Dick Vitale Goes Off On “HORROR SHOW” Bucs

December 20th, 2022

Bucs superfan Dick Vitale is fed up.

You know it’s bad when your biggest booster has turned on you.

Joe is so very fortunate in this line of work to have met all kinds of fantastic people over the years. Some famous, so many, many more not famous.

Perhaps at the top of the list is Dick Vitale. The basketball Hall of Fame analyst resides in Sarasota and is a huge supporter of local teams (he’s been a Rays season ticket holder from Day 1 and has a suite at Bucs games).

Once upon a time, Joe did not like Vitale, knowing him only as a basketball broadcaster. Joe thought his schtick was fake and way over the top.

Then Joe met Vitale and crossed paths with him maybe a dozen times over the years. Joe has never met a more kind, genuine person. He’s a huge star, but he never, ever big leagues anyone. He’s not one of the many phonies who work in the electronic media, especially nationally. Once Joe got to know Vitale, Joe became a big fan.

Vitale is 100 percent authentic, 100 percent real. What you see of him on TV is exactly the same guy you run across in a Sarasota diner. He is totally passionate about the game of hoops. Dude is high on life.

Vitale’s tireless charity work for juvenile cancer research is beyond reproach.

So yesterday when Joe noticed Vitale’s Twitter feed, Joe did a double-take like a Looney Tunes cartoon. Vitale blasted the Bucs and their pathetic play in a series of Twitters Sunday while he was at the game at The Licht House.

Whoa! See for yourself.

For Vitale, who is the epitome of a positive guy, to destroy the Bucs like that — he’s not wrong, BTW — really took Joe aback. If a Mr. Positive fellow like Vitale is that upset and fed up, imagine what other Bucs fans are feeling who don’t have Vitale’s star power and forum?

Joe doesn’t blame Vitale one bit. This team, specifically the offense, is so poorly coached. Guys look like they are going through the motions. Checked out.

Joe can’t kill the defense. Despite all the injuries, the defense is playing decently.

Vitale is a former high school, college and NBA coach and a hoops analyst for ESPN now in his sixth decade (!). He knows what he is seeing from athletes. So the “body language” line really jumped out.

Have the Bucs, with three games left and still atop the putrid NFC South, packed it in mentally? Has failing offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich lost his offense? Has Todd Bowles lost the team?

Joe pointed this out on Twitter yesterday: Had it not been for Tom Brady’s magic against two awful teams like the sorry Rams and the slimy Saints, the Bucs would have been 1-8 since (barely) beating the Dixie Chicks in October.

That’s Raheem Morris and Greg Schiano kinda stuff there. And neither had remotely the same talent that is on the current Bucs roster.

Rah got bounced after ending 2011 with 10 straight losses. Former Bucs commander Schiano began the 2013 season 0-8. And we both know what happened to those two when things went south.

31 Responses to “Dick Vitale Goes Off On “HORROR SHOW” Bucs”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    JTS and LOGAN”The Invisible man” Hall
    Bucs expected them to replace JPP and Suh.
    No mystery to why we suck this year.
    Also Hainsey and Geodeke to replace
    Jensen and Marpet.

    If you didnt see this team would be a train wreck, you dont understand football.
    Its exactly like some of knew it would be. You cant winnwith bad lines.

    Ive seen Everyone blamed- From Brady To Lenny to Evans.
    Its laughable. Its disgusting.
    Its the lines. From All pros to rookies.
    I called it in in July. Was screaming about it in every post.
    So were a few others.
    Im not the only one to predict a 8-9 record, before we played the first game.

    Blame who you want. Its the rookies in the line.
    Clear as a bell.

  2. sasquatch Says:

    I hope the Glazers are following what Vitale is saying. He’s speaking for BucsNation. There are exactly zero fans that I’ve heard of that believe Bowles is up to the job. It’s sad. Leftwich must go, and Todd will see to that if the Glazers give him another year. They have to be considering ending it after the 1 year experiment though. This year has been a disgrace by every measure.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Glazers will almost surely give Todd’s Bowels another year, because they’ve never fired any coach after just one year. But this is like being dealt Ace King of suit in a texas holdem game when the board has the 10 J and Q of suit…….and you fold.

    So, maybe…….but then what?

    Brian Flores or Eric Bienemy. Think about all the attributes.

    Jim Harbaugh or Sean Payton? They’re not coming here.

    Brady? At this rate, it’s not a slam dunk that the Bucs will pay what he’ll need to continue at 46 – nor is it a slam dunk that he’s still got all the juice necessary. He crumbles like Glennon now in the pocket with any pressure at all.

    This team is the most disappointing since 2018, for me.

  4. Goatfarmer Says:

    Jason Licht and the Glazers unknowingly made themselves a dung sandwich in the off-season and preseason.

  5. adam from ny Says:

    the locker room saw tommy b check out early this season, so there is no cavalry behind him anymore…

    it’s been a low key checkout this year…

    and the fact he isn’t signed has the organization knowing he’s probably going elsewhere…

    so it’s like the words “lame duck coach”…we sort of have a “lame duck quarterback”, or more so we might actually have a “lame duck franchise” right now…

    as everyone under contract past this year is probably just waiting for the bucs to turn the page towards a new organizational direction…

    in some ways, brady and his bs might be ruining the team…or team unity…things internally seem a mess…

    as tom brought everyone together in year 1 and 2, in year 3 he might have accidentally pushed everyone apart…

    the team needed BA running the ship this year more than ever…it’s so evident

  6. adam from ny Says:

    ok i will crawl back under my rock…and pray for us to win out and get on track for dallas

  7. steele Says:

    Thank you, Capt. Tim. The decline was going to be obvious with the roster all by itself, the loss of key veterans without adequate replacements or upgrades, poor drafting and poor free agency. And OneBuc insisting that all was good, JAGs are great, etc.

    But then the coaching fiasco made it far worse, sucking the life out of what should be a roster that, although depleted, should have enough talent to compete, making bad post-Super Bowl/post -Rams playoff loss attitudes on the part of many veterans (including your “stars”) even worse. Bad play calling, confusion, miscommunication, freelancing, frustration.

    Nothing short of a total house cleaning and fresh start will save this team.

    Brady is a problem. I’ve said for months that he needs the kind of red carpet that Peyton Manning and John Elway got in Denver. Both in decline, especially noodle-armed Peyton, were blessed with completely playoff-ready teams that didn’t require much more than a manager QB, who could save their energy for a few big postseason games. In other words, the kind of all-in that Brady did not get this season. He sort of had that two years ago, along with a lot of fortunate matchups and circumstances, and Bucs have the SB to show for it. It’s been downhill since.

    The Bucs can’t build that kind of star veteran team next offseason. They are on the wrong side of it with contracts and the cap. That’s why they have chosen to go the other way, investing heavily in the youngsters and the JAGs.
    Brady doesn’t belong in that kind of mess, unless he no longer cares about rings and is content to just play, even in a losing situation. And he is in the way of a fuller rebuild behind a new QB, be it Trask or someone else.

  8. Whybucswhy Says:

    I seriously wonder why Jason Licht still holds a front office job after his several missed HC hires, terrible drafting strategies, and handing out several bad contracts to below average players. Tom Brady literally saved this guys job. I know everyone is calling for Leftwich’s and Bowles’ jobs, but you’re gonna get the same results unless you fire EVERYONE. Including Licht.

  9. NotaBucsfan Says:

    So allowing 31 points in the 2nd half is playing decently? Back to “Lost Decade” standards .

  10. Allbuccedup Says:

    A couple more games like the last two I can see top ten draft pick baby we should get a diaper dandy in the draft.

  11. Fansince76 Says:


  12. Defense Rules Says:

    NotaBucsfan … ‘So allowing 31 points in the 2nd half is playing decently?’

    With a handle like ‘NOT a Bucs Fan’, I really can’t figure out WHY you’d bother to comment on a site like Joe BUCS Fan. Your choice of the word ‘allowing’ in your comment kinda lets everyone know though which direction you’re trolling in.

    Bucs made 4 turnovers in that 2nd half, on 4 straight possessions covering a TOTAL of only 14 offensive plays. IMO that fake punt debacle, although not technically a TO because it happened on 4th down, was a giveaway also because it lost so much field position. Net effect was that Cincy got the ball in Bucs’ territory on 4 straight possessions and scored (our defense held them on the 5th one). If you take that fake punt as also being a turnover, our Turnover Differential was MINUS 4 on the afternoon. Odds of winning an NFL game with a MINUS 4 TO Differential is literally ZERO (it’s only 17.4% with a MINUS 3 TO Differential).

    IOW Non Bucs Fan, that many turnovers literally guarantees defeat. We didn’t ALLOW anything. We handed the Bengals the game on a silver platter.

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    TOs were the difference to be sure but Dick is right about the body language. This team pretty much gave up after the 2nd TO.

  14. beano Says:

    The players would rather not make the playoffs as it would extend the season by one week. They’re ready for the links.

  15. HC Grover Says:

    No worries, Bowzo is working 24/7 on trick plays in case we get a couple scores ahead of Dallas in the WC game. Be prepared.

  16. BucU Says:

    One of you summed it up perfectly.
    This season has been a disgrace.

  17. Alanbucsfan Says:

    It was a strange NFL weekend-
    The way the Vikings came back and beat the Colts
    The way the Jags came back and beat the Cowboys
    The way the Raiders beat the Patriots
    The way the Bengals beat the Bucs
    The refs call on Commanders’ receiver to wipe out a TD.

  18. LakelandSteve Says:

    Of course the players have checked out. You can see it in there body language when they are on the bench. Unfortunately only being able to see it during live shots on TV, but when things start to go bad they don’t fight, they quit. There is no fight in this team, there is no heart and there is no dawg in these players. Let’s face they are just a bad football team.

  19. Pewter Power Says:

    Unfortunately they won’t for this staff after one season and they should and they’ll lose BA too. Maybe the only reason they haven’t is because of the ring of honor ceremony which is stops if you’re all about winning.

    The offensive coordinator is a huge hire next year it will determine if Bowles will be caned or not

  20. Bucobill999 Says:

    Defense is the same as prior years offense is the main problem

  21. NEfan Says:

    DR, so a turnover leads to a TD? A fake punt on the Bucs 27 with a 14 point lead and playing a top 3 Qb in the league is justified? What’s the success rate for that call? Dude get out of Bowles shorts. Turn 3 of the 4 turnovers into FG’s, Bucs win. Yes turnovers are the receipt for a loss and that’s on Brady but how about you put up a fight? 79 points in 2 games!!! Your a stats guy, that’s 39.5 points a game. That’s NOT GOOD FOOTBALL!!!

  22. Joe Says:

    I seriously wonder why Jason Licht still holds a front office job after his several missed HC hires


    He hired two. One had a winning record one season (not enough, obviously) and the other got him a Super Bowl.

    The Bowles hire was likely set up when Arians came in, if Bowles was still here.

    (FYI, Glazers always have the final call on coaches.)

  23. Mike Johnson Says:

    IF..Bowles runs the table and win the remaining 3 games? He keeps his job. I’m sure he knows this. But I don’t believe he can win all 3. We shall see.

  24. Statguy Says:

    I think Harbaugh would want to work with Brady if he indeed wants to keep playing. From his recruiting stories he would be willing to sleep in a bunk bed at Brady’s house until he changed his mind

  25. Bucamania Says:

    If the Bucs keep Licht and this coaching staff they will be in prime position to draft Caleb Williams next year. Brilliant! Glazers are playing chess.

  26. Captain Oblivious Says:


    I am the self-appointed math police here on JBF and question your arithmetic concerning the defense these past 2 embarrassing Bucs games. I’m going from memory here but didn’t the Bucs lose to the 49ers 35-7 and the Bengals 34-23? So the defense gave up a total of 69 points for a 34.5 pts/game average. QED

    However, I am generally with you on everything else including being on here because of being Brady fan. I can hardly wait to see where he plays next season. Hopefully with the 49ers.

  27. NEfan Says:

    Captain, my bad thought is was 45-7, maybe because that’s what it felt like when they put their 4th string QB in. Sorry 34.5 points a game, I feel much better about the D now. Thanks for clearing that up.

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    We be don’t

  29. Uncle Chris Says:

    GOOD NEWS: The Bucs are in 1st place. Yes, in the worst division in football.

    Key things to note here: We were playing the defending AFC Champions. These guys were one drive away from winning the Super Bowl last year and have proven in 2022 that they’re for real.

    I am very encouraged by what I saw in the first half. The Bucs installed a beautiful gameplan this week, going back to the type of offense that won us a franchise-record 13 games last year and a Lombardi-tossing boat parade the year previous. In the first half, the Bucs showed we CAN be that team we’ve seen the last couple historical seasons. That team IS still there. It is possible.

    The second half was a debacle of extremely poor execution at an epic rate. The 4 (unofficially FIVE) turnovers and early checkout by the defense (who did their best with their offense giving the AFC Champs the ball FIVE times in Buc territory) is not a problem we’ve seen from the Pewter Pirates this year. But it happens. These games happen. Even to the greatest of ‘em. Yes, even to the Greatest of All-Time. I know it feels like we’ve told ourselves that all season, but the difference this time is that the problem has never been turnovers.

    This loss was not because of poor play calling (Lenny up the middle. Repeat. Repeat. Punt.) or just plain poor offense. For the first time all season, the Bucs FINALLY installed our brand new old offense. No doubt we have Bruce Arians to thank for that. And look what happened…we got those recent glory year results. 17 points in one half, and Tommy was getting everyone touches and the defense had no idea where the ball was going.
    The second half, I don’t know if Medusa made the halftime speech or what, but everyone’s hands turned to stone.

    But the gameplan was right on point. Installing our previous championship offense proved that Byron and Bowles should’ve done this a long time ago. And they should’ve known that.

    So yes, Uncle Chris here is the sole Bucs fan who is actually encouraged by what we all witnessed on Sunday. That team in pewter and red is in fact that same Super Bowl team from just two magical seasons ago.
    If someone told me at the beginning of the season that going into Week 16 the Bucs would be in 1st place and in control of our own destiny, I’d take that in a second!!! And so would you.
    Is it with a losing record in the most horrific division in the NFL? Yes.
    My response: So?
    Once you punch your ticket to the playoffs, the records don’t matter one bit. It’s survive and advance.

    Only three teams have made the playoffs in a full NFL season. The 2010 Seahawks knocked off the defending Super Bowl champion Saints. 2014 Panthers beat the defending AFC champion Steelers. And the 2020 Washington Football Team gave the eventual Super Bowl Champion Bucs their toughest, closest game of the postseason with a rookie quarterback against the GOAT. Before you say, “well they only won one game…,” that’s one more win than our 13-4 Bucs had just last season.
    What’d I say? Records mean nothing in the playoffs.

    13-4 or 9-8 or 8-9, all the Bucs need to do is get in the tournament. Then, especially with Tom Brady playing in his final season (probably), who wants to finish his “waive the 5-year HOF waiting period” career on top, truly ANYTHING can happen…

    All you need is a chip and a chair.
    And Tom Brady.

  30. sasquatch Says:

    It amazes me when people talk about “several” head coaches hired by Licht. Lovie was not hired by Licht. I’m not convinced he really had final say on Koetter, as that was a reasonable move to try to develop continuity for Jameis. I’m pretty sure the Glazers wanted that one, and it was certainly an upgrade from Lovie. Licht was able to attract Arians because he has a good rep overall in the NFL and because he had put together a talented roster that Arians thought he could work with. So Licht gets credit for that. And to those who say Brady saved his a$$, it was the strong roster and coach that Licht was responsible for that attracted Brady. So Licht gets credit for bring on Brady and building the roster that won the Superbowl… but yeah, Licht is terrible (???)… people are ignorant. Every GM that has ever drafted players has missed on some. Wish people would get a clue.

  31. Ed Says:

    Glazers, look around the NFL, very few franchises are tolerating bad coaching and an unwatchable product.

    13 games in and mistakes, poor use of personel, bad clock management and trying to sit on the few leads they’ve had has done in this staff and reduced the value of many of these players.

    Not only will their be changes in whose in charge but some of these players are losing their value when they hit free agency by association with these crap game plans and outdated schemes. Lots of money gonna be lost by the players and the Bucs are going to be a hard sell to get fans back the way things are going.