“We Can’t Play Us And Them”

December 13th, 2022

Lots of soul searching going on at One Buc Palace.

At 6-7 coming off a blowout loss to a 49ers team that doesn’t humiliate many opponents, Tampa Bay is a bad football team (as difficult as that is for Joe to type and to believe).

So where do the Bucs go from here and how will they attack the Bengals (9-4) on Sunday at The Licht House?

Todd Bowles was asked about Bengals prep yesterday on SiriusXM NFL Radio and shut it down quickly. Bowles said the Bucs have enough of their own self-inflicted issues to keep them busy.

“We can’t play us and them. We understand that part,” he said.

In many ways, the Bucs might be best off cleaning up their own messes in run defense and when it comes to execution on offense and special teams. But Joe believes if they were capable of that, most of those woes would be fixed by now.

Regardless, getting the best out of the Bucs should be Bowles’ focus. bediscovering Blocking and tackling and energy might be more important than scheming this week.

52 Responses to ““We Can’t Play Us And Them””

  1. Adam Says:

    At this point we should start playing draft picks and clean out the staff in preparation for new staff.

  2. Deeez NATZ Says:

    As long as this fool is fired ,this season was over at the beginning of the year.Screw Brady too…

  3. NEfan Says:

    Wow, replace game prep for come to Jesus meetings. What was the excuse for the last 12 weeks?

  4. Chris Stewart Says:

    Who’s starting the Gofundme for a fan billboard campaign ?

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    “energy” -That’s a good word Joe! This team totally lacks energy.

    After Sunday, I’m not sure what we’re good at. However, if this offense doesn’t get clicking…well, D.O.A.!

  6. Sold Says:

    So sick of this nonsense

  7. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Bowles got what he wanted. Conservative offense. Win with defense. This is what it looks like.

  8. D-Rok Says:

    Todd “We Understand” Bowles. Not sure what he understands, at this point. Obviously, he doesn’t understand his OC is a dismal coaching failure.

  9. gbobucsfan Says:

    No Energy = Tone at the Top. Arians coached with fire and the team fed off that. Coach Ben Stein is the exact opposite and it shows.

  10. NEfan Says:

    Now the O has to score 34 points in order to beat rookie QB’s. I wouldn’t say PO’s are in the near future.

  11. NEfan Says:

    Sorry 36, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  12. Casual Observer Says:

    Play smarter. Cut way down on stupid penalties.

  13. AmauryGuzman Says:

    The defense has been awful against legit competition as well. Chiefs and 49ers had their way with this defense. Unfortunately you can’t turn around a season with this coaching staff.

  14. Allbuccedup Says:

    Lefty will be the scapegoat. Brady will retire Licht will keep Bowles and make Clyde offensive coordinator and get some has been as qb coach.

  15. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Management is clueless. It’s so obvious that the team needs a shakedown when it comes to the coaches.

  16. DG060 Says:

    The ongoing horror show that is the Buccaneers offense will continue to flail aimlessly and the defense has left the building. LOL. I can hardly wait for Bowles Presser after we lose to the Bengals Sunday. “We have to decide who we want to be. We have to coach better.” Blah blah blah. This team has TOTALLY tuned out this coaching staff. When that happens it’s game over boys. Bowles will go down as one of the worst Buccaneer Head Coaches of all time. And that took some doing to achieve that. PATHETIC.

  17. Redeemer Says:

    We need to play it better, coach it better. Stop beating ourselves. Stop the penalties. Blah blah blah… The HC has lost the room. Dead team walking.

  18. Redeemer Says:

    Sorry DG, you took the words out my mouth, Lol.

  19. Onetrickpony Says:

    This coaching staff have lost the players. I don’t think they have open ears anymore

  20. Lokog Says:

    We can’t play anybody

  21. Lokog Says:

    Im also tired of devin’s big mouth all bark and no bite

  22. Anonymous Says:

    game passed bowles by

  23. Cchead Says:

    Todd Blowes has got to goes.

  24. kyle Says:

    sell your tickets boys, make some money off the ohio pigs..haha going to be a blow out.. however, we will win the last 3 and get in the playoffs..lol Playoffs? playoffs? we are just trying to win a game…

  25. Depressed 2022 Says:

    Just forfeit the game…. Take a bye…. So no one gets hurt…. This way everyone is healthy for the next game….. Bengals will crush the BUCS

  26. Depressed 2022 Says:

    Glazers wake Up… W.T &,F….. Dead men walking…

  27. Hodad Says:

    Wait till the Panthers beat us and win the division.

  28. robert Says:

    this team doesn’t deserve to win a 4$ winning lottery ticket.

  29. Darin Says:

    No kidding senor toilet that’s why we want you and lefty gone. We’ve seen you battling yourselves all season. It’s unwatchable now. Thanks and bye bye

  30. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Didn’t have all these problems last season did we Mr.Bowles? The biggest problem on this team is in the mirror.

  31. captivajim Says:

    another national disgrace coming this sunday . Bengals are hot

  32. BFFL Says:

    Little over reaction here by most. I didn’t need the beat down by the niners to know Bucs are not a great team. But an old team coming off MNF and traveling out west with a QB that had a terrible game coupled with bad penalties and the loss of vita made the beat down not very surprising.

  33. EEK Says:

    by us he means (the coaching staff)
    it is 12-13-2022 and no one is fired yet

    how is this season getting discarded with the GOAT at quarterback?

  34. David Says:

    Too little too late.

    Miss the playoffs, get a good draft slot, get another O & D lineman, a young, speedy receiver, Jensen back at Center, and Brady with his offensive coordinator of choice.

    See ya next year.

  35. mg Says:

    The Glazeovers remind me of conversations in a high school faculty lounge.

  36. Ufc Says:

    Trade Mike Evans. I’m telling you. He might be the guy who’s had all these 1k yard seasons but for every guy like him this team needs a true 1. Jamar chase, Jefferson, hill. Mike isn’t close. Not even half what these guys bring. Get the younger receiver and build the lines. Also fire the strength and conditioning coaches. We are slow and weak

  37. Aceofaerospace Says:

    You think last week was embarrassing. Wait until we get punked at home Sunday. Cincinnati is licking their chops to putting up stats against these 2 coordinators. Yes coordinators. We have talented players. We have jokes for coaches. I rather fire the coordinators and trade a draft pick to the colts for the rights to Jeff Saturday than to hope these idiots can figure out how to coach.

  38. Manny Says:

    Im sorry i dont think they can win any of the remaining games and for bradys sake i hope they win at least one more, so if he retires he has 250 regular season wins. I think either atlanta or the cards are their best bet to win a game. I know the team looks even more horrible than usual with the loss we just had. With all the injuries we have plus bradys off the books injury, id say this is still a good team if healthy and we just stuck to arians scheme. Bowles and lefty need to know how to take a loss and realize they been beaten into the dirt to the point they cant be seen. Lets see what happens when we get some of our guys back and brady needs to admit he has some serious injuries. Same thing happened with brett favre with the jets. They were 4-12 before he came and they started 8-3 with him but he was injured in the 11th game. He didnt tell anyone and they went 1-4 the rest of the way and brett threw twotds and 9 picks the rest of the way. He didnt want to end his streak and it cost them the season. Brady isnt playing that awful because he takes more care of himself but he def isnt helping the situation.

  39. alton d green Says:

    As a career Brady fan this is the first time in 22 years that I can say this mess can’t be fixed by Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. If we had a half ass coach maybe but Todd and Lefty has put the Bucs in Hospise. As “Dandy Don Merideth” sang “Turn out the lights, the party is over”

  40. David Says:


    I really can’t stand the ignorant comments about Mike Evans. You see Jefferson and Chase and say… That’s a true number one. Why? Because they’re quicker and more explosive?
    Evans has the height and gets more touchdowns and consistent yards year after year after year. They just play different styles. Sure it would be great to have a Chase or Tyreek Hill on the team, but with Evans, Godwin, Gage … they are fine the next couple years. They just need to add a young speedy receiver. Not like Scotty Miller, who just has straight line speed. Someone quick and speedy.

    The main issue this year has been BL and Brady. No one wants to mention it but Brady misses 4 to 6 throws every single game. He missed a few to Evans last game. They’re not all Evans running the route differently than what Brady sees.

    Brady has been distracted with… Possibly leaving Tampa… Pending divorce… missing camp….Public divorce… leaving for a wedding…. A bad start on the offense… Losing his center… NTF lawsuit… It’s been one thing after another.
    He may be the goat, but he has not been all in or focused, and it shows.

    If he was, Evans would be over 1000 yards and probably have at least 8 touchdowns by now.

  41. Another I Says:

    Joe Burrow might score 60 points this week.

  42. ClwJB Says:

    6-8 and a road trip to get waxed by Colt McCoy will be our reality about 7pm Sunday – I know, that’s a half hour prior to the game actually ending – wil it be that close?

    The Bengals are more potent than the 49ers and we haven’t beat an afc team all year – Mixon and JoeB and Chase and Higgins and and and – we are dead

    A Xmas miracle is the only way this putrid team wins

  43. bucsbrady Says:

    As a Brady fan I still think Gisele ruined the season leaving him in preseason. Brady showed up to training camp and lost 27 pounds. They said he was so depressed he couldnt get out bed. He begged Bucs to let him go. Bucs wouldnt let him leave. Brady wanted to leave and this terrible season wouldnt have happed. BUCS would have a new qb. He would still be married. I cant even watch the Bucs anymore. As a Brady fan I want this saason to be over. Brady wanted to keep playing after this season. He is done nobody will want him after this season. Like he said no regrets. Brady way never recover from all that has happened in 2022

  44. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Back when Bowles was named coach, I was ridiculed by some here for posting what the Guys at my local sports bar had to say about Bowles.
    They remember him from the Jets, and have a name for him “Toilet Bowles”
    It turns out that they were right, but they also predicted Implosion!
    They feel this team is ready to come apart, and Bowles will Lose the Bucs, just like he lost the Jets.

    I hope we do not implode, but it does not take a rocket scientist to see something is very wrong with our team!
    Cincinnati is a powerhouse team, and may beat us just as bad as the 49ers, but this time, it will be at home!

    With all the other obvious problems on our team, having our butts kicked badly at home might just be the start of the predicted implosion ?

    Of course, as a long time Bucs Fan, I do not want to see us Implode. But sometimes, things need to get worse, much worse, before they get better.

  45. Defense Rules Says:

    Might’ve missed it, but what’s Vea’s injury status? If this DLine has to play another game without him or Hicks, we’re toast for sure.

  46. JimmyfromNY Says:

    David? Every quarterback, every game, misses throws. If you think you have a Evans is playing good football, you simply haven’t been watching. He doesn’t get separation he doesn’t battle through contact. He doesn’t look for extra yards, he goes right out of bounds or straight down to the ground. And he quit on this team basically talking about after the Carolina game. He hasn’t played good football the entire season. He’s been routinely lockdown by number three and four corners. I know most fans and only care about that 1000 yards season but this guy simply doesn’t deserve it this year. He’s been soft.

  47. frank patriot Says:

    you win in the trenches,both sides of the ball, you must force your will on the other team. The Bucs have just rolled over, lost desire have no intensity and it all starts from leadership. The buck stops at the H.C.
    Brady seems to be the only player with emotion while others seem to care less.
    Lombardi said ” you put fans in the stands with offensive but you win championships with defense ”
    Build with the Defense first.

  48. NEfan Says:

    David, missing 4 or 6 throws a game out of 55 doesn’t seem that bad considering some are dropped and your wr’s Especially Evan’s can’t get separation. Same completion % as Mahomes and better than Allen the two best in the league. Oh and he throws more. Do your homework Davey.

  49. Depressed 2022 Says:

    Season is over…. Dead men walking….

  50. Depressed 2022 Says:

    Watching them play is like ….. There all Zombies…..

  51. Wild Bill Says:

    When the product stinks, who cares? Draft position should be better next year. Clean house. Dump the non productive and draft wisely. It’s rebuild time. Brady should retire. He had a hell of a run but its time. Go enjoy life with a new hottie!

  52. Purplepirate Says:

    “where do the Bucs go from here”