Friendly Nudge To Bucs Coaches: Please Use The Hurry-Up More

December 6th, 2022

Release the hounds.

Yeah, Joe was like everyone else watching tonight’s game — in disbelief at how anemic the Bucs offense was. With all of this talent. How?

Week after week Joe asks the same question. So Joe really, really hopes Bucs coaches see the elixir that is staring them in the face. The Bucs are damn good in a hurry-up offense.

The Bucs have one of the most impotent offenses in the NFL for reasons unknown. However, FOX showed a graphic during the “Mistake on the Lake” last week that showed the Bucs were a top-five offense in touchdowns, completions and yards when running a hurry-up.

Tonight was a wonderful example how the hurry-up should be a staple for the Bucs, and not just broken out in an emergency situation.

With Tom Brady working his magic with just over five minutes left, the Bucs had two touchdown drives totaling 21 plays to give them an improbable win.

Well, improbable unless old man Brady is your quarterback.

Yes, Brady can still get the job done so long as he is not lassoed. So please, Coach Bowles and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, it is not illegal to use a hurry-up late in the first quarter or midway through the third quarter. You don’t have to wait until your trailing in the final minutes.

When your offense is sluggish and cannot move the ball, give it a shock and go a hurry-up. You may be surprised to see more points on the board and this very well may lead to — gasp! — more wins.

21 Responses to “Friendly Nudge To Bucs Coaches: Please Use The Hurry-Up More”

  1. Tampa Bay Tailgaters Says:

    That and just pass down the field more, open it up!

  2. SB Says:

    LOLOLOL I Literally logged in right now to say Exactly your title Joe! Then I saw the article!
    If we Started games like that teams wouldn’t know what to do!!

  3. Lefty Sux Says:

    I agree with Joe. You have to be Leftwich level stupid not to see this many games ago and start relying on it.

    It feels like we’ve had 3 points going into half and less than 10 points going into the 4 quarter many times this year.

    But heck, let’s run it up the middle for 2 yards on first down again shall we?

  4. SB Says:

    Go back and watch the film.
    How many times was Mike Evans one on one with a Rookie tonight? Not Lattimore because he was on the bench.
    First drive should have been a ME TD.
    I don’t understand why we go turtle all game and then “risk it” late and win or almost win.

  5. Mikejp Says:

    The Coach has a game plan and plays but should let Tom decide what he wants to do. They should play hurried up every 2 series.

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    Go back to when Brady got here, and EVERY time they go to hurry up, it works. Also, EVERY time they run hurry up and it’s not at the end of the half/game, once the Bucs get into a flow and move the ball at ease, Leftwich will literally bring the offense to a halt by doing a big personnel change and slowing everything down, and literally every time, the Bucs will end up kicking a FG when it looked like an easy TD was coming.

  7. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    A competent OLine would fix 90% of the problems with this offense. People still dont want to admit how impotent this line was left after all the losses since last season. Tom masks how bad they really are by getting rid of the ball so quickly, and often, inaccurately.

  8. Trask To The Future Says:

    They should run the hurry-up to get a flow going.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    BradentuckeyBuc – your offensive line is being put in a position where the other team knows what is coming 95% of the time, thanks to this super predictable idiot calling the plays.

    Were the previous lines better? Certainly. You can’t lose two all-pros and not feel the pain.

    However, you know what would help this offensive line play better? Have an OC who isn’t retarded. Who puts the players in the best position to win. Instead we have an OC where everybody stacks the line on 1st down, plays for the screen on 2nd down, then drops 8 deep on 3rd and long.

  10. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Boron is killing us. Brady is saving us.

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    Trending on Twitter is a tweet from Arians, vs the Falcons in 2021, when the Bucs go to halftime only up 21-10, he’s angry and yelling in the halftime radio interview, saying “This should be a 35 point game by half right now, we’re not happy about S–T!”

    Can you imagine these gutless cowardly morons running the team right now being mad at only scoring 21 points at halftime? They’d literally be celebrating. That’s why they’re losers.

    I can’t believe they were around Arians for so long, and nothing about him rubbed off on them.

  12. Ed McSherry Says:

    Brady does the “no huddle” hurry-up style in these situations because of the amount of time left: in these situations Brady calls his own plays.

    So, they only got just one field goal all game when Leftwitch was calling the plays. When Brady called the plays they got 2 touchdowns in 3 minutes & won the game.

    Ummm, let’s run that through “analytics,” and see if a new offensive coordinator might be needed. Better yet, right it into his contract: “Brady calls his own plays.”

  13. Ed McSherry Says:

    Make that: “write it into his contract.”

  14. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Todd Bowles is too thick to do the smart thing. Don’t expect any changes because, by gosh, it’s his team and he wants to make sure he never has another head coach job.

  15. BucU Says:

    A very exciting ending to an otherwise all too familiar offense. Leftwich is the anchor wrapped around this offenses neck. It took TB12 miracle to save Left again. He’s got to go. He’s not intelligent enough to learn from his idiocy. Great win and very happy…until I think of who’s still the OC this morning.

  16. Buc4evr Says:

    BL is more worried about Time of possession than points. The Bucs should use a no huddle offense to move the chains and to set up the run.

  17. Ed Says:

    Yeah, Brady knows WTF he’s doing. The Bucs offensive coaches and head coaches do not know how to manage a game in real time.

    The only time this offense has cashed in is when they’ve been in hurry up. Been watching it all year and its been pitiful that as fans we’ve been watching pre-historic offense and then when they trail, the 45 year old “rocket man” starts rifling the ball out of the shotgun and things come together.

    Even running out of the shotgun has been working. Bowles is just beyond conservative, he’s no student of the analytics. If he was he would see the Bucs are dangerous in the shotgun with multiple receivers on the field.

    For 55 minutes it was tight heavy packages with 2 wide receivers trying to get open against an 8 man zone. Once they spread them out and starting going deeper, the over the middle was open and Brady exploiting it.

    Brady, Godwin, Otton and White were solid at the end of the game but Donovan Smith was killing the with penalties.

  18. Beej Says:

    I’m arriving at the opinion Brady doesn’t wanna take a lot of shots he would have taken last year, and instead checks down. When the game is on the line he HAS to go take those shots

  19. Casual Observer Says:

    Of all the comments/suggestions made after this game, this is the most relevant. Fast pace works with this team. Coaches please take note.

  20. Buc You Says:

    Bowles and Leftwich are terrible at offensive game calling.

    Brady does have the vision, the arm and the weapons… Leftwich and Bowles are simply miss managing this team. Too many runs and short passes… not enough balls down the field. Need to stretch the field on 1st and 2nd downs too… not wait until 3rd and long.

    When Brady moves on after this season, we will see how bad they are in 2023… without Brady, this offense really goes to crap… oh well.

  21. D-Rok Says:

    Deadly dangerous offense when in hurry-up. It is what WORKS for this offense, so the only “fix” is to run this at least 4 drives a game. Planned, not only at end of games.

    Start of each quarter, run hurry-up. It works, so use it, coaches!!!!!