49ers 35, Buccaneers 7

December 11th, 2022

Just think of what the Bucs have accomplished since Thanksgiving, the calendar date after which many NFL types, including Tom Brady, say is when the games matter most: Tampa Bay lost to the miserable Browns, needed a historic miracle to beat the slimy Saints, and then today were hammered by a rookie QB making his first start.

Our beloved Buccaneers are not ready for prime time, and they may now be in a struggle to make the playoffs after getting clobbered by the 49ers today (more on that later).

Todd Bowles’ defense wasn’t ready today. The offense was sputtering from the opening whistle. The referees were working against the Bucs. And Bowles’ team looked overmatched and outclassed again.

Joe is depressed. The Bucs’ run defense was humiliated. And a rookie quarterback was nearly perfect against Tampa Bay. That’s a playoff defense? Pffffft.

Joe’s in disbelief, not that the Bucs lost, but because they were so damn bad.

Bowles has proven himself to be a miserable head coach through 13 games. What else can one conclude with the Bucs having a 6-7 record in a brutally miserable NFC South?

Who should Joe celebrate today? Rachaad White playing rather nicely despite fumbling for the second week in a row? Tom Brady not taking a sack despite nearly 60 dropbacks? Logan Ryan looking healthy? Deven Thompkins looking like a legitimate returner in his first shot at the position?

That’s how bad it was.

With a real shot at the No. 3 seed with a win today, the Bucs crapped the bed. Non-competitive football in December is a bad, bad look, the kind that gets a head coach on a hot seat.

Carolina (5-8) hammered Seattle (7-6) today to pull within a game of the Bucs in the NFC South, and the Panthers currently own the tiebreaker edge on the Bucs. The teams face each other on New Year’s Day at The Licht House on Bruce Arians Day, when chants of “We Want Bruce” are sure to emerge.

120 Responses to “49ers 35, Buccaneers 7”

  1. Tyler904 Says:

    Fire coaching staff

    Someone @me to get a billboard paid for in Tampa

  2. #99 Says:

    Fire Bowles!!!

  3. beano Says:

    Good thing Trask didn’t play, we wouldn’t have scored all those points.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Oh nooooooooo …..WE SUCK AGAIN!

  5. Leighroy Says:

    B!tching about the refs is like complaining that the water was cold when the titanic sank.

  6. Tbbucs3 Says:

    This teams not making the playoffs no matter how bad the division is. Can’t win with a washed QB and bad offensive coordinator.

  7. #99 Says:

    I’m with Tyler,
    I will help pay for the billboard.. who else is in??

  8. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Dean Smith was the only person to hold Michael Jordon under 20 ppg. Tom Brady is the only QB to hold Mike Evans under 1000 yards in a season.

  9. Trask To The Future Says:



  10. John Ocala Says:

    Brady had a terrible game. No doubt. Overall,
    these men are playing for a lame duck coach. Playing like it too. No ambition or drive. If the coaching staff were doing a wonderful job the players would be coming to their defense when thousands of us fans are pointing out their ineptness or simply bitc***g. I haven’t seen a stream of players defending this staff or claiming they believe in this regime… That
    alone tells everyone of us all we need to know. It tells the Glaziers, GM and every pundit out there. The players do not believe in their own coaches, system or coaching decisions…..
    In addition to this regimes mistakes players are not unscathed in this. How many 1st plays of the game has a buccaneer mistake changed the momentum of the game or seemingly put the bucs immediately behind the 8 ball? How many first series mistakes have taken the wind out of their sails or changed the complexion of the game? How many penalties have taken points off the board? How many penalties have lead to opposing teams points on the very next play or that series of downs? Poor coaching folks. These coaches are an embarrassment… They simply don’t know how to win games or how to push the right buttons to motivate these men to the degree necessary. Simply a shame.
    The Glaziers could cut their losses. Put an intern HC in there and get better results. I doubt seriously it could get worse?
    Very sad Bucs fan I am… Heartbroken actually. How can these coaches look us in the eye and keep babbling bulls**t? This experiment has been a colossal failure, save face Glazier’s, listen to the people spending cash money to watch and support this garbage. Remember, disgruntled fans equal a real hit in the wallet.
    Have BA figure it out, he created this mess. No one wants to talk about the elephant sitting on the 50 yard line out there. He put this staff together and gave his blessings that they could handle the task. Gave them the GOAT as well as a Superbowl roster. The experiment didn’t work. BA is on the staff, fix this mess you assembled….. Accountability, remember BA? Take responsibility for your part in this mess and salvage the season.
    Sorry everyone, I had to have my peace. Thanks for the space Joe.

  11. ClwJB Says:

    That is where we lose the division and playoffs and the entire staff including Light gets fired

    They all deserve it, what a travesty they have created

  12. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I’m so happy we have our amazing coaching staff

  13. Bosch Says:

    Bowel movement and leftnut Musst be fired before they get off the plane. In fact, make them take a commercial flight back.

  14. T REX Says:

    Start with Jason Licht and flush it all…

    Trade evans…trade everyone

    STart over

    Bruce Arians owns this for giving us such garbage coaches

  15. BucU Says:


  16. AmauryGuzman Says:

    I think Brady is playing with an arm injury. Either way expect this team to get smoked next week as well. Licht gave up on the season when he let these clowns finished the season.

  17. Darin Says:

    They were already in a struggle to make the playoffs before the game. This team is terrible. When they win it’s usually the other teams fault. They be who they be. Only gona get better if the clown posse gets sent packing

  18. John Says:

    Rookie QB’s vs the Bucs never fails

  19. ElioT Says:

    Blow it all up!!!!!!

    Quit lying to yourselves.

    It’s all over.

    Licht, Bowels and Leftwich are done.

  20. Destinjohnny Says:

    Thanks to Jason Licht, you got to see the worst offside line talent go against the best D on football.
    Did you really expect any thing diffrent?

  21. BFFL Says:

    JTS is a klutz

  22. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Licht had no interest in saving this season. They should have traded brady ag the deadline.

  23. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I’m done until this coaching staff is fired. I’ll be here long after they are gone. Not wasting anymore emotions on this team coached by these idiots. It’s a shame. I hope the GOAT goes to a good team next year. He’s earned it. See you guys next year, maybe.

  24. Arn platz Says:

    The league should step in and disqualify the whole NFC south from competing in the playoffs. I think this is the worse the division has ever been since it’s inception

  25. DoooshLaRue Says:


    Not just an amazing coaching staff…..

    An amazing and diverse coaching staff.

  26. HC Grover Says:

    Simple Fire Bowlzo and Lefty Clown Show right now.

  27. AmauryGuzman Says:

    The scheme is awful. The players look disinterested and lost. Etc.

  28. unbelievable Says:

    I would like to congratulate Todd Bowles on being the first coach to stop Mike Evans from reaching a 1000 yard season, and leading Brady to his worst record ever as a starter.

    That’s impressive stuff for a defensive mastermind. Truly.

    The only problem is he happens to be their head coach.

  29. FrontFour Says:

    I just don’t think we’re that talented. Lots of hype around a bunch of players but it doesn’t show up on game day.

  30. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Let’s talk about accountability. BA fired a dude mid game last year. We could use that about now.

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I have little confidence in this team down the stretch…..

    If we win the division, it will be because other teams lose.

  32. AmauryGuzman Says:

    This team has stayed the same since the first week. What does that tell you? It tells you that they have an inept coaching staff who doesn’t know how to make adjustments and hold players accountable.

  33. Mikeinlutz Says:

    This was a beat down. Being in Tampa since they were 0-26 team, this is as bad as it gets. No offense no defense. To sh them all start over.

  34. HC Grover Says:

    Bucs will lose to Bengals and Cardinals. That should take them out of the division lead.

  35. AmauryGuzman Says:

    FrontFour you don’t think a good coaching staff makes a difference?

  36. McBucky Says:

    With Purdy kicking butt and taking names, it looks like Brady’s opportunity to head West next year is gone.

  37. Red86 Says:

    It’s time to move on coaching wise.

    They literally had to focus on three players on the 9ers offense. All three played lights out and were heavily relied upon. smh.

  38. AmauryGuzman Says:

    HC Grover and licht will give toilet bowles a pat on the back.

  39. ClwJB Says:

    Devin misspoke, he meant to say we are not going to win another game

    Let’s see…

    Bengals – hahahaha
    Cardinals – Hopkins gets 250 yds – we score 3 points – they score 28
    Panthers – we score 6 pts and Byron says we “doubled our output” in a 7-6 loss
    Falcons – they are playing a rookie at QB, definite loss

  40. Destinjohnny Says:

    When you cant run the ball or pass protect….. you just cant win
    It’s that simple boys n girls

  41. D-Rok Says:

    Wow. Game wasn’t on TV for me living in NC, so me and Mrs. D-Rok went to a friend’s house. Just got home, saw the results. This sucks.

    Sounds like a completely non-competitive game! From those who watched it, fill me in please. This sucks.

  42. Tye Says:

    NO offense or defense… Lefty and Blows epic fail….


  43. John Ocala Says:

    We were all praising the GM a few months back. He doesn’t call the plays..He doesn’t develop the game plan… He doesn’t not decide to go for the win because Brady might screw up… The talent is there. This coaching experiment was a failure. That’s BA’s doing… Ultimately Jason had to sign off but this really lies with BA. Gotta go back to the “no risk it no biscuit” that this team was built for…

  44. D-Rome Says:

    Leftwich and Bowles have ruined their future head coaching prospects. Brady wasn’t very good today but that hasn’t been the case all year. The team’s ills are on coaching.

  45. gotbbucs Says:

    Whatever it takes to blow this sh!!!t show up at the end of the year is what I’m in favor of. We’re just going to end up looking back and being pissed off about the close wins that they slopped into losing draft slots in the process.

  46. Jugheadfla Says:

    Why do they give up on the run so early?

  47. Coburn Says:

    Can I have Leftwich job? I’ll do it for a fraction of the price and I can guarantee it won’t get much worse despite not having a resume. Need to see some heads roll. And bowles has basically guaranteed he will never get another shot at head coach in this league

  48. Bosch Says:

    If the Bucs make the play offs the NFL will take a credibility hit.

  49. Destinjohnny Says:

    John in Ocala. We have the worst offensive line talent in the NFL. Who is to blame ??

  50. McBucky Says:

    Yeah, I’ll take the OC position!

  51. Dreday Says:

    This team does not want to play for these coaches. I’m ok with a one and done season for Bowles. Maybe he’s just one of those coaches that are better off as a coordinator

  52. Christos Says:

    A team in disarray honestly
    Brady missing throws
    Receivers dropping passes
    Defense missing a lot tackles
    Defense cant touch Purdy and making him look like Mahommes
    Coverage nowhere to be found (only 2 PBs both by DL)
    Players complaining
    Players arguing on the sidelines
    I m sorry but this is not looking like a TEAM
    Coaches and players share the blame
    I dont know whats going on but watching the game today sure looks like a lot of things are going on that we dont know
    Embarassement has lost its meaning
    You cant show up and look like this
    A reset is needed

  53. Redeemer Says:

    I think all of us had this circled as a loss, but not like this. The defense got punked by a freaking rookie, who was benched several times in collage. I lost count how many times bucs defenders got pinned inside. This team has one way to win. Play great defense, and hope for a Brady miracle. Everything is out of sync. Zero continuity. I hope BA is happy with his plan. They just wasted their last with Brady. I really hope he leaves next year just to show these idiots how badly they bungled this.

  54. Tye Says:

    WATCH the pathetic Panthers win this division…. Pathetic!

  55. PSL Bob Says:

    I hope this is a lesson to Joe. Just because a team has a rookie getting his first NFL start is no reason to believe that the Bucs would have his number. If you watched the 49ers-Dolphins game last week, you’d know the kid is good. He knows the offense inside and out and practices daily against the leagues best defense. He proved he’s not a fluke today. So all week as Joe was going off about how Bowles’ defense will eat this kid alive, I shuddered. In fact, every time Joe goes off on how we’re going to dominate a rookie or backup QB, I chalk up a L on the scoreboard. Please stop. Right now, I’m not sure the Bucs can bean anyone. D. Smith can’t protect Brady in critical situations without holding, the play calling is predictable, and Brady can’t consistently get the ball deep to receivers. Even if we make the playoffs it will be one and out.

  56. LVMYBUCS Says:


  57. FairMinded Says:

    Who are these geniuses calling for Licht’s head? We have talent up and down this roster. We have a clueless coaching staff. Licht will be our saving grace in pulling off a reset and quick turnaround next year

  58. Arn platz Says:

    The lack of effort and mental mistakes today combined with atrocious play calling is looking like a good chance they lose their remaining four games. Bengals, Cardinals, Falcons and even the panthers are better coached than the Bucs. All the talent on this team and there is a real possibility they end the season 6-11.

  59. Bird Says:


    Man i hope they give the rings to trask next year. I really do. With these coaches, he will never win a game (0-17) and you will never post under beano ever again here. Fingers crossed that happens


    On the flip side , even though yah boy jameis cant beat out dalton on saints , lets bring jameis back here. With these coaches , he wont win a game. 0-17. Unfortunately you will continue to post here. And try and act like you wanted brady here 😂. Fingers crossed for a jameis return

    You two are bucs fans? Yah right. So excited the bucs are losing with the greatest of all time

  60. BucsFan81 Says:

    Honestly at this point with how much bad football we have seen from the Bucs this season I am looking forward to the rebuild. I hope they clean house completely. We need coaches that are aggressive and a team that is not soft. This team is way too soft with way too many injuries. We need a tough team that likes to punish people. Can’t wait to get younger and watch the rebuild process.

  61. D-Rok Says:

    Good description, Christos. Thanks. It’s what we’ve seen all year, although I was trying to be optimistic it could change.

    Sounds like we got thoroughly spanked and out-classed today. 🙁

  62. Destinjohnny Says:

    Fair minded we have the worst offensive line talent in the NFL. It’s not my fault or yours or Todds or Byrons. It’s courtesy of Jason Licht

  63. IE Buc Says:

    Time for the rebuild. Blow it up. Fire Licht, Bowles, Leftwich, and Arians. Glazers need to show they care about owning this team.

    Do whatever they can to get Jim Harbaugh in here to keep Brady. Hopefully Harbaugh wins that college championship and is ready to come back to the nfl. If not Harbaugh, Demarco Ryans showed what a great HC material he is.

  64. Pewter Power Says:

    Hey BL said everything is all good. You’ll hear no accountability from the coaches this week once again. I really don’t care if Brady stays at this point if I have to continue to watch BL and Toad Bowles destroy the Bucs name Brady helped restore

  65. 2022 return of the goat Says:

    Fire the cannons and clear the deck glaziers need to clean the house or sell the team yeah it’s always 5:00 somewhere but a franchise is a franchise and the ship is sinking

  66. DungyDance Says:

    Billboard. Picture of urinal. Bowles and Leftwich name on urinal mat.

  67. Destinjohnny Says:

    Who has a worse line then ours??
    Ill wait

  68. BuxfaninTX Says:

    Tampa makes rookie QBs look like Hall of Famers

  69. mark2001 Says:

    It just isn’t getting better. This coaching has no answers. End of year, time to trade some assets for draft picks, hire a new coach, and turn the page.

  70. AmauryGuzman Says:

    What sucks is that licht gave up on the season by sticking with these clowns. Players can’t overcome bad coaching. Those are facts! Even belichick has said this.

  71. Frank Pillow Says:

    Well done Todd and team. Well done. Like the lost Lovie years, you sad set of serial loafers (and there are many on this team) have reset the bar to our franchise norm. Thanks for restoring order to our universe of pathetic football. You all should be very proud of yourselves. We all missed getting boat-raced by the varsity squad. Now that we’re back to being JV, we can all get down to the business of planning for our next draft bust. It sucked not sucking. Mercifully, we suck again!

  72. unbelievable Says:

    Licht is not the problem.

    It’s Bowles, Leftwich and Armstrong.

    ^ the Trio of Ineptitude

    Dear Glazers- please fire them all the second this season ends. Thanks.

  73. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    “Tampabaybucfan Says:
    December 11th, 2022 at 7:42 pm
    I have little confidence in this team down the stretch…..

    If we win the division, it will be because other teams lose.”


    I 100% agree with you 💯 percent on this one!!!!!!!!!

  74. AmauryGuzman Says:

    They will get smoked again next week and everything will fine. Wasting a season Away.

  75. Marc Coppola Says:

    “We’re not losing another game”

  76. Your Mom Says:

    I have the answer. Fire Bowles because he stinks. Elevate Leftwich to interim head coach because he stinks as an OC and have Clyde Christiansen (or Brady) call the plays.

    Then get a new coach next year. Sorry Bruce.

  77. Sean Says:

    This team is not finishing 9-8. Carolina and Atlanta are better teams. They are more cohesive unit even with their QB and coaching carousals. I’ve said it before: Don’t get mad at Bowels. He’s been consistent. He is a below average head coach. Licht and the Glaziers knew this.

  78. mark2001 Says:

    Did the Bucs yell “No Mas” or what? Did the 49’ers put in the 4th string QB? I watch past the third quarter TD, early in the quarter. The 49’er coach must have felt sorry for Bowles and company.

  79. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I cannot wait to see what this franchise does and who they put at QB after Tom Brady leaves.

  80. mark2001 Says:

    Sean… this isn’t a playoff quality team. Maybe we can get a young quality QB with a higher first round draft pick.

  81. Arn platz Says:

    Love my Bucs and I would hate to see them humiliated in a playoff game, they may not make the playoffs. Then I look at Carolina. Steve Wilkes is winning with ( I don’t even know a single player on that team) Here we are with a roster full of talent and we can’t do $&!#. Damn frustrating. Why do I love this team when they don’t love me back

  82. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Bucs are a circle jerk shet show. Total embarrassment.
    coaches are clueless, the players know it and it shows.

  83. HC Grover Says:

    Its Over. They will not come back from this and will not even win the stinkin division. They are going to be 6-9 in two weeks. No they can not beat the Cards in Arizona.

  84. Miller5252 Says:

    Bowles needs to be gone ASAP. You have 4 receivers, that if on the field at the same time, shouldn’t be covered. There should be at least 1 open at all times. Bowles has taken a team the was primed to win and put handcuffs on the offense. Yes, Lefty is part of the problem, but you can see and hear Bowles comments about not pushing it down the field. The soul of this team has been torn out and you can tell the team has given up. Even Evans and Brady cant gwt on the same page at all. Bowles needs gone. And Arians shouldnt be put in the ring after abandoning this team and allowing this crap to happen! Sad!

  85. T REX Says:

    This staff is one and done

  86. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    “Sean Says:
    December 11th, 2022 at 7:55 pm
    This team is not finishing 9-8. Carolina and Atlanta are better teams. They are more cohesive unit even with their QB and coaching carousals. I’ve said it before: Don’t get mad at Bowels. He’s been consistent.”


    Yeah…..Bowles has been consistent at losing games…..he was a Losing head coach with the Jets too.

  87. T REX Says:

    Brady does not trust/like Evans

  88. NEfan Says:

    Play calling was different and working, holding on D Smith killed all Bucs momentum. It’s not like Purdy threw for 300-400 yds. He went 16 for 21 (embarrassing) for 185yds 3 tds (embarrassing). McCaffrey ran for 119 and a rushing TD and receiving TD. Out played out classed and 100% OUT COACHED. 49ers played mistake free football. Bucs are undicipline and have trouble playing to the whistle. If Bucs played them again in Jamuary it would be the same because Bowels wouldn’t change a thing. I wonder if BL will think 6-7 is a good record. Joe didn’t Brady get sacked twice?

  89. Pewter Power Says:

    In other news price of Bucs jerseys just plummeted

  90. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    We all know these Bucs will lose next week against the Bengals too.

  91. MONK Says:

    Tom Brady is the GOAT! He would still excel with a superior offensive line that would allow him to stay in the pocket and hit receivers at will. However, he’s behind a banged up, mediocre line and has to rely on short passes to move the ball. Even so, he misses receivers when under pressure.
    The new version of QBs features mobility and escape runs…Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrows etc.

    Our starting defense is still very good…the replacements, not so much.

    BTW, Kyle Trask is a pocket quarterback…YIKES!

  92. Bobby M. Says:

    Bowles established himself as mediocre with the Jets……this season makes him look bad. He got gift wrapped a proven team in a weak division and somehow he routinely makes a mess of the season. I’m literally back to my approach of moving on with my day if we get down 2 TDs, something I haven’t done since Winston. If we do rebuild, I hope Leftwich and Bowles have to finish their contracts coaching the leftovers.

  93. bucfan999 Says:

    Bowles, Leftwich & Armstrong need to go now. Put Tom Moore at Head Coach for the balance of the season, Thad Lewis at OC & Larry Foote at DC & Keith Tandy at ST.

    Tom Moore was a great OC with the Colts and never got a chance to be HC lets give him the chance he wrongfully never had during his career, it would only be for 5 games but at least he would have been a HC

  94. Oneilbuc Says:

    I told y’all Brady is done and it’s ok he’s Jerry Rice with the Seahawks and Raiders. It doesn’t take away from what he done in the pass but to hope he comes back here next year hell no !!!

  95. NEfan Says:

    TRex, I don’t know about that, he hit him a few times today and tried a few more, one int and the 4th & 1, I’m pretty sure ME13 was supposed to go to the corner of the end zone and either didn’t get there or was held, whatever reason that was a broken play. I think ME13 is hiding an injury.2

  96. Coburn Says:

    Pump the brakes on Purdy. We have a tendency to make guys look like pro bowlers who go back to riding the bench. I don’t think he’ll end up being a household name. We just sucked that bad and have a way of making these guys look good

  97. HawaiianBuc Says:

    WAKE UP GLAZERS! How much more does this fan base have to endure for a change to be made. We are literally wasting the GOAT’s time with this coaching regime. #Bowlesout #Leftwichout. Plenty of coaches have been fired for way less. There is no reason for this offense to be sputtering as badly as we are under Leftwich. Let them find their own way back to Tampa. In the words of CCR, leave the sinking ship behind.

  98. MadMax Says:

    Well, i predicted before halftime 31-7…saw it coming when it was 14-0

  99. NEfan Says:

    Oneilsuckyall, Brady didn’t let a rookie QB go 16-21 for 3 td’s and give up 119 yds on the ground and 2 more td’s. Once again Bucs couldn’t run the ball and Brady had to throw 55 times and get knocked around like a pinball. Was it a good game for him? Absolutely not but how many big plays do the Bucs have to eat from penalties? If you expected 42 points against the #1 D it ain’t happening. Oneilsuckyall, take your shots but the entire team except Thompkins played like shat. Great coaching, it only took 13 games to realize the kid is a great return guy.

  100. mark2001 Says:

    John. alot of truth in that. But I dont think we will see an interim HC. I think we are along for the ride this year. The new QB , loss of so many FA’s, and lack of draft picks are my biggest concerns.

  101. Infomeplease Says:

    Open letter to the Glazers… This season isn’t over yet!! Save your dignity and get rid of Todd Bowles TODAY!! He is making you owners the biggest joke of the NFL!!!! You have a great team with a head coach that is clueless!! After 13 games your team, with all the great players on it, have a losing record!! Your head coach makes up excuses loss after loss!! Never takes responsibility!! He is not capable of winning because he makes no effort to motivate his team into playing up to or above their abilities!! That’s what winning coaches do!!!!!!!! FIRE BOWLES TODAY!! The team WILL RESPOND!! You will win the division and make the playoffs and have a chance at another super bowl appearance! With Bowles that won’t happen. Anybody watching the games can see that!!

  102. mark2001 Says:

    I think we will get a good new HC. No old retreads, I hope. KC seems to put together a great O every year. What is the problem with Eric Bieniemy? He must interview pretty poorly or something.

  103. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Bird!! Great post these guys aren’t bucks fans at all the Brady trolls. They stay up all night posting anti Brady stuff when things don’t go well , when he does a miraculous things they are quiet as a church mouse probably with anxiety and high blood pressure and can’t sleep. He’s tormented them for 20 years. He’ll be gone next year 100% certainty 2-15 at best top 5 draft lottery for next decade. Back to anonymity with the worst winning percentage in the history of sports

  104. LastDance Says:


    Id like to meet you in a dark alley you whiny a$$ beeeeyyyyIIIITTTTCCCHHHH… I would lay you low right now

  105. LastDance Says:

    Sorry everyone… I am just tired of non-intelligent drivel. I will be better

  106. LastDance Says:


    Im with you bro. It would be nice to have a place to just have a conversation instead of this stupidity. I long for the day when Brady retires so I can relax. yet I hope he plays next year just to get this Bucs taste out of his mouth

  107. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    The coaches suck. The team is vastly overrated and Brady is a damn fossil.

  108. LastDance Says:

    Uck Fay OO Yeah Alvin. He’s been a fossil for 23 years you dummmmma$$. But he’s never had to deal with sh!tty coaching before this year.

  109. JimmyfromNY Says:

    LastDance- No chance Brady goes out like this he will be playing at a MVP level. Next year bet your life on it. And be in the NFC championship game at a minimum. This Bucs team is 1-12 without him this year. Jameis Winston , Trask are not NFL quarterbacks. The people calling for them on this board must be related to them. He’s not playing at MVP level but he’s hamstrung with completie ineptness across the board from the coaching to the play calling to the wide receivers and tight end, to the worst running game in maybe the history of the NFL. Asking a 45 year old guy to elevate everyone around them still it’s a joke. But he’ll be back.

  110. MJ Says:

    I watched the game and said to my husband that there is definitely something going on with this team. They don’t look like they want to play. Team members seem unhappy and not in the game.
    There is no way we are going to win this division. We spent all this money on these big name players and they played worse than midget football players today! Team is not in sync. Can’t see us winning another game this year. What a waste of a year. Rebuild this team.

  111. Bucswin Says:

    Positive note. We are still in the playoff hunt.

  112. Oneilbuc Says:

    Last dance. 😂 😂 You funny 😂😂😂 you are mad because Brady is 45 years old and playing like a 45 year old quarterback lol 🤣🤣!!

  113. Oneilbuc Says:

    NEfan . The only player you care about is Brady and yes defense played bad today but the offense been bad all season long. And Brady also sucked out there today. And Brady didn’t get sacked one time today so you can’t say he didn’t have time to throw. Brady time is up and you just can’t let him go but it’s over. The bucs would be fools to bring him back next year regardless what happens this season.

  114. Manny Says:

    You know what!! I am absolutely so effing sick of this sh**. How stupid can you be as an owner and a gm to not see the problem here. You have a talented team and you know the issue belongs to leftnut and bowl hrad. Im si sick of this weekly side show. Fire them!!! This is a win now league!!! I am so sick of the stupidity of leftwich calling the same damn place omg!!!! Bowles has zero motivation at first you think, how could a brady led team play so horrid week in and week out and then you realize it could absolutely never happen because brady is taking orders from a guy who wouldnt kno hos a$$ from his hand and a head coach who hasnt seen motivation since he tried picking up round the block Tiffany marie, who turned out to be a she-man from the tampa red light district.

    If you own a pro sports team and you have the greatest football player ever on your team on maybe his last ever season, which has tirned into a damn titanic mess, why wouldnt you makenthe obvious personnel changes and fire bowles and leftwich and let arians finish off the season as interim coach. This is a business. It isnt about bring afraid to make the right choices because your friends. We are all pissed as hel. The bucs just made a rookie in his first start ever, who was the bery last pick look like freaking josh allen!!! I hope brady goes to the 49ers next year and wins the super bowl. He deserves so much better!! He really wants to win and he wlrks harder than anyone, and everyone else is lazy, just doing it for the money. The 49ers have such a great team on both sides and they actually have hood coaches, who actually have games plans thats someone with a brain made.

  115. Jameisgirl1 Says:

    Does it matter who the QB is when the o line is awful and the run game is piss poor?? How bout the great defense?!? Looks familiar.. only question is who is more stupid? Bowels or Allen???

  116. Steven L. Benner Says:

    If we lose the next 2 games and the Panthers Win their next 2 then we will be out of the Play Off Contention. It could happen as we are no match for the Bengals! Another repeat of this sad & embarrassing game. How & Why do we Hand off the ball so much??!!! Especially in the 4th Quarter down by 20 points!!! 5 yard gains and a fumble is not getting us anywhere. Need to bring back Bruce Arians and Fire Toilet BOWLES & LEFTNUT it’s just not going to happen with these men at the Coaching position. Today’s game was practically a Blow Out!!! We look slow and outmatched at every position- this team is no match for KC, Buffalo or the Eagles. The Bucs are back to being the Suck-aneers! But l can guarantee this…. San Francisco WILL NOT make it to the Super Bowl! Let them enjoy this easy Win against a weak opponent- in the end they will be watching the Super Bowl from their homes!!!

  117. Browsing from DC Says:

    Luckily where I was watching the game Fox put me out of my misery in the 3rd quarter and switched to Carolina/Seattle. Then I turned off the TV when I saw that score. We lost so badly in the trenches today. Other than that phantom holding call that negated the interception, the refs called every other penalty correctly imo. Loved the safety blitz to open the game. Hated the bad form and leading with his helmet. Ruined one of the few good play calls.

  118. !1bucs fan Says:

    I quit watching after the Cleveland so let me see if this is what happened today — 1/ There were no schemes or game planning that acted as force multipliers but relied simply on one player beating another 2/ The Team simply was not prepared mentally or emotionally to play 3/ There was a replay of the punt call from the Cleveland 37 when it was 4th and 2 only this time went for an historically long field goal for Succop as opposed to burying a rookie quarterback in bad field position 4/ Devin White still hasn’t been coached up and got juked multiple times after over playing leaving his lane open with arms flailing and gave up key first downs and even a TD 5/ Evans and Brady still aren’t connecting (which has to happen for the Bucs to win) and post-game Bowles shrugs his shoulders and says “they” need to figure that out 6/ Key penalties which is the result of lack of focus and just that small amount of effort that separates winners from losers in the NFL..And finally ( and this I am sympathetic to) the beat writers who really are insightful as to what going on will not be completely transparent and brutally honest with their knowledge and insight as to lose access . Unfortunately they can not be friends with those they cover…the best thing they can do is be brutally honest.

  119. Daniel Price Says:

    While we’re at it blaming players and coaches and. in most cases rightfullyso. What about donavon smith

  120. Suggiefresh Says:

    Sure looks to me like Superbowls are a death nail in todays NFL, Bucs win two years ago, today they are trash. Rams last year, today they are trash. Seattle. Patriots, KC probaly the only outlier but they are beatable.
    I think if you look at the winning teams you must realize that part of their success comes from a mobile QB making plays with their feet or on scrambles. We Do Not have that and a drop in Tom Brady’s ability to get the ball to the receiver will spell doom to this offense. Defense is just not getting what Todd is dishing out. 13 weeks into the season to still have miscommunication and players out of their gaps means they are playing for themselves not a team.