Derrick Brooks & Ira Kaufman Pick Bucs-Seahawks, And More

November 12th, 2022

Buccaneers legend Derrick Brooks has overtaken Sage Ira Kaufman in this year’s picks results. Brooks already was leading by a wide margin when it came to Bucs football wisdom, of course.

Dive in! More fun from The Identity Tampa Bay and Joe.

4 Responses to “Derrick Brooks & Ira Kaufman Pick Bucs-Seahawks, And More”

  1. JimbobBucfan Says:

    Can’t believe that there are no other comments here yet. I’m the one who is usually late to the party!.

    I’m picking the Bucs to win this one something like 24-20.

    I’m with you, Sage, when it comes to Aaron Rogers. He has loads of talent but is missing something vital when it comes to crunch time!

    Go Bucs!

  2. Dew Says:

    Somebody needs to suggest the team rewatch the Dallas game. Most runs were off tackle or end around runs. Brady went downfield many times with Godecke at guard & Wells at LT. They need to call the same plays as that game imo.

  3. adam from ny Says:

    why does the sage always get out-saged by big d brooks 🙂

  4. richbucsfan Says:

    JimBo, I think fans are fed up with the drama. Life these brings enough daily drama. We don’t need it from millionaire ‘mighty mights’. This season is a wash, a waste. Terrible coaching, internal locker room problems (which will come out after the season). The Joes have picked up on it, but since they tend to lack insider sources, they don’t know the source or details. We do miss “The Big Dog” who knew the team.