Bucs Can’t/Won’t Do What Could Paint Carolina In The Corner

December 30th, 2022

Bucs OC Byron Leftwich.

Frankly, Joe is tired of hearing folks at One Buc Palace try to push the notion that all the Bucs have to do is flip the switch and magically, the no-risk-it; no-biscuit offense will pop out and all will be well.

Nonsense! The Bucs, outside of desperate situations in the final moments of a game, have not done this. And that tells Joe they can’t because they’ve strayed so far offensively with what worked so well the past three years.

It’s now Week 17.  If the Bucs could have run their old offense crisply, they would have done so by now. Why risk a losing record? What was so important in waiting for a breakout?

That’s basically what the sage of Tampa Bay sports, Ira Kaufman points out.

The Bucs are terrible at putting points on the board at just about any time, much less in the first quarter. And Ira believes this plays right into the hands of the Stinking Panthers.

So this is why Joe is very, very nervous about Sunday’s game. Joe doesn’t believe the Bucs can just snap their fingers and the well-oiled no-risk-it; no-biscuit offense magically appears.

If the Bucs can just snap their fingers to accomplish this, that’s very damning to both Bucs coach Todd Bowles and failing offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

38 Responses to “Bucs Can’t/Won’t Do What Could Paint Carolina In The Corner”

  1. Rand Says:

    Tommy wants to be the first QB to enter the playoff’s with a losing record and to win the Super Bowl. That’s my story.

  2. Todd Says:

    Perfect photo of failing OC Byron Lostwich.

    That stupid look; that stupid flat brim hat.

    My only hope for this offense to salvage the season is for Lostwich to magically “get smarter” which is going require abandoning that stupid flat brim hat. Every time you now see it, his flat brim hat will create a Pavlovian response within your mind…you will immediately think, “Stupid!”

    You’re welcome.

  3. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Unemployment is the only thing that will get either Bowles’ or Leftwich’s attention. Idiots don’t necessarily know they’re idiots.

  4. NEfan Says:

    State the obvious put a running team in the hole early. But noooo Mr. Bowles Jango believes Bucs need to keep it manageable and the D will prevail in the end. Sorry folks Carolina is too physical for the Bucs, get ready to pray for a week 18 W and L by the Panthers.

  5. FortMyersDave Says:

    So Ira thinks the Bucs will fall behind in the first half. I have to agree. Might bet on the Panthers for some first half action.

  6. Cobraboy Says:

    There is no switch to flip.

    The only flipping should be this coaching staff out the door.

    Panthers will run the ball down the Bucs throat.

  7. Cchead Says:

    The Bucs offense averages 8 points in the 1st half which means they only varrage 9 in the second half. This offense sucks. But this is this coaching staffs philosophy. Get rid of Blowes and his minions.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    But Joe……Byron want to “put football players in a position to succeed and win football games”……..how in the world can you fault him for that? (sarcasm)

  9. DungyDance Says:

    Rand – while we’re having fun with conspiracy theories, here’s mine. The smoke surrounding Brady’s resentment toward Arians is true, and part of that is he wants to expose Arians’s guys as inept by doing exactly what they tell him to do. Except in no huddles, where he can juxtapose the success of his own play calling against the direction of the coaches.

  10. Georger Says:

    Brady needs to play like Brady 2021. The D needs to turn the ball over and put the offense on a short field. Could you imagine how well this D would be if they were playing with a lead.

  11. dmatt Says:

    The Bucs need to look for speed at wr in the draft n FA. They have a playmaker on the roster itching to showcase his skills set. Deven Thompkins is a diamond in the rough. Since replacing Darden, he’s had a 33 yd return n a 55 yd return. He’s better than Scotty n has speed. He’s a sure hand receiver that attacks the ball at its highest point. However, Bowles has handcuffed him. He’s a natural type player who embraces contact n will do whatever it takes to make a play.

  12. Cchead Says:

    For anybody who thinks coaching doesn’t make a difference in the players performance. Swap coaching staffs with San Fran and see where these 2 teams would be.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Arians returned this week. He may not be the official commander of the offense, but he is on staff…so I’m hoping he helps Lefty gameplan.

  14. Since76 Says:

    This season would be easier to tolerate if it wasn’t so loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. I hate losing due to poor coaching. So many good coaches out there that could make this roster perform like its capable of. Very frustrating.

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    This Bucs team is NOT particularly physical. The Kitties are very physical.

    I suspect Buc fans will be depressed at 0:00.

  16. NEfan Says:

    Georger@ Baltimore, Seattle, Atlanta, Cleveland, Rams, Cincy there’s your answer.

  17. cmurda Says:

    @DungyDance. So Brady hated Arians so much that he won a Superbowl in their first year together and were a boneheaded defensive call away from a great chance at repeating. Instead, Brady is going to wait for Bowles and Lefty to take over to show his animosity towards Bruce? Literally not even a shred of ground to walk on with this conspiracy theory. Now, if you would have said Brady is showing his disdain for the CURRENT coaching staff by doing what the band of idiots tell him to do, that’s a different story. This coaching staff is worse than our record is. That’s how bad they are. The struggles are directly related to poor coaching and a not so great job by Licht. Nothing more, nothing less. But keep the conspiracy theories coming. Their hilarious.

  18. NEfan Says:

    Sorry Georger@ my bad, not leading in the Rams game.

  19. cmurda Says:

    *They’re hilarious*

  20. cmurda Says:

    @NEfan. The Cleveland and Cincy games are fire-worthy. Embarrassing losses that are clearly on coaching

  21. NEfan Says:

    cmurda, I will go one step further and say Brady has next to NO say and that’s how Bowles wants it. There is clear tension between Brady and Bowles. The only time Brady said anything positive about him was the decision he made against LA not to go for it on 4th down.

    Imagine this, Bowels decides to grow a set calls TO in Cleveland and let’s Brady get them into FG range (like AZ), they walk into the playoffs and the injured players get the well needed rest. You poor Bucs fans have to deal with this cliwn next season.

  22. DungyDance Says:

    Cmurda – it is plausible that he animosity escalated after the Antonio Brown incident last year and how Arians handled it. Hence the change since then. Again, just a theory.

  23. cmurda Says:

    Fair enough DungyDance. Plausible enough I guess but I’m still not buying.


    Totally agree. Bowles is a joke. I can’t and won’t root for the Bucs to lose. I just can’t but in the long run it would be best for the whole franchise. I say that with the understanding that the Glazers would essentially have to fire this coaching regime if they couldn’t manage to win this gift wrapped division. Unless of course the Glazers are fine with 53 people showing up to home games. I think Brady was always just fine with Arians. There was only one way to handle the Antonio Brown situation and it was the way that it was handled. Brady may know how valuable Antonio Brown was but he also knows that he needed to be axed. AB should have been b-slapped first. The egregious lack o9f sense to call timeouts in the event that Cle actually does what they did is incomprehensible. There was literally nothing to lose by calling the timeoputs. They don’t score. You kneel in victory formation. If they score, take a minute and change with the GOAT and try to get in FG range. Unreal. It’s sickening that he kept his job after the Pitt game but it’s just miserly of rich ownership to allow this disgrace this long. Like I said all year and loudly since the Steelers game, the season could have been saved. Not now.

  24. SlyPirate Says:


    They can but they won’t.

    Bowles is too afraid of losing to win. That’s how you get to 7-8.

  25. kgh4life Says:

    In the first half of the Bengals game, BL was calling a great game: he had motions, play action and slant patterns and as soon as they went up 17-0 they went back to predictable plays. The Bucs want to be smash mouth team they just don’t have the personnel.

  26. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Wow , quite an influence effect on these posters, Joe.
    Well, I’m not going to be a negative nancy because the NFL is a tough league and any team is capable of doing the unexpected on any day. Who would’ve predicted Lions would give up 300 yards rushing to Panthers last Sunday? Who would’ve thought Evans would drop a wide open deep ball in the 1st Bucs/Panthers game?
    It will probably be a close game and I’ll take my chances with Brady.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Tommy needs to lead a mutiny against this offensive philosophy. Byron can come along for the ride if he wants but it’s time to ignore whoever is mandating the offense needn’t score like last year.

  28. ocala Says:

    Cobraboy is right. Bucs need to get rid of this coaching staff. The head coach and OC are the worst in the NFL.

  29. Infomeplease Says:

    Repeating!!!!!! FIRE BOWLES and LEFTWICH Today!!!! That’s the best chance to make playoffs!!! Promote the assistant coaches go back to what works, lose what doesn’t work! The team will rally around the change BIG TIME!!

  30. Brian Says:

    These coaches are brilliant! Now they will turn the hounds loose! Oldest trick in the book ! Brilliant!😂😂

  31. Buc4evr Says:

    Honestly, TB12 needs to take over play calling from the beginning of the game. Turn off the speaker in the helmet and go hurry up, don’t even pay attention to Leftwurst. Buc’s Defense is going to get worked if the Bucs can’t get an early lead. Unfortunately neither Bowles our Leftwurst are going to do anything different and I am not sure I can watch this game. Makes me sick……

  32. Brian Says:

    I can’t believe that we fooled the NFL that we had no offense for 14 weeks! Brilliant! This coaching staff is so savvy! Now we turn it on! Woohoo

  33. ElioT Says:

    Panthers are going to go all “Nasty Nate” on the Bucs Sunday.

    At least we’ll then have hope of Byron & Bowels getting canned.

  34. Sucatkane Says:

    OK Joe what is no risk it offense that the bucs should run one that requires them to pass protect because we drop back 45 times then what trade is sacked I’m still hoping we have been faking the whole time and bam we open a can of whoop ass

  35. Tyree Says:

    I would like to see a breakdown of yardage, running, passing, interceptions, and sacks while under center and same breakdown in shotgun excluding hurry up offense, because Brady is calling his own plays in tempo. I’d guarantee it’s not even close. Joe can you get this information? I would love to see an article on this.

  36. Captain Vic Says:

    Agree w. Buc4evr, can’t believe it’s taken this long. With so much on the line at this point, Brady should Audible to whatever he sees on the field as being the best play. Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a QB named Joe Willie Namath, who upset the mighty Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Reporters asked the Jets coach, Weeb Ewbank after the game who was calling the plays. He said ” well the first couple plays I sent in Joe changed them at the line to scrimmage, so after that I figured what’s the point.” Broadway Joe didn’t have a prolific passing day for 300 or 400 yds, he was 17 of 28 for barely 200 (204) yards, but he called a perfect game! Afterwards he said fullback Matt Snell deserved the MVP instead of him. Brady’s the best in-game OC we got! After the 9th or 10th straight audible, Maybe coaches Todd and Byron will get the message

  37. Vadertime Says:

    Fire Bowles, Leftwich, everybody. Clean house and lets start fresh in 2023. Let’s get rid of the high-priced veterans who are not performing and let the rookies develop. Let’s start the rebuild in 2023.

  38. Tiny Dungy Says:

    Put Ko Keift at FB, Put a blocker at TE (Goedecke?) give the ball to Playoff Lenny and smashmouth the crap out of the Panting Panthers