Cowboys 31, Buccaneers 14

January 16th, 2023

The season is over. Our beloved Bucs came out tonight and played exactly like they have nearly all season: sputtering offense and inconsistent defense. But this time there were no late-game heroics, barely a whimper.

Tampa Bay got sent on vacation with an old fashioned ass-kicking.

The Bucs offense, even with Tom Brady and an extra day to prepare for the Cowboys’ defense, was its usual dreadful self. No deep shots until it was too late. No running game.

Not even the heroic return of Ryan Jensen mattered. So much for all the energy and fire he was supposed to bring. Rested players on offense and defense looked like they were still resting.

The Mike Glennon offense  Tom Brady/Byron Leftwich offense buried itself with Brady playing like crap and the Bucs looking a step slow and terribly uninventive. They didn’t even match their brutal 18-points-per-game average.

The final Bucs record is 8-10, a far cry from the 22-5 run on which the Bucs entered this season.

Joe feels bad for the 50,000 or so Bucs fans in attendance that had to deal with about 20,000 fired up Cowboys fans. Sad times. Joe also feels for receiver Russell Gage, who was carted off late in the game with what appeared to be a serious injury. (Joe doesn’t want to speculate.)

Joe has no flowers to toss, other than to the Bucs defense for coming out firing to force two 3-and-outs, and to Chris Godwin for catching what was thrown his way. He finished with 10 catches for 85 yards.

The verdict is in. The Bucs are what their record says they are, a bad football team.

64 Responses to “Cowboys 31, Buccaneers 14”

  1. ReksTo Says:

    Good riddance Brady. I will enjoy watching him flame out with the raiders next year. I can’t believe he played like this

  2. Joshua porter Says:

    Bowles and Leftwich have to go . This whole season has been a joke and tonight was embarrassing.

  3. J Dubb Says:

    Jamel Dean is the only corner on the roster worth keeping. Davis gets paid way too much for what he brings.

  4. destinjohnny Says:

    Time top clean house
    New gm. new coach
    We will have the first pick in the draft in 24

  5. BucFanForever Says:

    Embarrassing to watch. *wink *wink Glazers. Blow them out.

  6. destinjohnny Says:

    Licht must go

  7. Bosch Says:

    Brady is still in the game because who care if he is injured. But why is Dallas keeping their starters in?

  8. Trask To The Future Says:


  9. Rob F Says:

    Bruce Arians would have never fielded a team that was this regularly unprepared.

  10. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Embarrassing. Hope tomorrow is Black Tuesday for the coaches.

  11. FortMyersDave Says:

    So when is Byron fired? I say he is launched before noon tomorrow.

  12. Greg Says:

    Until Bowles and Leftwich is fired, I’m done with this team. Arians and Brady set the table for this team to be successful the next couple of years and this is what we get. We have the players, not the coaches!

  13. HC Grover Says:

    Thanks to JBF an all commeters. It made this disgusting season better. I hope the owners dump the Disgusting Duo of Bowzo and Lefty that ruined the team and season. Thanks to Brady for the fun 2 seasons up to the Bowzo magnificent blunder against the Rams. And in the end…FIRE THOSE BUMS.

  14. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Thank god it’s over.
    Bye Brady…. and hopefully Bowles and Leftwich.

    At least I won $20, I knew I could count in that.

  15. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Blow this mess up.

  16. DBS Says:

    Now we will find out if the owners are afraid to do what needs to be done.

  17. Say what? Says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Brady years. Just an amazing time! And he made us relevant, not to mention the superbowl victory. Just an amazing success and the greatest free agent signing in NFL history. With that said, it is time to blow it up. Brady will likely walk, Leftwich is gone. I say give Bowles the next year he has earned (NFC South champs; home playoff game). Play the year with Trask to see if there is anything there and take your lumps due to the salary cap ramifications of the Brady years. Tome to pay the piper.

    Was it worth it? Absolutely. Thank you, Tom.

  18. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Just put in the lawn chairs. They can’t do worse that Carlton davis in coverege.

  19. Bobby M. Says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence both Arians and Brady were both contemplating retiring. I think they knew this roster was a skeleton of previous years. The cap makes competing next yr even tougher. Luckily we got the perfect staff for being non competitive to position for the draft.

  20. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Has Leftwich been fired yet?

  21. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I want Bowles to be fired, and Licht too. But he has a 5 year contract, and just won a Division.
    It was sad watching Brady go out like this.
    Thank You for everything Tom!

  22. HC Grover Says:

    Now Gage got hurt for no reason and has an injury. Shoulfdof taken a knee.

  23. NEfan Says:

    Gage is down Bowels doesn’t even have the class or courtesy to leave his perch and check on him, McCarthy did. F these coaches. The hurry up worked but not used until it was too late.

  24. DoooshLaRue Says:

    A great Wildcard weekend that saw all teams but the Bucs, averaging about 30 points per game.
    We scored 6.
    Hey…….. we be doing what we do.

  25. HC Grover Says:

    Bowzo is just a stiff man. get him out.

  26. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Brady era is over. I HATE losing but glad it’s over please glazers fire this coaching staff TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for us to play like we did this season and in tonight’s game.

  27. HC Grover Says:

    Cool Brady goes out with a TD pass.

  28. Chris Says:

    Rookie punter, best player all season for bucs. Pathetic

  29. shak Says:

    i dont think brady is done, he still has something, it doesnt mean he wasn’t bad THIS season.

  30. bucs4life Says:

    This picture is absolutely infuriating. What is Leftwich saying to Brady? “Hey, Tom, you should really aim the ball at the backs of the receivers because I designed AWFUL routes all year long”?

  31. HC Grover Says:

    Camarda can even do onside kicks well.

  32. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Evans only receiver I never see Larry or to catch balls

  33. HC Grover Says:

    OK history…Brady last drive!!

  34. Bucamania Says:

    I think it’s obvious Todd Bowles is not a head coach (if you want to win).

  35. quite frankly Says:

    What a putrid team to watch all season.

    The lack of an offensive line that could run block made this team severely one dimensional. Opposing defenses played accordingly.

    On defense the team lacked on the lines without Shaq and played without an edge on general. Nobody feared playing these guys. Zero nastiness or grit. A total mirror of the coaching staff. Lackluster, uninspiring, behind the curve, and unable to craft a game plan that fit what the jumbled roster was best at.

    Great couple years. Excited to see where Brady ends up next.

  36. NEfan Says:

    Haha Bowles called a TO when it didn’t matter but doesn’t when it does.

  37. Bucamania Says:

    Thank you Tom Brady.

  38. bucs4life Says:

    66 pass attempts. Nice going, Leftwich. Bye.

  39. Just Saying Says:

    It’s coaching. Look at 49ers. 3rd string qb. Actual Mr irrelevant and killing teams .

  40. Will Says:

    NEfan I thought the same about Bowels but he FINALLY walked out there but still should’ve been there sooner in my opinion.

  41. TDS Says:

    Was that Tom’s mom and dad he stopped to kiss their cheeks right before the he left through the tunnel?

  42. Stormy Says:

    Bye bye Bowles. Hopefully.

  43. ClwJB Says:

    SB win, NFC championship loss, 1st round blowout- the digression has been just as fast as the climb up

    Sold our soul and the next several years for this disgusting example of an NFL team

    Brady looked like dog spit, Bowles D was invisible, gave up again on 4th down at midfield and then watch the cowgirls March right down and score

    Outcoached, outclassed and finally they are out of chances

    Clean house and blow this garbage heap up

  44. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Can’t stand the Brady haters on here. Kiss our collective asses. We appreciate all he’s done for this franchise. Fire the coaching staff. Every damn one of them.

  45. LakelandSteve Says:

    Does anyone know why our defensive genius Blowes can’t get players on the defense to play a simple zone without blowing coverage after coverage. My God these guys have been playing in Bowles defense for 3 to 4 years. I guess Devin White was bored again tonight with only 5 tackles.

  46. LastDance Says:

    You lot of Brady haters are going to catch my wrath next season. When you are 1-12, im gonna be on here eating your lunch every day. You are wastes of space…

  47. LastDance Says:

    Anyway. Thank you TB12. If it was the Last Dance. I enjoyed every play good and bad.

  48. An Erection for Sacks Says:

    It’s been a great ride, Joe. Thank you for your efforts all these years. You started around the same time as The Lost Decade got under way, and your suffering was profound, (just like ours) because you’re a fan. Then the world fell apart & we signed the GOAT, all in the same week. The resulting Super Bowl win against the Chiefs ended an epic playoff run that I’ll never forget. I had a really bad feeling about BA stepping down, and I miss him even more now. I fear that we’re in for a long, stormy ride. Batten down the hatches… but not before we all push the OC off the plank.🍻

  49. Juan from Argentina Says:

    This blog is full of haters. We lost a playoff game. What do you want? Get Schianno back? R Morris back? That was trash.

  50. catcard202 Says:

    Time for total reboot…Clean house & start over.

  51. Randall Says:

    Disgraceful performance. Bucs didn’t have one consistently decent game all season, except maybe the Germany one.

    Bowles and Leftwich and Licht should all be fired. They built a lazy, lackadaisical, unmotivated team that never showed any emotion or fire from the beginning of the pre-season thru this pathetic one-and-done beatdown. Shame on them all. A team is only as good as their leaders and we had HORRIBLE leaders.

    Next season Bucs will be lucky to be 5-12 if they keep these 3 bozos.

  52. Your Mom Says:

    Gage got injured when the game was over at that point. Ridiculous that they were still trying to mount a comeback down 31-6 with 3 minutes left.

  53. Captain Dan Lawrence Says:

    Next year we begin the long march back to relevancy! 🙁

  54. Bucanero Says:


  55. Brady is at fault Says:

    Brady has officially burned all his goodwill in Tampa Bay. He is the reason for this crap season. If we had Aaron Rodgers or hell, even Derek Carr, we would be a contender.

    Brady got BA kicked upstairs, ditched training camp, went to another team owner’s wedding, and has been yelling and screaming at guys all year. Don’t forget he made a play to Miami.

    The fault is not on Bowles or Leftwich. The fault lies solely with a checked out QB.

    I hope he doesn’t come back this year. Even if he wants to, Licht should show him the door.

  56. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Keep Licht. Fire the whole coaching staff. Brady can’t win anything with whoever is left on this roster next season. He may be the goat, but he obviously can’t carry a bad team. Give Trask a shot with the first string, and load the team up with rookies. It’s all that we can afford. I won’t waste my money on Sunday Ticket for a while, but I will keep track of the Bucs for as long as I live. Running out of time, but always pulling for the team.

  57. Sbucs Says:

    Todd is 32-50 as a head coach, doesn’t deserve another year. Clean house, first Jason Bumpkin

  58. RustyRhinos Says:

    Thanks Brady for your time as a Buccaneer. Time to move forward, with younger players and hopefully a new OC, with fresh ideas. We got beat by the better team. Can’t win them all.

  59. catcard202 Says:

    I think BA saw this season coming when Tom unretired & quickly stepped away.

  60. PassingThru Says:

    What sums up the season is how Brady stopped exhorting his team on the sidelines. Whenever Brady-led teams fell behind, you’d see him working the sidelines and giving pep talks to the offense. He did that early this season, then stopped as he realized the talks weren’t doing a thing. This team just didn’t have any fight, the looked defeated and played listlessly all season. Brady just took a seat this season and glared in frustration.

  61. NEfan Says:

    catcall@ so what you’re saying is the ALL MIGHTY BA set up Bowels to lose? Nice guy.

  62. Cassius55 Says:

    So sad but expected. Offense – no run game, no protection, poor play selection, and untimely penalties. Defense – no qb pressure, poor secondary coverage, sporadic run defense. Coaching – horrendous, tempo/hurry-up offense (the one & only single thing that has consistently worked all year) saved until game was out of reach. Officiating – inconsistent & biased (can’t blame this one on them but 2 calls against us had to be reversed along with several non calls involving Godwin not to mention the roughing the passer call for landing full weight on Zac (ok) but a non call for landing full body weight on Brady (not ok). Just a very tough ugly game all around for Tampa. I think coaching this year accounted for the majority of the team’s performance slide.

  63. FrankFooter Says:

    No more leftwhich or Brady. Thanks the gods its over.

  64. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    My only hope is that Brady comes back to the Bucs. Glazers please make it happen or I will be done as a season ticket holder. I can’t do this anymore. Was at the game and still shocked at what I saw. Entire coaching staff should be fired and embarrassed. Go Bucs! Tom thanks for bringing us another Super Bowl, but please don’t forget the fact we never gave up on you and come back one more year!