Ira Kaufman Shares Firm Bengals-Game Conclusions, Talks 2022 Finish, Insists Tom Brady Isn’t Orchestrating The Offense, & More

December 21st, 2022

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Ira has plenty on his mind in this shortened edition before a more meaty episode 2 this week with Joe. Dive in!

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2 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Shares Firm Bengals-Game Conclusions, Talks 2022 Finish, Insists Tom Brady Isn’t Orchestrating The Offense, & More”

  1. Barber20 Says:

    When is someone gonna report on what’s going on with this team? Clearly Brady drama has affected the team. The retirement unretirement flirting with dolphins Clearly has nullified some of his impact or presence on the team. Mike Evans and Tom’s body language with each other is weird to say the least. is the best in tampa in reporting need you guys to find out the truth!

  2. Bucs go Bucs Says:

    The word “hypocrite” came up few times during the show. I couldn’t take it. The turnovers by Brady in the second half (except that stupid handoff fumble which is 100% on Brady) are results of POOR PLAYCALL DESIGN AND POOR EFFORTS by offense (yes Mike Evans included) rather than Brady himself alone. Go & look at the tape. Obvious 3rd down situations where we usually send 4~5 receivers, Bengals D was so much anticipating the lousy routes by all our receivers by sitting at advantageous positions. Brady had nowhere to go to unless rocket-thread to his target… (his first interception). Every WR was draped all over by defensive backs for most part. Any time there was a glimpse of route developing, our O line allowed pressure to affect Brady a split second too fast. Bengals D kicked Bucs O pretty bad in 3rd quarter onward. We need to scheme up better for this obvious pass situation in 3rd downs. These lousy design will fail all the time.

    Can’t stand Ira moaning about Brady’s immobility at this point. I challenge you to bring any mobile quarterback better than Brady… mobile quarterbacks are exposed to injury at ANY POINT in game while they may provide exciting escape here and there. Josh Allen? Patrick Mahomes? Jalen Hurts? Hubert?! What have they achieved so far?!? This QB mobility is the most lame argument in NFL! Wait, who won the last Super Bowl?! Oh yeah, Matthew Stafford…