Is Todd Bowles Really Safe?

January 16th, 2023

Unprepared defense.

Joe was convinced first-year Bucs coach Todd Bowles was safe to return next season.

One reason was Team Glazer has never canned a coach after one year. Another is that Bowles has yet to hire his own assistants. That’s a big thing.

And lastly, the Bucs won their division. Rarely do you see coaches run after winning a division.

But after Monday night’s truly embarrassing performance on national TV, against America’s Team, for all of America to see, a game in which Bowles’ defense clearly was not prepared to play, is Bowles really safe?

Joe will detail heavily over the next few days just how terribly coached the offense has been this year. The stuff you will read is mindblowing.

But Joe thinks it is a fair question after Monday night’s game to wonder if Team Glazer has seen enough, whether Bowles has had a chance to choose his assistants or not.

If Bowles didn’t order Leftwich to change what he was doing all year, or if Bowles ordered Leftwich to not use the no-risk-it; no-biscuit offense for which this team was built to run, and Bowles can’t get his defense ready to play, what are we doing here?

You can be sure Team Glazer will mull this question. Team Glazer likes to take measure of where the arrow is pointing at the end of the year.

Right now, with Tom Brady possibly leaving and seeing this terrible season, the arrow is surely pointing down.

120 Responses to “Is Todd Bowles Really Safe?”

  1. BucFanForever Says:

    The world has had enough of this. Terrible football (if you can even call it that).

  2. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    He better not be safe 6 fckin pts

  3. Chris Says:

    No way, no g.d. way

  4. Chris Says:

    Team glazer better be trying to get Sean Payton and whoever he wants Ro bring in here even a new GM

  5. Tyler904 Says:

    If the glazers want any respect from the fans they will fire the entire coaching staff.

  6. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    He better not be 6 pts is unacceptable

  7. Bosch Says:

    Brady will go elsewhere or retire. Why would he stay here? Oh, and Reach87, does this statement make ke a bad fan?

  8. Greg Says:

    He should NOT be safe! He and Leftwich need to go. Brady is gone.. blow this thing up and pick quality coaches while they are still out there

  9. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Hope not! He’s not cut out to be a HC. Just rip off the band-aid.

  10. BigTruck Says:

    He shouldn’t be at all. I really don’t see Licht putting up with a less than average head coach and far less than average coaching staff in general considering he’s built an incredibly talented team and the fans shouldn’t have to.

  11. Coburn Says:

    What has he done to possibly justify keeping him? Stumbling into a division title with a losing record and awful division? It’s past the point of being able to just throw lefty under the bus. C’mon there were two touchdowns tonight alone where a guy blew his assignment althogether and a guy walked in for a TD… That’s gotta go back to Bowles.. how can you be in post season and guys don’t know the playcall and their assignments? Veteran players. Aside from a leaky left side of oline the talent is there

  12. Pull the plug Says:

    Severely injured player and his ass is too good to walk on the field and check on his player. He is a POS

  13. FairMinded Says:

    I don’t think the Glazers are gonna take half measures. Leftwich and Bowles had a stacked team and completely destroyed these guys’ morale with total gutless and unimaginative playcalling. Never has less been done with more. They’re gone

  14. Bosch Says:

    Pray for Russell Gage.

  15. Tyler904 Says:

    This injury is on Bowles and lefty, if they didn’t have to play from behind it never would’ve happened.

  16. BucFanForever Says:

    It didn’t even look like they prep for games. What did they do all week? Hang out in Ybor?

  17. Chris Says:

    Don’t forget what Goodell said a few weeks ago about firing 1st year head coaches. He was practically calling out the Glazers by name.

  18. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Should be no thinking about this…

    NO BRAINER!!!!

    Fire this staff IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

  19. FortMyersDave Says:

    Bowels should go. If he stays it will be with many new coaches, no way the ofeensive offensive coordinator or the not so special teams coach survive. They should both be fired after this game, do not even wait until morning. Launch them immediately!

  20. Oxycondoms Says:

    It was his defense that failed in playoffs past 2 seasons also

  21. Bucfan593 Says:

    I do not want to watch a Todd bowls coached team next year.

  22. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Probably good thing we got destroyed this week, San Francisco would of bitch slapped us. After these games this weekend, our coaches are the difference. Did they even practice or game plan!! JOKE. Glazers do something immediately please.

  23. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Bowels checks the box. He be safe.

  24. SKBucsFan Says:

    The only good thing is that the Glazers have to hear that a5$ Jerry Jones gloat. Might be enough to get him fired.

  25. Bosch Says:

    Tyler 904 is right. In fact, I think the shoul suspend the game right now. Cowboys win.

  26. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    He should not be safe. With a few exceptions, this is close to the same team as the last couple of years. With Arians, we were a bully. Now we are soft. We should seriously consider parting ways with Bowles.

    Not even a question Leftwich needs to go.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Boy am I embarrassed. The one person I simply dismissed from my calculations was Tom Brady. No excuses this time for him. I’m NOT trying to be disrespectful in any way, shape, or manner. However it seems he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn tonight. And sadly for us and him it’s not the first, second, or third game this has been the case. I simply didn’t factor father time in to this game. And since everyone was just crap tonight, I’ve got to ask myself what else is going on? I’m Seriously worried that Todd Bowles can’t get this under control with his hand picked coaches or not. The collapse has been UNPRECEDENTED.

    My support was wasted and I have pie on my face. Where’s my brown paper bag? I need one stat!

    Nothing else to say.

  28. John Says:

    Get rid of the entire hard headed lot of them. In WAY over their heads.
    Defensive genius huh? Really I’m digging. I am so incredibly dumbfounded and just speechless awe…
    Take care folks.

  29. Jerry Says:

    Houston is taking huge heat from the media because they fired Lovie after only 1 year. The Bucs will take huge heat firing Bowles after 1 year despite him winning the division and not picking his own assistants.

    No way they fire him.

  30. ElioT Says:

    Please god no!!!

    There is not a single reason why this joke should be the HC in 2023.

    What is he building?

    What is the future?

    There is nothing but more losing.

  31. Todd Bowles resume Says:

    Fire them all. Please. That was atrocious and sums up the year. What a sideshow.

  32. Bucfan593 Says:

    Hopefully these garbage time points won’t help his cause

  33. Bosch Says:

    If boys put starters back in the coaches should be ostracized.

  34. Jack Clark Says:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coaches:

    Offensive Minded:
    Jon Gruden (SUPER BOWL!!!!)
    Bruce Arians (SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!)
    Dirk Koetter (Top 5 Offense)

    Defensive Minded:
    Todd Bowels (Losing record)
    Lovie Smith (Losing record)
    Raheem Morris (Losing record)
    Greg Schiano (Losing record)
    Tony Dungy (No Super Bowls)

    Do we see the obvious pattern here? 🤔

  35. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Chris Says:
    January 16th, 2023 at 11:13 pm
    Don’t forget what Goodell said a few weeks ago about firing 1st year head coaches. He was practically calling out the Glazers by name.

    Forget that. Glazers are Goodell’s boss, not the other way around. And Bowles has been a HC before.

  36. Pewter Power Says:

    It’s amazing how a bad coordinator can make a quarterback look. Sure everyone has bad throws but see how the playbook of 31 one teams has wide open receivers?

    Not this offense hey had to earn every blade of grass. Bowles made sure everyone knew this was his team and that hey did the exact of what has made this team successful. If Brady is gone this fanbase has nothing to look forward except drafting the next 5 years

  37. Ed Says:

    Throw away season, time to go with younger coaches that will put in the work and bench players instead of gifting them playing time because of reputation instead of how well they play in a Buc uniform.

    There isn’t a unit on this team that you can say improved under the one year Bowles substitute coach.

  38. Bucamania Says:

    Bowles is horrendous as a head coach, perfect for tanking for Caleb.

  39. Curse of Gruden Says:

    If Bowels was let go, would he even get an interview for another HC job.
    Your answer says all you need to know.

  40. Stormy Says:

    I hope not. Incompetent.

  41. FlumundaCheese Says:

    No way. He’s accountable for terrible game management all year and failure to run tempo. Gut this thing and start over.

  42. Tye Says:

    ‘Toilet’ Todd does NOT deserve to lay his head down tonight still a Buc….

    FIRE him before he goes home…..

  43. ElioT Says:

    Bowels can be a good DC.

    He’s a horrible HC.

    They cannot allow him to further degrade whatever “winning” culture is left in this locker room.


  44. buckylove Says:

    This is been a coaching clown show. It reflects poorly on the team, the loyal fans, the city, and the owners and the general manager. Somebody needs to step up to the plate and make the needed changes.

  45. bucs4life Says:

    No. It’s over. Either that or forget about my money.

  46. Bosch Says:

    Glazers must know that keeping this coaching staff wii cost them ticket sale, prime time exposure, licensed merchandise sales, etc

  47. Beejezus-belt Says:

    The defense played bad and down right embarrassing against a very average at best team. The downside if you fire Todd who do you replace him with? This team may be gutted this off-season.

  48. Couch Fan Says:

    If im the Glazers, Im bringing Brady into my office immediately and asking him what he thinks and what he wants to get him to come back. New coaches would be at the top of that list I would think.

  49. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Fire bowels please. The defense and the embarrassment is on bowels doesn’t matter about the NFC south title or making the playoffs. We’re only in because our division is terrible this year

  50. JS Says:

    If the plan is to be a super bowl contender again next season, he has to go. If the plan is to suck and get a QB in the ’24 draft, let’s bring him back. Because he’s good at sucking, Lovie style.

  51. Craig Wrolstad Fix Says:

    #1. Officiating shaped this season. Bucs had to overcome huge momentum shifting ref jobs all year. It gets lost in the shuffle because the calls usually come early, shape the game and get forgotten.

    #2. Bowles and Leftwich were atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. Too many times and moments but not going for it on 4th & 2, down 13-0 from the 50 said it all. Leftwich even ran the ball on the first play of the game, showing just how ignorant and selfish he is.

    #3. Brady didn’t want to be in Tampa this year. He signed the 3rd year contract extension when it still looked like they had a chance to 3-peat and they needed contract space to bring in some hired guns to make #2 possible. There was a wink and nodded that if #2 didn’t happen, Glazers would allow him to pursue elsewhere. They didn’t keep their word. He was stuck with a subpar roster and then Arians’ ego gave him another eff you by sticking him with Bowles and Leftwich. This year was pure pain on top of personal struggles.

    #4. Evans is a Bucs Legend. AND he is overrated. Too many drops and misses in key moments.

    #5. Brady didn’t play well this year for all of the reasons noted above and maybe because of age. We’ll find out if the latter is true next year when he plays for either the Saints, Panthers, Titans, Dolphins or Raiders. My guess is the Raiders just because they might be the only team that take him. Unless Payton risks his legacy to coach the Panthers and Brady will follow.

  52. Bobby B Says:

    You let your voice be heard with your wallet. Oh, a new Bucs shirt! Nah, I’m good. Wanna go to the game? Nah, I’m good. Find something else to do and spend your money on, until they give a product worth buying.

  53. CrackWise Says:

    KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady KYLE TRASK is Better than Brady

  54. Bucsthis Says:

    How can the Glazers be ok with this team or coaching staff?

  55. Bucsbeast Says:

    Not if the Glazer’s want butts in the stands.

    Bowles SET lots of records this season with the GOAT at QB AND NOT



  56. CrackWise Says:

    Bobby B

    I did that when they fired Gruden. Stopped caring even more when they canceled him

  57. Curse of Gruden Says:

    I be gettin’ tired. Thanks for chatting boys.

  58. D-Rome Says:

    He’s not safe. He failed and was embarrassed coaching a very talented team. Bucs should move on.

  59. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Fire him. I don’t want him to hire his own coaches. The team will even be worse. Yeah they won a division by being the best of the worst. I d be embarrassed.

  60. John Says:

    Joe if you have the opportunity as the days roll on could you touch on ALL the critical 3rd and longs, the entire year, that led to many opponents point? Special team screw UPS as well. Thanks

  61. Craig Says:

    I sure as hell hope not. This team was completely un prepared tonight, and half the season.

  62. seandonjuan24 Says:

    Bowles gotta go. Defended dude all season. This defense should be able to perform much better.

  63. Craig Wrolstad Fix Says:

    Also, screw Troy Aikman and his weak a$$ send off statement.

    Brady just kissed his parents and said goodbye to the Tampa fans forever. Last this fan base will be able to disrespect the GOAT.

    The Bucs Anthem is a Saints Fan.

  64. Just Saying Says:

    It’s coaching. Look at 49ers. 3rd string qb. Actual Mr irrelevant and killing teams.

  65. Redeemer Says:

    He never should’ve been the HC to begin with. Thanks BA , for your lasting impact. This whole show was a cobbled together mess from day one. Bowles is nothing more than a decent DC. Give him the reigns and watch things implode. Brady should run out of town with hair on fire. Clown show of a team

  66. Bucamania Says:

    Todd Bowles AND Kyle Trask next year. Fire them cannons!!!

  67. Tucker Says:

    Why would tom Brady stay for this clown fiesta please Joe come to reality.

  68. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Chris Says
    “Team glazer better be trying to get Sean Payton”white


    Would I accept him as head coach? Yes, of course. But the Saints would not trade him to a division rival unless demanded so much it would cripple us.

    And draft picks are a premium for us because of our cap issues.

  69. Jerry Says:

    Tucker Says:
    January 16th, 2023 at 11:31 pm

    Why would tom Brady stay for this clown fiesta please Joe come to reality.


    He’s not staying regardless. He’s been wanting out for over a year, before Bowles even became the HC.

  70. Rod Munch Says:

    Brady is leave and the team is rebuilding, meaning the goal of this team is to lose and get that top pick in 2024. If you want to lose, there’s no one better than Bowles and Leftwich, those two idiots will get you that top pick. Why in the world would you fire them now? That’s dumb and makes no sense, if you held onto these two idiots this long, you might as well let them continue their path of construction since it will now benefit you.

  71. Coburn Says:

    If one thing has been shown this weekend is that it you can’t run the ball toh won’t go far into the playoffs

  72. Frank Pillow Says:

    There was nothing tonight that hasn’t been apparent all season long. This coaching staff lost its way without Bruce. Time to start over.

  73. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Fire them all before the coaching pool dries up and we get stuck with another Schiano.

  74. ClwJB Says:

    He is a 🤡 and the players showed their belief level with their effort tonight

    Fire the entire staff – worst OC and STC in the NFL bar none

    A HC that is supposed to be a D wizard and two of the TDs we gave up the players were not even covered – we are busting coverages in week 19 over and over

    No pass rush, no one that has any ball skills in the secondary, neither ILB can cover a cold much less a TE

    Todd Bowles is responsible for Tom Brady losing to the Falcons and Cowboys in back to back weeks

    Todd Bowles ran the Jets into the ground after making the playoffs in his first year as a HC – oh they hot run in the first round also

    5-11, 5-11,4-12 thereafter – this is our future if we keep this tool

  75. Rod Munch Says:

    Tank with Trask in ’23….

    That’s the future.

    After next year you’ll have the top pick in the draft, and cleared up most of the issues with the cap, and then you fire all the coaches and start over. Not this offseason. Why would you bring in a new coach into a sure-fire losing situation next year when you’re crippled by the cap? Use that as a year to clean up the cap and to lose. Then in 2024, you bring in some real coaches and the long, two decade process of going back to a playoff game begins.

  76. Jeff’s real dad Says:

    Time for the spring cleaning of this org we have no chance next year cap wise anyways take the year leave the 2 bumbling b’s in place and then poof Caleb Williams is your web for next 10 yrs I’ve seen and heard worse

  77. Will Says:

    No Bowels shouldn’t be safe but I’m sick of people doing that since he’s Black he’s safe. You dummies must not be long time fans. Bucs have hired and fired MORE Black coaches than most teams have hired. As a Black man I say fire his a$$ team took on his personality and had no fire the entire season and seemed unprepared ALL SEASON! Get him out of here!

  78. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I vote…a clean wipe.

    I don’t usually say that…there are usually asst coaches I prefer to keep, but the Glazers need to tell Jason Licht to fire them all and strike gold again.

    And I’m not emotional over the loss. I expected a loss…the only hope was Tom Brady, so I kept watching to the end.

    This team has been a mess all year. That’s on the Head Coach. He had a say in his staff as DC. They’re the same guys.


  79. Jeff’s real dad Says:

    Qb silly autocorrect

  80. Dreambig Says:

    Bowles did improve on his 38% winning percentage with the Jets. He is now 44% with the Bucs. He should quit while he is ahead.

  81. LakelandSteve Says:

    Tom Brady won’t be playing in Tampa next year. Fire Bowles and get rid of some of these sorry players and hire a PROVEN head coach.

  82. NEfan Says:

    What is mind blowing was how out of position player on both sides of the ball were, tripping all over themselves. It was so bad it makes me think the players did this in efforts to get this dbag fired. That was as ugly as it gets.

    Yes the Patriots are bad but this is putrid and sad.

  83. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    The Bucs played 10 games against losing record teams that didn’t make the playoffs this season and had a 6-4 record for those games.

    The Bucs played 7 games against teams with winning records that made the playoffs and had a 2-5 record. One of those victories was the first game and the second victory was back in 10.

    Todd Bowles could barely outcoach losing teams, let alone good playoff teams, with a Bucs team loaded with talent. Todd Bowles is a bad head coach.

  84. NYbucsfan Says:

    What coach in their right mind would want to join his staff? He needs to go he is a dead end.

  85. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rod Munch, we don’t need to tank. That top pick is a gamble anyway.

    We’ll pick where we pick, and so long as it is a quality pick, it’s all good.

  86. Jerry Says:

    This would not be an attractive position. We got no QB. We got no cap room. A low draft pick.

    Who you going to get? (Don’t say Sean Payton, the Saints would never let him come here. Word is they are blocking the Panthers from talking to him).

    They are going to keep Bowles one more year. I’m telling you that right now.

  87. Bobby M. Says:

    If Brady leaves, this team is likely rebuilding…..perfect for Bowles style of coaching. Honestly all the hype Bowles gets as a DC, I don’t see it. The Rams playoff game confusion was telling, none of his guys knew what was going on. This season the defense routinely got schooled by back up QBs and rookies. A defensive guru would make life hell for those guys…..not us! We make them look like HOF’ers. Bowles sucked with the Jets, this is a continuation of what he brings as a HC. His way of thinking is so far outdated to today’s NFL. He plays trying not to lose via ball control/time management.

  88. Dreambig Says:

    Todd Bowels head coaching resume’s – 5 years in the NFL as a head coach, his only winning record was his first year.

  89. Gmoney3 Says:

    Adorable that some of you still think the Glazers care about your feelings.

  90. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    My initial response was fire the coaching staff. But when you think about this roster and our cap situation next year, is it really fair to bring in a new HC? While it will be another year of abysmal football with Bowles as HC, it is for the better in the long run to make him coach a sh!tty roster in cap hell. Give the HC cap room and a solid top 5 draft pick to build the team he wants.

  91. Dreambig Says:

    His record is now 32-50

  92. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Well…I won’t be watching next year if Bowles is here. I have plenty of fun things to do.

  93. LastDance Says:

    Honestly… dont fooking care. I follow players. The only one still worth my time is Brady. If he retires I won’t even watch football. This sh!tsack coaching staff is no concern of mine unless they fire everyone and keep Brady. I dont think that will happen so. I hope you suffer h3ll if you hate TB12. He made you relevant and you deserve the 20 years before the next SB. I empathize with you if you love your team and are saddened by what these coaches have done to a SB roster. I wish you well. If you are a TB12 fan, lets stay up on the boards wherever he goes.

  94. Rod Munch Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    January 16th, 2023 at 11:45 pm
    Rod Munch, we don’t need to tank. That top pick is a gamble anyway.


    Brady is gone, in your legit cap hell, and Trask has shown nothing at all. There’s no reason not to tank – there’s no need to do something stupid like sign Derek Carr in order to go 6-11, just stick with Trask, go 3-14 and get that 1st round pick. Then after the season you clean house, pick your new QB and match them with an offensive minded coach and begin your rebuild.

    But with these coaches, this team is going nowhere. Take advantage of that next year, and then clean house, that’s all I’m saying.

  95. Jason m Says:

    Please fire Bowles !!!!!!!!

  96. JTHV Says:

    Bucs went 8-10

    Tom Brady piss poor play lost 7 of them. Including tonight.

  97. Mord Says:

    Clean house. It’s time

  98. Randall Says:


    We won the TOILET BOWLES.

  99. Your Mom Says:

    Don’t forget Bowles also had 4 years in New York to show us what he can do. He’s just not a good head coach.

    We can sit around and wait through another losing season, like we seem to always have to do since the 1980’s. You know the coach is junk and yet you still have to watch their garbage for a season longer than you should.

  100. Niko Bellic Says:

    When Tom Brady is your QB our performance was unacceptable. He better be gone. He is just going to get fired next year, get it over with.

  101. chark Says:

    if bowles has any dignity he will resign this week!

  102. NEfan Says:

    JTVD@ The top 10 D and poor play calling and poor preparation lost this game, Brady was just a product of his environment.

  103. Brad Says:

    Run the poll Joe!
    should the Bucs pony up the picks for Sean Payton?

  104. Leopold Stotch Says:

    God I hope he’s not safe. This whole season was a wreck!

  105. Tucker Says:

    It’s oldest team in the NFL stop with the Payton talk not to mention cap issues it’s gonna be rough few seasons.

  106. Nick2 Says:

    If Bowles doesn’t get fired next year will be even worse. Bowles cost us with his bone head blitz last year and this year he bet on his defense while handcuffed the offense. We as fans have nothing to look forward to. Fire Todd Bowkes now please and stop the nosedive.

  107. Anthony Princiotti Says:

    Yes, Leftwich is a stubbornly non-creative play-caller, but anyone who thinks you could run a “no risk it no biscuit” offense with that spinning turnstile of an offensive line is delusional.

  108. losangelesisfullofbuccaneerfans Says:

    we need a new coach

  109. Jeff Says:

    The Bucs need a consultant to come in and analyze the situation. I think they need to bring in a new GM as Licht is showing that he he mediocre at best. They need Brady back next year simply to not have a huge dead cap hit and there was no urgency all season to provide a spark. Why would Brady want to come back? Bowles isnt going to groom a new qb, hes a defensive guy, Leftwich cant get out of his way. It’s time for a fresh approach and the current coaching staff and GM need to go.

  110. Buccos Says:

    I would clean house. Bowles ain’t winning any Super Bowls. That is the standard that has been set. If you can’t win it all you need not apply

  111. BucU Says:

    FIRE E V E R Y B O D Y.

  112. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Bowles should be gone, Leftwich should have been gone months ago, someone should pack up Brady’s locker and let him know we thank him for the ring but it’s time to go. Anyone not on a rookie contract should contact their Realestate agent.

  113. Bucs Guy Says:

    Glazers are businessmen. In this day of golden parachutes and guaranteed contracts, Bucs would have to pay too much for his remaining 4 years — unless you want another inexperienced Raheem Morris hire.

  114. Mark2001 Says:

    Todd just doesn’t have it. Nice guy. But we fired a great guy with better skills…Tony Dungy, an a a jerk with better skills before. We backed into that championship in a pretty historically bad division. This is a business, not a social club. Tpodd..hit the road.

  115. jerry rubin Says:

    Bowles is the worst head coach in the league. Even the jets fired him. He has only had one winning season. What a disaster. Looks at his “great defense”, hello what happened to that side? It makes no difference all the greats on this team are gone. Who said gronk was not a genius.

  116. jerry rubin Says:

    Even the jets fired him. He has only had one winning season. What a disaster. Looks at his “great defense”, hello what happened to that side? It makes no difference all the greats on this team are gone. Who said gronk was not a genius.

  117. FrankFooter Says:

    Bowles was just protecting Brady because Brady is old and sucks. Now we can finally move on without Brady. Finally its over.

  118. Billy Says:

    Good coaching (coaches) would have made a world of a difference from the beginning of the season with the talent this team had.
    Injuries really killed us at the beginning of the season, but this team still had the talent to be sooo much better then they were.
    It was evident the players were not motivated as early as half way through the season. There were a few games that the players looked like they didn’t even want to be out on the field, the Pittsburgh game comes to mind.
    Looks like we will be seeing the orange Buccaneers for the next decade again.

  119. Allen Lofton Says:

    both todd bowles and bryan leftwich should be fired – waiting on bowles to be better is stupid – in his press conference he took no personal responsibility – why per long what will happen next season

  120. shatstanks Says:

    I’ll shed no tears if Bowles is let go, but I am not opposed to giving him a second season if there are other coaching staff changes. Does anyone think Brady would come back to Tampa for another year? I certainly don’t. That being said, if Brady does go to another team he better stop throwing behind, under and over his receivers. He did that quite a bit this year.