Is Nick Leverett The Key To The Resurgent Offensive Line?

November 16th, 2022

Left guard Nick Leverett.

Todd Bowles was happy how the Bucs owned the trenches Sunday in Munich, both on offense and defense.

The run game was finally sprung by perhaps the best showing of the Bucs’ offensive line. A lot of folks are crediting Nick Leverett for taking over for injured rookie left guard Luke Goedeke as the spark for the new attitude displayed by the front five.

Leverett will remain a starter, at least for the short-term, Bowles said Monday in his day-after presser.

“Luke is still hurt right now,” Bowles said. “There are more games to play, obviously. We like what [Leverett is] doing right now.

“Nick has always been tough and physical for us – he played a big part in the run game [Sunday]. We’ll evaluate when Luke comes back, but [Nick’s] playing great right now. He’s earned an opportunity to play.”

Bowles added that the line was strong because they took it to Seattle from the first snap.

Offensive line analyst Brandon Thorn is a big believer that Leverett’s play is why the Bucs looked like a new offense in Munich.

You can read Thorn’s take and video to back up his contention about Leverett below. Simply put, Thorn believes the line is better since Leverett has made three consecutive starts.

29 Responses to “Is Nick Leverett The Key To The Resurgent Offensive Line?”

  1. Aussie Ant Says:

    I love it when a UDFA player gets a chance

  2. Mikejp Says:

    Then it is curious to know the reason why the Bucs coach could not identify this problem earlier?

  3. steele Says:

    The answer is unknown, not likely. He’s just played a few quarters, really. And against the Seahawks. He’d need to impress over a much longer period, consistently. There was a reason he was awful in preseason, and didn’t earn a start. It is very knee jerk to annoint these backups after a short period.

    The real key to a resurgent OL is Jensen coming back 100%.

  4. MadMax Says:

    Has to be by design or pure luck. Theres no way Lev sat in the background while Luke was getting handled this long. Maybe it was a design to give the rook his snaps…I can get that. But now its time to win win win if we’re gonna do this.

    Design or luck? Or just negligence by the coaching staff? I dont know, but I’ll take Lev for now and Luke as his backup!

  5. FortMyersDave Says:

    I am with Mikejp, seems like LG was an obvious deficiency so why did it take so long (actually an injury) to make this switch. Of course in a few weeks people could be saying the same thing about Rachaad White and Touchdown Lenny given how White is now getting more and more touches after Lenny could not get more than one yard and a cloud of dust on so many carries.

  6. dmatt Says:

    So if not for LG injury he would still be starting. I don’t think so. NL is playing his butt off, he plays each down with pure motivation, he squares up with his blocks, he hustles on every play, n he plays hard. No way LG can return as the starter.

  7. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Well said dmatt.

  8. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Does anyone know how Jensen is doing?

  9. Beej Says:

    LG has time to hit the weight room now, he was never intended to play this year anyhow

  10. Dooley Says:


    Goedeke “won” the starting role by default because the 2 guys he was being evaluated with at LG got hurt before the end of the preseason. Leverett & Stinnie both got hurt before the end of the preseason, kind of creating a competition void where there should’ve been a choice losing 2 reserve swing OLmen before the regular season. Iirc Leverette is also cross trained at C and I’d think if he were the 3rd center on the depth chart you wouldn’t want to rush him considering Hainsey had some injury scares in the preseason as well.

  11. Gronk-E Says:

    Joe, I saw an article that was written by sports illustrated about a month back stating that Ryan Jensen would return at some point in November. I have not seen any other reports from any other sources about this but I want to ask if you have heard of anything like this?

  12. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Leverett has been playing great – Hainsey is getting more experience and the OLine has more time working together
    Bucs are stubbornly sticking to the run which is starting to pay off.
    It’s a winning formula eventually.
    Last Sunday, Saquan Barkley started the game 12 rushes for 29 yards, but the Giants stayed with the run and Barkley finished with 35 carries for 152 yards.
    As long as D stays healthy and keeps Bucs in the game, successfully running the ball opens up the rest of offense – and gives Brady more options.

  13. JD Says:

    It’s pathetic how a guy has to get injured for changes to be made. This should have been recognized a long time ago

  14. gotbbucs Says:

    Leverett’s technique still has holes but his effort is phenomenal. There are pass pro’s were he is beat and should be giving up a sack but he battles back and does enough to hold the defender off. He’s got a bad habit of dropping his head and headbutting which will get him in trouble eventually against guys that know how to take advantage of that.
    For the most part, I really don’t think he’s putting out all that much worse of a product than what Marpet was giving the team quite a bit of the time.

    One thing I’ve noticed in general that confuses me a little bit is Hainsey always helps right in pass pro, always. It has to be by design and I don’t know if that’s a Brady thing or if they’re just trying to keep it simple for the center, but whenever the center is uncovered he protects right. Just seems weird considering Mason is a vet that should be able to hold his own and we have inexperience at left guard.

  15. Ron Potter Says:

    Definitely a key but not the key. We’re not running or protecting better just because of Leverette. The Rams game was awful except for one drive.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Good….let Goedeke develop……the good news is we are developing some experienced depth on the Oline……after Jensen returns we will have Hainsey as backup.

  17. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Nick has quick feet and I love how he counteracts the defenders hands. Pure hustle.

  18. orlbucfan Says:

    Offensive lines take some time to jell as a unit. That’s pro football fact. This line is doing that, and it’s starting to show. Bucs are also healing up–thank gawd for the Bye Week! Leverett is an UDFA rookie? I don’y pay attention to the draft. So was Cam Brate. Kudos, Mr. Licht! NL is doing to be a keeper.

  19. Goatfarmer Says:

    Goedeke is useless. Reminds me of Oneil’s Cousin.

    Hope he takes his time healing up. Leverett played great in Deutschland.

  20. Uncle Urk Says:

    Not even reading the article and just answering the question… YES!

    AND…Nicks is the sole reason for the resurgence of the defense, namely Devin White and Vita Via.

    That old LG wasn’t ready for the NFL. These are 300lb grown man with strength of wild animals. That old LG is still a baby. Give him two years and he will be a pro bowler. Just wasn’t his time.

    And for Nicks, I pray he stays healthy or we sign SUH as a insurance policy. Without someone to eat up blocks, the others can’t operate.

  21. Jonny Says:

    Leverett has been a significant upgrade over Goedeke from the first opportunity he was given. It is a travesty that our coaching staff did not bench a rookie who was struggling mightily in both run and pass blocking. Same thing with Fournette. Playing inferior players because of their draft status or them being proven vets is a major issue with our coaches. It took a damn injury to Goedeke and to Fournette for us to realize what we have in their backups.

  22. Just Saying Says:

    Would love to see the same isolation cut ups of Luke G to contrast. I’d be willing to bet it would not be so impressive.

  23. Buczilla Says:

    Demar Dotson was an UDFA, never made a pro bowl, or was an all pro, and yet had a damn fine career with us. I’d play this kid until he gave me a reason not to.

  24. Bucamania Says:

    Of course he is. Goedeke was a disaster. Lowest rated OG in the league. Nick came in and solidified the line. Should’ve happened weeks before.

  25. firethecannons Says:

    Let Goedeke learn, beef up and learn some more, he also neede some humility to overcome–he will have plenty of opportunities going forward. meanwhile a decent guard on the cheap–nice!

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    No. Not at all
    Time together is why the line is developing. Goedeke is better than Leverett.
    They are gaining experience together. Its staring to show

  27. captivajim Says:

    Goedeke should be put on IR for 7 wks …….

  28. David Says:

    I think Smith, becoming healthier and healthier, Leverett being inserted at guard, and Hainsey getting better and better at center are all part of it. Thank God Leverett is a better guard than he is tackle.

  29. Bob Buc Says:

    In no universe is Goedeke the Glass Eater (tm,pat.pend.) better than Leverett. He needs to learn a lot before that happens, particularly in the area of humility. I can excuse this attitude as he was (is?) unaware of the Dunning-Kruger effect as defined below:

    “The Dunning-Kruger effect effect occurs when a person’s lack of knowledge and skills in a certain area cause them to overestimate their own competence. By contrast, this effect also causes those who excel in a given area to think the task is simple for everyone, and underestimate their relative abilities as well.”

    I was a bit turned off by his talk about humiliating grown men in college yet hopeful that he might do this in the NFL. Yeah, maybe 5% hopeful, cuz the guys he’s been facing are rumored to not be working for Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

    Pretty sure he’s figured this out by now. After a few Pro-Bowls, I look forward to him talking some more sh*t but in the meantime glass-eater, STFU and get to work learning how the big boys do it.