Tom Brady Clinches His First Eight-Loss Season

December 18th, 2022

More history coming from our beloved Buccaneers.

Today was the first time Tom Brady lost a game after having a 17-point lead at halfime, and he locked down the first eight-loss season of his 23-year career.

Of course, Brady had a big hand in the mess. He had an excellent first half followed by arguably the worst third quarter of his career.

“Two fumbles, two interceptions. You can’t win football games like that,” Brady said after the game. And yes, those turnovers have Brady’s name on them.

Still, Brady is better than most NFL quarterbacks, is certainly the best QB in the miserable NFC South, and the Bucs would be lucky if he returned next season. Hell, he might even play well in the playoffs next month. So it’s a black mark on Bucs history that Brady’s worst season came with him wearing a Tampa Bay uniform.

Joe wonders what Brady will be thinking about tonight when his head hits the pillow after he scrubs another “L” off his forehead.

52 Responses to “Tom Brady Clinches His First Eight-Loss Season”

  1. BitcoinTom Says:

    That 4th down and 1 and fake punt that started it all? Why he shouldvd sneaked it

  2. C2asante Says:

    The only thing he should be thinking about is how he can personally play better turn the ball over less and lead the team he is the starting QB of better.

  3. Miller5252 Says:

    I think they also said during the broadcast that Brady was like 84-0 with a 17 point or more lead….. keeps on accomplishing firsts this year as a buc. Man did the Bucs completely ruin the goat. Truly sad!

  4. HC Grover Says:

    He will Dream Of One Buc and Bowzo in his rear view mirror.

  5. Waterboy Says:

    Rough day for Brady. May have been his first 4 turnover game too.

  6. kyle Says:

    i liked the aggressiveness, tbh, the offense started to suck when lenny got in..???

  7. August 1976 Buc Says:

    This looks like a SBF FX Commercial with Tommy, just not good

  8. kyle Says:

    hes a 1 trick pony and white is better

  9. Whoolio? Says:

    True story. I called goodwill to ask where I can donate some Tom Brady Jerseys and they said, “sorry sir we don’t accept trash.”

  10. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Are you ever going to admit that his time is over? HE’S FORTY FIVE!! … He’ll be 46 next year if he plays again! He looks more and more like Brees at the end of his career every game! He can’t hit the long ball anymore, is scared to death of getting hit even when he has time and just doesn’t look like Tom anymore… It was a great ride having the greatest QB ever to play for the bucs but let’s face facts… He’s done! He has made this team EXTREMELY one dimensional!

  11. Winky Says:

    We’re just not in sync

  12. Wayne Perez Says:

    Tom please retire tomorrow 🙏

  13. Yucs2Bucsr Says:

    Joey basically shaded Brady and didn’t care he beat history. That guy is awesome and wish he was out QB, but I will say this now THE BUCS WONT MAKE THE Playoffs and NO will sneak in

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Tom chit the bed today with his 4 Turnovers

  15. catcard202 Says:

    Can’t turn the ball over four out of five drives to start the second half & think you’re gonna stay at the ball game. Even with a 2 score lead.

    The best thing this team can do for the organization is find a way to lose out. And not make the playoffs. Picking in the 20s with a losing record because you’re the NFC South champion does nothing good for the 2023 team.(with the understanding that the front office is going to be in Cap hell next year)

  16. Bill in Seminole Says:

    Who called the fake punt play?

  17. Whoolio? Says:

    Lenny looked good. The offense started to suck when Brady fumbled twice and threw one bag INT and the other INT that was tough luck. Bowles fake punt through any momentum into the trash. We need a complete overhaul next year. Fire Bowles and Leftwich. Stop hanging onto hope for Brady and move on.

  18. Whoolio? Says:


  19. Another I Says:

    Todd Bowles +Tom Brady=Losing Season

  20. ClwJB Says:

    He played really bad in the second half, the pics were on him, the fumbled handoff was him. The sack fumble was him…

  21. Lakeland Says:

    Tom Brady has been carrying this team since he became a buc. It wasn’t Bruce Arians coaching. Hey, he only won 7 games with America ATM. But this season Brady is 45 years old, with a boatload of baggage. Tom Brady can’t bail out Jason Licht any longer. Licht gotta earn his money now this off-season. This team need a strong draft, excellent free agent signings. And possibly a new coaching staff. It’s time for Jason Licht to step his game up!!

  22. Your Mom Says:

    so you’re saying we clinched?

  23. BuxfaninTX Says:

    He chose THIS instead of his family?

  24. Sean Says:

    He’s not retiring and he’s not coming back. It’s imbecilic to say “Oh, he loves Tampa, Glazers, and wants to be close his kids. And no competitor would want him. So the Bucs are his only realistic choice.” Nonsense. He sacrificed his marriage on the altar of competition; you think he wouldn’t spend an extra couple of hours on a private jet to see his kids? There are multiple competitors that would take him. 49ers are not rolling with Mr. Irrelevant. And all the mouth-breathing Neanderthals will say “sour grapes,” “good riddance” or “he was a shell of his former self.” Enjoy Kyle Trask. Losers.

  25. Charger Jim Says:

    Let’s be honest. Brady can’t move in the pocket if he gets any pressure a cheater, a sack, fumble, or interception. It’s time for him to retire, and take Todd Bowles with him.

  26. Oneilbuc Says:

    Lakeland. The bucs been carrying Brady if it wasn’t for Gronk and AB this how it would have looked 2 years ago. What is our records against playoff teams since Brady been here?? Most of our wins came against losing teams .

  27. Frank Pillow Says:

    Yeah, ummm, it’s time for this thing to be blown sky-high. Thank you GOAT. The SB win and last year’s run are cherished memories. I’m sorry you’re at the center of this dumpster fire—but you are. Smack. In. The. Middle. Of. It!

  28. Lakeland Says:


    We all make mistakes. But I’m scratching my head. Why would he wanna come back to this crapshow?

  29. Day 1- 76 Says:

    No one seems to notice Thompkins continually set this team up for disaster. He probably averaged 8 yds. per kickoff return which is virtually impossible. Maybe 3yds. on pt returns. Oh well, let’s just get this over with. This team is headed nowhere and Lord knows, we can use the higher draft choices.

  30. Lakeland Says:


    I agree with you 100%. That’s why Jason Licht need to earn his keep. And get some decent players in Tampa.

  31. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Joe, gimme a break….

    That fake punt call was PERFECT.
    Bucs special teams line blew up Bengals interior line.

    All players got the call except for Bernard???
    That’s his screwup…

    Bowles said in his presser that Bernard knew it as a fake but he sure as hell acted surprised when the ball was hiked to him…
    Piss-poor execution, but NOTHING wrong with call…..

    But again, Bucs have been piss-poor all year at running plays…

    Brain farts everywhere going on…

  32. Oxycondoms Says:

    Did anyone think succop was going to make thaf fg?

  33. tbbucs3 Says:

    Tough night for the Patriots fans that linger around here….Brady is COOKED.

  34. Lakeland Says:

    I’m still picking the bucs to make the playoffs. They will win the WORST division in NFL history

  35. PSL Bob Says:

    Who knows how the game might have gone had we not had 4 turnovers plus the botched trick play on 4th and 1 from our own 26? Leftwich finally put together a good game plan in the first half. A lot of motion and play action. Why the hell didn’t he do that in the previous 13 games? We’ve all been calling for it. Aside from the turnovers, the team is undisciplined and that is on Bowles. Fire them both and let’s start over next year.

  36. JL Says:

    Lol did you really say the bucs have been carrying Brady and u mentioned Ab hahahahs. The worst franchise in all of sports(lowest winning %) has been carrying the best/winningest qb in football history. Jesus.. he literally carried them with no ol against the rams and no wr and brought them back only for bowls to do what bowls does. Blow it. Ohhhhh and he won u a sb.. but I’m sure Arians and Winston win it in 20 hahahahaha

    Man bucs fans u sure will miss him when he is gone. He single handily made the least relevant football team in the nfl relevant. Hard to know a winner when you have only won a few times in 50 years. What a joke. Good luck with trask and this coaching staff.. atleast you will be locked in for a top 3 pick for the next 3 to 5 years.

  37. Mike Johnson Says:

    Brady is done guys. He ain’t winnin us another SB. Be thankful we got 2 Outstanding years from him. I encourage him to..Ride off into the sunset..without the help of a stretcher. He made 4 crucial and key mistakes today which contributed greatly to the loss. The only way Bowles keeps his job is he wins the last 3 remaining games. And for some reason, I don’t see this team doing that

  38. SlyPirate Says:

    Our ability to create failure know no limits

  39. Arn platz Says:

    It will be ten losses by the end of the season

  40. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    We aren’t going to win out. Time for the fossil to retire. Thanks for 2020, but it’s now 2022 – soon to be 2023, and this team is circling the bowl or bowels. Those of us who are over 45 can respect what it’s like to be 45 and be a pro starting QB. Of course he’s scared to get hit! I understand that. It’s time to call it a career though. We also need to fire this entire coaching staff, embrace the suck and realize we’re gonna be way down for a couple of years at least.

  41. orlbucfan Says:

    If I gotta read one more article telling me how great Brady Bozo is, I’ll barf! Mebbe he was super fantastic 10,15,5 years ago, but he sure sucks now, And following the Bucs as long as I have, I know what sh@t QBs look/play like.

  42. Pewter Power Says:

    Wow came here to get a sense of what happened in the game and there’s no chatter about the worst OC in football, guess he called a great game and I can’t type that without laughing

  43. Eli Says:

    Before Brady is run out of town, you better flush Toliet Bowles down the drain and Byron Sandwich down the disposal…these fools have no business leading this team into the playoffs! If they do, we will collapse in the first playoff. The team deserves better. GM, time to wake up.

  44. Crickett Baker Says:

    You all forget when we played Green Bay last year (or was it 2020?). Anyway TB had 4 or 5 interceptions and the defense stopped GB from making ANY points from them. Remember?

  45. firethecannons Says:

    No–do not want Brady back next year no to leftwich and no to todd bowles figure out which qb is the best and go after him and stop bargain hunting like Licht did with kyle trask–clean house on this team and get rid of giovanni bernard–hot garbage too but Brady was worse!!!!!!!!

  46. LakelandSteve Says:

    I will tell you what Brady is thinking tonight when his head hits the pillow. Why did I un-retire?

  47. captivajim Says:

    Brady should step aside NOW….he’s always said he would only continue to play if he could play at a high level.. He’s not & should step aside & let the rebuild process begin. Let Trask play the Cards……..we need to see what abilities he has for Bucs future ……Brady’s player days are over !!!!

  48. AbucAway Says:

    What were his stats in the first half? He looked great imo. The second half the Bengals obviously made some adjustments. So much so that it completely took Tom off his first half groove. Id like to know what exactly the Bengals changed. I’d the Bucs offensive hive mind can find the answers, perhaps they can make adjustments as well. Not likely, as they never seem to adjust but I can hope. The season is almost done and I’m a Brady fan but also think it’s time he hangs the cleats. Let’s see him on the sidelines

  49. AbucAway Says:

    As a HC*

  50. Former Mrs Brady Says:

    Time for Tom to ride into the sunset and hope Canton comes calling in five years. It will be close but I think he will sneak in.

  51. Jack Says:

    Joe doesn’t watch the same games as everyone else. Brady is a sub-par QB. he’s old, slow, can’t throw past 10 yards and is washed up. Stop living in the past. I doubt tampa will even get into the playoffs.

  52. Browsing from DC Says:

    Brady should retire. Today. And………

    Cincy should have benched Joe Burrow at halftime too. He sucked. He threw a pick. Had a strip sack that luckily bounced right back to him and he only had one defender on him (Brady had an entire d line on him when he fumbled but…). Burrow had lousy numbers and missed a ton of easy throws. He only led his team to 3 points by halftime. That Macaulay Culkin lookin kid should have been sent to the showers and not returned for the 2nd half. Maybe they should even trade him? And he got bailed out by a defensive holding penalty on a sack that lost 26 yards!!! What a bum. I can’t believe the Bengals let him play the second half.

    Sarcasm in case anyone missed it.