Heart Problem Hospitalized Bruce Arians For Four Days

November 16th, 2022


While the Buccaneers were struggling in October, Bruce Arians was dealing with a health crisis.

Five days after turning 70, Tampa Bay’s senior adviser to general manager Jason Licht experienced severe chest pains Oct. 8 at his Tampa home.

“On the night before the Atlanta game, we had a house full of people,” said Arians. “We ate and I got these pains way up here, like two knives going in. The more I tried to take a breath, the worse it got.

“I took some TUMS, thinking it was indigestion, but it just got worse. I called (wife) Christine back to the bedroom and said I can’t shake this pain. We called 911 and they put me on a stretcher to Tampa General.”

Arians said doctors originally feared a mild heart attack or pericardial effusion, the buildup of excess fluid around the layers surrounding the heart. The diagnosis then shifted to myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that could potentially reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood.

“Thankfully, the scans showed no fluid, no heart damage and absolutely no blockages,” Arians said. “They had a cardiac radiologist look at  everything and they ended up giving me anti-inflammatories.”

Arians spent four days in the hospital. In addition to missing the home victory against the Falcons, Arians did not accompany the Bucs to Pittsburgh or Charlotte the following weeks.

He returned for the Oct. 27 Thursday night matchup against Baltimore as the Bucs suffered their third consecutive loss to drop to 3-5. Arians was in Virginia for his Nov. 4 induction into the Virginia Tech Hall of Fame before heading back to Tampa to attend the Bucs-Rams game on Nov. 6. He did not travel to Munich last week for the Bucs’ game against Seattle.

While recovering, Arians stayed connected to the team and told JoeBucsFan.com he was in daily communication with offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich during the Bucs’ three-game losing streak that began Oct. 16 at Pittsburgh.

Arians was coaching the Cardinals in the 2016 season when he was hospitalized with symptoms of a heart attack. He was released the next day.

A two-time NFL Coach of the Year, Arians will enter the Buccaneers Ring of Honor during the Jan. 1 home finale against Carolina.

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27 Responses to “Heart Problem Hospitalized Bruce Arians For Four Days”

  1. MadMax Says:

    Why did he leave the head coaching position? Was it Brady?

    This is the answer and I always thought this was the reason why. Just read the article. His health. And I understand and am glad he made that decision. Got to be in good health to be around….and do everything that you can to keep it good which includes lowering or eliminating stress factors. The kind of fired up personality that he is, (a lot like me), ive always admired that about him…but you gotta know when yo pump the brakes and slow down, especially as you age.

  2. FortMyersDave Says:

    Good points MadMax: Bruce is obviously a believer in that “Everyday above ground is a good day.” I agree with you that health considerations were a big part of his decision to make a life-style change last spring. The national media can make up any stroies they want to get clicks but this story kind of shines a light on the fact that the stress associated with coaching an NFL team (or most levels for that matter) is something that cn’t be ignored. I hope Bruce stays out of the Tampa General or St Joe’s emergency room for the forseeable future.

  3. Darin Says:

    Get well coach! Stop watching leftwichs’ play calling that’ll help! We’re all a little unhealthier after the first half of the season

  4. Arians4President Says:

    Bucs fans love him and for good reason.

    I question who the “most admired by fans” head coach in Bucs history would be?

    My guess is it would be either Dungy, McKay, or Ariens


  5. JD Says:

    I definitely wish him the best of health. I also wish he would shut the hell up!!!

  6. NEfan Says:

    Welcome to the club Bruce, we’re all having heart failure watching the two bums you left the Bucs with.

  7. SB~LV Says:

    He has heard it many times before, but a aggressive change of lifestyle, beginning with changing diet and increasing exercise

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A wise decision for Bruce to step down as HC……now he needs to back away from the bourbon and pork chops…

  9. orlbucfan Says:

    BA would have had a stroke if he attended the Pittsburgh and Carolina disasters. He’s an alpha personality for sure. Slow down, BA! You don’t have to prove anything anymore. Our bodies wear out as we get old. BA, enjoy the rest of your life and your family.

  10. mark2001 Says:

    When you get over 70, one thing or another. Some small some major. Go to a 50th HS reunion and see how many are no longer alive. All part of the human condition. But glad to see Bruce is OK.

  11. mark2001 Says:

    TBBF. You know, at a certain point something will likely get you. And if Bruces Bourbon is a high priority, and he is living the life he chooses… more power to you Bruce. I’m sure his family is taken care of. But to your point, I’m sure he and his doctors have had good and lengthy discussions about such things. I don’t see him to be the kind of guy that moves forward with his eyes closed.

  12. Dlavid Says:

    Probably a bad reaction to recent mandatory injection.

  13. NEfan Says:

    It’s more like an excuse for being invisible during the Bowles/BL comedy show. No way was he going to show his face after forcing the Bucs those two clowns. Now after a couple of wins, he.comes out of the woodwork and pumps his chest. When was the last time he shot his mouth off? The Saints WIN and he turtles when his disciples lose. Class act, NOT!

  14. geno711 Says:

    On favorite coaches have to go Arians over Dungy and McKay.

    Arians has both the Superbowl title and the great quotes.

    What is Dungy’s most interesting quote ever?

  15. geno711 Says:

    Why do New England fans all seem to hate Arians?

    Guys, no one in Tampa is saying that Arians is as good a coach as Belichick.
    We all see how the assistant coaches do after leaving Bill. Josh McDaniel anyone?

    But you do know that you can’t win the Superbowl without good coaching so Arians and that 2020 staff he built should get credit along with Brady.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    “Probably a bad reaction to recent mandatory injection.”

    I’m still waiting to find some substantiated news about such a thing happening. I know Bottom of Bird Cage news might be talking about such a thing. But most of the country has moved on. BTW With the success of Trumps “warp speed”, Drug development of vaccines and treatments, and Bidens initiatives, I thought we were pretty much past all this.

  17. Buczilla Says:

    Great to hear that he’s ok.

  18. NEfan Says:

    geno, Belichick doesn’t throw his players under the bus. O’brien 4 playoffs, Flores great coach, Cronnell, his 3 failures were Judge, Patricia (ironically they are now on his staff) and McDaniels, he is proof like Bowles some coaches aren’t meant to be HC’s. McDaniels is a great OC.

    My point is Brady worked hard to get this team motivated and BA comes in the 11th hour and belittled that to cover his inept buddies failures. He may have been ok in 2020 but since then a virus to the locker room.

  19. Dooley Says:


    LMAO WTF are you even talking about?

  20. NEfan Says:

    Drooly, maybe if you read the prior posts you could comprehend or not. Your post represents you well and is very insightful, I’m sure all the readers are enjoying it. Dik!!!

  21. WorldChamps Says:

    You really should put a little respect on Arians name. I didn’t know Brady was involved when he won a SB as OC with the steelers, or when he won coach of the year with the colts. As a guy who grew up in FL watching the bucs but has lived in NE for the last decade. I love Brady for going to Tanpa and “Helping” the Bucs to their 2nd Super bowl! But bad coaches don’t win as much as Arians has. Its also obvious that Brady makes coaches better. Looks at Bill Belichicks record without Brady for further proof. They have different styles doesn’t mean one is superior. Any coach who had Brady for 2 decades was going to win alot.

  22. Macajubav Says:

    NEfan, you guys are all doooosh la rues. Go to your own pathetic team site !
    Brady isn’t playing for the Pats, and you can tell he was never a fan of New England. Yes he will always pay tribute to you guys but even when he worked in NE he wanted the NY life with Giselle. I don’t know why Chicago was labeled second city when it’s clearly Boston with the little brother complex from NYC, the city that matters.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    I feel bad for him, you know Arians watching Leftwich butcher his offense has to be tough.

  24. NEfan Says:

    I an not the biggest Belichick fan but say what you want but he took a rookie QB to.the playoffs and may possibly do it again in one of the toughest divisions. I love how someone from TAMPA BAY shats on Boston as a city. Mind you Boston has some of the best sports teams in history. Nevertheless, the question is, is Arians a good coach, good yes great no. If anyone believes he was taking the Bucs to the playoffs let alone.SB without Brady is delusional. Don’t forget Brady helped put the pieces in place to make that happen and that included AB whether you like him or not. Sorry BA quit on this team and left them with a horrible coaching staff and to come out of the woodwork just as the team is gelling and trash the QB (no matter who it is) is just a selfish, distracting moronic move. That’s not the actions of a great coach past or present.

  25. captivajim Says:

    So, BA is still the HC afterall . I guess Bowles is in as a junior HC

  26. Crickett Baker Says:

    NEfan..I really dislike your comments. BA was very instrumental in acquiring Brady for the Bucs, in the first place. TB would never have come here if he did not like the coaches and the team. Tom didn’t train the defense or offense that first year. The Bucs organization battled the Covid barriers and came out with a win. NO WAY it was all Brady. He is the cornerstone of our team like any great QB is, but no way are our successes or failures standing on one person’s back.

  27. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    Jeeze October was a rough month for a lot of guys on this team.