Rex Ryan Blasts The Bucs

December 12th, 2022

“Hey Mike, these guys are a joke.”

Local Tampa fans may not realize FOX cut away from the Bucs-49ers broadcast midway through the third quarter in many big markets around the country.

Imagine that. Tom Brady getting booted off TV.

That’s how lifeless and drab the Bucs were yesterday.

Their lack of sizzle has been a theme of former NFL defensive guru and Bills and Jets head coach Rex Ryan. He’s called them old and slow for months, and the official NFL NextGen tracking data backs him up.

And Ryan went further on the BSPN airwaves this morning during “Stay In Bed.”

“They look old and slow, like I’ve said the entire season. And I’m not talking about the quarterback,” Ryan said. “I’m talking about everybody on that team. And so to me, look, there’s no explosiveness. Nobody can get any kind of separation. Brady is like, ‘What the heck over there?’ They can’t block anybody. Their defense is overrated. It’s ugly. And please, yeah, as much as we love Tom Brady, I don’t need to see him on national TV again. … Not with that team. Go somewhere else. That team stinks. I don’t want to see them.”

As Joe mentioned, much of the country was granted Ryan’s wish about 6:40 p.m. EST. The plug was pulled on the Bucs for … wait for it  … the Panthers-Seahawks game.

62 Responses to “Rex Ryan Blasts The Bucs”

  1. Iron-Wombat Says:

    So do you run the whole staff at the end of the season or keep them around to let Trask lead us to a 2-15 record and the number one overall pick?

  2. Onetrickpony Says:

    Can’t blame him

  3. robert Says:

    he’s on point. they are unwatchable.

  4. Mike Johnson Says:

    Out here in the West, They cut the Bics feed in the 3rd qtr and went to the Carolina game for the remaining time. When we finally scored, the commentator laughed and said, Bucs avoid the complete shutout and continued with the game they were showing. Rex is right. The team looks awful. We will finish 8-9..Maybe.
    Time to start thinking mobility at the QB position. Its here to stay folks. All the leading teams got mobile QB’s. Just sayin….

  5. LOL Says:

    This team is a Coaching staff, a few skill players & a pass rush away from being a Superbowl contender..

  6. Bucamania Says:

    Wow. Can’t say I disagree. Jason Licht has blown the past two drafts and missed in free agency. The talent level has dropped off tremendously from 2020. Then you add incompetent coaches who coach scared. It’s ugly alright.

  7. Marine Buc Says:

    I find it difficult to argue with Coach Ryan…

    We stink. We do look slow. We are predictable. Our O-line sucks. Defense is over rated. No sense of pride. Zero energy.

    We have hit rock bottom.

    I hope…

  8. HC Grover Says:

    They were ” worse than terrible” (John McKay) They did look over the hill on Sunday.

  9. ElioT Says:

    The glass slipper is gone.

    Gotta blow the whole thing up and start the long rebuild with a modern coaching staff and front office.

    Every player is for sale outside of Wirfs and Winfield Jr. IMO.

    This is going to take years if done right and there is no time to waste.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Bucs’ record was worse than the Panthers & Falcons and we get the better shot at drafting a QB……not likely but possible.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I checked out of this train wreck as soon as Bowles was gifted the HC job. While I held out hope, only because of Brady, I already lived through a stoic, lifeless, stubborn, stuck in the mud HC when Dungy was here. Not to beat up on Dungy, he was a good coach just too stubborn to hire a OC with a pair of his own. With that being said, who do we hire to replace this inept coaching staff? P.J. Fleck.

  12. DBS Says:

    So are the owners listening? It is not just your fans telling you to wake up.

  13. Brian Says:

    So licht out together an old and slow team?

  14. Lakeland Says:

    Jason Licht put this crapshow together

  15. Lakeland Says:

    Great job Jason Licht

  16. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Bucs are the 2nd oldest team in the league at 27.2 years average age. Probably going to have to blow up the whole thing and just start from scratch.

  17. Infomeplease Says:

    We had 2 wonderful seasons of great football… now another 10 to 15 or so of fans wearing bags on their heads!!! It’s amazing what one bad head coach can accomplish!! He needs to take some courses in motivation!!! Todd, I recommend to start with motivation 101. Then 102,103,201,202 203, then 301, 302. That should get you up to the level you need to be at!! You better hurry too. Your season is about done!!

  18. sasquatch Says:

    I hope the Glazers are listening. They need to hear the full extent of media and fan criticism and not be above it.

  19. D-Rome Says:

    I had no idea FOX cut away. I can only watch the games via NFL+ so I watched most of the game right up until the part where San Francisco put in Josh Johnson. Josh Johnson is a human victory cigar or a human white flag. If he’s playing your team has no chance of losing or no chance of winning.

  20. TexasBucsFan Says:

    The owners don’t care.

  21. Lakeland Says:

    Ouch Jason Licht

  22. Mikeinlutz Says:

    Flush it all!!!!!

  23. D-Rome Says:

    Time to start thinking mobility at the QB position. Its here to stay folks. All the leading teams got mobile QB’s.

    I agree Mike. Tom Brady is still an elite QB at his age but the offense falls apart when the blocking doesn’t hold up. Even though Tua had a bad game we saw Herbert and Tua extend plays with their legs. We see Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, and so many other QBs extend drives with their mobility. We don’t need a running QB but mobile QBs are the way to win in the NFL now.

  24. gotbbucs Says:

    Given the cap situation and the age of the roster, I would assume this won’t be a coveted job for any of the up and coming coaches in this league. No money and middle of the road draft pick.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … I was right with you, until your last sentence (‘We have hit rock bottom’). At 6-7 with 4 games to go, we’ve got a lot further to go to rock bottom. The way we’re playing, 8-9 would be a blessing. Heck, could conceivably even get as bad as 7-10 … with us winning the NFC South & getting humiliated at home in the playoffs.

    Got this bad feeling that we’ll find ‘rock bottom’ next year, and look back on these as ‘the good old days’.

  26. Jonny Says:

    Brady had a bad game with zero redeeming plays yesterday. And the whole team looks mediocre at it’s best moments. You combine these two with our coaching staff and you have what Rex Ryan says. It is entirely possible that Brady can play like he did in 2021 on a good offense. His confidence here is completely shot and he’s playing worse every subsequent week here. Even if he wants to play next year, we need to do him a favor and move on.

  27. CleanHouse Says:

    I’m glad Suh and JPP are on contenders.
    Even Whitehead is on the Jets, who are better than us.
    Licht got fancy and got rid of all of our veteran toughness.
    Combine that w Jensen injury and Gronk loss and there you have it. Marpet and Cappa gone, no O Line continuity. This is why I predicted 6-11 early last spring and this is why my screen name has been CleanHouse for years.

    In fairness, I was a Winston fan and I didn’t like not signing him. Seeing Brady showed me how much of a mess JW was. I admit being wrong. I had no confidence in Licht, and I was also wrong, because he won us a Super Bowl. So I admit that also. But I should say that I generally never thought he was good.

    Hence my screen name. And since I’ve seen so many posters writing my Screen Name in all Caps…. I suppose it’s time for me to make my appearance and say


    I’m Just smarter than the rest of you, face it.

    Go Bucs! Time to “Clean House”

  28. Bucamania Says:

    Just read this. The Bucs receivers’ rate as some of the worst in the league at generating separation.

    – Evans is 95th among the 122 qualified receivers in the NFL at 2.6 yards
    – Godwin is 89th at 2.7 yards
    – Jones and Miller rank 55th and 56th at 3.0

    per Next Gen Stat

  29. orlbucfan Says:

    DR, we won’t hit rock bottom next season. Rock Botton was back in the 1980s and the early ’90s. Joes won’t recall those days, and I don’t blame them. Brady is old and it’s showing more and more every Sunday. Donovan Smith has to hang on to a defender so long that the ancient one has the time to throw a long pass to future HOFamer ME13??? One time, yeah, it’s a fluke. But this is happening more than once. Course, ref will flag it. Brady is missing wide open receivers like Julio Jones. Go blame BL, TB and a patched up OL all you want Brady groupies cos that is BS.

  30. BucU Says:

    Blow this mofo up Glazers!!!

  31. Bojim Says:

    I concur.

  32. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Bad separation. That’s why almost every throw has to be perfect. I like Rex. He’s not afraid to call out folks.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    BucsFanSince76 … ‘Probably going to have to blow up the whole thing and just start from scratch’.

    I agree with you (unfortunately). Have this strange feeling that this entire coaching staff will be fired after this season IF we have a losing season (unless we go deep in the playoffs, ASSUMING of course that we even make the playoffs).

    No decent QB will come here next season without being paid beaucoup amounts of money, money that we don’t have (since we’re already $45 mil OVER next year’s projected salary CAP with only 36 players signed … and 26 FAs to deal with). Brady’s not coming back here & Kyle Trask will be our starting QB by default I’ll bet. On the good news front, we’ve got a LOT of money committed to D Smith, Hainsey, Jensen, Mason, Wirfs on our OLine, as well as Evans, Godwin, Gage, Otton, Fournette & White. IF those guys can get (and stay) healthy, next year’s offense could do better than what I’m seeing this year.

    Defense is a whole nuther story. Over two-thirds of our starting defense & key rotational players are FAs (LVD, Dean, SMB, Edwards, Ryan, Neal, Hicks, Gholston, RNR, Nelson, Nassib). I’m not sure how many of those we can afford, or even how many would want to return. Several clearly need to be allowed to move on in any event.

    We’ve got some talent in our youngsters, but not nearly enough. JTS & Hall are clearly struggling, and it’s hard to see them as our go-to guys next year. Devin White will be in his 5th year, making almost $12 mil. Not sure that he’s worth a BIG contract after 2023. But then again, we can only fill so many holes via the draft so we’ll have to pick our poison as they say.

  34. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Rex called the defense overrated. Someone finally said it! Some of those would think the Bucs D was the 1985 Bears defense.

  35. Bucs Fan Since’76 Says:

    The only Glazer whoever successfully built a good team was Malcolm. The sons are clueless. They deserve a ton of credit, as does JL for bringing in Arians and Brady, but did anyone ever get the sense they were actually building the foundation of a successful organization for the long term? Well, no. And they have no chance of figuring out how to do it now that there two golden geese are out (including Brady and Arians here). Ugh.

  36. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @MikeJohnson. And they’re are some teams with mobile QBs who suck. I will keep reminding some of you brain dead fans that a mobile QB isn’t the cure for a team with a bad OL. We won the damn SB because Mahomes was under constant pressure because of his bad OL. He’s as mobile as it gets!

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    orlbucfan … I agree that the 80’s & early 90’s were bad, but Lovie’s 2-14 deserves an Honorable Mention.

    Most seem to want to sacrifice the coaching staff thinking that a new one will ‘fix it’, but our problems are so much deeper than JUST the coaching staff (as you’ve already noted). Still, I don’t think that Bowles, Leftwich, Armstrong are capable of successfully navigating the major challenges we’ll face in these next few years. It looks like they’ve lost the confidence of the players (and fans). Heck, I don’t even have any confidence any longer in Licht. In my mind, he created this mess & left these coaches dangling without providing any support to bring in better talent that MIGHT have helped keep us competitive.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – So Chris Conte and Ryan Smith are good starters, but you want to jump Devin White?


    You’d literally be the worst GM in all of sports history.

    With that said, I agree, next year the Bucs are certainly blowing up the team – unless Brady wants to come back. If Brady wanted to come back, you do literally anything he wants – because the second Brady leaves, the Bucs are gone from the national radar.

    Of course if Brady comes back, then you MUST have new coaches as these two idiots running the team have to go. However, if Brady doesn’t come back (99%+ likely) then you keep these two idiots in charge and let them run go for a 0-17 record, and try to secure that top pick in 2024 – then you clean house. No reason to pay a new coaching staff when you’re trying to tank, and no one gives you a better chance at tanking than the current idiots in charge.

    As for 2024, if the Bucs keep around guys who will still be relevant in 2024, and they have a good 2023 draft, then you just need a veteran QB and you could, perhaps, have a fairly quick turnaround.

    Of course there is also the idea the Bucs could just blow-up the team entirely and trade away everyone of value and do a complete rebuild from the bottom up, but those are rarely successful and lead to many years of not just losing, but also not being competitive.

    But if the Glazers are truly evil masterminds, they could be looking to the future, the fact RayJay is going to be 30 in a few years, and want to move the team to London. What better excuse than to destroy the team, tank attendance, then announce the move since the 30-year lease at RayJay is up.

  39. SufferingSince76 Says:

    So the owners are cool with their team being taken off TV because they are a lousy football team? Apparently.

  40. Pewter Power Says:

    Would have been hilarious if the glazers had to find another way to watch their own team play. Should have been in the stadium though. Bucs are a huge joke not being able to have a winning record with Tom Brady at quarterback

  41. ATLBucsFan Says:

    It’s been all about the poor line play on both sides of the ball. FA losses; not re-signing key players, injuries (Jensen specifically) and retirement of Marpet created below average line play. That effects play calling, field position, and time of possession. The players seem to know it and they seem at times apathetic. Given that playoff teams are the better ones in the league its a no brainer that if the Bucs get in a limited playoff run is guaranteed. And the Joe’s need to stop talking about the talent on this team. It’s ineffective if line play is sub-par.

  42. Allbuccedup Says:

    The high draft picks in the last two years are terribly underperforming the free agent signings were just as bad. Hicks is ok when he plays, the tight end Rudolph stinks, the third wide receiver we signed for 10 mil a year is not even worth half that. As much as a like Brady hes starting to show his age. Its time to move on if he wants to play again.

  43. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Do you guys realize where we go if Brady leaves ? A lot of really short memories on here. Like I said before. Some of us won’t be around for the next relevant team. Need some trench help more than anything except coaches that is.

  44. mark2001 Says:

    That team stinks. I don’t want to see them

    I dare say, that feeling is also starting to permeate Bucs fandom.

  45. BucsTim Says:

    This starts at the TOP, the HC and OC are in over their heads.

    Promote within or bring in a J. Caldwell, anything would be better. The owners need to show there is accountability in this team.

    D. Smith needs to go, he is the MOST penalized player in the NFL since he was drafted. O-Line only get penalties when they are getting beat, that means the dude simply is getting beat more than ANY other play in the entire league.

    I do not know what is going on with D. White, guy can ball but there were times yesterday when it looked like he did not want to get that white uni dirty.

    Too much soft play, too many guys with little heart and no accountability will equal a losing team.

    There are guys with Heart and care, Play off Lenny saved TB12 from getting crushed.

  46. unbelievable Says:

    Yup, I could not watch the game after they pulled it.

    2 different channels showing the Seahawks / Panthers, 0 channels showing the Bucs and Tom Brady getting their arses whipped by a rookie QB (BTW what happened to all that confidence about rookie QBs, Joe?)

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod Munch … ‘But if the Glazers are truly evil masterminds, they could be looking to the future, the fact RayJay is going to be 30 in a few years, and want to move the team to London.’

    Yup Rod, gonna worry about the Glazers moving the team to London right after the Zombie Apocalypse starts. I’m sure that you could give us a projected date for that one too.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … BTW, Devin White’s already said he wants to be the 100 million dollar man. That’d be about $20 mil a year on the average contract nowadays.

    Don’t be talking about me making a bad GM (which I would) if you’re willing to pay $20 mil a year for White. To keep you from having to look it up, the highest paid LB is Shaquille Leonard of the Colts ($19.7 mil a year), and Fred Warner (a tad over $19 mil a year). CJ Moseley is third at $17 mil a year. (Those are all 5-year contracts BTW). Falls off pretty fast after that. I like Devin, but not THAT much. LVD makes $12 mil in comparison, and we’ve all seen how White performs when LVD isn’t in there.

  49. unbelievable Says:

    Devin White is overrated- he’s 1 dimensional. Still awful in coverage, which is a requirement for a MLB / ILB

  50. SlyPirate Says:



    Once the money stop, that’s the ticket out of town for these coaches.

  51. captivajim Says:

    white got juked & turned around by rookie QB Purdy -as he skipped by him for a walk-in TD ..

    White is worse than useless -he’s a problem

  52. Yucs2Bucsr Says:

    Rex speaks nothing, but the truth and guarantee if he was coaching these out of shape and overweight guys he would at least have them at 8-5, but Brady’s wish blew up in his face !! Why ruin a good thing and besides the LA debacle they had a chance to go back to back.. Yet this year has been horrendous and still can’t play a solid 4 quarters? If they were at least losing close games or showing effort and passion it would be better, but there’s so much drama and lack of leadership on this team it’s embarrassing and it obviously doesn’t bother them because they are getting paid. Minus Otton, White, Ko, and maybe 2 others that actually look like they care. How did their punter regress that quick

  53. NEfan Says:

    Rex is a smart man, so Brady has slow receivers, no running game, one if not the worst oline in the NFL, a HC with the personality of a slug and a OC that speaks broken English at best. I say ship Brady’s arse outta here if he can’t overcome those issues and bring Tampa a SB.

  54. Hodad Says:

    I agree about not seeing them again nationally. Hopefully they get flexed out of Xmas night since both them, and AZ suck.

  55. JacksonMtb Says:

    The Glazers don’t care and are probably going to dump the Bucs like they are the soccer team. Lots of profit to be had with no downside or angst from fans. Also, can they run the ball to the right!

  56. ClwJB Says:

    Embarrassing to say the least, and Rex is spot on

    When you are thinking rather than playing naturally you always look slow

    The D isn’t slow, just undisciplined

    The O is a bit long in the tooth but Scotty, Permian, White, Evans. Godwin, Gage, Jones are not slow – they just are not playing full speed because they have conflicting voices in their ears

  57. @eric Says:

    Move on from Radio 2.0 and give Sean Payton a blank check

  58. Ed Says:

    Cam Brate is truly slow. Mike Evans has lost a step. Chris Godwin is a warrior and a leader, he is one of the only Bucs on the offense that is giving 110% but coming off the knee, he has lost some explosiveness.

    Russell Gage is a gigantic letdown for this team. With Atlanta he showed speed and quickness. He has made some great catches but his route running and ability to get open havn’t been seen since he was in Atlanta.

    Thompkins is the kind of player the Bucs need going forward, he is really quick, runs fluidly and has good cutting ability. The Bucs current receivers are not very flexible and Ryan is right, the team just can gear it up against better athletes.

    Licht has made some really bad draft picks these past couple of years. He didn’t need to draft Trask at #2 and he certainly didn’t need to draft JTS so high. Logan Hall drafted almost #1 is invisible in the games.

    I like football players, Jason likes to take these players that weren’t really dominant in college and expects them all to turn out like Ali Marpet or Tristan Wirfs. He doesn’t bring in enough bruisers for the trenches. JTS seems like he could be blown backward by the breath of a blocker. He has no ability to get low and turn that corner with leverage. Stiff guy. Likewise Devon White, great speed but no body control or tackling ability. Drafted # 5 c’mon, a giant reach.

    No one drafts linebackers like him any more. Intelligence required to be a MLB

  59. M Says:

    I’d say Bring in Rex Ryan to Tampa Bay he’s a solid D coach he’s never had a good QB pretty sure he’d do a better job then Todd plus a lot of players liked playing for him

  60. ChiBuc Says:

    @Rod, do you even read the articles or are you just nodding your head until you can talk again?

    “…the second Brady leaves, the Bucs are gone from the national radar.”

    Seems to me that they already started falling off the radar mid Brady swing. Your goat got the hook mid third quarter for the Panthers. Nobody wants to see that sorry product with Brady, much less without him. Lipstick (brady) on a pig doesn’t hide the pig.

  61. Del Says:

    Because of Bruce Arians’ influence (& grooming), everyone pretty much knew the BUCS had their future head coach & assistant coach after BA retires, regardless of who we really should or wanted to get. But maybe they got it backwards. The BUCS should had flip-flopped! By having Leftwich the head coach instead(and getting him out of the way), the offense would be scoring 30+ points/game with Brady being the QB player/OC! And keep Todd Bowles the defensive coach, so the BUCS would still have a good defense that would hold the opposing teams down while Brady & offensive bunch salt the games away. However…now that everyone knows that Bowles & Leftwich tandem doesn’t work & won’t going forward now (and get this behind us) maybe Tom Brady can convince Sean Payton to coach us for the next 10 years??? Just a thought….

  62. BUFFALO54 Says:

    IT’S the coaches!Need to go!