Todd Bowles Reveals Major Coaching Difference Between Him Bruce Arians

December 7th, 2022

Bucco Bruce Arians

This nugget absolutely fascinates Joe because it’s very different from something Bruce Arians was adamant about when he arrived at One Buc Palace.

Arians took the Tampa Bay gig and said he hired his friends/former colleagues as assistant coaches for two major reasons: he believed them to be superior coaches, and he no longer had interest in coaching up coaches.

Arians went there multiple times. He really didn’t want to coach the coaches any longer. That role was in his past with some exceptions, like Thaddeus Lewis, a Bucs offensive assistant and former NFL quarterback hired full-time last year.

Staff meetings were cut significantly under Arians, he said, because his coaches already knew what he wanted and how he wanted it done. Current head coach Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich are among many examples, and they’re still on staff.

Fast-forward to yesterday, and Bowles was asked on the Buccaneers Radio Network how in his current head coaching he has grown or changed — after four seasons leading Jets and three years with the Bucs under Arians.

“I think it’s taught me the second time around to really sit and try to teach the coaches in certain ways, in your own way,” Bowles began. “You know, Bruce did it in his way, which was very good. I have to do it in my way. It’s more important that you teach the coaches how to coach the players and see certain things from an outside point of view. I think I have a broader view than the first time [I was a head coach]. … … Now it’s kind of step back, and everything I can see so easily right now. So that helps me become a better coach.”

So if Arians is to be believed, then he wasn’t coaching up his Super Bowl staff but Bowles has come in and is teaching the same coaches how to get the job done? How do Bucs assistants feel about that?

Joe is being overly simplistic with those questions, but it should illustrate a stark contrast between Bowles and Arians. Keep in mind Bowles had a quick answer to the radio question and went right to how he’s focused on coaching up coaches.

Joe also was intrigued by Bowles saying how easily he can see things now. Joe assumes Bowles is referring to identifying what’s working and what’s not, and that his overall feel of the Bucs is better than he ever had as Jets head coach.

Of course, all this coaching up coaches talk opens a door wide to speculation about who tinkered with the Bucs offense, considering Bowles has been leading the same corps of defensive coaches for four seasons.

73 Responses to “Todd Bowles Reveals Major Coaching Difference Between Him Bruce Arians”

  1. JTHV Says:

    Assuming Brady leaves for good in February, Bowles’ tenure at helm of the defense these last few years has certainly earned him a 2nd year at HC but this offensive staff needs swept out the door. If they can’t win with Tom Flucking Brady they needn’t be allowed anywhere near a football field. Dueces

  2. Freddy the popper Says:

    Besides winning?

  3. MadMax Says:

    Oh theres a difference alright….jacked up risk it no biscuit playing to win vs playing scared!!!!

  4. SB~LV Says:

    Said the Blindman

  5. gofortheface30 Says:

    Simple – Bucs scored 30 in their sleep with Arians as HC, and the Bucs cant even seem to reach 20 under Bowles.

  6. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Wow! Really odd statement to make! I think I would have kept that thought to myself, with the way a lot of the players are reacting to the coaching. Good coaches and coaching have the players ready and pumped to play on game days. A lot of guys on this team seam to just be going through the motions. Don’t seam to be motivated to win a game, much less a championship.

  7. macajubav Says:

    here is to hoping they get rid of bowles for next year. what a lousy coaching team we have now, destroyed the team and no hope for the future.

  8. Tim Says:

    Oh I thought he was gonna say that the difference was that Arians was a good coach, and that he sucks. My mistake

  9. SB Says:

    The difference is Bowles sucks and Arians doesn’t.

  10. SB Says:

    Tim got it in there seconds before I could. Lol.

  11. sasquatch Says:

    The thing is, I do believe we’ve still got some really good coaches. That didn’t change when Arians left. I’m afraid Leftwich is not one of them. In fact, his ineptitude is dragging down the offense. If Todd is retained, I hope he can see that Leftwich needs to go. Problem is, who the hell is he going to hire as OC?

  12. DG060 Says:

    The thing that kills me about the 2 dunces (TB/BL) is they learn NOTHING from past mistakes. They have the exact same gameplan every week regardless of who we’re playing. We absolutely can not win in the playoffs with these 2 failures.
    We won the Rams game in spite of the 2 dunces. Same as Monday night.
    Why can’t they adapt and change schemes depending on who and who’s not available? It’s sickening that we have to watch Brady’s last year be sabotaged by inferior incompetent coaches.

  13. Orlando Kevin Says:

    The interior of the offensive line has had a big impact (3 new guys) causing Brady to get rid of the ball faster than he ever has. If you don’t have time to throw, deeper routes don’t have a chance to develop. Once defenses know that, they load the box.

    We also lost 2 very big block tight ends in Gronk and OJ. Not sure if that’s the only reason you don’t see as many 2 tight end sets but it had to hurt losing at least Gronk. Again, impacts blocking and keeps the defense guessing when Gronk can block, chip and catch at elite level.

  14. Tim Says:

    Unless it’s changed, I believe the Bucs have the largest coaching staff of any team. Surely one of the position coaches must have some good ideas how to use all of their weapons. Hey, I’ve got an idea, how about use the HOF quarterback and his weapons to, oh maybe PASS THE BALL. I’m already better than Leftwich, hire me!! I’ll even do it the first year for half price!!

  15. WillieG Says:

    Hopefully the difference is Bowles will be gone after one season*.

    *Unless a miracle happens, he rights the ship and the Bucs win at least two playoff games.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    BA stated he didn’t want to coach coaches….but I’m quite sure he did.

    You should never stop teaching and, in particular, never stop learning….

  17. ViSyl Says:

    When “your way” of coaching leads to losing, you must find another way or be fired.

  18. MadMax Says:

    Tim, you and me both….just put in a word for me to be their head scout when its time to draft and also be their clock/timeout/4th down manager lol…sht i’ll do it for free, just put me in a hotel somewhere lol

  19. SPARKY Says:

    What is a Super Bowl worth? Give Andy Reid 25 million to be Offensive Coach and this team is Super Bowl ready every year until Brady quits. Scheme guys open for Christ sakes. How can Kelce be wide open in the end zone 3 times a game and we can’t get 1yd of seperation the whole game from anybody?

  20. Roc Says:

    Difference in Coaches

    One is a SUPERBOWL winning coach

    One can’t win more than 9 games in a season

    But I think Calling Bowles a Head Coach in the same article with Bruce is pushing it

  21. Tap-Out Says:

    I don’t see a contrast, he can only be teaching them the things he has already been taught (stay with me now) by BA you feel me! Every Head Coach does things his way or should be, if you add a 1/2 teaspoon full of chili powder to a 2 gallon pot of chili, the flavor of the chili won’t change nor will the consistency of the chili! Let Todd be what he’s going to be! STOP THE WHINING WHILE HE WINNING!

  22. Stormy Says:

    In Bowles case, when your way of coaching fails, blame the players.

  23. Tap-Out Says:

    Did we win MONDAY NIGHT or did I miss something!

  24. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Bowles is what he is. Bucs are .500 for a reason. He’s blowing it big time but he can’t see it. He thinks he did great in that last game.

  25. Stormy Says:

    “Let Todd be what he’s going to be”

    What’s that – a lousy head coach? Ding – mission accomplished.

    He did this exact stuff when he was in NY, too. Even down to the inability to understand time management. He hasn’t learned a damn thing.

    As for everyone thinking things will magically get better if Leftwich is shown the door – think again. Unless Bowles goes too, this is how this team will be run.

  26. Smashsquatch Says:

    A good coach finds a way to win, Bowles was gifted that W Monday night from the Saints. He finds more ways to lose than win. He’s done as a HC if he doesn’t do a 180 philosophically. Reminds me of Dungy’s stubbornness without the pile of wins.

  27. Stormy Says:

    They won in spite of Bowles, not because of him.

  28. sasquatch Says:

    Without Brady, this team would be 2-10.

  29. BucDaWorld Says:

    Joe allow me to translate:

    It’s more important that you teach the coaches how to coach the players and see certain things from an outside point of view

    Translation: I know Bruce had his way of doing things, and yes it was a winning formula, but I am not Bruce so we are going to do things my way. Even if we are losing. I would rather lose my way than win Bruce’s way, so I need you coaches to get onboard and convince the players my way is better.

  30. BrianBucs Says:

    So Bowles has been teaching Superbowl winning coaches to do things HIS way.

  31. Redeemer Says:

    I’ll say this for Bowles, his coaches are certainly doing things his way. Problem is, that way is hampering the team. 6-6 isn’t exactly an endorsement of his methodology. There’s a difference between coaching applied football, and coaching people to do things your way. Bowles doesn’t have the resume for either. You can’t tell me they’d be 6-6 with Andy Reid, Sean Peyton or any other top coach.

  32. unbelievable Says:

    Joe also was intrigued by Bowles saying how easily he can see things now. Joe assumes Bowles is referring to identifying what’s working and what’s not, and that his overall feel of the Bucs is better than he ever had as Jets head coach.

    Just because you can easily see something on an eye test chart, doesn’t mean you are seeing it correctly.

    Because Bowles seems to think he sees a run-first, ground and pound offense…

    Maybe he just needs some glasses?

  33. D-Rok Says:

    Instead of trying to “re-teach” the current coaches HIS way, he should have maintained the SOP in place from the Arians regime. This off-season, he should bring in coaches whom he can teach his way.

    No wonder there’s a seeming disconnect at OBP. Perhaps Bowles isn’t communicating well enough his goals and expectations, leading to the confusion we see on the field at times.

    We have some senior coaches on this staff who have way more experience than Bowles, and to have him try to teach an old coach new tricks is a recipe for disaster. Bowles should be leaning on these senior coaches and not force them to submit to HIS way.

    I know in my career, and life in general, I’ve always had a very hard time listening/learning from leaders who have much less experience than me.

  34. Bobby M. Says:

    Bowles has cemented himself as mediocre as a HC. With the Jets he had a solid defense but couldn’t get the offense figured out. Arians hands him the keys to a stellar offense and he reverts back to what failed him in New York. I bet Bowles career will mirror Lovie Smith’s. The only teams that hire him will be tanking for a draft pick.

  35. D-Rok Says:

    PS: I realize Bowles has decades of “experience,” but as a HC he has limited experience.

  36. Buc4evr Says:

    There’s not much to say really. Arians won a SB as HC, Bowles won’t at this rate. Miserable offense and he is not demanding changes. Arians would have gone crazy by now if had this pathetic offense. Bowles is not a leader and is not demanding perfection from his coaches or the players.

  37. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Bill Cowher anyone? Hmmmm

  38. Defense Rules Says:

    And THIS is precisely why coaches rarely open up to the media. Todd Bowles gave an honest answer to a question, and everyone seems to be interpreting that answer the way they want to fit their agenda. No wonder BL only gives cliche answers. Hard to misinterpret a cliche since just about everyone understands it the same way.

    Unbelievable … ‘Because Bowles seems to think he sees a run-first, ground and pound offense’.

    You’ve made that same statement several times now, but the facts say otherwise. Ground and pound offense? Bucs have FEWER runs than any team in the league except for the 1-10 Texans. We have FEWER yards rushing than EVERY OTHER TEAM in the NFL, by far. Bucs have the MOST passing attempts in the NFL, by far. We’re passing this year on a higher percentage of downs than BA’s teams did in each of the past 3 years.

    How in heaven’s name does that equate to a ‘run-first, ground and pound offense’?

  39. calbucsfan Says:

    You know Joe, after reading your previous article “They Willed Us To Victory On That Side Of The Ball” first, and then this one, I can’t help but wonder if Bowles is tinkering around with the coaches on the offensive side of the ball and maybe Leftwich is taking more of the blame for the offense’s struggles then he should?

    And if so, he needs to walk the plank because this offense went from one of the most lethal in the league to one of the most pathetic, and it’s not only because of the revamped front line either.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    Bobby M … ‘Arians hands him the keys to a stellar offense and he reverts back to what failed him in New York.’

    Stellar offense? So losing Gronk, Brown, Marpet, Jensen … 4 Pro Bowlers … and replacing them with rookies or injured vets doesn’t count? We’re still stellar?

    I’d love to have someone, anyone, be SPECIFIC when they write (or infer) that Bowles has ‘reverted back to what failed him in New York’. I honestly don’t see it. Tom Brady is throwing MORE than he ever has. This team is running LESS than it did with BA as coach.

    I THINK what’s wrong with this team is twofold. One is BL’s play designs, game planning & play calling (the 3 go together I think). Get past the first scripted series (which have been reasonably successful BTW) & it looks to me like we’re not adjusting properly (staying ‘predictable’ is a big part of that).

    The other is simply execution. I’ve watched this OLine get pushed around far too often. It’s negatively impacting Brady (the deep ball connections/explosive plays have albeit disappeared), but it’s also impairing our ability to sustain drives AND score TDs. It’s at the heart of our running woes.

    This year we’ve already punted 60 times in 12 games (5 punts/game average). Last year we punted 62 times in 17 games (3.65 punts/game average); BIG difference actually. In 2020 we punted 55 times in 16 games (3.44 punts/game average); even BIGGER difference.

    This year we’re scoring an average of 1.67 TDs/game. Last year we scored 3.59 TDs/game and in 2020 that was even higher at 3.63 TDs/game. We’re at LESS THAN HALF of that productivity this year.

    Interestingly our FG productivity is UP. This year we’re averaging 2.00 FGs/game. Last year it was 1.47 FGs/game and just a little higher in 2020 at 1.75 FGs/game.

    Our much lower scoring productivity and much increased punting go hand-in-hand IMO. We’re getting the same number of plays/game (roughly 67) but our per play productivity is way down. It’s NOT philosophical changes in offensive attacks that’s causing that. It’s play calling AND OLine execution. Where’s BA’s Red Pen when you need it?

  41. unbelievable Says:

    @DR – perhaps I did not word that well… Maybe I should have said “he see what he WANTS to be ground and pound, possession, run-heavy offense”…

    And make no mistake, they do try to run alot at first. Every single game. But it keeps failing, then we get down by a touchdown or 2, and then we begin to air it out non-stop. That’s why those stats are skewed the way they are.

    Now I believe a lot of those run game issues have to do with predictable playcalling and scheme as well, which we have already talked about endlessly.

    But Bowles has stated he doesn’t want to run the hurry up, even though it’s worked very well for us. He doesn’t want to be that aggressive on offense, and it shows.

    He even said he thinks the offense moving too fast was the reason they lost to the Rams in the playoffs last year. But in reality, it was the blitzing by the defense that put them in such a hole. They stopped blitzing in the 2nd half of that game, and suddenly the defense was getting stops…

  42. unbelievable Says:

    And obviously the o-line just isn’t what it used to be, which has caused the non-creative, predictable run game to be even worse, and led to Brady rushing a lot throws (even at times when he hasn’t had to).

  43. unbelievable Says:


    Just saw your 2nd post, DR.

  44. Darin Says:

    Ugh I keep saying I’m gonna stop reading these bowles stories and then…..What a dummy I am. Ask coach who he’s gonna give those timeouts to for Christmas.

  45. captivajim Says:

    beginning to sound as if Bowleszo is making game plan changes And “re-educating “the offensive coaching staff to do things His way …..

    I ,along with many have been harshly criticizing Leftwich–but maybe, just maybe its Bowlezo dictating the game plan -slow ,methodical drives in order to rest those special teams guys !!!!

  46. StretchOMatic Says:

    One has the coat tails…the other rides on them!

  47. Roc Says:

    Tap Out. HAHAHA



    Bowles won a game WOW!!! Against a 4-8 team

    What about the other 6 games he completely blew

    Judge a man by his actions Sir

    Bowles action has shown an undisciplined team that struggles to score points
    He has an offense that was scoring 30 points a game but struggle to score at all this year

    Actions Sir

  48. NEfan Says:

    DR, not sure what you defend Bowles. He clearly stated he does not believe in the no risk it offensive strategy so to believe he hasn’t directed BL to create a game plan around his conservative philosophy. The Bucs are not the only team with a banged up oline. The dink & dunk move the chains to perserve your defense and I guess ST’s is moronic. Teams that try this are failing come playoff time. Tenn, Indy two 2021 examples. Bucs will NEVER beat a Bill’s, KC, Minn, Dallas, Cincy, Miami, 49ers with this mind set. Bucs secondary just isn’t good enough. It blows me away that you of all people on this site can’t see what’s going on.

  49. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    I dont blame Bowles for wanting to coach coaches how he wants things done. I just wish scoring points was hire on his priority list.

  50. NEfan Says:

    FYI, Shanahan is 9-29 without Garapolo. They don’t stand a chance they play conservative against them.

  51. Tye Says:

    keep it simple and just look at their resume:

    Arians – WINNER!
    Bowles – LOSER!

    Whatever Arians was doing the result was high scoring and multiple wins!
    Bowles wants to do things different so his results are barely score and multiple loses…

  52. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    There you have it! Arians let his coaches coach, but Bowles the control freak just has to have our coaches do it HIS Way!
    If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, and we were anything but broke.
    Arians turned over a turn key team, and Bowles broke it!

  53. Mike C Says:

    Everyone including Me and Brady wanted to go for it on the Bucs side of the field late in the game……. As much as it pains me, Coach made the right call.

  54. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The man is delusional. 🙄

  55. Architek Says:

    He’s taking a winning team and winning roster and made it .500 club. Is that clear enough?

  56. ClwJB Says:

    Here’s the difference – BA plays to win – Bowles plays to not lose

    Night and day

    Bowles will be flushed for his close minded approach eventually

  57. HC Grover Says:

    WE do not have a head coach. We have a defense coach trying to wear 2 hats. Why?

  58. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey Tye, Could you tell me who the Defensive Coordinator was for our 2nd Super Bowl Win? Do you know who that was, who only allowed 3 FG, and chased one of the shiftiest current QBs all over the field, multiple sacks, and no running game? You claim he is a Looser…

  59. Manny Says:

    TIM: im using lol literally when i said i oiterally laughed out loud on that statement.
    What a horrible coach he is. He seems like a nice guy but being a nice guy and a good coach are two different things. No risk it no biscuit made tom look like 2007 tom for two years again. Arians is like the offensive version of belichick. Hes a great coach and he isnt afraid to call his guys out when theyre effing up. I remember he called tom out on numerous occasions. Leftwich seemed like a great oc for three years because he was following arians lead. In 2019 winston threw for 5109 yards and 33 tuddies. Brady is perfectly equipped for no risk it no biscuit because he plays mistake free football for the most part.
    The only thing i cant fault lefty or bowles on is the oline. As soon as marpet retired and jensen went down, he should have made some trades or free agent pickups to cover the bases at center and left guard. Miami got eric fisher the other day. I def wouldnt have minded him and the cowboys got jason peters earlier this year. He may be old but the guy still has it. Thats just two names of several he could have looked at getting. Bowles is just way too conservative. Sometimes you gotta go for it all. Not too much like john harbaugh, but when you got brady theres no reason at all you shouldnt change the offense back to no risk it

  60. NEfan Says:

    Rusty, you mean the team with the injured QB, oline equal if not worse than Bucs have now and during SB week the HC’s son/assistant coach decided to drive drunk and hit a mini van on a off ramp killing a passenger? That team? Great accomplishment. So let’s talk present without BA KC 41 Bucs 30 2022. Mike C, it was obviously the right call but how about the 4th & 3 prior he punted from the Saints 40? Oh were you around for the Cleveland game? Just asking.

  61. Oneilbuc Says:

    This is crazy just like I said to you Brady worshipers when my bucs win it’s all Brady. When my bucs lose than it’s the coaches and the team fault lol 😂😂😂. Bowles doing his job on defense he’s a defensive coach more than a offensive coach and he told yall before the seasons that he’s going to let the oc coach his side of the ball and he wasn’t going to change nothing on offense and everyone was ok with that. Now that Gronk and AB is gone and Brady is playing like a 45 year old quarterback now yall trying to blame Bowles and BL because of Brady decline. Now I will say they need to run the ball more on the outside like off the tackles but remember what Brady wants Brady gets do y’all remember that slogan?? So Brady has to fall on the sword they gave him every player he wanted and now he has to be the blame for the offense on why these free agents ain’t doing nothing.

  62. Ed McSherry Says:

    Has anyone figured out the reason for Byron’s timeout Monday night?

    The one where Brady was rolling his eyes in a “now what!” Manner; and then practically yawns in Byron’s face as he (Brady) had to stand there in the middle of the field for another one of Byron’s wasted, bulls!!t timeouts.

    And why the pressing need, where Byron felt that he must run out onto the field in a big frenzy to meet Brady out in the open field so all the camera angles were on him (Byron) & the G.O.A.T. as if to say: “see me, I’m grandstanding, and trying to take credit for everything great Brady does because I’m calling the plays but should be a Head Coach next year, I hope.”

    Oh, I guess I just answered my own question.

  63. Kidfloflo Says:

    Oh how I remember a ton of posts on here begging for Arians and his golf cart to be ousted! Now signing his praises! Funny

  64. Ed McSherry Says:

    Yup, that’s how bad it is now.

  65. NEfan Says:

    Oneiltobradyyall, can you read? Bowles said in presser many times, no more no risk it no biscuit! Would you say that is changing the offense. When they lose Brady gets called everything in the book, yring the game fans were calling fir Gabbert, the same fans drooling over him after the game. I don’t know where you get your info. That last 5 min was epic and exciting as hell. Man you are a true clown.

  66. T REX Says:


    BA good. BA bad.

  67. NEfan Says:

    BA bad but better than Bowels.

  68. Goatfarmer Says:

    Obviously Bowels is an abject failure as a head coach.

  69. David Says:

    Without reading the article, I have to say about 12 points a game by the offense…
    Now I’ll go read the article.

  70. firethecannons Says:

    Results matter and adjustments matter we got neither with this coach

  71. steele Says:

    If Bowels is indeed undoing things that were working, in order to impose “his” whatever (and it is clearly not a fine brand), it explains the discombobulation of this season. Everyone from coaches to players second guessing and being confused. All it takes are small moments of indecision to wreck everything.

  72. Bucluck Says:

    Bowles might want to revisit Buc history. Dungy got fired because the offense could not generate any offense in big games. They win the Super Bowl the next year when Gruden was able to get the offense moving and he didn’t screw with the defense. Let Byron run the offense and we will be fine.

  73. Eckwood Says:

    @firethecannons ….. Actually you got both !! Both are trending down fast !!