Tom Brady Worked With Todd Bowles To Change Practice

November 16th, 2022

“Clyde, it’s time to make changes. I can’t operate like this.”

About nine weeks ago, NFL Network reported that Tom Brady wouldn’t be practicing on Wednesdays this season.

That turned out to be nonsense and Todd Bowles later explained that Brady might take a day off when there’s less work to be done.

Not only has that not happened, behind the scenes Brady has been driving tougher practices.

Buccaneers quarterback coach Clyde Christensen hopped on the Buccaneers Radio Network this week and explained that injuries to receivers including Russell Gage and Julio Jones, and the recovery progress of Chris Godwin, left Tom Brady frustrated by the lack of practice time necessary to build chemistry.

The result was Brady working with Bowles to ramp up practice to more game-like conditions.

“A lot of those guys, Russell missed a lot of practice. Julio missed a good stretch after that opening there in Dallas and those early days,” Christensen began. “It’s just hard to get the chemistry if you’re not practicing together. So, we just stress practicing together. There’s no other way to do it but to just get snaps together.

“Coach Bowles and Tom really made a good decision, I think, to put some more competition back into our practices the last couple of weeks. Just because for a quarterback, a walk-through doesn’t help us as much. … You don’t get timing. You know you really have to feel [the receiver] getting pressed, and re-routed and redirected and slung around and how’s he going to come out of it. So all those things, you can’t get’em half speed, you can’t get’em on a chalkboard, you sure can’t get’em in the locker room. So the last few weeks, we’ve tried to incorporate a little more competition into our practices where we see guys at game speed.”

Christensen went on to explain that more intense practice is a better simulation for new starting center Robert Hainsey and the starting guards that weren’t with the Bucs last season.

The Bucs offense didn’t have to do that when they were more of a veteran team,” Christensen said, referring to the line.

Joe is glad The Brady Effect is ramping up. It’s about time. Joe expects the Bucs to take a step forward through a combination of rest and extra practice courtesy of their bye week.

Listening to Christensen, Brady sure doesn’t seem like a quarterback interested in retirement. It all jibes with Joe’s takeaway (below) after Brady’s Friday news conference in Germany.



49 Responses to “Tom Brady Worked With Todd Bowles To Change Practice”

  1. MadMax Says:

    Now that he has the cheating worthless dude looking ex out of the way…LETS FN GO!

  2. ‘79 Defense Says:

    Brady has talked about how much he loves the Bucs organization. If that is true then hopefully he only plays for the Bucs next year— if he does play at all.

  3. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Joe, that report by Rappoport about the Wednesday vet day was misleading and it was made to stir up fake outrage on social media. Brady was singled out, but Bowles also said Julio would be taking a vet day on Wednesday, Godwin’s day was on Thursday, and Lavonte’s vet day on Friday. People ran with the story tha Brady would be off on some personal day each week. Vet days are not personal days. They still have to come to facility and get treatment and attend meetings. I really can’t believe that some of you were questioning Brady’s work ethic and commitment. Once again, some of you have no idea what’s happening behind the scenes. Fans continue to project their own feelings onto Tom. I wish I could bring up the old posts about people whining and complaining that we were struggling because of some perceived lack of work ethic by Tom. I know that one poster named Chris Apple was a big offender.

    Brady is 45, and he leads the league in passing attempts. If he needed to take a vet day, then no one should complain. A tired arm makes an inaccurate. Have any of you considered that the heavy load on his shoulder might be the reason for some reason his poorly thrown passes? Not to mention he’s dealing with a finger and shoulder injury. I know he hasn’t been listed on the injury report, but Brady is notoriously shadowy when it comes to admitting any injury. You won’t catch him whining about his thumb like Aaron Rodgers. Brady played in the AFC Championship with a dislocated thumb, and he played with a torn MCL in 2020, which wasn’t reported all season.

  4. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady’s done after this year. He always said he wanted to play until he was 45, and he’s achieved that goal. He’s still playing pretty well at 45, and it’s amazing. He’s the biggest outlier in sports history. I do believe he loves the Bucs organization. My theory on the Miami tampering that it was all Gisele’s doing is making so much sense now. Tommy didn’t want to leave Tampa. Gisele wanted out of Boston and Tampa. She wanted to live in Miami because it would jump start her career. She got sick of waiting and forced Tom to retire when he didn’t want to. Where does Gisele live now? Miami! She purchased a home right across from the new home their were constructing and where Tom will eventually live when he retires after the season.

    @Max. Tom is much smarter than Gisele. The paparazzi won’t catch him with any women. He learned from his good buddy Derek Jeter. Have a friend sneak them in the house, collect their phones, and have them sign NDAs.

  5. Jmarkbuc Says:

    With as many coaches as the Bucs have on staff, you would think players would be getting coached up, down and sideways…

    No wonder there is no intensity on game day, if there is none in practice.

  6. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Bradys decision to come back to the Bucs will all depend on how the rest of this season goes….if the rest of the season flops, a then 46 year old QB will not be returning.

    I do wonder how much the Giselle stuff impacted his poor play earlier in the season, for the last game and a half he appears to be turning things around.

  7. Sean Says:

    Hopefully we can look back in February 2023 and say the game winning drive against the Rams started a snowball effect– the drive, the much needed escape to Germany, the bye week, Brady squaring his personal life, the new practices, guys getting healthy, etc. I tend to doubt it but hope springs eternal.

  8. Rob Hamada Says:

    Brady will sign a 2-3 year contract with the Bucs after the season ensuring that veterans around the league know he’s here to win. We need cap space. If you want to be here, you’ll take a pay cut and bust your butt. Free agents will come to play with Brady. Resign Hicks to a cheaper 2 year deal or find another DT. Sign another RB who can block and catch from the backfield. Resign Ryan and Neal or find another DB or two. Draft interior DL to play/rotate with Hicks, LT who can play LG until Smith retires, WR who can stretch the field with Evans and Godwin, LB who can rotate with David, DB/S if we don’t resign the current guys. Don’t waste this draft like the 2021 draft.

  9. JD Says:

    Bruce Arians can go f&*K himself!

  10. Ron Potter Says:

    Sounds like the vets bring the young players down in regards to how our coaches are catering the intensity of the whole practice to our old guys. Need this to stop and it shouldn’t be taking Brady to say anything to see how dumb this would be. No wonder the development of our young guys is slow!

  11. NEfan Says:

    JD, diddo, poor coaching kills a good team. I’m sure thoughts of Giselles ju jitsu instructor wrapping his legs around her face showing her a new gag/choking technique impeded his focus. Tommy just don’t go too wild and weaken your already damaged knees.

  12. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Jensen. Where and What?

  13. NEfan Says:

    FYI, somebody has to take the reigns and coach this team, may as well be Brady.

  14. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Brady has had enough of the incompetence ind ineptness of these coaches that he has to take over. Come on Bowles and Leftwich, what have you been doing lately ? And Arians has to throw Brady under the bus just to protect his 2 minions. SHame on all of these coaches.

  15. ViSyl Says:

    The way his personal life is going, there is no way Brady stops playing at the end of this season. The question is, will he play for the bucs? If we really start performing well, yes, otherwise, no.

  16. tbbucs3 Says:

    Nobody gets triggered quite like Brady fan boys when someone criticizes his play.

    The realty is that most new Bucs fans are really just Brady fans who will defend their boy no matter how subpar he’s been this season.

    If you weren’t there when Josh Freeman and Josh McCown were taking snaps for the Bucs im not heavily interested in your opinions……go to the Bucs games and look how many half Pats half Bucs Brady jerseys there are….these fake fans will be gone the 2d Brady decides to retire

  17. JD Says:

    @tbbucs3.. First of all, I am a fan of the bucs! Do I love what Brady has brought to the team? Absofcknlutely! Do you even realize how much Brady has contributed to our team OFF THE FIELD to change their views and habits of what it takes to have a winning organization.

    @tbbucs3.. Don’t come with your bullcrap. Bucs wouldn’t be crap without BRADY! Or maybe you have forgotten the days before Brady but I have not!!!

  18. JD Says:

    @tbbucs3.. First of all, I am a fan of the bucs! Do I love what Brady has brought to the team? Absof%knlutely! Do you even realize how much Brady has contributed to our team OFF THE FIELD to change their views and habits of what it takes to have a winning organization.

    @tbbucs3.. Don’t come with your bull. Bucs wouldn’t be Sh%t without BRADY! Or maybe you have forgotten the days before Brady but I have not!!!

  19. orlbucfan Says:

    I agree, tbbucs3. How many of these “new Bucs fans” were round during the 1980s and early 1990s when the entire franchise lived in the cellar, year in and year out. Plus attended the games and bought t-shirts? I don’t mind vet days off. They know the system, and can use the body rest. Here’s my Brady beef. He’s 45. He’s got millions, is a chick magnet, won every NFL including eventual HOFamer. What good is all that if he ends up in a wheelchair with a damaged brain? Pro football is a violent young man’s sport. TB deserves the accolades, but there’s reality, too.

  20. orlbucfan Says:

    were around
    won every NFL honor
    I hate typos!

  21. Goatfarmer Says:

    Toad’s Bowel proving his softness and flaccidity. I mean, fine that he adjusted but why does his QB need to tell him?


  22. orlbucfan Says:

    P.S.: I remember when Clyde Christiansen (sp?) sucked, and helped Tony Dungy get fired. Glad he’s improved with age.

  23. NEfan Says:

    Oralbuc exactly why you don’t throw passes to him. Brady is very good at protecting his head, will he be able to walk at 60 is left to be seen.

  24. Winky Says:

    Gotta practice hard yo

  25. tbbucs3 Says:


    This isn’t about 2020 or 2021….we can reflect on those years once he retires.

    It’s about 2022 and up untill the Seahawks game….Brady has led a bottom 5 offense in the NFL……everyone talks about the low INTs (which don’t matter if your not throwing touchdowns and garbage time yards….

    Remember when passing yards didn’t matter to Bucs fans when JW was QB?

  26. geno711 Says:

    Love Brady.
    Love Arians.

    Those guys brought us a Superbowl.

    Hopefully, this current coaching staff and offensive line will be up to the task. Pretty sure the rest of the team is potentially capable.

  27. Bucsfan13 Says:

    True colors are starting to come out with some Bucs fans about Brady. There’s a portion of our fan base that hated Brady, but held their nose for two years when things were going good, now that we’re struggling they just couldn’t wait to unleash their wrath on Brady. Real Bucs fans like me know that we were the damn laughingstock of the NFL. A team recovering from the lost decade. Brady changed this organization around. Lavonte said he was on his way out because he hated losing so much. When Tom signed with us, the Boston media and some national media lambasted him for signing with what they called a “loser” franchise. Winston fan boys are still bitter about his departure. The fact is Winston was never bringing a championship or respect back to this franchise. Brady has done both. Some of you look at stats, but ignore the intangibles and the power of faith a team has in Brady. The defense will always fight hard even the offense is stinking up the field because they know if they can keep it close, there’s a good chance Brady will find a way to win. The team won’t quit because they know Brady won’t allow it and will down fighting. That’s a very powerful to have in the locker room, and one you wouldn’t have for most other QBs in the NFL, certainly not Trask or Gabbert.

  28. Tye Says:

    Brady to the rescue because Bowles is useless as a HC!

  29. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Tbuc- Fun being a fan of one of the worst franchises in history of sports I’m sure you have a lot of good memories outside the 1979 season with Doug Williams. Brady brought you guys to a level where you’re recognized as one of the premier franchises in all professional sports and yes passing yards passing completions and other stuff means nothing but when you tie it in with Downfield throws, turnover worthy plays, tight window throws, it shows you that he’s still playing at an elite level something that you absolutely can’t stand. Brady haters are the best always lurking and trolling when something doesn’t go right and Turtle like cowards when he turns things around like he always has. Don’t worry he’ll be out of town in the next year or two and go back to be the ultimate Bucs fan that you , getting psyched up for draft parties and routine for quarterbacks with more interceptions than touchdowns.

  30. Keimosabe Says:

    You play like you practice, hell learned that in pewee football

  31. NEfan Says:

    Absolutely NO running game, what QB or team can survive without one?

  32. SlyPirate Says:

    Bucs are lucky to have TB12. Bowles doesn’t have HC quality leadership abilities. Bowles won’t last a season as HC after TB12 leaves.

  33. Rod Munch Says:

    Note who wasn’t involved, Leftwich.

    So basically Brady said Leftwich is an idiot, and went right over his head to Bowles. WHICH, by the way, is what Brady should do. No reason to bring a dullard like Leftwich into the conversation.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    NEfan Says:
    November 16th, 2022 at 12:08 pm
    Absolutely NO running game, what QB or team can survive without one?


    It’s 2022, who cares about the run? Running is for losers.

    Example, Chicago because the first team to run for over 250 yards in a game for 4 games in a row, and they’re 1-3.

    You win by scoring more points than your opponent, not by running the ball up the middle for 1.2 yards.

  35. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Guy is a flat out winner and not going through the motions and it is evident on both sides of the ball

  36. NEfan Says:

    Rod, how about you answer the question with facts not your uninformed opinion. The facts are a team CANNOT win without some sort of a balanced run/passing game. DR posted it many times, if you cannot run you become one dimentional which in turn males defending a team for easier. That is unless your the Bucs D and adjustments aren’t made.

  37. Buc1987 Says:

    What JBF doesn’t need.

    1.More Patriots fans.
    2.More Patriots fans.
    3.You get it already.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    NEfan Says:
    November 16th, 2022 at 1:12 pm
    Rod, how about you answer the question with facts not your uninformed opinion.


    Meanwhile, in reality, I literally gave you stats.

    Also DR is quoting stuff from 1982. It’s 2022, in case you didn’t know. No, you do not need to be balanced. KC isn’t balanced, Buffalo isn’t balanced. And no, late runs, to run out the clock, isn’t ‘balance’.

    Get with the times already and stop being a complete bore. Also, if you’re a Pats fan, do me a favor and go drown yourself in some calm chowder.

  39. JimmyfromNY Says:

    I HATE the Patriots with a passion , BB is a historic loser without Brady . Bucs fan since 1980 NFC title game loss vs Rams 9-3. Huge Brady guy from NY. My favorite team and player won a bowl together. Unfortunately to many Brady trolls everywhere u go.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod Munch … ‘Also DR is quoting stuff from 1982.’

    That’s a load of crap and you know it Rod. Your problem is that you don’t understand the concept of a ‘balanced attack’. In your simplistic world that means 50% run, 50% pass. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  41. NEfan Says:

    You go DR. Rod, KC uses the run to set up the past as does Buffalo. The difference is Allen is part of their running game. This isn’t Madden, it’s the real world. You still have not named a team that won a SB without a running game.

  42. orlbucfan Says:

    Okay, first of all, get my username straight: it’s orl not oral. Nothing like semi-literacy on here. Second, I’ve been a rock solid Bucs fan since 1979 when I found out central FL had an honest-to-god NFL team! I loved them immediately. Never stopped. Whatever LVD did at that players meeting resonated with this team. I’m sure TB spoke his piece. LVD, ME13, and W Gholston stuck it out here cos they wanted to. You don’t think teams weren’t waving the big bucks at LVD when the Bucs stunk up the planet?? And ME13? Give me a break. How many trolls and stupes we got on here? The Bucs weren’t TB’s first choice; the 49 res were cos he’s from CA.

  43. orlbucfan Says:

    49ers were
    Hate typos.

  44. LastDance Says:

    Is it just me or is it hard for others to figure out how tbbucs3 or orlbucfan can have time to type up posts when they are b@lls deep in a haters69 all day?

  45. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules Says:
    November 16th, 2022 at 2:34 pm
    Rod Munch … ‘Also DR is quoting stuff from 1982.’

    That’s a load of crap and you know it Rod. Your problem is that you don’t understand the concept of a ‘balanced attack’.


    As I said, quoting stuff from 1982.

    Teams are not ‘balanced’ anymore, not if they’re any good. Any ‘balancing’ comes when they’re just running out the clock.

    Get with the times already, it’s a passing league. You win by scoring points, not by controlling the clock.

  46. LastDance Says:

    weird to hate a winner… but when you are a lifelong fan of a loser franchise I get that it may confuse ones nature. Don’t worry… soon enough you can go back to how things were before.

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    November 16th, 2022 at 5:32 pm
    Defense Rules Says:
    November 16th, 2022 at 2:34 pm
    Rod Munch … ‘Also DR is quoting stuff from 1982.’

    That’s a load of crap and you know it Rod. Your problem is that you don’t understand the concept of a ‘balanced attack’.


    EXAMPLE, in 2021, the team that ran it most, only ran 49% of the team, the average was running around 39% of the time. There literally wasn’t a team last year that ran it half the time. Again, we’re in the future, not the 70s and 80s, no one is ‘balanced’.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod Munch … ‘You win by scoring points, not by controlling the clock.’

    ‘You win by scoring points? Wow, did you come up with that one all by yourself Rod? I suspect that one of the neighborhood 5-year-olds helped you, because if you’d gotten help from a 10-year-old they would’ve added ‘You win by scoring MORE points THAN YOUR OPPONENT’.

    The 10-year-old would’ve also taught you that 50% runs, 50% passing is NOT what ‘balanced football’ means.

    Amazes me that you not only misunderstand what the term ‘balanced attack’ means, but you also misunderstand the impact of time of possession. The truth is that TOP is just a result of doing a lot of good things throughout the game (getting first downs, sustaining offense, quick stops on defense, etc). The actual possession of the ball is not important if you are not scoring any points. But then again, the 10-year-old would’ve taught you that also if you’d asked.

  49. TOMMY MORDUE Says: