach Caldwell names comes up annual for HC positions around the league; and as
    recently as last month he spoke about his desire to rejoin the league. Even if that means he’s on the sideline.

    Of course I’m not saying we should fire Coach Bowles. But if the organization wants to move in a different direction in the future – they’re got a viable option within the ranks.

  171. mark2001 Says:

    Oh Mike. Bowles was Arians right hand man. And Lefty the guy he got off the sofa to run the Offense. He thought they were ready to take this team to the SB, and Arians politicked for them and gave the Glazers his stamp of approval. The Race angle is wacky.

  172. mark2001 Says:

    Not sure we shouldn’t look at a guy like Eric Bienemy. Don’t know why he doesn’t have a HC coaching gig yet. Maybe it is because Andy is really running the KC offense. But if anyone has a year in, year out good Offense, it is KC.

  173. SB~LV Says:

    I agree %100 with Cobraboy !
    Rip off the band-aide , trade of any one of value and rebuild.
    Chris Godwin has taken a beating his whole career and as much as I like him set him free , trade .
    If Jenkins needs surgery someone made a huge mistake after hearing about the multiple injuries left to “heal “ on its own.

  174. Mike S Says:

    No that’s literally what happened. They said black coaches are never given the right opportunities and this time it would be different. They were going to hand the keys of a playoff team with Tom freaking Brady as the QB over to a guy with a bad head coaching resume because it was the MORAL CORRECT thing to do.

    What part of that am I getting wrong? That’s literally what happened. Did they say “We’re moving on from B.A. because Bowles is the better choice for us to win the Super Bowl?” No they didn’t say that.

    This is the hard reality – this is what happened. When B.A. stepped down was it because he was done? No they had to kick him off the sidelines during game time. His heart was still invested. The whole thing was to setup Bowles – and to a lesser degree Leftwich – for success. That ended in dismal failure. You may not like that fact, but it is the truth. Accept it.

    So knowing that – why should I as a fan give them one red cent if winning isn’t their priority?

  175. Jerry Says:

    It will be said that Bowles hasn’t really had a chance. He inherited a coaching staff and given the job in mid-March when free agency has already begun. These aren’t his people. And that is a fair take of the situation.

    You do have to blame Arians and Brady too. If Arians wanted to step aside, he should have did so after the Rams playoff game. Not two months later. I understand if it was for health reasons, but Arians said it wasn’t. So I’ll have to go on that. Brady also screwed this team in 2001 with his flirting with Stephen Ross while under contract in the middle of a season. I don’t understand why people are glossing over that. I don’t care if he has a falling out with Arians and I don’t care if it was Arians fault. You don’t do that! That was a selfish move. If Brady wanted out, wait till the end of the year and ask for a trade. That’s when you pull that crap…not October.

    That being said, my problem with Bowles isn’t his X’s and O’s or his coaching decisions right now. My issue is he failed in most important aspect of coaching…motivation. Most of this season this team seemed to have no heart, no fight, and no care whether they win or lose. They seemed unprepared, clueless, confused, etc. That is a much more concerning problem. And a problem that needs addressing or Bowles will fail no matter who he hires or who his QB is. If he thinks the problem with this team is a few tweaks here or there to the roster and not his own coaching style, he’s in for a long and torturous 2023.

  176. mark2001 Says:

    Cobra…agree 100%. Anything else is only dealing with lesser parts of the problem.

  177. Bucanero Says:

    The defense collapsed wasn’t prepared for a playoff game. Enough of Bowles and Leftwich I say. If we can get Brady but I doubt it. Get a competent QB and we can be in the mix in the NFC south. I’m not ready for a tanking team. What a bummer of a night. I barely slept. Players must be pretty down

  178. Mike S Says:

    Ah so now I’m being censored because I dared to speak the truth. LOL Joe.

  179. Mike S Says:


    This was a team that just made two deep playoff runs including winning the super bowl. TOM BRADY AT QB BUT NO CHANCE! LOADED WITH TALENT BUT NO CHANCE!


  180. Goatfarmer Says:

    It’s very hard to rebuild a train wreck that caused a dumpster fire while a clown show was happening in the dumpster.

  181. Mike S Says:

    In 6 months time all of a sudden they got old. I’m sick of the excuses. Hire a damn capable coach and stop BS’ing us all.

    You see what Daboll did for the Giants? COACHING MATTERS! ACCOUNTABILITY MATTERS!

  182. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Left Foot, Bowles and Licht.

  183. Fitz Says:

    Bad coaching did not put this team in a position to win all year. Clean house now and bring in some coaches that know how to run a team and put together a solid game plan. I am done with this team until they do!

  184. beano Says:

    “Joe has no trust in failed offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and Bowles to develop one. Bowles had two high-draft-pick quarterbacks in New York (Sam Darnold and Christian Hackenberg) and both busted out. Leftwich had first-round draft pick Josh Rosen in Arizona and he busted out. That’s 0-3 between those two with first or second round quarterback picks.”

    Good observation. But then one cannot say second round Trask is not the guy. One, he has not played a single down with the first team. Two, he has been “developed” by guys you say cannot develop quarterbacks.

    So, we do not know. Thanks for clarifying that. 😛

  185. Faspro Says:

    MikeS, exactly. Daboll is a good example of how a coach can turn a team around. Bowles had a good team, and destroyed it.

  186. Buc king Says:

    Fire the whole coaching staff .. it’s bloated and useless.
    Beg Brady back with his choice of coach..
    Find him a tight end that gronkish..

  187. Kent Kleist Says:

    If the glazers want to tank just keep Bowles. After 4 years of being head coach he is what he is. A bum

  188. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The players should also be asked why they couldn’t get motivated to play a game they are paid handsomely to perform? Coaching is bad, but good players play for themselves and their teammates.

  189. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    The GoatPacker, seems to have a very astute knowledge of the game of football.

    I suggest, he show up at Bucs facilities, and state his grievances in person.

  190. BigMacAttack Says:

    How does Todd Bowlesack and his sidekick Leftover even have jobs this morning. I would have fired them on the sidelines last night before the game was over. They’re pure garbage. A team that started off badly and got progressively worse all season, only to end the season with more disappointment. Tampa Bay fans deserve better. The players deserve better and Jason Licht needs to fix it now while there’s still time to find a good head coach. Offer Sean Payton astronomical money and give the Saints compensation. He can make any offense good and there’s DC’s out there ready to takeover a team like this who are willing to make adjustments during a game and not get trampled because their scheme isn’t working. Todd Bowles cost the Bucs the NFC championship game against the Rams. Get him outta here, he stinks. I was wrong about him because I thought he’d learned from his first head coaching gig. He didn’t learn anything, he’s stupid.

  191. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    All name-calling should be done in person. If a person has half a sack, lol

  192. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t want Brady back. He made more mistakes than any player on the team and he’s lost his touch. Let’s start fresh.

  193. DBS Says:

    Most of us called it before the season started. Jets South. That is exactly what we got. With Tom Brady to boot. So if the Glazer boys are stupid enough to keep him here they deserve what they get. No fans and empty stadium.

  194. Patrick in VA Says:

    They had all year to make those tweaks and it never happened.. So, I can’t help but think that they either don’t know what tweaks to make or they’re not capable of making them. Either way, hard pass on seeing this movie play out again. This team is too talented to see it run in to the ground the way they were this season

  195. Mike S Says:

    mark2001 – you know what they say… The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Yes B.A. and Bowles have a great relationship and those guys worked very well together. Bruce himself had a role in handing the keys over, although who knows what really happen behind closed doors, but I think its safe to say this hire was more about doing something for Bowles and making sure he had his opportunity than it was about prioritizing maximum performance. Ownership should have stepped in and stopped that succession plan. If it was too late in the year to fully conduct a coaching search then Bowles is almost an interim coach and its time to conduct a real coaching search for the next phase of this team.

    Was it about the feelings of the men in the room helping up a colleague? Yes, I can buy that, but they were the ones who cited race as justification. When they do that a can of worms gets opened.

    Fans don’t care about the race of the HC, they care about the team winning. Hire a black coach and win, fans are happy. Hire a black coach and lose fans are unhappy. Winning is always the priority.

  196. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    Look at the bright side. With Todd Bowles as your head coach, he doesn’t even have to TRY to tank. Just coach’em up like you normally would, Todd. Then Caleb will be here before you know it.

  197. Ghost of Tom Brady Says:

    I cringed when they promoted Bowles. Turns out I was right. If he stays, and its very likely he will, next season will be unwatchable.

  198. CleanHouse Says:

    In from Oregon, went to the game, stayed to the bitter end. Was hoping to wake up to a late Xmas gift of a mass firing. GM and all. Incompetence and coaching malpractice. I could write an entire column on all the various aspects of the misery, but I’d rather hit Clearwater Beach.

  199. mark2001 Says:

    Does anyone think that just canning Lefty will turn this team into another SB contender? Or that a great OC will take the job under “thin ice” Bowles? If so, I have some property at 100 feet below sea level out in the gulf to sell you.

  200. Power of Pewter Says:

    Need a LT, LG, QBs, #3-6 WRs, and a TE. On defense, no one earned their paycheck. The coaching staff sucked, all to often the team was unprepared or was unable to make adjustments. Front office can’t draft, so they have to sign injury-prone FAs for too much money. Since the Bucs have a decent kicker and punter, a rebuild isn’t necessary. Just have to reload 45 positions and the coaches and front office and we’re good to go.

  201. HC Grover Says:

    Plan 9 from Outer Space has boosted out of orbit and is halfway to the Moon.

  202. vadertime Says:

    The Glazer family seems to want to give Bowles another year considering how he flamed out in NY. I would cut him loose now. However, since I don’t write the checks I certainly hope that if next season is as bad as this, then they will definitely have to show Bowles the exit door. There is no reload and given Bowles’ track record it’s a failing strategy. Me, I’m for a total rebuild. Bring in rookies, new talent and fresh blood. Also, we need round 1 QB that we can build around for the long term. Someone like Justin Herbert. Go Bucs.

  203. Allbuccedup Says:

    Never rebuild reload Bwahwahwahwahwah reload with blanks Bwahwahwahwah……

  204. DJ Says:

    A reload with Gabbert or Trask? Blow the whole thing up including the coaches…smh

  205. Bucanero Says:

    Keep Brady and draft big uglies. Fire Bowles

  206. Pewter Power Says:

    He’sa defensive coach and playcaller but I think the best thing he can do for his Bucs career is find a defensive coordinator who can execute what he wants to do so he can focus on the team and personnel. He is not a good head coach and being overwhelmed with duties makes it worse but I believe he is so stubborn he won’t realize it until he’s fired

  207. Infomeplease Says:

    Yes Todd, you just need to tweak somethings!! Like the offense, the defense, special teams, and mostly coaching staff!!!! Just a couple of things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that almost everything?

  208. Infomeplease Says:

    The tweaking should have started in week one!!! And during games!!! Bowles = loser!!! Tweak that!!

  209. confido75 Says:

    Can’t fire BL without firing Bowles. If they give Bowles another year as HC then the Glazers are not serious about winning another Superbowl, let alone the NFC South. All it would have taken was another team in the NFC South to reach a .500 record to be crowned the NFC Champs this year. Bowles got lucky because the other teams in this division were absolutely terrible. It had nothing to do with his great coaching, period! The Glazers need to look at this like a bad investment and cut their loses now.

  210. Roc Says:

    Agree No Rebuild


  211. Roc Says:

    If Bowles stays the Glazer will have to put the concessions back because they won’t need that many seats

  212. Davenport Says:

    Shut up, Todd. You’re a career loser. You have never rebuilt or reloaded anything, only destroyed.

    Improvement for this team.starts the day that you are shown the door.

  213. RCS Says:

    Hahahah Come on Joe using Donald and Hackenberg against Bowels? Because they both went on to tear it up in the league, same with Rosen….

  214. Statguy Says:

    If Arians wanted Bowles to be in a position to be successful, he should of left him as a DC

  215. Dreambig Says:

    I hated the Bowles hiring from the very first minute it was announced, because it was a horrible choice based on his previous body of work as a head coach. Having said that, I now have to advocate for the Bucs not to willy nilly fire him. Why? It took the Bucs 26 years to win their first NFC championship, and then 18 more years to do it again. Rather than wait another 20 years, I would prefer that the Bucs do their homework and find a winner for a coach and not just someone who has coached before. In 46 years of history, we have had 4 good coaches, John McKay, Dungy, Gruden, Arians. In between has been a cadre of bad choices. I would rather spend another year or two with Bowles, if that is what it takes to find the next Arians. Licht needs to have a real plan in place to find the right staff to rebuild with and not chase bad candidates for the sake of change.

  216. CalBucsFan Says:

    The only way HC Blow-it-Bowles and OC-No-Imagination Leftwich should be retained is if BA decides to un-retire and step back in to the HC’ing role. Otherwise, Licht fire them both and jettisoned off the plank, then order someone to FIRE THE CANNONS to let all Bucs fans know:


    Without that, TB walks. Let’s go Bucs, fire them cannons!

  217. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey joes, let’s see how many yahoos are still left once asshole fossil Brady is gone on here. That fossilized thing lost the game last night. I bet he celebrated with Jerry Jones in his suite afterwards. Right up creepass Brady’s alley. And no, the game wasn’t fixed.

  218. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Why is he still here? He should’ve been canned this morning

  219. stpetebucfan Says:

    I get that the Coaching staff certainly deserves a significant part of the blame.

    But the elephant in the room is who is the QB next year.

    TB12 is certainly starting to hear footsteps and rushing throws and making bad passes and bad decisions. Can he play next year? YES. But at what level and what cost? Not just $$$ but let’s be honest…there was a LOT OF DRAMA around TB12 this year that certainly didn’t help.

    TB12 was way down the list of sacks absorbed by QB’s. 26th. Viewed another way our OL was 6th best at protecting the passer…at least statistically. One could make an argument they had a part in Brady’s obvious fear in the pocket.
    OR could it be that his 45 year old brain rebelled against his body and he remembered all those decades of painful hits?

    BTW the guys at the top include Justin Fields, Joe Burrow and Kirk Cousins. Jalen Hurts was also in the top ten. All but one of those guys played for playoff teams. Perhaps the NFL is no longer a place where you can build an OL strong enough like in the old days to protect statues like Johnny Unitas or Dan Marino.

    Not only is age a factor against Brady it’s the evolution of the game as well.

  220. alton green Says:

    My friends if the Glazers bring Bowles back, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them. The media tries to make it appear that Bowles is brand knew on the scene This was at least his 3rd year as a member of the coaching staff but his first year as head coach If the owners look at his 29-45 record with the Jets and watched him not blink for 18 games and bring him back for another losing season, they deserve it. SURELY we aren’t looking at a Hugh Jackson 2 seasons (1-31). The media would say he needs time to adjust. Don’t be surprised. At my age, i don’t have time for Todd to adjust. I want a team that can win more like the Texans, Steelers, Panthers, Falcons, Southern New Hampsire University etc etc