Tom Brady’s Dad Didn’t Think His Son Could Easily Retire

December 15th, 2022

Hooked on football.

Interesting background on what may be going through the mind of Tom Brady when it comes to his near future.

Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter hopped on “Up and Adams” with Kay Adams seen on FanDuelTV earlier this week. There, the subject of Tom Brady 2023 came up.

Carter told Adams a story about when he talked to Brady’s father, Tom Brady, Sr., when the Bucs won the Super Bowl at The Licht House. It was the elder Brady’s belief that his son would have to be dragged off the field in an ambulance to get him to retire.

Since, Brady allegedly has sacrificed his marriage with the model Gisele Bündchen so he could continue playing football.

“The NFL is a drug, man,” Carter told Adams.

Carter said he fears Brady will go out the way Ray Lewis and Joe Montana (and others) did, two legends who were physically shot. Joe remembers the end for both well. Lewis likely wasn’t good enough to start but John Harbaugh didn’t have the heart to bench him or dial back his snaps.

Montana, in his last year, was brittle as a potato chip. He still had magic in his arm but he simply couldn’t absorb the punishment of NFL defenses any longer.

You can see the video of Carter detailing his conversation with Brady, Sr. in the FanDuelTV video below.


5 Responses to “Tom Brady’s Dad Didn’t Think His Son Could Easily Retire”

  1. NEfan Says:

    Ever watch Carter on GMFB? All he talks about is how good he and Moss were. Without Moss, he never would have sniffed the HOF. My quess with these coaches and oline Brady’s dad may see his scenario in reality. Fake and injury and get out of this shat show. There’s a reason the Bucs were the toilet of the league for so long.

  2. Darin Says:

    Nefan. He was great way before moss. I saw him play in Tampa every year he played here. He’d be in the hof either way. Moss was better but Carter was great still. Don’t care to hear anyone talk about how great they were tho

  3. Coran Says:

    NEFan, I love Tom, and how much you defend him (sometimes a bit over the top. He does deserve criticism, he just very clearly doesn’t deserve the level that some here give him and I like that you let them know) so I agree with a a lot of what you post. But have you seen the videos of this guy just constantly making 1-handed catches? Had 5 seasons of 1k+ yards BEFORE moss, including a 17TD season, and a 1st team all-pro which wasn’t the 17TD season lol.. He was definitely great before moss. Finished with more receptions, only 1k fewer yards. Didn’t start out as fast but certainly was great. Had more pro bowls too, for whatever that’s worth lol. Though obviously moss got robbed of a few. How do you have almost 1300yds and 13 TDs with no pro bowl lol… anywho… carter maybe wasn’t ALWAYS, great lol. But he got there before playing with moss.

  4. Manny Says:

    LMAO ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THE SAME RAY LEWIS???? Lol. For those of you who dont remember, ray lewis wasnt human. He never slowed down, and he was the heart of that defense until his last game. If you dont remember the man went out with a super bowl ring. He was hurt his final season and only played 6 games that year. He came back in time for the playoffs and said he was playing even though he had an arm brace on. Here are ray lewis’s stats for the playoffs age 37 with an arm brace on.

    Wild card game- 13 tackles
    Divisional- 17 tackles
    Afc title- 14 tackles
    Super bowl- 7 tackles

    Thats 51 tackles in playoffs games where everyone is playing there hardest. Does that look to you like a man who was slowing down lol?

  5. Oneilbuc Says:

    Coran . You don’t have to explain nothing to NEfan he ain’t even a bucs fan. All he does is down talk our bucs and make excuses for Brady. He need to go back where he come from. He’s a band wagers he’s fake Patriots fan as well it’s a lot other quarterbacks I like but you will never see me on none of their teams sites. Once Brady retire he ain’t even watching football no more. I hate fake fans especially fake Patriots fans and fake bucs fans. His comments shouldn’t matter or be respected because he’s not a bucs fan he’s a Brady fan and that’s it . It’s time to start pushing these ban wagers out of our team site either your bucs fan or your not.