Five Things

January 17th, 2023

What an ugly way to end a season. What an embarrassment. So let’s get this out of the way on this depressing Tuesday morning.

Tom Brady’s Mindset

Joe has no idea what Tom Brady has in mind. Nor does Joe know what the Bucs have in mind.

Joe spoke with someone a few weeks ago and it seemed the organization was sort of in a wait-and-see approach. They wanted to see how the season played out.

Is Brady shot? He was awful last night but to be fair, Joe promised in the coming days to detail advanced stats on failed Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich that left Joe speechless.

Simply put, in many ways, Brady and the Bucs offense was hung out to dry by Leftwich’s ineptitude. A competent offensive coordinator would make a world of difference.

You could interpret Brady thanking the local pen and mic club last night and professing how much he loves the Bucs organization as a farewell. Joe isn’t sure. Brady’s not that sloppy to give blunt hints about his future.

Given an offensive coordinator that has a clue of what he wants to do (and what Todd Bowles wants to do), Brady is as good as any quarterback that may be available this spring, both in free agency and the draft.

And trust Joe, Brady brings truckloads of cash and relevancy to an otherwise forgotten franchise. This very much gets Team Glazer’s attention.

With Brady, the Bucs are still a favorite to win the NFC South in 2023. Without him? Who knows? The Bucs are unlikely to have a quarterback remotely close to Brady for the next 5-20 years, so Joe is of the mind to milk this cow dry. If Brady wants to come back, embrace him with open arms.

Will Bryon Leftwich Be Back?

Joe would have canned Leftwich’s arse after the failed coordinator had the most irresponsible gameplan Joe has ever seen at Pittsburgh then followed that up with a disgraceful offensive output against the Stinking Panthers who had just run their head coach.

For Bowles to have not at the very least demoted Leftwich, well, that’s on Bowles and Bowles should have an answer for that with Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and Team Glazer this week.

Joe cannot fathom how the Bucs could bring Leftwich back and try to claim they are serious about making the playoffs in 2023.

Todd Bowles’ Job Security

Before last night, Joe thought it was ridiculous to suggest Bowles be fired after winning a division in his first year. And Joe will continue to repeat this as it is very much a big deal in football circles: Bowles has not (at least not yet) been able to hire his own staff.

It’s almost irresponsible to run a coach who won a division before he even had the chance to select his own assistants.

Then came last night. The Bucs, especially their defense, was woefully unprepared. That’s a very, very, very bad look to have a team that lost in a home playoff game against a team that had been playing like @ss the past few weeks.

Joe is not advocating Team Glazer run Bowles. But after watching last night’s debacle, there really were too many debacles this season to think they were random accidents. It’s more like a pattern.

Would Joe be shocked if Team Glazer removed Bowles now, which would be the first time Team Glazer ever replaced a coach after one year? No, not after last night. Surprised? Yes. Shocked? No.

Besides, Joe thinks it is fair to ask if you can’t win with Tom Brady, then when can you win?

Changing Roster

Aside from the mystery of Brady, it’s a safe bet there will be many new faces next year. The team has a lot of free agents.

Joe spoke last night with Cam Brate. He admitted he thought both before the game and when he walked off the field it could be his farewell to Bucs fans. He will turn 32 before training camp begins.

Lavonte David is a free agent and he just turned 33 next week Monday. Other free agents include Jamel Dean, Sean Murphy-Bunting, Akiem Hicks, Will Gholston, Julio Jones, Logan Ryan, Carl Nassib, Anthony Nelson, Cam Brate, Nick Leverett and Scotty Miller.

The Bucs the last couple of years have done a really good job retaining free agents. That’s unlikely to happen this spring. Former Bucs coach Dirk Koetter often said roughly a third of your roster changes each year. For the first time in a few years, that may just happen.

So in the coming months, it’s a safe bet the Bucs will wave goodbye to several players that had a role in the Bucs winning 29 games from 2020-2021, including a Super Bowl. Times are a changin.’

What About Assistants?

Whether the Bucs keep Bowles or decide to march in another direction, there will be new assistants. Joe is going to guess Kacy Rodgers will stick around as he has been with Bowles for a good chunk of this century. The rest of the coaches? Who knows?

Joe does know Bowles had several coaches in mind to bring in but they were not available when he was elevated to head coach back in March.

Joe cannot imagine Leftwich will be back which means the rest of the offensive coaches could be moving on as well.

And Keith Armstong on special teams? Bowles in New York was quick to get rid of an underperforming special teams coach. Armstrong has had rotten special teams for too many years. So he’s got a target on his back, Joe would assume.

Finally, Thank You!

It’s 3:42 a.m. Tuesday morning as Joe is typing this here column. The 2023 season has come to an end, and so to is the end of this day-after column until the regular season kicks off in September.

Joe thanks all of you for reading it.

99 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. Mikejp Says:

    The results indicate how good BA is as the head coach. Bowles and Leftwich would lose a tons of money due to this bad season.

  2. Steven Says:

    Thanks Joe – i really enjoy these articles. I live in Northern Ireland so apprecaite the effort of writing articles at this time as its a similar time i watched the game at.

  3. beano Says:

    This organization is dysfunctional. Trask should ask to be released. Other teams have their eyes on him.

  4. #8’s Ghost Says:

    Thanks Joe(s) for all the writing.
    It’s been fun.

  5. Asdf Says:

    “That’s almost irresponsible to run a coach who won a division before he even had the chance to select his own assistants.“

    “Winning the division” does tell the story of how poorly this team was coached. It time to cut the losses and sunk costs and move on

  6. HC Grover Says:

    Is Bowles still there? Until he and the rest of his Clown Show are gone I don’t care what the Bucs do.

  7. BucU Says:

    Ditto what HC Grover wrote. I wash my hands of this incompetent staff.

  8. DungyDance Says:

    So has Leftwich been fired yet?

  9. richbucsfan Says:

    I caught a lot of hate when I said the Bucs would show poorly last night. The blame falls squarely on the coaching staff’s shoulders. Clean house and start over.

  10. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Thank you, Joe. I know you’ll keep the articles rolling out this offseason. I don’t know what numbers you’re gonna highlight with your next article about Leftwich’s offense, but my wife had to perform CPR on me when I saw the numbers on how bad the run game was this year. I had a heart attack. I really don’t think people realize how bad it was this year.

    You really should’ve watched the Manningcast. Peyton sounded absolutely disgusted. The guests mused about how anemic the run game was. About how stale the offense was in general. You had Dan Campbell scolding the team for constantly being in third and longs and not playing Evans in the slot more. Anyone with eyes and the slightest knowledge of football knows the play calling was awful.

    I really wish Brady retired after winning the SB like Elway. I know he wasn’t nearly as washed as Elway was during his SB years, but it’s rare that an athlete goes out on top. Tom had that chance. He won a championship without Bill. It further cemented his legacy. That should’ve been it. My concern now moves to his mental health than physical. A mental health professional needs to step in and tell him it’s time to retire. This obsession with the game is unhealthy.

    Final note: Tommy is a single man now. Go retire and travel the world on your huge yacht. Maybe have a couple of beautiful women sign NDAs and join you. Live your life!

  11. matthew veal Says:

    Give Bowles a chance

  12. matthew veal Says:

    Give Joe a raise

  13. Old Sombrero Says:

    Thanks Joe!
    Very interesting to see what happens with the coaching staff.

  14. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Thanks Joe.

  15. BucsFanInWales Says:

    What makes me laugh having got up at 1:15am to watch that debacle over here in Wales, was the whole NoRiskItOffence all season was to protect D. Well lets be honest going 3 and out over and over again isn’t the best way to keep your D-fresh. Complete disaster and its on the coaching staff. Not prepared in a home play-off game. Secondary playing 10 yards off again, missed tackles, confusion. No idea where we go from here, I have been a Bucs fan since I was 12 (NFL wasn’t huge in the UK when I started watching). I’m now pushing 40 and that was up there with some of the worst football I have seen the Bucs play. No passion, no heart. Honestly thought we would keep the game close and sneak a win!

  16. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    If Brady thinks Byron was the problem he should have said so. Tom is done. He can flash her and there but he just misses throws and fears the rush at this point. Thanks for the ring Tom. Enjoy fox

  17. Roc Says:

    Joe you keep say BOWLES WON THE DIVISION

    REALLY how can’t you win this division with out talent and the sorry teams we play in the South

    Winning this division was not an accomplishment

    Bowles had his 5th LOSING SEASON as a HEAD COUCH!!! Yes COUCH because no way I’m calling him a coach!! LOSER PERIOD FACTS SPEAK ACTIONS SHOW
    talk is cheap

  18. beano Says:

    So the season turned out to be exactly as I predicted back in the offseason when we started losing starters. An utter and complete waste. A losing record and one-and-done in the playoffs (courtesy of a division full of worse losers). The team should have told Brady to take a hike and make this a developmental season. We would be in a much better position right now going into the 2023 draft and 2023 season.

  19. beano Says:

    JOE: “winning a division OF LOSERS in his first year”

    There, fixed it for you.

  20. Bucsfanman Says:

    What a dud. “Anemic” doesn’t begin to tell the tale. Lots of questions to be answered after this season.

    Blurry-eyed and disappointed, at least I’ll have my Sundays back!

    Cheers Joe!

  21. VATom Says:

    Thanks Joe! I have enjoyed the content here for too many yrs to note! Good season from you guys. We all deserved better than what the Bucs served up. Its a shame because I get the feeling Bowles is a great guy. I dont get the feeling he understands coaching 360 in and out. Some coaches jump from D to O coaching. Spend time coordinating. Know a lot of different areas inside and out throughout their career. Bowles locked up in his Def hole. He certainly didnt look like he could lend help at O coord and even the D seemed to fall away this yr. The lack of real pressure on Prescott after the forst 3 series was laughable. Where was the adjustment? If the blitz doesnt work then what…? Thats the ENTIRE game plan? Sheesh. Good luck Todd. I bet we see him back next yr but I am not excited about the prospect of a Gabbert led O and a one dimensional D.

  22. TDTB Says:

    Assistant coaches join a team based on money, talent and expected tenure. The Bucs can pay, but talent level is low and I’m pretty sure the league sees Bowles as a dead man walking. So I don’t see a new OC walking through the door unless we find a dented can somewhere (a newbie or a guy who has an issue or two). Only guy that looks like that to me is Klingsbury, and I believe he’s said publicly he is sitting out awhile. Your only other hope is that Monken reflects fondly on the Bay Area and he has a hand shake deal with the Glazers that he gets HC job next year when Bowles flames out.

  23. darengibo Says:

    The only way I saw Bowles keeping his job was a strong DEFENSIVE game since he could hang his hat on that and then of course fire lefty and others…. BUT, after the first 2 drives, the defense played SO POORLY, I would prefer team glazer just clean house and start over…

  24. Vsyl Says:

    Is the whole staff fired yet?

  25. bob in valrico Says:

    The Bucs have some decisions to make.
    LVD at or nearly 33 played well enough to be retained IMO. Devin White was taking bad angles or playing with and not off of defenders. I have serious doubts
    that can play better without the steady play of LVD next to him. IMO, he didn’t
    even play that well him last night.
    For all the smarts Bowels expounds about on SMB, he was often far enough behind his man that he was ineffective as a pass defender. Close enough to make a tackle but not close enough to make a play on the ball. He still has not put together a full season of good play, IMO to earn a big contract.

  26. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Let’s see. Arians won a Super Bowl with the these coaches. Bowles loses his a$$ with the same coaches. Hmmmmm.

  27. HC Grover Says:

    There is no trade, draft, free agent, or anything else that will improve this clown show unless The Bowles Bunch is fired and the facility fumigated. They turned Dale Mabry in to Bayshore when the rotten seaweed is in.

  28. stpetebucfan Says:

    It’s time for Buc fans to face reality. There is no ONE reason for this season’s suckitude. There is blame to go around. Yes the coaching staff performed poorly but they were hardly alone. Injuries and the usual challenges contributed.

    But here it the fact that Joe and others seem to gloss over. Father Time has won! Stick a fork in the GOAT!!!

    FIRST…Tom Brady was 26th on the list of QB sacks. Did you read that 26th!!!
    Tom Brady was sacked HALF AS OFTEN as the top five…and that list includes some stellar names like Justin Fields #1, Joe Burrows and Kirk Cousins. These guys seemed to survive.

    Does anybody here want to make the argument that TB12’s scrambling skills and running ability are the reason he wasn’t sacked more? Really?

    TB12 needs to hang them up. There’s muscle memory and there is mental memory. Brady’s muscle memory is still pretty good, he can still throw a beautiful pass when he isn’t frightened into stupid mistakes.

    Tom Brady’s mind has a couple of decades of the pain of getting blasted by DL’s. If you’ve ever stood on the sideline of an NFL contest you realize how truly brutal it is out there. I’m not calling Brady a coward! I’m simply stating a fact. He’s playing SCARED! He has happy feet and is rushing his decisions.

    This is NOT a slam just an acknowledgment of fact. Today’s NFL is different. The days of statues like Johnny Unitas and Dan Marino with a dominant OL are simply over. QB’s have to have SOME mobility. Dak Prescott is no Mahomes or Jackson, Fields but he still runs with abandon. Let’s see if he’s doing that 20 years from now.

    Brady brought a SB to the Bucs. All Buc fans will be forever grateful!!! That’s one fact! Another fact! Brady’s nerves in the pocket are SHOT! He’s playing scared and that never works.

    AGAIN…do not blame this on the OL! They made mistakes as do ALL NFL lines.
    But if you view the numbers in reverse Brady being the 26th on the list out of 32 teams means the OL was SIXTH BEST at protecting the QB. Unless of course you believe it was TB12’s speed and mobility in the pocket that protected him.
    He was forced to get the ball out quickly…ALL NFL QB’s face that predicament!
    Brady used to be able to do it…he now has happy feet and plays scared!

  29. bob in valrico Says:

    ^ with him last night.
    And with Playoff Lenny claiming he is playing one leg or having Liz Franc injury at different times during the season, it
    is hard to evaluate hoe effective he will be going forward. IMO, Leftwich disrupts
    the progression of White in game and during the season with his substitution of
    Lenny usually after first drive when White has made some good plays. This game is a good example, White ran for 5.9 yards a carry and used his feet to get tough first downs for 9 yards a reception. Can’t wait for a O coordinator to come in and evaluate the talent on the team and make full use of it!

  30. LVMYBUCS Says:

    See u Joe! I still blame Areis for this season because he recommended this clown for head coach knowing he sucked. Also as one poster said yesterday Glazer hired Bowles to check a box not to be real head coach.

  31. Hodad Says:

    Would bringing back 46 year old Brady have different results then what we saw with 45 year old Brady? He’s not wine, he ain’t getting better with age. We can bring him back, but it’ll just make us a middle of the pack team, always drafting middle of the pack. Better to bite the bullet, and start the rebuild.

  32. SB~LV Says:

    Thanks for that article Joez !
    The dread is real

  33. Fire the Gannons! Says:

    Great job Joe’s.

    It took me a while, but I became a fan of this blog. I felt like this blog disrespected the GOAT for a good chunk of his first year in Tampa but over time I also felt it warmed up to him.

    Your coverage of the Bucs was amazing. You guys were tireless. The amount of content you churned out was amazing and I hope you reaped the fruits of your labor. You deserve every dollar and every heap of praise you might have received.

    Only other quibble is that I wish you would have weeded out more of the clearly anti-Bucs trolls like Anthem, TTbucs3, O’NeillBucs (many many more). They made the comments section as cess pool to read through and brought about a very negative vibe game after game and throughout the 3 years I followed your coverage. They were obviously fans from an opposing fanbase and Brady haters. Block ’em. They have an agenda that is counter to your agenda.

    That said, the articles are your heritage and they were great. Than you guys! You were loads better to read than the generic crap put out by the previous NFL team blog I used to follow (Pats Pulpit). (The commenters, on the other hand, were as bad as I have ever come across.)

    It will be interesting to see Carr or Lamar Jackson in pewter next year. However, I won’t be paying much attention to anything but the box score.

    Thanks again Joe’s!

  34. Bobby M. Says:

    In three years, we got 1 SB, 2 division championships, 7 playoff games and an annual sense of being relevant. Not bad for a team that was routinely in the gutter. Just shows how much a QB means in this league. Hopefully Leftwich is done, he couldn’t get the job done with the GOAT, I have zero faith in him developing a young QB. Bowles likely returns but shouldn’t.

  35. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Thanks for the great work this season, guys.

  36. SB~LV Says:

    Well Buc fans
    We can enjoy watching excellent football in the coming weeks with out any emotional attachment clawing at our souls!
    Don’t look back!

  37. Shooter Says:

    Brady 351 yds…
    Dallas 305 yds.
    Why is that so bad?

  38. Oddball Says:

    No one on this staff deserves a pass.

  39. Allbuccedup Says:

    Doesn’t matter if he hires his own staff hes a bad head coach. Hes too easy going for a head coach and some players take advantage of that.

  40. Bbro Says:

    I say we go after Sean Payton our game plan sucks on both sides of the ball

  41. Cchead Says:

    Bring back Blowes and make a ton of money. Bet Bucs to not cover every game and your golden.

  42. DEEEMO Says:

    Change is coming! All of the coaching staff needs to go. Might be time for Brandy and some Free Agents to leave too. This was a horrible season to watch. Times have changed in the NFL. Mobile QB’s are now the thing. I really can’t see this coaching staff still here much past this week. Seems like they are great people but that doesn’t win Football games and that is the bottom line here. Oh well at least we have the Lightning season to look forward to now!

  43. Nprbuc Says:

    Enough of the crap about Bowels couldn’t hire his own guys! You seriously think THAT would have made any difference to this years team? Stop saying that Bowles took the team to the playoffs in his first year. A blind man can see that this team got into the playoffs in SPITE of its coaching- not because of it. A Macy’s manequine would have put together as good a record if not better than Bowles! Face reality. With the exception of two games, this team was totally lost at sea. Yes Leftwhich sucked and couldn’t put together a game plane for a HS team but Bowles is the HC and can blow off any call Leftwhich made. Any evidence of that ? Maybe I blinked and missed it. It is ALL on Bowles. He destroyed this team right before our eyes. There is no excuse for professional players being continuously out of position other than poor coaching. These guys have played football since Pee Wee and they don’t know their coverage in zone protection? A good HS coach would have made much more out of this team. Defensive Guru Bowles? I bought in to that same BS before this season. Watch last night and tell me that. Definitely does not even resemble a HC in the NFL. Beyond embarrassing.

  44. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What Purdy is doing in SF shows what can happen when a QB has a good team & coaches behind him.

    I am ready to move on from Brady…..but not with Bowles….I’ve seen enough to know he is not our future….

    Lets get younger…..shed as much cap as we can…..I’m fine with giving Trask a shot or drafting a Qb….but if we draft one, let’s get one with at least some mobility.

    And, a very sincere thanks to Joe for the hard work on making this site great.

  45. PanthersSuck! Says:

    Feels like a good old race horse with a broken leg was finally put out of its misery

  46. Tucker Says:

    Todd has made some terrible calls on his own throughout the season they should just clean house and begin the inevitable rebuild.

  47. Faspro Says:

    Thanks Joe! It’s been fun coming to this site and reading some informative and entertaining comments…

  48. NEfan Says:

    Beanblo, this is Bowels 4th season with this team, the transition should have been much easier than it would for a new coach. Eff Bowels, eff you!

  49. NEfan Says:

    Bowels should be fired for the bootleg td alone.

  50. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    I would keep Whirfs, Otton, R White, and Gage !! Everyone else has free reign and blow it up !!! Lastly to see the HC standing in the sideline for a long time while Rusell got hurt not only made me sick, but just showed how much Todd cares about his players. Mind blowing and to actually be at a home game and feel like your at a Cowboys playoff game is disgusting!!! Thankfully they didn’t rope me into another year and if you want to get out go the legal route, but I’m done for a bit !! That was awful and made Dak and the Cowboys look amazing??Thank God for the Bolts

  51. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I think all of the REALISTIC Bucs fans knew there was only one outcome before heading into last night’s game……and that was about what we thought would happen……look at what happened against San Francisco?????

    …….but because it was infront of a national audience……it looked extra ugly…..

    Joe….we’ve been seeing this ugly baby all season long!!!!!

  52. Zoocomics Says:

    I still say if Tom plays next season, Tampa is still in the best shape for him to win another title. Going to any of the rumored teams in the AFC is a buzzsaw, I guess with the exception of the Titans, ugh? Overall the AFC it’s just loaded with generational talent that you have to go through to make it to a Super Bowl. I still think the NFC as a whole is up for grabs, and there isn’t a better division to play-in than the NFC South in order to get another division title and a crack at a Super Bowl…None of the (3) other divisional teams have any sort of stability going into next season. We’re closer than most people think even after last night… some offensive coaching changes and some player retooling, they’re still a lot for Brady to work with on offense. We had rookies over achieving in their first year at key positions. Just bad luck that they had to learn in these conditions. We will see… I’m in no mood though for entire rebuild, a lot on these boards have jumped to tanking for the #1, what!?…because that’s worked for us in the past. Fun fact, Matthew Stafford, drafted in 2009 was the last number 1 pick to win a Super Bowl… and he did it on another team, and that was just this last year…before that? Eli in 2004. There are uber talented QBs that don’t go number 1, so we don’t have to tank, but our GM needs to do better than Kyle Trask. IMO.

  53. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    And I just saw Brady’s interview and honest to God he finally looked happy and like himself knowing the Bucs don’t hold his sack!! They ran 9 times and made no adjustments after seeing their QB getting pressured 95 percent of the time. Mike Evans the greatest Bucs WR ever has to be traded ( nothing personal and obviously for picks ) and same with Godwin. They need WRs that are burners and not one person I would keep on D !! Yeah Edwards, Winfield, LVD, White, and VV who was absolutely gassed after 3 series ?? They couldn’t touch Dak after the 3rd series ??? Out of shape AF, but we knew this

  54. David Says:

    BL is definitely gone. The question is whether Bowles.

  55. biff barker Says:

    Clean house now.

    BA first.

  56. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Yucs2Bucs

    It was a bad defensive game plan. No way all those Receivers were literally open all game long… way….that was a bad defensive game plan.

  57. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    And thank you Joe for the great content like usual !!! Lastly boys can we stop with Brady coming back here because he’s gone and it was a fun couple of years until this season !!! Yes we won another SB, but set the team back years and it’s now time to rebuild and start over. How does Licht get a pass ?? The only TB that will be here is Todd and Brady was miserable all year because he was bound by the Bucs because they had his rights and now let’s let him go find another team or broadcast, but I will put my house that he will never be in a Bucs uniform again !! Let’s trade up and get one of these can’t miss QBs and do a 3 year rebuild

  58. Tampa2ATL Says:

    Thank YOU, Joe(s)! Well done, sir(s), well done. Keep up the fine work as we turn around blind corner(s). Again. 👊🏽

  59. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    @thebucsanthem I saw with my own eyes and that’s why I wouldn’t keep anyone on that Defense !! To Allow Dak have free reign was disgusting, but the biggest thing is that team had no pride and obviously we will never know what went on behind the door, but it’s obvious 90 percent of the team didn’t buy in !!!! Have a good year bro and Go Bolts

  60. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    What Todd Bowles should done…..was keep the Mike backer in…..and the bring in extra Defensive Backs and adjusted after he seen the linebacker we’re having problems

    Atleast that’s what I would’ve done if I was still coaching.

  61. Ed Says:

    We saw it game in and game out, the Bucs came out of the gate every week without any change to doing what was not working. It became obvious that the players were not buying into the system. Linemen weren’t holding their blocks and physically they were being pushed around.

    Stamina was an issue. I believe the practice regiment was too soft and the players were out of shape. Whoever is their strength and conditioning coaches have to be replaced.

    Nearly unanimous on this site that Bowles and company need to be replaced. The fan base got exciting football in ’20 and ’21 and became excited to watch the team. Bowles did a buzz-kill on the fan base by reintroducing boring and stubborn football being played like he was transported back to the 70’s while most of the league was winning with great offenses.

    A change is gonna come. Can’t continue with this direction and expect fans to want to show up.

  62. NEfan Says:

    Yucs@ good catch, I noticed that in Brady’s interview he actually look relieved, was depressed or distraught.

    27 first downs, 80, 90, 96 yd scoring drives. This was over before it started.

  63. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Tampa how have the Bolts done it for so many years ? Solid coaching, staff, trades and solid decision making, and players who love coming to work. Now look at the Bucs this year and didn’t see any of that. The Glazers need to look at their blueprint and start over. VV and Davis got paid and look what happened?? The got the bags and look what happened. They busted out and this team is in cap hell, so thankful they won’t be giving players huge contracts and White is not deserving of a second deal. He was exposed and glad it was seen by all during his contract year !! I’m getting pissed, but START OVER!!! And that also goes for Shaq who didn’t do anything before he got hurt and 3 players got huge deals and hopefully the Glazers learned and that’s just on the D

  64. NEfan Says:

    Wasn’t depressed or distraught (autofill)

  65. A Says:

    Kurt Warner does a film break down…you pretty much saw our game plan…our zone D sucks

    I hope Brady tells the Glaziers this coaching staff sucks…

    I’m 51yrs old…I’m not sure we’ll see another playoff game before I turn 60

  66. Buc4evr Says:

    Brady is gone, I don’t care how many yards he can put up passing. He can’t win with this team and is likely done with the incompetence here. Bowles and Leftwurst need to be fired today for obvious reasons. There are a number of older vets that need to be let go.

    If the Bucs want to stay relevant, they need to trade for another veteran QB.
    Every option should be on the table and nobody except the punter should feel safe.

  67. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    @NEfan that’s all anyone on here has to do is look at that last interview ( minus Laine asking dumb questions and “ I will sleep well tonight “‘and then back tracked, but he looked happy and like the Tom of old !!! Finally he can bounce and the Bucs can’t stop it !! We had Tom Brady as our QB and even won a SB which is amazing and he loves challenges, but this sheet show was even too much for the GOAT 😳

  68. Robert Says:

    To the Bucs if they keep Bowles or lefty

    Bye Felicia

  69. SKBucsFan Says:

    This game just showed how we are old, slow, unskilled and unable to keep up. Our defense is weak. We need a young LB and improvement onbthe edge. Our offensive line needs a player or two..and needs to be healthy. Our receivers are getting old and are too slow to get open.

    This isn’t a difficult fix to improve but it involves some good drafting. Unfortunately Licht has missed way more than he has hit so we will continue to suck under his guidance.

  70. Shooter Says:

    It is hard to game plan when you are down 18-0 early. What do you want him to call when they know what you are going to do.Brady still had 351 yds in air.

  71. NEfan Says:

    Shooter, hurry up offense!!! Ya don’t wait until 3rd quarter down 24. Bucs were the BEST in the league in the hurry up. Mind boggling.

  72. Patrick Says:

    Leftwich sucks as an Offensive Coordinator and was a lousy quarterback for us back in 2009 (remember that failed stint?)

    Should’ve just let Brady control the offense and be the OC. Don’t think it wouldn’t been any worse. Making your 45 year old quarterback throw 50 times every game and offering no running game or O line protection is a recipe for disaster. I’m surprised Brady played as well as he did this year considering all of this

  73. Browsing from DC Says:

    Stinker of a game, season.

    Positives, good QB, good RBs, good receivers (when running the correct routes, right ME13?). A decent defense with talent at every level.

    Negatives: piss-poor O-line. Can’t run block or pass protect so they could have Barry Sanders and Bo Jackson in the backfield with Brady in his prime and Jerry Rice, Randy Moss and pre-manic AB at receiver and still suck. Toss in TERRIBLE COACHING and it’s futile.

    Defensive coaching wasn’t great either. The D got lit up by every team with a decent record so take away the games against crappy teams and they aren’t in the top 20. The defensive coaches seem to have the same problem as the O coaches…they can’t game-plan for their opponent or make adjustments on the fly or at halftime. Did anyone else notice all of the pre-snap confusion on defense in the first few Dallas possessions? They didn’t even seem to know where to line up. Pathetic.

    This is the first time in a long time that I didn’t feel sick in the pit of my stomach after a big loss. I had zero expectations, even with the possibility of some “Brady Post-season magic”.

    As Joe pointed out, many players are FAs and coming back to this clown show coaching staff isn’t going to be too appealing, whether Brady comes back or not. What is appealing is the talent on this team that might lure a REAL HC to come in and turn things around.

    If Bowles stays, players will leave and only scrubs looking for a paycheck will want to Bowles is a great guy, great DC but not a head coach. Glazers need to act. I want Harbaugh. Glazers have the cash and TB12 would stay (and flourish) under him and keeping Brady for even one more year will bring in the extra cash to pay for Harbaugh. Lol

    Bringing in a guy like Harbaugh would show the players and the league that the Glazers are serious about winning. Keeping Bowles will say “we don’t care and one ring is good enough”.

  74. David Says:

    Clean house
    Including head coach
    That is all that needs to be said

  75. Pryda sec 147 Says:

    Thanks joe for all the hard work you do. It been a draining season glad it’s finally over.

  76. Kentucky Buc Says:

    I called it out 3 different times on here before the game that Shultz was very dangerous . I’m just some dumb azz on a board and I could see it coming but Todd was clueless to it. Somebody explain that too me.

  77. mark2001 Says:

    Firing Lefty at this point, is far too little too late. And the effect on the team performance, overall, is almost in the “scape goat” or “publicity stunt” range. Bad defensive personnel decisions, bad defensive game planning and performance, poor in game adjustments, and poor in game decisions. NONE of those will change. Changing out Lefty is changing a Band-Aid on a critical wound. We lucked out in our division this year. It won’t happen next year.

  78. gotbbucs Says:

    If Brady is brought back, it’s to sell tickets, not win football games. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore.

  79. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Not firing both Bowles and Leftwich would be like wiping one ass cheek only. Shet still there. FIRE THIS CIRCLE JERK SHET SHOW.

  80. Brandon Says:

    Re-signing David would be great… Dean is the only free agent we MUST bring back. He is a stud. Why he wasn’t on the field last night might be a Malcolm Butler type mystery.

  81. Cobraboy Says:

    %hat game was not “random.”

    That is who the 2022 Bucs ARE (were.)

    If these coaches are kept, including Toilet Bowles, 2023 will be more of the same.

  82. Joey Strom Says:

    My Five Things: 1. Bowles and his entire staff should be fired first thing this morning. 2. Jake Camarda had the same number of solo tackles as Joe Tryon-Shoyinka. 3. Can anyone on this defense cover a receiver? Not only was the tight end open all night, but the TD pass to CeeDee Lamb with just over 10 minutes in the 4th quarter was a completely blown coverage – just embarrassing! 4. Other than the first two defensive series of the game, there was no sense of urgency on this team, offensively or defensively, which is unheard of for a playoff game, and is a reflection of the coaching staff. 5. No visible adjustments were made throughout the game, and the team as a whole looked unprepared, which is also a reflection of the coaching staff.

  83. ChattBucsFan Says:

    Bowles history indicates that his teams get worse the longer he is in charge. What do we gain by keeping him another year?
    BTW can we also change up the training staff, we may have set a record for most hamstring injuries in a 3 year span

  84. WillieG Says:

    “Bowles has not (at least not yet) been able to hire his own staff.” — So what? He inherited a Super Bowl winning staff that was very good at developing players. I don’t think he could’ve done better if he was able to hire his own people. I actually think he would’ve done a lot worse because he would’ve hired people of the same old school “No risk it, don’t want no biscuit” mindset.

  85. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    All you gotta do is look at Todd Bowles and the Jets………look at this record from his time he was up there.

  86. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    Well Bucco fans, we are truly in for hard times!
    1. Need to dump Lefty and Bowles (what defense?) but probably won’t.
    2. They need to draft exceedingly well but probably won’t. (see Liecht)
    3. They need to acquire a QB to match the offense (what offense) but probably won’t.
    4. They need to dump players that take up space (see Try’an DoSomething) but seldom produce but probably won’t.
    5 They need to stop the slide into ill-relevancy but probably won’t.

    So long Bucs,
    a fan since 1978.

  87. NEfan Says:

    Willie this team went to the SB and just missed another with the same.staff. Who is he going to get Don Shula? Too late he’s dead. That staff excuse doesn’t hold water, he is the same guy that’s been here since 2019.

  88. Infomeplease Says:

    Bowles/Leftwich mismanagement of this team again was broadcast in prime time!! Let’s face it, Bowles, a so called defensive genius, did not shine last night when it really meant something!! Leftwich looked worse then normal and that’s bad!!!!!

    The Glazers should go to TB12’S agent and see what it would take to bring him back. If he wants Bowles and Leftwich’s heads on a platter… serve ’em up!!!! Bring in a real head coach and oc he would play for!!!

    If TB12 is moving on, fire Bowles and Leftwich that would be a good start to a better team!! Thank you TB12 for bringing Tampa Bay 3 trips to playoffs and a Lombardi!!!

    We’ll see what happens now!!

  89. Bucsfan13 Says:

    One thing that has stood out to me is Brady’s lackluster performances in prime time. That’s when people make their assessments of him because they don’t follow the Bucs. He was great in prime time as a Patriot. What gives?

  90. Steven L. Benner Says:

    We’ve beaten this team in week #1 So, they’re Not all that…. with injuries and no the heart to get the job done- this is the result. Ohh, and our Coaching Staff!!! They just Suck!!! 4th & 3 and we’re down points- Toilet BOWLES brings the punter out onto the field! It’s the Play Offs!!! PLEASE FIRE him & Byron LEFTNUT!!! One good thing though Bucs Fans- just know that the Cowboys are going down next week!!!! There’s NO Way they’re going to beat the 49ers in California! Can’t wait to see them get taken out! They won’t have an easy Win like they did with us last night. If Brady leaves and Gabbert steps up as the New QB than the Bucs are back to being the Suck-aneers! Look at the last Atlanta game…he couldn’t even get us a Field Goal!!! The scoring stopped when Brady was taken out. A lot of changes need to be done in order for this franchise to stay on top.

  91. martinii Says:

    Have followed JBF for many years but I took this year off for multiple reasons. Football has changed. Too many bad calls by officials, QB’s have become coaches, coaches take all the blame and of course money has replaced sportsmanship. The Buc’s have been my team and that being the case I follow from afar they’re every move. I don’t like what I see and hear now and like the glory of a Super Bowl win the loss of a playoff is bitter especially who is a divisional winner with a losing record. I like TBBF say tear it down and rebuild it with youth and competent coaching.

  92. Infomeplease Says:

    One quick observation, this offense sucked all season when they got into the red zone!!!!! Shouldn’t the coaches have worked out a handful of plays that do work? Or maybe just use what worked the past 4 or 5 years. ME13 to the back corner?

  93. Davenport Says:

    I’ve been a Bucs fan since 1976. All I can do is thank Brady for the two good years and the Super Bowl. After the first one, I asked God to give me one more before I die. Mission accomplished.

    Now, its time for an absolute and complete tear down. With Brady’s dead money, we are in cap jail.

    Bowles should be l will not attract any decent assistants because he will be gone after 2023. He is not a winner, that’s all there is to say on him. He should be gone today but I doubt that he will be.

    If they keep Bowles then let every FA walk. Stack up the compensatory picks. Trade what you can for picks – including the soon to be 31 year old Mike Evans and the 32 year old Shaq Barrett.

    Let’s take our beating for a season with an eye to being competitive in 2024 and beyond.

    Its been a good run – we got our Super Bowl – but nothing is free. IT’S TIME TO SETTLE THE TAB

  94. orlbucfan Says:

    Brady is finally history. And thank gawd! I had this game on radio and boob tube (sound off). The minute that jerkoff threw the pick right to the Dallas DB on the Dallas 5 yard line, the whole team wilted. We still don’t have a fix on how good a HC Bowles is, plus young Trask. Good riddance yahoo Brady!!

  95. Chris Says:

    Leftwich threw some terrible balls last night…. oh wait a minute that was Brady. The red zone interception was a bad throw by Leftwich… no, that was Brady. Bucs problem is they have played with a major distraction all season- Brady. Tom Brady will go down as the best ever, except for this season.

  96. Eli Says:

    Clean house. Get a young team less likely to be injured. New coaches for sure. Get a QB who can actually scramble a little. Both sides of the ball need discipline. Make sure the new coach stays awake on the sidelines during games. Get rid of 76 and his numerus holding penalties. Find a defensive backfield that can remember to cover their assigned areas. Good luck completing any of these points.

  97. View from 132 Says:

    Like many Bucs fan, I’m done until the coaching offices are cleaned out. I’m done with Brady too. A hat tip to him and all responsible for the Super Bowl win, but it’s over. It was over when Cooper Kupp made that catch last year. This season has hard to stomach.

  98. orlbucfan Says:

    Some of you so-called Bucs ‘fans’ aren’t for real. We still have no real fix on how good a HC Todd Bowles is. We know nothing about Trask cos he’s never played with the FIRST team offense. It’s all been about this jackass named Brady. If the Glazer Boyz have half a brain cell between them, he’s gone! I read some BS that he’s a businessman. Really? He’s a dumbazz with the IQ of 0.

  99. beano Says:

    @orlbucfan – You hit a home run with that comment. 100% correct.