Rare Tom Brady Comment About Todd Bowles

December 15th, 2022

Joe nearly spilled an open can of Big Storm beer (Sunny Key Lime) during today’s Tom Brady news conference.

Brady, The Goat himself, mentioned/referenced Todd Bowles. That’s a rarity, a serious rarity.

“I really appreciate what Todd’s doing. He’s putting it on us to fix it,” Brady said when talking about what it will take to right the Bucs’ unsteady ship.

Asked to elaborate, Brady said Bowles has “just really allowed the leaders to take charge.” Brady added that Brady has told the team that coaches will coach them up but it’s really on them to get the job done.

The message was clear, Bowles isn’t freaking out and he’s staying the course and leaning on dudes with Super Bowl rings to make sh*t happen and earn their paychecks.

Joe was glad to hear Brady reference Bowles without being prompted. Sometimes Joe wonders about the relationship there and whether it’s not what it should be.

38 Responses to “Rare Tom Brady Comment About Todd Bowles”

  1. James Says:

    positive news. I like it! After we win our first playoff game, everyone will relax.


  2. sasquatch Says:

    This guy ^ thinks they’ll win a playoff game? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Delusional. This team is a ph0uecking joke.

  3. NEfan Says:

    That’s Bowels saying, they ain’t listen to be Tommy, give it your best shot. It also tells me Brady said if it doesn’t work I’m willing to go down with the ship. I wonder what Aaron Roger’s would say??? All you haters say what you want he basically took the remaining of the season on his back and further risking his reputation to fight for this team. Effing man is the real deal.

  4. James Says:

    I’m assuming you won’t watch the games then if you know they’ll lose. Don’t worry I’ll watch for you 😇

  5. Ed Says:

    If the coaches aren’t going to coach, maybe their titles should downgraded to managers. What exactly is their role this season beyond naming starters and sending them out to lose with ultra-conservative predictable play calling?

  6. Erik The Viking Says:

    Todd Bowels – “Tom, please motivate these guys as if you’re the head coach. I have no earthly idea what I’m doing.”

    TB12 – “I’ll try my best to save you and BL from the unemployment line.”

  7. LOL Says:

    James. Chill out bro. Its ok man. The Bucs suck out loud this year. You dont have to defend them with sword and shield in hand………………… Unless………… Are you Jason Licht???

  8. Beej Says:

    Only thing that gives me hope is that (which is forgotten about) 38-3 curbstomp we suffered in week 9 of the super bowl season to the slimy Saints. When such a thing happens, you don’t expect ANY more victories down the road

  9. Jmarkbuc Says:

    He’s been putting it on them from the beginning.

    Which begs the question.. why do we have the largest coaching staff in the league, if the players are expected to self coach? Coaches coach and players play.

    P.S. Leftfoot is not qualified.

  10. Winky Says:


  11. HC Grover Says:

    Get your ‘unknown coach head bags’ ready.

  12. Jack Sparrow Says:

    I have bad news, my insurance just went up.

  13. zzbucs Says:

    In my Neighbourhood we call that ¨Politically correct¨, that´s the main reason there are so many people not to be trusted…..

  14. Jvato24 Says:

    Joe, show me a picture of Bowles and Brady together, I’ll wait.

  15. Tye Says:

    Sounds like Brady might have been paid to say that to take some heat off of Blows!

  16. captivajim Says:

    not a good sign…all is not well inside the tent ….

  17. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Do you think Bowles and Leftfoot will still attend games? Are they required too even though they aren’t coaching?

  18. Joe Russo Says:

    I am not a Bucs fan I am a gambler so I look at things objectively and impartially so I am able to make the best decision I can. Bucs are loaded with talent, as all the NFL teama are. The margin between wins and loses are very slim, which I am sure you all are aware. When the Bucs won the SB two years ago they had several injuries to critical positions, yes some positions are nore important than others (OL and D-backs). Bucs got healthy and we know the results. Not a single team in the NFL would overcome injuries to 4 of their 5 starting OL AND 3 out of 4 starters in their secondary. I realize ALL teams have their share of injuires, however, TB has more than any other team by far to the OL and secondary. Big if, however, SHOULD TB get healthy they will make the playoffs and make a run. You heard it hear from the self-proclaimed Pigskin Prophet.

  19. mg Says:

    Do the Glazeovers own Crispy Creme?

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    When the leaders are checked out they aren’t leaders.

    Bench the underperformers against Cincinnati and shake the tree. The Bengals will kill us anyway. Start Thompkins as #2 or #3. Start Nelson and Nassib on the edge.

    Aw who am I kidding.

    Suckage is as suckage does.

  21. David Says:

    Too little too late. I don’t want to hear… Just make the tournaments and see what happens… They do not stand a chance against the Eagles, Bills, Chiefs, San Fran (regardless of QB), Dallas at this point, probably the dolphins.

    Next steps to take-
    1. Fire BL
    2. Miss playoffs
    3. Hire Tod Monken
    4. Fire training staff
    5. Draft- OL, DL, fast quick young WR
    6. Jensen’s back healthy
    7. Sign Brady for one more year, give him what he wants to do it. I’m assuming he’ll be focused next year.
    If he doesn’t want to, or is not focused like this year has been… Draft a quarterback

  22. Bucanero Says:

    Go James!

  23. ClwJB Says:

    We all just keep waiting to wake up from this bad dream. It’s more like Todd really has no idea what to do so he is doing what BA always preached – your veteran leaders run your team, not your coaches

    These are grown men, not college kids. They will police themselves or they all suffer the consequences of having their brand tied to what is currently a dumpster fire.

    Want to lose money on your next contract, or even get one after showing out like a punk fam? Keep playing like 💩

  24. EEK Says:

    It’s 12-15-2022 and no one has been fired yet

  25. chris Says:

    You know – the Glazers don’t normally fire a coach after one season – good bad or ugly. However – given the circumstances of BA retiring in Mid-April, promoting Bowles was more of a “have to” since the candidate searching process was pretty much over and all staffs were put together, so no outside hire was technically possible without forcing the current staff on them.

    I think Bowles being fired is a real possibility unless BA vouges for him stating Brady was done physically (which isn’t exactly a false statement either). The clear lack of preparation defensively for Brock Purdy does it for me, but these guys don’t look motivated. Bowles should not have allowed Brady to take all that time off. He basically came back to play the games with minimal practice time.

    Leftwich is most likely to be gone as well – even if Bowles survices. I can’t see any scenario where Leftwich stays. It’ll be interesting to see how this roster looks next year. We’re in cap hell again and I can’t see how the whole ship isn’t ripped apart for draft picks.

  26. Tom Ganski Says:

    Webster definition

    Abdication: an act of abandoning or discarding a right, responsibility, etc.

  27. Oneilbuc Says:

    Brock is playing good so far that’s why you have to give Trask a chance.

  28. Old School Bucs Says:

    Wow! The losers on this site are sickening and truly confirm they know nothing about leadership and winning!!! The comments Brady made reflecting Bowles attitude is exactly the correct coaching move!!! This team has several problems starting with injuries on the O-line, but more importantly has been intensity and execution. This had been a constant all year long!!! The one game they showed up was in Munich. That team shows up the Bengals are in trouble. See you in the Super Bowl!!!

  29. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Tom Ganski Says:
    “Abdication: an act of abandoning or discarding a right, responsibility, etc.”

    I’m convinced that Brady framed this comment in a complimentary light in order to get the information out without looking like a spoil sport. But he wanted people to know how rudderless the team is. Mission accomplished, but it’s nothing that we haven’t already figured out.

  30. JR Says:

    It’s amazing how Brady say’s Bowles is doing good job! One player in offense has caused 3 big penalties taking away touchdowns which destroys momentum!
    Bowles is not doing anything!! I remember Chucky and Dungy the discipline they had and how he would make them pay for their mistakes!
    Offense can’t bounce back because of poor plays and Coaching staff looks like too much of nothing

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    This is a weak fan base on this site y’all let these fake Patriots fans come in here and disrespect our team. They don’t care at all about the bucs all they care about is a old washed up Brady and y’all sitting up here and riding with these band wagers. This is why they don’t respect us as a fan base because all yall have made Brady who’s legacy will always be in New England like it should be. He’s not going to the hall of fame as a buc he’s going in as a Patriot like he should. And the crazy part about it’s been confirmed that no other team wanted Brady but us . He didn’t even want to come here and to some of bucs fans act like we were lucky to have him is weak because he was lucky that the bucs pick him up because he would have been out of football and some of yall are still begging and hoping he comes back and he’s washed up. It’s been proving that without AB or Gronk he can’t do nothing because he’s old and washed up and they hid his decline in 2020 because look at him now. And this stamen is to bucs fans only.

  32. Oneilbuc Says:

    Y’all have made Brady bigger than the bucs !! This phone sucks.

  33. Destinjohnny Says:

    How do u fix it when the o lineman dont have the chops?????

    Like i can sing okay but no amount of practice will give be Sinatra chops

    You cant win with the worst line in the NFL no matter the coach or QB

    End of story

  34. Goatfarmer Says:

    Hey oneilyall! How y’all doin? Been havin lotsa fun in your room with y’all’s Winston doll, good. Relieve some stress. He not leaving his wife too bad for y’all.

    Maybe Trask? ROTFL

  35. Oneilbuc Says:

    Goatfarmer. I really believe that’s how you feel about Brady you love to bring up the gay stuff Elton John!! You are the only fruit cake on here !!

  36. beano Says:


  37. NEfan Says:

    Oneiltobrady, not only do you hate the whiteman your a hom#ph#be to. Dude get out of the 60’s. I’ll bet that Winsten jersey you purchased is so jizzed up it stands by itself in the closet.

  38. alton d green Says:

    TOM TOM TOM. JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!! Can I see your i.d. It can’t be from you. What the Hell Todd, we’re in week 14!!!! why in hell do you wait till now to say anything at all. Todd is the worst coach i’ve ever seen in the 60 years i’ve been watch. And Tommy Boy you need to go to the ER and get an i.v. you’ve lost so much weight you’re halucinating