Tom Brady Tried To Coax Greg Olsen Into Joining Him (With Bucs?)

December 18th, 2022

Recruited by Tom Brady.

Joe loves hearing the inner workings of the NFL behind the scenes. And here is a juicy nugget Joe promised yesterday.

Former Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen said last week on a popular podcast that he and Tom Brady were in talks for Olsen to join Brady in Tampa. Joe is assuming the Bucs because Olsen didn’t mention the Bucs but did mention Brady wanted Olsen to follow him to his new team.

Both were free agents after the 2019 season. Olsen was released by the Stinking Panthers and he ended up signing with Seattle on Feb. 18, 2020, nearly a full month before it was learned Brady was coming to Tampa Bay.

Olsen, currently the No. 1 NFL analyst for FOX Sports broadcasts, mentioned this last week on the “SI Media Podcast” with Jimmy Traina.

“We had some dialogue back in 2020 about going to play with him,” Olsen said. “He was a free agent and I had just gotten released by the Panthers.

“We’ve had a relationship over the years, nothing overly personal or away from the game.”

When Joe heard this, Joe immediately wondered, “Was it that much of an unknown if foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski would come out of retirement?” At the time, the Belicheats held his rights. Was Belicheat playing hardball with Gronk?

Joe would like to know if Brady had told Olsen he was headed to the Bucs?

This is all very interesting to Joe, and Joe wonders who else Brady was trying to lure to Tampa Bay? It’s clear that Brady greased the wheels to bring in Playoff Lenny and Antonio Brown.

Also, Olsen explained how he punked Brady earlier this season.

Olsen is the lead analyst for FOX NFL broadcasts and he’s kicking arse. The reality is, Olsen is keeping Brady’s seat warm. Brady has already been hired by FOX to do Olsen’s gig as soon as Brady retires.

Olsen will get demoted to the second string and Joe is assuming his salary will get downgraded as well.

When Olsen called a Bucs game this year, he spoke with Brady in the regularly-scheduled production meetings and tried to explain to Brady how much of a pain in the neck the job is, hoping it would scare Brady off.

Olsen recounted the meeting.

“‘You know Tom, this TV sh!t sucks,” Olsen said. “Don’t even worry about it. I will handle it.

“I will deal with all the bullsh!t. You just keep playing. Go be a model. Do whatever you have to do. You have a thousand things you can do.’

“And he got a kick out of it. We laughed.”

Brady signed a 10-year, $375 million contract with FOX to be its lead NFL analyst. Some believe he will never work a game for FOX.

12 Responses to “Tom Brady Tried To Coax Greg Olsen Into Joining Him (With Bucs?)”

  1. steele Says:

    I am not impressed with Tom’s attempts to recruit former greats that are washed. Some have really turned out to be disasters.

  2. Leighroy Says:

    “Yeah this 37.5mil job isn’t so great Tom, you wouldn’t want to make that kind of scratch now that you’re the sole bread winner in your house. Nobody hits you, you don’t get to change production calls the night before the game, nobody throws penalties on the other host when you’ve announced a TD, it’s too stress free. You wouldn’t find this engaging enough.” 😂

  3. Bucobill999 Says:

    Horrible announcer horrible

  4. NEfan Says:

    steele@ really? Gronk, AB, Lenny, Bell (when they needed him), Ryan, Mason, Jensen, Julio and Gage when healthy are pretty darn good. Olsen would have been a much better choice than OJ.

    Sherman, bust but his leadership and coaching DB’s was well worth what he was paid.

    Beasley, we’ll never know, he best feet once Leftnut opened his mouth.

  5. D-Rok Says:

    Producers to Olsen, “SO, this TV stuff sucks, eh? You hate this job?”

    Don’t ever tell anyone you hate your job, if you want to keep it.

    Lifetip 101. LOL.

  6. Joshua porter Says:

    Glad he stayed where he is cuz it’s hard enough watching the over age players he did bring here this year. I’m thinking Tommy needs to update his football friends to ones that aren’t over played and washed

  7. Buccos Says:

    Yes, too bad Brady doesn’t give his phone number out to the younger players. It does seem that most of his friends are a bit over the hill.

  8. deiter Says:

    WHo is ready for a nice helping of bengal d3UnG today? Because that is what is about to happen to the Bucs today @ home. Orange and black tiger-cat you know what everywhere. Tyler Boyd will eat pineapple!

  9. firethecannons Says:

    practice more with cade otton perhaps it would help ?!?

  10. Bobby Says:

    Tom is crazy dude to keep playing next season. He will be 46, he just had his marriage end partly due to his not retiring. Idk what anybody says on here. It looks like age may be catching up to him this season. He made some just flat out bad throws on the passes beyond on 20 yrds during last game. I also consider he is playing through some injuries, messed up shoulder and a finger issue. He is 7 time champ, there is nothing else to prove Tom. Hope he doesn’t go to another team next season. Either stay in Tampa or retire. I’m of the mindset that this season is done. I am not even expecting that we go to playoffs. Bowles and Leftwich are disappointing this season. Lavonte David and Jamal Dean and Akeem Hicks and many others will be playing elsewhere next season. Jason Licht is going to dramatically shed high salaries this off-season. Going to have to finally pay for kicking can down road for our salary cap maneuvers that were made over past 3 seasons. The team looks old and tired. Not enough speed out there, especially on offense. I say when Tom leaves, cause I’m absolutely sure he is not going to be playing here next season. He doesn’t want any of this terrible coaching happening here. So let’s rebuild, shed salaries, trade whatever it takes to get number one pick in draft and take that top QB.

  11. Oneilbuc Says:

    Tom Brady go home any team will be stupid to bring in a 46 year old quarterback . Now it’s good business if you got a sucker fans like NEfan but if you want a susessful franchise for your future it’s a stupid move !!!

  12. DB Says:

    You can keep Greg Olson and his sissy voice. . .