“It Ain’t That Hard To Fight Harder”

December 15th, 2022

The Tom Brady sideline video circulating through social media is worth watching.

Brady has never been on a 6-7 football team, and he certainly has never been on a 6-7 football team with coaches that are rather quiet and stoic.

Mic’d up Brady was freaking out the Buccaneers’ sideline on Sunday during the 49ers blowout of the Bucs.

Joe’s got the Twitter video below, and Joe enjoyed watching Tristan Wirfs watching Tom Brady lighting up his teammates.

Joe’s favorite line Brady barking “it ain’t that hard to fight harder.” He sure is right on that one. Joe hopes the Bucs come out Sunday with a fight-for-every-blade-of-grass mentality evident to every fan in the stands. There’s no reason fans shouldn’t leave the stadium on Sunday — won or lose — saying, ‘Damn, the Bucs have a ton of fight in them.’

If not, well, then Todd Bowles should be wondering why he deserves a second season.

39 Responses to ““It Ain’t That Hard To Fight Harder””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This team ha taken on the personalities of their HC & OC……..no fire…..OK with losing……
    There is a stark difference with BA gone. That can’t be denied.

  2. adam from ny Says:

    dam…that’s a man telling his team to fight and stop acting like zombies

  3. adam from ny Says:

    how come bowles and brady don’t discuss a single thing during a game…

    in fact i’ve never even seen the 2 remotely close to each other on the sidelines…

    what’s up with that

  4. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I was told by some fans that Brady wasn’t all in and has checked out, which was always laughable on his face considering his reputation. Sure seems like it’s his teammates and coaches who have checked out. Is anyone surprised?

  5. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Adam. That’s because Bowles is the also the DC. Bowles needs to give up his DC duties. I know it’s difficult for him, but he needs to be more involved with the whole team. He doesn’t need to micromanage. He just needs to make his presence felt. Brady wants to be coached hard. Coaching hard doesn’t mean yelling and calling out people in publicly. It’s constant interaction and communication. He had that in NE with his coaches. He’s never had it here with us.

  6. Henry Says:

    Now thats how a head coach should act. Bowles does not have IT!!!

  7. Henry Says:

    Maybe the Glazers should out bid Fox and give Brady a 10 year deal and a slice of the pie to coach this team. That would be freaking awesome to have the GOAT standing on the sidelines. The booth is not going to scratch Brady’s football itch, coaching might.

  8. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    At least someone shows some passion. I like the fire! Go Bucs!

  9. Hyuck Says:

    Brady is one extreme and Bowles is another. Like fire and ice. No wonder the team plays lukewarm…

  10. HC Grover Says:

    Fire Bowzo hire Brady for HC

  11. SB~LV Says:

    The only thing that makes me smile when I come to JBF is the Hooter Girl ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Craig Says:

    Why is he screaming now, the season is almost over. It is like closing the barn door after the cow escaped.

    I would let Brady try to run the offense for the rest of the season, see if he understands blocking schemes better than Leftie, which shouldn’t be hard.

    Whatever, I would like to see some quality play this season, though a simple fix isn’t there, or it would have happened.

  13. kyle Says:

    bunch of bitchzzz…..I feel bad for brady.. im sure hes done with the bucs

  14. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Yep, you can tell Brady hadn’t checked out….
    If only our team had this kinda passion 🤷🏻‍♂️..

  15. Max Says:

    Bowles said at the start of the year due to the circumstances they didn’t have time to get a proper DC, so he would do double duty but next year (wishful thinking by him) he would find one.

    My question is, you don’t have a defensive coach on the staff worth promoting? Are all the bucs coaches specialized in only the position they teach? The BA experiment of a ridiculously large coaching staff is starting to collapse.


    You notice that Tom’s yelling was not about a missed play or mistake,,, it was about EFFORT.

    Because Tom knows full well that he missed some throws in that game. And so he also knows there is going to be a dropped pass, or mistake on a block, or mistake on a coverage here or there. It is part of the game.

    The POINT IS… you dust your damn self off, you get back up after the tough play, and fight your ASS off on the next one.

    THAT…. is what he was not seeing.

    and THAT…. is very frustrating.

  17. adam from ny Says:


    i was kind of being rhetorical with that one… 🙂

    but the man (bowles) is literally standing there in silence almost motionless for half the game – yet he and brady never talk or even go near each other…

    does one of them have the cooties or something

  18. PewterStiffArm Says:

    Tom knows how to win, the issue is if you don’t have recipients that will ingest and digest his information the results will be the same. You can tell that he is beyond frustrated. In some instants you can tell by his body language that his message isn’t getting absorbed. You can tell that there are times he is checking out and waiting for the season to end. Look out if we don’t show up at home playing Cincinnati this Sunday. If things aren’t bolted down on the sideline he might start heaving objects into the stands.

  19. Kenny Says:


  20. BucU Says:

    There’s no wonder TB12 is disgusted.
    He’s seeing the same garbage effort from this team that we see. Todd Bowles has destroyed this team.
    Makes me sick.

  21. Jvato24 Says:

    He’s surrounded by losers and can’t wait to get out of Tampa.
    Bowles will not be fired, we would be the least marketable team to a new head coach, no QB, MIDDLING draft pick, 55 million over the cap with many players to sign. Bowles will drive us to a top 5 pick next year, then the cap will open up again, then we will have a high pick, cap space and be much more marketable to a new coach.

    Only 1 more year of misery, then we start a rebuild, we should have our next winning season by 2026 if all plays out well!!!

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont expect the Bucs to come out any different than they have all year. Flat, boring, fundamentally challenged and looking completely lost. Just like their coach.

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    How embarrassing to the other players. The video seems to make it like everyone was just not trying but only Brady. When Brady was the one main culprits of losing that game. Brady is not good bro but he’s a revenue stream and I get it but it’s cringe worthy

  24. D-Rok Says:

    Brady brings the fire and passion because he knows his coaches won’t.

    Dull Bowles, Clueless Lefty, Negligent JL. It’s sad, really, what this year has become.

    At least we were competitive last year down to our last game – there was fight and spirit last year. This year, the eyes are glazed over top to bottom, no identity, no nothing.


  25. PassingThru Says:

    The team has given up; Brady looked inconsolable on the bench for almost the entire game. That was very unBrady-like.

  26. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Lamarcus, now you’re just being ridiculous. You must be Oneilbuc’s brother.

  27. SPARKY Says:

    This team doesn’t deserve Brady. Most of them quit after they got their ring and money. The difference between this year and last year is Arians, Suh, Jensen, aren’t there to made guys accountable. I thought Ryan, and David’s would take care of the defense but I guess not. Tom is out there by himself on offense. Nobody watches more film than Brady. You don’t think he sees Evans quitting on his routes? There was a reason he wanted White out there for the game winnerinstead of Lenny. You guys can bitch about his performance, but know you have a guy who is giving you every thing he has, and at age 45, what you are seeing has never been done before. Brady is far from being the problem.

  28. SPARKY Says:

    Lamarcus, I hope he did embarrass the rest of the team
    They should be embarrassed.

  29. Youngbucs Says:

    Blah blah Brady better start hitting these open wrs. I don’t want to hear it he has consistently missed wide open players all season except week 1.

  30. Lamarcus Says:

    It’s all talk for the camera and Brady team knows to publish that video to “keep his value” but in the meantime it’s makes everyone else looks bad. Brady needs to step up his effort more than any player on this team. Period!!! I don’t care what the Pom Pom cheerleaders fans say

  31. Tony Says:

    Maybe Brady can buy the team from The Glazers instead & then he cod bring in whoever he wants.

  32. NEfan Says:

    Youngsucs and Lamucus, you may have been sitting on the bench in Bowels back pocket. Ya know the saddest part if the entire video? NO one jumped on the bandwagon and chimed in. No team knows how to lose quite like the Bucs. The guy never quits and constantly trashed on this site for it from a bunch of stay at home check collectors.

  33. SPARKY Says:

    Lamarcus, read the name of the man who put it on Twitter. The 49ers put that out. Also read the replies of some of the 49er fans. One says that the 49ers would be going for a 3-peat if they had signed Brady in 2020. They all show Brady respect for what he has done. I can tell people that were Brady haters before he came here to give us a Super Bowl. They were quiet for 2 years but as soon as things start going bad, here they come again. You know who you are. This town don’t deserve Brady.

  34. frank patriot Says:

    coaching matters,look at the Jags one year positive turnaround ,then our one year negative play .Detroit has bought in to their new coach and is trending up. The Dolphins greatly improved as well with another new coach. Hire Payton and be in the playoff next year.

  35. Tom Says:

    Someone that acts like a child should be benched. there is no room for a QB or any player to yell at teammates. Bench Brady now. Save the season!

  36. NEfan Says:

    It was ok for BA to strike a player on national TV but Brady can scream to motivate the team. Tom how long you been sitting down to pee?

  37. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I honestly think Brady didn’t want to play for Tampa this year. I think he wanted to take that deal with Miami. The Glazers probably told Brady to play in Tampa or retire. Obviously he chose to play. But I feel he reluctantly came back this season. In past offseasons Brady was a major factor in not only recruiting new free agents but retaining them as well. This off-season he retired which threw cold water on using Brady as a recruiting tool. The retirement probably made a couple players on the team question whether to take the money and move on to another team or stay. It seems Brady has one foot in and one foot out. I don’t believe Brady has been 100% committed this entire season. Brady had a larger role in the game planning when Arians was head coach. I feel as if Brady decided sure I’ll play. But Im not your wide receivers coach and Im not babysitting your offensive coordinator. And now that he’s getting embarrassed on national TV he wants to step in and have a greater role.

  38. NEfan Says:

    Jeffery, great analogy, makes sense to me. I also think he is a proud guy and believes he owes it to the players on the team that still value his presence.

  39. teacherman777 Says:

    Jordan Whitehead, Suh and JPP fought every snap.

    We could have signed all 3 of them and drafted more depth.

    We are dumb.