Third Double-Digit-Points Comeback Of The Season

January 1st, 2023

Mike Evans said it best after today’s thrilling win against Carolina. It seems the Bucs play best when “our backs are against the wall.”

Today was the Bucs’ third comeback “W” of the season when trailing by double digits in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady and the offense were unleashed and dropped a 20 on the board to bury the Stinkin’ Panthers, with an assist to the defense.

Yeah, the offense was a little more open early in the game than usual, but when the hurry-up commitment came late, the Bucs exploded — again.

Winning football in January and February is about big players stepping up. The Bucs got that today across the board, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Tom Brady and lesser names like Anthony Nelson and more.

“You wonder, where’s it been all year?” asked Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Michael Strahan of the Bucs offense on the FOX postgame show.

The answer really doesn’t matter now. The Bucs are in the playoffs. Swagger and confidence has returned to the passing game, and the Bucs believe they can beat anyone.

48 Responses to “Third Double-Digit-Points Comeback Of The Season”

  1. ocala Says:

    Play hurry up every stinkin’ down.
    Being this hardheaded is ridiculous!

  2. Stevek Says:

    Absolutely huge!

    What a great victory.

    Now start Kyle Trask or give him extended playing time next week, and rest everyone.

    Get our team a mini-bye and watch the other teams slug it out to be our opponent. Let’s go time baby!

  3. Frank the Tank Says:

    I feel like we won despite Bowles’ best efforts.

  4. Stormy Says:

    Brady and Evans bail out Bowles and Leftwich.

    Hopefully, they learn.

    And to the people thinking Brady is washed? Look at the stat line.

  5. Crickett Baker Says:

    YAY! Not a slew of naysayers in the comments. Frankly, I loved the game. The defense was awesome. The offense was rolling! Tom was wonderful! Super win!

  6. Sold Says:

    Give me MORE! RIGHT NOW LOL! Go Bucs

  7. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Oneilbuc is currently in the fetal position. 😆

  8. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Brady is epic.
    He BETTER be here next year or Vlad will be commenting about it

  9. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    There’s a lot of posters that say we don’t have the talent on offense. I think the come backs show the talent is there. It needs to be unleashed.

  10. Tap-Out Says:

    That was a nice ball that TBrady threw …it traveled about 55 yards and on the MONEY! The Big Mike Attack Is BACK!!

  11. geno711 Says:

    SMB had a good game today. Give him some love as well.

  12. Tap-Out Says:

    Ya’ll can STOP the WHINING now …we in there!!

  13. Tap-Out Says:


  14. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    So you think this team is perfect just the way it is?

  15. Oxycondoms Says:

    Praise be to Brady

  16. George Says:

    Let’s rest all the starters against The Dirty Birds

  17. Mike C Says:

    What a season, I have had Tickets since 95, this one smh CRAZY. Whatever happens this season has don nothing but add to Brady’s legacy, dragging this team to back to back division titles with 4! Come back wins, just ludicrous!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t let this game distract you. Brady was still crap all season. This was just an exception because it was against a defense with an interim coach without their best guys.

    They were still down 14-0. They would have gotten blown out against the good teams. Panthers are just bad.

    Brady doesn’t deserve credit for this win. If anything, this should make us all more mad at him. This offense had this potential with these weapons, but Brady screwed it up by ditching training camp, skipping practices, etc. The offense was out of sync during the season, and it is his fault. I still want him out of here.

  19. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    WAY TO GO BUCS!! Huge win!!! Looking forward to all the awesome Joe articles over the next two weeks! Just an awesome win! Brady can still sling it.

  20. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Anonymous – is it to sunny outside today, or to cloudy?

  21. 1#bucsfan Says:

    What a day for ME13 TB12 and CG14. Keep it rolling boys all the way thru the playoffs n into the bowl babe

  22. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Sweet “hot take”, ( Alcohol fueled ) Anon…we should be mad at Brady. How dare he lift this moribund franchise to the most relevant 3 year run in Buccaneer history. The f’ outta here…

  23. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    They came alive in the second half again…..

  24. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Rest all the starters this coming Sunday

  25. Tap-Out Says:

    Joe try putting up some film footage of that GREAT “SMB” interception! T Brady was not the only player on the field today! TEAM EFFORT!

  26. D-Rok Says:

    Oh, just SHUT UP, anonymous. That was a freakin’ great game.

  27. Tap-Out Says:

    Joe try putting up some film footage of that GREAT “SMB” interception! T Brady was not the only player on the field today!

  28. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    One of the most improbable comeback wins and playoff birth in Bucs Franchise history

  29. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady thrives when people count him out. He heard everyone calling him washed. I love when analysts take shots at Tom. It only fuels him. Keep it up Shannon Sharpe

  30. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I also want to thank #24 of the Panthers who couldn’t possibly cover Evans any worse. Thank you sir! See you at Best Buy in a couple years.

  31. Crickett Baker Says:

    I wasn’t at the game but glued to the TV. Did anyone pour Gatorade over any coach? I didn’t see it. Did it happen?

  32. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Looking at highlights of the past few years, Brady had all day to throw a lot. Come on back Jenson and let’s see what a healthy O can do!

    Guaranteed we sent a scare across the league today.

  33. NEfan Says:

    I guess this team needed some FOSSIL Fuel to win this game. Succop puts the Suc in Suck, really? Not for nothing but the O had to put up 30 points to win, letting up 300yds to Donald and 24 points is NOT good.

    Those that favor any of this coaching staff, today is an example of how to coach if you don’t want to win. This one was ALL on the players!!!

  34. Ranger Walker Says:

    Letssssss F$#&@ng GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! M1k3 🙂 Brady can’t throw the deep ball yadda yadda yadda

  35. mg Says:

    On cue – Anonymous Sterling and the blame Brady crew are upset.

  36. Duane Says:

    This was the solid effort and play most of us were expecting all season long. Heroic effort by an old man who took some hits today. I know he is going to be sore tomorrow. They damn sure did not play like a team that was ready to go home early this season. Give the reserves a bunch of snaps next week. Let Dallas think about this game for a couple weeks )

  37. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    If we can get Jensen back for the Dallas game and give Brady as much time as he had today, we may have a puncher’s chance or better!

  38. Fitz Says:

    The win was great but still too many runs up the middle on first down. Nice to see the offense play to their strength for the first time in a long while. Now if they can just let them play that way in the playoffs we have a shot.

  39. Fitz Says:

    It’s hard to believe that anyone thought it was a good idea to make this team run the ball all the time with these weapons. Truly hard to understand

  40. OBVIOUS Says:

    Hey Anonymous and NE fan for that matter, “GO SUCK A ROTTEN EGG” Cheers

  41. Anonymous Says:

    The talent was always there. The QB just failed to execute. He’s the reason we are having a losing season. Brady was missing throws left and right.

    Don’t forget he tried to ditch us and make a play for Miami. The goodwill for Tom Brady in Tampa Bay is dead.

  42. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    EXCELLENT win! Was not very optimistic after Pathers opening td drive they brought the pain. DO NOT rest any starters. Give Brady every chance to leave here never having a losing season on his career. Don’t let the Bucs be the lowest point in his storied career. We owe him that much. We have some momentum we have to keep it going.

  43. NEfan Says:

    What’s the matter Obivious or should I say oblivious? You seem upset that the Bucs won.

  44. D-Rok Says:

    “Anonymous Says:
    January 1st, 2023 at 5:55 pm
    The QB just failed to execute. He’s the reason we are having a losing season. Brady was missing throws left and right.”

    Not today, sir, NOT TODAY. Dropping dimes all game long like quarters were going out of style. Go back to your basement and ask your Mama for another serving of Ramen noodles.

    Where do they get these people from?????

  45. Chop block Says:

    Anonymous, you just can’t help but run your co*ksucker can you? It’s Brady’s fault blah blah
    blah, you obviously don’t know anything about football. The O-line is junk, & the coaching is
    even worse, but TB12 is the problem. Your take is so stupid and off that your Mom’s gonna
    take away your internet privileges. Complete 🤡.

  46. kyle Says:

    im sorry but the coaching today was atrocious… i dont get attempting a 53 yard fg on 4 and 11?? we all know succop is great in the 40s range. this was a playoff game and you give carolina short field w the miss? Then to pass on 3rd and 1 inside the 10 and kick a fg is the dumbest thing ever???

    I feel like brady checked out of the bowles leftwich nonsense and won the game??

  47. Manny Says:

    I say let brady play the first series next week to continue his games played streak

  48. OBVIOUS Says:

    That’s funny New England. I don’t like the fact that you need to attempt a jab either way. And if you don’t have a congratulations and nothing more for my team the NFL SOUTH CHAMPION TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS then you’re on thin ice… I don’t seem to happy that my team won. Not a very bright thing to say. I meant what I said. I don’t go to your teams web sites and make comments about New England and I was nice about it when I said Suck an Egg concerning my team’s lousy coaches when they are. TODAY, they made the right choices so for today, they are included in the celebration in my book. And btw, if you are purely a Brady fan well that’s OK. But it seems you think you have some special pass because you’re a fan of the Pat’s that threw MY QB away. Like I said and will say again, change your name or GO SUCK A ROTTEN EGG with your cheap shot comments. This IS me being nice…

    GO BUCS!