Teams Dismissing Unproductive Coaches

November 1st, 2022

Still employed.

This is an “all-in” year in likely Tom Brady’s final season with the Bucs? As of late Tuesday morning, you could’ve fooled Joe.

Teams are beginning to shed themselves of failing assistant coaches.

Just yesterday the Lions had the unpleasant task of removing defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant from his responsibilities. This comes two days after Tua and the Dolphins racked up 369 yards passing against Pleasant and his players. And this morning Colts coach Frank Reich relieved offensive coordinator Marcus Brady.

Yet the guy responsible for the worst run game since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, a woefully regressing offense that’s showed zero signs of improvement through eight games, is still employed by the Bucs. That’s failing offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Talk about living a charmed life.

What does this tell Joe? The Bucs are OK and content with such a terrible offense, assuming they don’t make changes today. They are good if the Bucs p!ss away likely the final year of the greatest quarterback in history.

What exactly has Leftwich done that gives anyone the impression he knows how to repair this offense? If he did know, he would have already adjusted. If he did know, the Bucs wouldn’t be in the current pickle they are now in. Instead, SOS.

The Colts are 3-4-1. The Bucs are 3-5.

71 Responses to “Teams Dismissing Unproductive Coaches”

  1. Hodad Says:

    There’s no accountability for failure throughtout the organization. If Bowles was to fire anyone he’d have to start with himself.

  2. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Well they’re too scared about the repercussions. Give me a break. They will be 3-6 after Sunday. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Greg G Says:

    How the Glazers haven’t demanded Bruce Arians to come and take over the offense is beyond me. BA and anyone else can go on about the optics of it all, and what that might mean for BL’s career moving forward, but that ship sailed after the Pittsburg game, went up in total flames after the Carolina game, and forever sunk by the time we got to the second half of Baltimore.

    There is no next year for this team. How we don’t play every card we can in hand is beyond me.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Way too much “Good Old Boy” mentality at One Bucs Place.
    Not quite sure if it was Brady who got rid of Arians as a condition for his return, or if it was Arians who retired on his own to reward Bowles, but whatever happened, it was not good for our team.
    Bowles was a failed head coach in New York, and he seems to be repeating his head coaching failure here in Tampa.
    How many people really think we would be playing like we are, if Arians was still our coach ?

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am in full support of Joe’s call for the termination of Leftwich….

    Join me in saying “Let’s go Byron”

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    He was never able to construct a good running game when we had the most gifted offensive roster in the league. He’s a bumbling fool. He has no feel for the freaking game. Period.

  7. Elita Vita Says:

    You must sincerely give credit to Arians who has tried going above and beyond to care for and bolster the careers of both Bowles & Leftwich. Eventually he had to let both sink or swim on their own. This is now occurring. I feel Bowles still has time to right the ship. Leftwich’s time as offensive coordinator is just about up. The negative comments through various news sources is usually a sign. Ty Bruce for your patience and diligence and having others back. We love you Bruce.

  8. Winky Says:

    Keeping Lefty = ALL in

    (As much as a change might be good longterm to shake up with this type of season may be too much)

  9. Winky Says:

    ..and, you know Brady is very involved with these decisions.

    If no change, Brady 100% co-signing / endorsing that.

  10. Texas Bucs Fan Says:

    I say again, it all starts at the top. They will let the ship sink, before they will take corrective action on their coaches. As long as they have the TV contracts, and are getting wealthy, they don’t really care about fans or if the team wins or loses.

  11. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Its a “brothers thing” until Bowles is close to getting fired then its a “gotta look out for self” thing.

  12. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I’m fine with dumping Leftwich, but who calls the plays when he is gone? There is no one. Christensen I guess but that is giving up on the season the same as firing BL.

  13. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    The main reason we don’t run the ball well is probably that we don’t practice it enough. Or at the very least we don’t practice it well.

  14. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Fire Leftwich

  15. cmurda Says:

    That wasn’t booing at the stadium on Thursday night. It was chants of Lets go Byron. Of course he should stay. Why would you fire him? Our offense has been amazing.

  16. Duane Says:

    Bowles and Licht have not pulled the trigger because its not their decision to make. This is likely a Brady/Glazer call. Lefty and TB12 are tied at the hip and they have the biggest say in how the rest of the season plays out. Win the South and let the chips fly one last time. Still worth the shot, and if anyone can do it…

  17. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Chris Apple. Brady did not get rid of BA. Too many sheep are just accepting of this story. This was always BA’s plan. BA is a tough guy. Ain’t no one pushing him out the door. BA would call Brady out if that occurred, and that’s not even Brady’s style. He is docile and very much a company guy.

    This was always BA’s plan. Part of the reason he left AZ was because the GM and owner wouldn’t let him choose his successor. He always wanted Bowles to take over. There is a problem with accountability with the organization. Leftwich will be around as long as BA is with the team. Leftwich is BA’s guy forever!

    Keith Armstrong still has a job after our dismal ST’a performance. No accountability ever!

  18. Slacker Says:

    They are [Easy now. — Joe] ….. plain and simple. Seasons over

  19. Kenneth Nance Says:

    Honestly though, what is the downside to firing Leftwich?

    This is what no one can explain.

    What do we have to lose? We might go from the 30th to the 32nd worst offense in the NFL?

    Seems like there is a lot to gain and almost no downside to firing Leftwich.

    It also proves were serious about this season.

  20. HC Grover Says:

    No can do Bucs are a woken team. Only Brady is politically eligible to remove. He fits the profile. If we get rid of lefty we may lose a draft pick? I still say no coach changes unless the Bucs are eliminated from winning the division. Then just maybe.

  21. freekanye Says:

    yikes, 3-6 here we come

  22. Bucobill99 Says:

    Should happen but wont and we all know why

  23. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Bradys running the offense not Lefty. Thats the reason hes still here.

  24. captivajim Says:

    As long as BA is around ; neither of the guys ( Leftwich& Bowles) he’s promoted will be fired –that simple

  25. 97 bucBaby Says:

    It’s tank mode. This off-season will be magical I’m Telly y’all. Jason licht is going to get this roster all the way back . WATCH

  26. The Big Sombrero Says:

    Someone please… Why in hell would you need an OC with Brady at the helm? I’m quite sure this guy, knows the playbook verbatim. I mean damn, he obviously knows how to run an offense. Hello!

  27. KanyeIsRight Says:

    Yikes, 3-6 here we come.

  28. BucU Says:

    And with each loss the pressure will mount.
    Bowles and Leftwich have neutered our players.

  29. Lamarcus Says:

    This is bad. I never believed in Leftwich but you did Joe. You shoved down our throats how good Leftwich was and should be a number 1 HC in line. Now, you are in your feelings and wants to fire him in mid-season because Brady can’t score? Geez

  30. Bucfan Says:

    Sure am glad I gave up my season tickets after 42 years of supporting the team!

  31. SufferingSince76 Says:

    So they should fire BA because the coaches suck? That makes sense.

  32. ElioT Says:

    They’ll come back from Germany 3-7 with the season all but over and then they might make a move.

    This team is a total embarrassment from top to bottom right now and the future looks VERY ugly.


  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I honestly am not convinced Leftwich is the issue. He might be, or he might not be.

    What I do know is that the running game is suffering because of the offensive line. And that’s because of injuries.

    That’s not something an OC can fix. Heck, even the GM can’t fix it if the talent isn’t out there to sign.

    Marpet retiring was a massive blow, followed by injuries. Meanwhile, Bowles seems to be getting a pass.

    Fans always want to blame someone, That doesn’t make us right. The only thing to save this season is getting and staying healthy. That may not be possible.

  34. Tye Says:

    Just another glaring example proving Bowels is a LOSER as a HC!….

    NO ONE in their right mind believes Leftwich was the master mind of the winning offense the past 2 seasons…. Leftwich is exposed as NEXT LEVEL horrible as an OC….

    Bowels and Leftwich can’t be ran out of Tampa fast enough!

  35. Pepsi Says:

    This falls on bowles now. If the offense does turn it around in a big way I could see the whole staff gone. And with the heat back on lichts seat he’ll pull off another crazy offseason where he coaxes Brady back in for one more year by getting Sean Payton as HC

  36. Aceofaerospace Says:


  37. Marine Buc Says:

    “Talk about living a charmed life.”

    Hey Joe I think you made a typo…

    The proper word is “oppressed”.


  38. T REX Says:

    Reich fired an OC that doesn’t call plays…Reich does LOL

    He should have fired himself. That was a joke of a firing.

  39. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Wow, Detroit just unloaded TJ Hochensen to Vikings within the division???
    That’s crazy….

    Didn’t even look like Detroit got that much?
    Just a shifting of draft picks next couple of years….

  40. BillyBucco Says:

    Just do something that lets fans know this staff gives a $hit.
    I don’t even care what it is but dang, change something.

    This staff would have to pull up their big boy diapers though and I don’t see that happening.
    Firing Lefty should be top of the list.

  41. beano Says:

    The Glazers won’t fire Bowles or Leftwich because they will lose woke points from the Tampa Tribune and BSPN.

  42. ElioT Says:

    Vikings just pulled off a in-division trade for TE T.J. Hockenson.

    I’m guessing we didn’t even try.

    What a joke!


  43. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    At the end of the day I can’t blame Leftwich, although I’m not in love with him. Why? Because he was a good OC before. What’s changed? New head coach. So I blame that.

  44. Joe Says:

    What I do know is that the running game is suffering because of the offensive line. And that’s because of injuries.

    There are teams with far worse offensive lines who have a better run game. Enough with the tired, knee-jerk whining about the offensive line. So tiresome and lazy.

    When has Seattle ever had a decent offensive line? How about the Bengals? Their coaches find a way.

  45. Marine Buc Says:

    @ BF 1988

    “Hochenson trade”

    2023 – 2nd and 4th round picks
    2024 – 4th and a conditional 5th round pick.

    Still not much for a very talented TE who was the 9th overall pick a few years ago…

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I thought Lefwich was a smart guy who just talked like a stupid guy.

    Now, I’m thinking he’s a stupid guy who talks like a stupid guy. Now, that gives him an excuse for talking stupid.

    We just might be able to add stubborn & arrogant.

    These are not good characteristics for making changes in behavior.

  47. Esteban85 Says:

    What a disappointment. BL went from a prime coaching candidate to a chump who can’t even get a Brady offense in motion. What the heck happened to this team? I know sapp says it’s the players but who gets the players mentality to their top performance level? To me it’s all coaching. A well coached squad doesn’t give up no matter what. I do think this season could become a historic collapse that relegates is back to the suckaneers

  48. Craig Says:

    Bowles wants a defensive team, so this was a transition year. I don’t think he expected his defense to fall as far as it has.

    So now he has to try to make an offense work. I hope he has a secret weapon he is trying to get here.

    If not we are stuck with Leftie. I wish it wasn’t so, but Leftie might be better than what else is out there. I would rather hope he can get his brain engaged than have someone worse wander in.

  49. Rand Says:

    replacing your offensive coordinator this late in the season is not a good ideal. I realize we’ve lost 5 games but we could easily win the next 5. Getting rid of your OC means changing the playbook and the language used in the playbook. So getting the players on board will take some time. Unless we’re ok with a ton of mistakes and possible more losses because the playbook has changed midseason then getting rid of BL doesn’t make sense now. I hate losing like the next guy but we’re sure to lose if we upset the applecart. Plus we don’t know how Brady would respond to firing BL and if Joe is so concerned about “Bucs p!ss away likely the final year of the greatest quarterback in history” this surely wouldn’t help that.

  50. Redeemer Says:

    Let’s be clear. The decision to promote Bowles and leave BL in place was not BAs call. He may have wished for it, but either Licht or the ownership had to sign off. Probably both. After BA retired, Licht was left with limited options. All the top candidates were gone. I think ownership has full confidence in licht. I can’t see them stepping in to fire BL. It’s Licht’s call. At this point, it would be admitting a mistake by Licht. GMs are always reluctant to admit failure. Best thing going forward would be to fire the entire staff and start over. A lot is riding on the Rams game. If the offense looks putrid again, I think licht relieves BL. Bowles isn’t going anywhere. At least not this season.

  51. Mike Says:

    What is the alternative if they fire Leftwich? The head coach sure isn’t going to be calling plays? Who is then?

  52. View from 132 Says:

    Arians wants to create opportunities for black head coaches. Its a genuine desire on his part. Leftover Sandwich, for better or worse, won a Super Bowl as an OC and has a perfect excuse for this season – injured and/or young starting O-lineman. He’ll still be a candidate, and they aren’t going to take that away from him.

  53. Buczilla Says:

    I am an utter fool for wanting this guy to be our head coach over Bowles (in all fairness, they both suck) because I was stupid enough to believe Arian’s bs. I’ve seen the light and it’s well past time for this dude and Bowles to walk the plank. Promote an even worse coach to head coach to help insure that we are picking in the top 10 in 2023.

  54. Redeemer Says:

    Mike, Clyde is the obvious choice.

  55. Cobraboy Says:

    Christianson > Leftwich.

    But nothing will change. Leftwich isn’t going anywhere.

    His HC future is roughly the same as mine.

  56. Rod Munch Says:

    Arians almost did it. When he came to the Bucs, go back and read what he said, he was coming back, in part, to get Leftwich and Bowles jobs as headcoaches. And he got THIS close to pulling off one of the biggest swindles ever!

    The most disturbing part about the Leftwich story is that, rumor has it, the Jags did offer the head coaching job to Leftwich who then TURNED IT DOWN because the Jags wouldn’t give him his hand picked GM. If that story is true, then it shows what a deranged and out of touch individual Leftwich is, that he actually thinks he’s so good, he could hold out for a better opportunity where he could fully name his terms. Delusional.

    As for Bowles, at least he’s done it before on his own, and, I believe, is legitimately a pretty good defensive coordinator. He’s not my guy, not my pick, but it’s hard to evaluate him when he was forced to take on Leftwich as his OC – it’s not like he got a choice or a say in the matter.

    The Glazers, meanwhile, are pretty hands off on things and I’m sure they’re expecting Arians to step in and help guide the ship, but I don’t know if Arians is really all that involved in things. The man retired for a reason, if he wanted to call the plays or be head coach, he’d have just stuck around and did that.

    Also, the issue with Leftwich is not the running game, it’s the insane predictability of his playcalling and his inability to call a good game, to make adjustments – he has no feel for the game. We saw in the Steelers game what kind of game Leftwich would call if he could get away with it, literally everything would be a run up the middle. Then, once called out (finally) by the media, what does he do – he panics and goes the other direction, overcorrects — again, because he has no feel for the game.

  57. D-Rome Says:

    Do you know what firing Leftwich does? Nothing!

    Which coach on the roster is going to do a better job than Byron Leftwich right now? Here’s a hint: No one.

    Want to know why the run game is so bad? How about the fact that Marpet, Jensen, Cappa, and Gronk are no longer blocking on that offensive line.

    This is the same offensive coordinator that game planned over the past two seasons. Don’t you all remember last year when Arians was on the sideline with a quarterback wristband and he’d look at it to see what play was being called? The reason why he did that is because he wanted to know what was going on……because he didn’t game plan. That was Leftwich.

    Perhaps Arians needs to be in those meetings behind closed doors. Perhaps he already is. We don’t know. The bottom line is that our offensive coordinator who was part of the coaching staff that won us the Super Bowl still gives us the best chance to win.

    Bucs are all-in for this season. You can’t be all in and fire your offensive coordinator. Part of the reason why the Bucs were perpetual losers is because they burned through coaches every other year. If they fire Leftwich what coach would want to come here next season?

  58. IE Buc Says:

    BL’s play calling is going to cause more losses. He needed to go asap. There are options and experience on the staff that can take over OC duties. You have two capable men in Clyde Christensen and Harold Goodwin.

  59. Crickett Baker Says:

    D-Rome you are one of the only ones, IMO, that has the right take on firing Leftwich. He can’t go now with no replacement. Then there is the “woke” stuff which honks me off more than the Woman’s Lib movement did. If you have no skin in the game it doesn’t matter what color it is.

  60. Cody Powers Says:

    This is not so complicated. Also, spare the juvenile political references- really?

    Solutions are what’s important. Fix O-Line, Fix O-Line, Fix O-Line.
    Then running game can improve and Brady can be… well Brady.
    Gronk back now, not later on – if he was actually going to return.
    Coaches need some energy and engagement with players during the game, not just during practice.

    Is the season over? Answer is obvious if no changes are made. Doing the same thing over and over, looking for different result = Definition of Insanity.

  61. Cobraboy Says:

    The opposite of love is not hate.

    The opposite of love is indifference.

    Which is where I am, like I was with Radio and Toes-on-the-Line.

    Nothing is going to change. 6-11 looks optimistic right now.

    Rams by 2 tuddies.

  62. Jack dos Santos Says:

    it’s the bucs good ol boy network. lets not fire anyone bc we need to be politically correct!

  63. Sully Says:

    Brady is padding his stats. And play calling goes thru him. Bucs aren’t even trying to run at only 14 attempts per game. Makes them predictable.

  64. Sal Says:

    Season is over 😢 #!!

  65. Bucswin Says:

    As terrible as leftitch is, if we had the real goat it wouldn’t matter. Butt currently we have some old stressed angry divorced dude playing qb. I miss the goat.

  66. Danny Says:

    U kno, i didn’t hear anyone knocking BL when they won the superbowl or last year when the came close again, i agree its the coaching staff BA pushed them harder physically, the players r also being lazy and the coaches r letting it happen, plus i mean hell Brady is going through a divorce to a wife he still loves and is still pulling roughly 300 yards most games while trying to make everything work on and off the field give the man some credit and everyone solely blaming coaches stop pointing it at just them, this team has literally been surviving off 2nd and 3rd string guys they were literally done to scotty Miller and darden and missing huge players on defense, Brady hasn’t even had a chance to learn the new receiver’s… ppl on here keep saying hes going to the 49ers next year, which logically I would too, its his favorite childhood team where he always dreamed of playing at and was turned down once over Jimmy G, and after the trades theyve made recently he’s the only thing missing for them to win a ring and would his 1st season there, but after all this negativity and fans talking down on him everytime his names in the headlines wont make him stay even if the negativity isn’t even about him he expects fans to support the team not bash on it the negativity alone will be the reason he leaves look what happened between him and New England same thing happened “oh he’s too old” or “his arm aint wat it used to be to throw the deep ball” then he left there and the past 2 seasons statistically were his best in 20yrs basically…
    Honestly im a diehard brady fan and came here cuz him im also a realest but i like tampa bay bucs but its a different atmosphere without BA, I do hope he goes to the 49ers to complete his lifelong goal and get another ring so he can retire fulfilled, if he was willing to risk his family/children then he should go where he will get the most out of it and thats San fran their stacked in all the positions he needs a team to be stacked at like i said they’re only missing him, plus they’ve been contenders for years but relied on Jimmy G and he chockes in championship games now its bradys turn i hope to get another ring thats all i hope for for him considering the things hes sacrificed in 20+ seasons. Birthdays, holidays, his kids sporting events and all the other things hes missed playing the game he loves… I WISH HIM THE BEST OF LUCK IN HIS FINAL SEASONS FOOTBALL WILL NVR BE THE SAME WHEN HE’S RETIRED!!!

  67. Tony1775 Says:

    Lacking Leftwich do yourself a favor and give Brady the reins.

  68. Rudy Says:

    The O line decimation is an excuse. I witnessed the 1 down up-the-gut runs over and over and over with an OCD-like persistence. Whomever made those play calls is responsible. And I can almost guarantee it wasn’t Brady calling for run plays on 1st downs after getting the ball back. So who did that? The strength coach? A trainer? One of the Glazers? It’s just not a fit without BA there on the field to babysit. He HAS to go. Plain and simple.

  69. Danny Barnes Says:

    Wow, your the worst fans ever!!! Your coaches have help lead a losing organization to securing Tom Brady, winning a Super Bowl and playoffs. Now you want to dump your coaches… So sad Go EAGLES!!!

  70. Mitch Says:

    Brady didn’t like Arians calling him out. So he put his support behind bl and bowles.. another bad choice.. let’s face it tom made some bad choices this year .. our defense has been to busy reading how great they are instead of getting to work on time… BA is all about accountability and it sounds like Giselle is the same.We all knw divorce sucks.if not lov its the lawyers who will make it miserable.. it’s been sad to watch the defense playing terrible and then smiling over on the sidelines and then having a captain saying a hall of famer and leader of a great defense doesn’t know football .. that’s Jamieson chicken wing talk and we saw what happened with jw as a captain… offense is nothing but injuries line wide receivers tight ends and stop with the sweep runs never works help out the line by going right up the middle.. they can’t handle blocking let alone having to pull and block.. no more f@@king screen throws.. I lov the Bucs and i was pulling for todd but bruce tough lov is something we now are seeing the team needs .i hope i am wrong but i think we are going to get beat bad today..we couldn’t stop 3rd and 4th strings qb and now we got the rams offense coming in aaron donald is going to destroy us and i am not a fan of a dirty player. I cant wait to get jensen back.. he like bruce is nasty when poked.. get the tissues in my case don julio out cuz is going to be a long day for us. Go Bucs!!

  71. Mark Walmsley Says:

    What’s Sean Payton doing these days