More Proof Byron Leftwich Is Fully Over His Head

December 18th, 2022

Disgusting truths.

Joe will continue to pound the following home until someone at One Buc Palace has an epiphany and deactivates the access card to Bucs HQ for failing offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

The 2022 Bucs offense with Tom Brady, with Mike Evans, with Chris Godwin, with Playoff Lenny, is scoring less than the Bucs’ 2014 offense guided by ill-suited Marcus Arroyo with Mike Glennon and Stewart McClown on a team that was tanking to win the Chase for Jameis.

(What are the Bucs tanking for, AR-15, Anthony Richardson?)

Joe cannot put into words what a truly awful, brutal job Leftwich has done wrecking one of the NFL’s best offenses. Zero signs of adjustment. Zero signs he has any idea how to fix things (if he did, he would have fixed this offense by, oh, Joe doesn’t know, maybe by Week 12?).

Well, here is yet another example of one of the worst coaching jobs Joe has ever seen (it’s one thing to do an awful job, it’s quite another to go from 30 points a game to 17 with basically the same skill position players).

Up in New England, fans of the Belicheats are up in arms over what has happened to the New England offense. Last year, Belicheats scored 27 points a game with a rookie quarterback. Not too shabby.

This year after misguided Belicheats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left to take over the Raiders (he’s right up there with Leftwich for doing a horrendous coaching job; transforming a playoff team into a squad gunning for a top-five draft pick), Bill Belicheat handed the offensive gig to a defensive coach, misplaced high school math teacher Matt Patricia.

The results have been oh-so predictable.

New England’s offense is so bad, Jones publicly called out Patricia including a viral moment where he cussed Patricia out, deservedly so. But as bad as things have turned in New England, Patricia’s offense is still better than what Leftwich is churning out.

The Belicheats are scoring 21.2 points a game. The Bucs? 17.2.

Think about that: A defensive coordinator is doing a better job as an offensive coordinator with a second-year quarterback and a bunch of JAGs at the skill positions than Leftwich is with the greatest quarterback of all time and two Pro Bowl receivers.

Leftwich is so over his head that Joe really should refer to him as “Nemo.”

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39 Responses to “More Proof Byron Leftwich Is Fully Over His Head”

  1. Tony Says:

    Bucs don’t need to draft Richardson. They need to go either D or OL 1st round. They need to trade down as much as possible & get as many draft picks as possible, too!

  2. The graham tram Says:

    Draft AR-15, he’s a weapon

  3. kyle Says:

    yeah, not another florida bust qb… lets draft best available DE or OL

  4. BrianBucs Says:

    All of the fingers are pointing at Leftwich for the Bucs offensive woes.
    Why are they not pointing at Todd Bowles?
    Bowles put the muzzle on a high scoring offense because of his conservative defensive philosophy, and Leftwich has been having to operate the offense under the parameters given to him by Bowles.
    This is the same Byron Leftwich that has the offense running up and down the field the last 2 years under the parameters he was given under Arians. Now under Bowles he and the offense have been handcuffed.
    I’m not saying that Leftwich is without blame, but Bowles has put him in a bad position.
    Under Bowles, it doesn’t matter who the offensive coordinator or the QB is, the results will be the same.

  5. Joe Says:

    Why are they not pointing at Todd Bowles?

    He doesn’t escape blame but Bowles is not running the offense on a daily basis; is not calling plays.

    Take Dirk Koetter as an example. Lousy Lovie Smith wanted him to run the ball. Koetter is a Don Coryell-type coach: Throw, throw, throw some more. But he knew what he was doing.

    With two rookie offensive linemen in 2015, a misplaced basketball player and a throwaway center on the front line, using Molly Hamster, Koetter built one of the best running attacks in the NFL that season. He proved he was versatile though he preferred to throw 70 percent of the time or more.

    Leftwich, without Arians, seems fully lost in the woods.

    In short, a good coordinator can adjust such as what Koetter did. Leftwich can’t.

  6. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Richardson would be the worst possible pick.

  7. Tackleblockwin Says:


    I’m not standing up for Leftwich, but we should consider a few things. 1. Oline is banged up. 2. No one wants to be coaching Brady’s last snap if an injury was to occur. Those are the only two things I can think of as possible excuses for Leftwich and Bowles.

  8. Bendiesel Says:

    I can’t help but feel that Byron AND Tom are responsible for the change to the offense. I think these are the plays that Arians red penned the last couple years. Probably the reason he stepped down and handed the team to Bowles.

  9. Joe Says:

    Oline is banged up.

    Boo hoo. There are all kinds of teams that have a worse line than the Bucs. Yet they are more productive and don’t have the skill players the Bucs have.

    Buffalo lost their starting center tonight in the first half. Did the Bills curl up in a little ball and quit? They found a way.

    The Bears have an atrocious offensive line. And Justin Fields is on the cusp of running for 1,000 yards.

    Even mediocre teams adjust for a poor line. You know, “Coach ’em up!” Leftwich can’t adjust.

    Remember when Ali Marpet had his concussion in 2020? The Bucs couldn’t use him against the Rams. So the Bucs adjusted, juggled the offensive line (moved Jensen to left guard and had AQ Shipley play center), and Aaron Donald was a total non-factor that game.

    It’s really sad man how Leftwich is incapable of flexibility. 🙁

  10. sasquatch Says:

    Matt Patricia literally studied rocket science. He’s a smart MF. He also coached on the offensive side in New England before he became a defensive coach, then DC, and then Detroit’s HC. Belichick has a history of cross training coaches, and Patricia isn’t as ill suited to offense as you might think.

    Of course, the point is how awful Leftwich is. Should Patricia, in his first year as OC be outscoring Lefty’s team? Hell no.

  11. Joe Says:

    He’s a smart MF.

    MIT, right?

  12. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    More Proof Byron Leftwich Is Fully Over His Head

    Leftfoot is to Team Glazer, as
    Hillary is to the Justice Department.

    The evidence of wrongdoing is all over the internet, but the powers that be have sold out and don’t intend to do the right thing. The people be damned.

  13. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Tony Says:
    “Bucs don’t need to draft Richardson. They need to go either D or OL 1st round. They need to trade down as much as possible & get as many draft picks as possible, too!”

    Agree with all of that. Go Bucs!

  14. Buczilla Says:

    LOL, that is truly pitiful.

  15. DungyDance Says:

    “Boo hoo. There are all kinds of teams that have a worse line than the Bucs.”

    Thank you. Finally this is addressed.

  16. ClwJB Says:

    Our staff is getting the least from the most in the league

    Over their heads, skis, whatever

    They suck and we all know it

  17. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Guys, those teams you mentioned are not blocking for the best QB of all time who is 45 years old with no mobility whatsoever and a poor oline. Plus the one carry over starter on the line at LT is pretty bad at his job this season. Point is this…Byron and Todd may be scared Brady is going to get injured on their watch so they are scared of opening up the offense. Not making excuses for them, just exploring ideas they may be thinking about which lead to lame playcalling. I’m exploring the “Why”. The “why” could also include “fear” from our coaching staff.

  18. NEfan Says:

    Patricia blows as a OC. In watching the games yesterday, I can’t believe how open these receivers get. I seen that very few times with the Bucs, Julio downfield over throw and two to Evan’s, 1 dropped sure TD and another called back from Smith holding. I think that’s all on BL not scheming to get wr’s open. I don’t get the Brady love for him, unless Brady is playing assistant OC and I hate to say maybe he sucks at it, he’s not a coach. No wide formations is huge until they’re in hurry up. Zero running game, baffling.

  19. Oneilbuc Says:

    They didn’t suck when we won the super bowl but I forgot we won only because of Brady!! Brady was the reason why we won the super bowl and no one else. So now Brady has declined and he’s playing bad it’s BL and Bowles fault because Brady throws the ball in the dirt lol 🤣🤣 . And now he don’t have those players that covered up his lack of arm strength because he’s decline BL and Bowles has become the scapegoats lol 🤣🤣. One thing about on this site y’all love to look for a scapegoat. Brady has been the problem with this offense and yall know it. If this any other quarterback he would be the only reason why our offense is bad . I want to hear these same excuses for the quarterback next year especially Trask is the quarterback.

  20. THETRUTH Says:

    GET OFF THE GATOR BANDWAGON !! GATOR QB’s suck in the NFL don’t throw away a pick on a guy who can’t win in college

  21. NEfan Says:


    Gronk, AB, Jensen, Marpet, Cappadocia, JPP, Suh, Whitehead, Mickens, Arians. Same team as 2020? Bowels was not HC and Leftnut took his instructions from the traitor BA. You really have no clue what your talking about. And YES Brady won the Bucs a SB his FIRST season after a decade of constant losing. That’s NOT a coincidence. Bucs would have had another if not for job hunting, Todd Blitz for a loss Bowles. Accept it, it’s the facts!!! Go take that jiz covered Jamais jersey out and fantasize about him sitting in his tight pants on the BENCH!

  22. tampabayallday Says:

    Plz no Anthony Richardson…… that would be a huge bust of a pick my god

  23. Roc Says:

    If you believe Bowles is not the issue Please start watching hockey

  24. Browsing from DC Says:

    Yes, the Patriots offense is scoring more points on average than the Bucs, even under OC Matt Patricia and a struggling Mac “Cry baby” Jones” and mostly no-name receivers BUT:

    They have a healthy, and very good O-line
    A beast of a RB in Rhamondre Stevenson who can run thru tackles and has speed to break it to the house
    They have a defense that not only gets sacks in bunches but forces tons of 3-and-outs and creates turnovers giving the offense extra possessions.

    These are all things the Bucs lack.

    The Bucs have better receivers, a much better QB, decent backs and a pretty good D, but they don’t create turnovers, have a poor O-line which is where the biggest difference lies.

    Both OCs are terrible but NE does scheme more deep routes and take more deep shots, which brings us back to the O-line. But the O-lline can’t be Lefty’s “Get out of Jail Free” card anymore. He’s had all damn year to figure it out and hasn’t.

    Is Bowles being too stubborn and insists that BL put out a vanilla, old-school smash-mouth run-up-the-gut offense even though that’s not the strength of his personnel? Maybe

    Is BL so dumb that he can’t create an imaginative game plan and is too stupid to at least try to copy another team’s plays that could work with his current roster? Probably.

    Injuries are an obstacle to overcome. Stubborn and clueless coaching spells disaster.

    Comparing the Bucs offensive output to NE’s is apples to oranges with the lone exception of both OCs not being very good at their jobs. The difference in Head Coaches is no contest.

    The Bucs’ D has kept them in most games (Last week excluded) but a lack of turnovers (more offensive possessions and shorter fields) is sorely missed when the O can’t sustain long drives.

    I’m not blaming the defense. This is on the coaches and the offense. The lack of turnovers is really where the D lacks the most and they have their fair share of injuries too but at least they don’t usually give up too many points. They get over-worked by all of the 3-and-outs.

  25. geno711 Says:


    Arians was the reason this franchise turned around.
    Was Brady more important. Sure!

    But it all started with Arians.

    Not a traitor in my book. A guy that was as much responsible for our Superbowl except for anyone not named Tom Brady.

  26. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The NFL is sticking their nose into the firings in the pad and cautioning teams to stay the course with lousy coaches. You can count on the gutless Glazers to comply.

  27. SufferingSince76 Says:


  28. NEfan Says:

    7-9 2019 with 1st round QB. NO Brady, NO SB!

  29. sasquatch Says:

    Hunter’s Crack Pipe Says:
    December 18th, 2022 at 2:56 am

    Leftfoot is to Team Glazer, as
    Hillary is to the Justice Department.

    The evidence of wrongdoing is all over the internet, but the powers that be have sold out and don’t intend to do the right thing. The people be damned.

    Keep your ignorant right w!ng BS to yourself. You tards have a boner for Hillary and look the other way for the mountains of criminality from that orange ph0ueck.

  30. Depressed 2022 Says:

    Great article Joe, ….. The buccaneers ship has no sails and it is rudder less, Ownership and the G.M. are afraid to make 🌊 waves…. It would be politically incorrect.

  31. geno711 Says:

    No Arians, No Superbowl.

    80 wins 48 losses. But cherry pick one of his worst seasons as a head coach to weakly try to make a point.

  32. HC Grover Says:

    They may scuttle the Buc Ship to keep the Bengals from sailing it all the way to Cincinatti.

  33. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    sasquatch Says:
    “You tards have a boner for Hillary…”

    If there is one thing that I don’t have, it’s this. Yuck!

  34. NEfan Says:

    geno, you have a lot of balls going there. Brady is like 264W’s ans .754 win %. NEXT

  35. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  36. Brandon Says:

    Wait, according to all the Brady fanboys, Brady runs the offense, designs and calls the plays, hires and trains the personnel? That’s all we heard for two years until our offense sucks. Now we are finally giving Leftwich credit?

  37. Ted Ohashi Says:

    I think the blame should go to Bruce Arians who doubtless convinced Todd Bowles and ownership that in his first year as Bucs head coach, Bowles could also be defensive coordinator. So instead of being the head coach during the week and trying to help Leftwich, he has to work up defensive schemes for the next game. During the game, instead of figuring out how and when to use time outs or challenge the refs, he has to set up the defense. I think BA set up TB and BL for failure to make himself look good.

  38. Ed McSherry Says:

    Give it “the test.”

    The Glazers tell Todd Bowles (Bowles will never do it on his own) that, for the rest of the season, Brady calls his own plays; and see what happens.

    MaHomes has always pretty much done whatever he wants on plays (of course, there aren’t any official plays calling for running around the backfield half the time: those are called “blown-plays”-but whatever. And it doesn’t seem that Reid ever feels that his “authority is threatened” because of it, for example. if it works, it’s smart coaching.

    It is kinda silly in the first place to operate under the grand assumption that Byron knows more about how to run an offense than ten-time Super Bowl marquee-quarterback, Tom Brady.

    The solution could be right there, Todd; easypeesy.

  39. Lg55 Says:

    Replace the cannons powder with the corks that would make a pop noise and then hang down by a string.