Could Tom Brady Return To The Bucs In 2023?

November 11th, 2022

Football future still open?

If Joe has learned one thing about Tom Brady, it’s that his future is unpredictable.

Brady retired and then he didn’t. He’s 45 but playing like he’s 30. Despite some suggesting Brady is washed, Brady ranks second in the NFL in passing. If that’s washed, Joe would love to see what good looks like.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network is subbing as host for the “Rich Eisen Show” as Eisen is in Munich to call Sunday’s Seahawks-Bucs game on NFL Network (a four-man booth with Michael Irvin and Steve Mariucci involved? Good, grief!). There, Pelissero discussed Brady possibly playing next season.

Not only does Pelissero think Brady might return, Pelissero even hinted it’s not out of the question Brady returns to Tampa Bay.

“I know this: That last drive against the Rams, that looked like Tom Brady,” Pelissero said. “And the guy at the podium, it looked like the weight of the world had come off his shoulders.

“If that’s [the real Brady] and [the Bucs] figure out a way to make a run here, I put nothing past the guy in terms of what he might do in 2023.”

Pelissero rattled off the names of rotten quarterbacks in their 20s and basically asked, who would you rather have, a 46-year old Brady or P.J. Walker or Sam Ehlinger (he named others, too).

The tabloids were on fire this week reporting on Brady’s ex-wife buying a house less than a quarter-mile from Brady’s in the Miami Beach area. If Brady wants to live near his young kids and play football next season, then he’d have to play for the Bucs or Dolphins — and the 6-3 Dolphins have a successful young QB.

You can see Pelissero discuss Brady’s chances of playing beyond this season in the video below.

56 Responses to “Could Tom Brady Return To The Bucs In 2023?”

  1. Deeez NATZ Says:

    Only if the Glaziers fire butthole toilet bowl..Bucs won’t win another game this year with toilet bowl as the head coach.

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I think Brady may be in Football next year, but does anyone really think he will return here to Tampa ?
    I don’t think he returns to Tampa if he does decide to play next year.
    If I was a betting Man, I would say he goes to either Miami or the 49ers.
    At this point, Tom Brady wants to add Super Bowl Rings to his collection, and Tampa is not a super bowl contending team at the moment, and will probably be even less so next year. So, why would he come back to Tampa ?

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I think Brady may be in Football next year, but does anyone really think he will return here to Tampa ?
    I don’t think he returns to Tampa if he does decide to play next year.
    If I was a betting Man, I would say he goes to either Miami or the 49ers.
    At this point, Tom Brady wants to add Super Bowl Rings to his collection, and Tampa is not a super bowl contending team at the moment, and will probably be even less so next year. So, why would he come back to Tampa ?

    LOL, it happened again, I was unable to post this because I triggered the dreaded duplicate content filter, so I am gonna try to make my post again. AS always feel free to delete the duplicate post

  4. #8 Says:

    Agree Chris, I’m feeling 49ers-
    Let’s hope its for #9 though!

  5. Marine Buc Says:

    Our salary cap will be screwed if TB12 doesn’t come back next season.

    As of right now we will have @ $50M of Dead Cap Money in 2023.

    $35M of that is Brady’s hit…

  6. Duane Says:

    This team is 4-5 with a roster filled with veteran players with big contracts that will also be a year older. The alleged coaching staff that was supposed to smoothly transition has done so miserably without the direction of Bruce Arians. Oh, and TB12 has become the greatest check down quarterback of all time. Yeah, sure I guess you can say all parties are interested in running this dumpster fire back for one more year. There is no next season for this team. They need to make the best of the hole they dug for themselves. NO Excuses.

  7. JimmyfromNY Says:

    1. San Fran 2. Tampa-with an agreement with Glazers about making some changes 3. New England- The only caveat here is Bella check desperately wants to win a Super Bowl without Brady after Brady winning one without him. No one in the world has a bigger ego than Bella check 4. Vegas 5. Jets … and he is playing next year

  8. Beej Says:

    Niners traded their immediate future for Trey Lance, they aren’t gonna backtrack for a year of Brady. Fins have a VERY good qb on a rookie contract, THEY aren’t gonna backtrack for a year of Brady

  9. Ontario Mike Says:

    Where would he go…find him an offensive line that can block for him and afford a decent run game and he could go there.

  10. Smashsquatch Says:

    He’s done, this is it. I said no chance he retires before he did, then unretired. Now saying there’s no chance he plays again, for anyone. Let’s hope he goes out with a season changing comeback in route to another ring. Last week’s win is the type that can galvanize a floundering team. Will he go out with a mic drop confetti moment, or a dud?

  11. Weebs10 Says:

    We’re a Ryan Jensen away from stacking a bunch of wins in a row

  12. Buccos Says:

    Who are these goofballls on here constantly bashing the coaches and the players? The Bucs are going to make the playoffs and will go on a run this season. Brady had to deal with some adversity in his life. It is now behind him and the skies ahead are bright and sunny. There are a lot of new players and they are going to gel if they haven’t already.

  13. Patrickbucs Says:

    Beej Says:
    November 11th, 2022 at 8:27 am
    Niners traded their immediate future for Trey Lance, they aren’t gonna backtrack for a year of Brady. Fins have a VERY good qb on a rookie contract, THEY aren’t gonna backtrack for a year of Brady

    Bingo! Miami lol, have one of the best offenses in the league with Tua on a rookie deal. SF has a new expensive toy they have to pay and Bosa next year as well. Jimmy G is off the books though.

    Think here or done, who knows let’s see how this season ends.

  14. orlbucfan Says:

    Nope, he won’t be back.

  15. GMC hater Says:

    He also hinted that he’ll come back next year when he was recruiting Aaron Judge.

  16. LakelandSteve Says:

    Brady isn’t coming back to this dumpster fire unless they fire Bowles and hire someone like Sean Payton.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It makes more sense that Brady would stay with the Bucs.

    With Miami or SF, it takes two to tango.

    Brady would likely be much more comfortable with his teammates in Tampa.

  18. Allbuccedup Says:

    Not with Bowles head coach.

  19. gotbbucs Says:

    Way too early to know. Totally depends how this season ends.

    A strong finish probably brings him back, a limp to the finish line means lots of changes across the organization.

  20. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    I think it depends on how this season ends. If we get our act together, make the playoffs, and make a strong run for the Super Bowl, then I would say there is a decent chance Brady returns to the Bucs. For him to return, Brady would have to feel that his best chance to win is in Tampa. Brady going to Miami seems far fetched since Tua is dong so well. Miami can win with Tua, so why rent Brady and piss off your future quarterback. San Francisco makes the most sense. The 49ers have the talent to win a Super Bowl now, plus Brady would be closer to his parents. Still, Tampa has appeal. We’re close to Miami where his ex and kids will live and Tampa (IMO) is more of a distraction free environment. With all that said, I think Brady bolts from Tampa to chase the best opportunity to win. Brady needs a coach better aligned with his perspectives on winning.

  21. Jeff Says:

    Lol! No! He wants a SB. Not getting that here with the over the hill team

  22. D-Rok Says:

    I will worry about Brady playing next year when next year gets here. In the interim, let’s beat them Seahawks!

    GO BUCS!!!

  23. Sean Says:

    Heck no, he isn’t. 49ers need a QB since they’re pushing Jimmy G out the door and the have drafter’s remorse over Trey Lance. I think Tua has saved his job in Miami. He’s been quite good. Other than that, I can’t think of another team that’s “one QB away.”

  24. Winky Says:

    We are only mid stream. Let’s see how this goes.

    Goooo Bucs!

  25. JimmyfromNY Says:

    100% agree they definitely have buyers remorse with Trey Lance, they have a Super Bowl ready roster a quarterback away from winning the Super Bowl. They know Lance is not getting them there. They have veterans are about to go, Coaching staff on the cusp of not being brought back unless they get there and win it. Brady makes the most sense for them

  26. KanyeIsRight Says:

    He only plays here if they give the boot to Leftwich

  27. Goatfarmer Says:

    Idjuts are gonna idjut.

  28. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Pretty darn simple, TB12 won’t be back if Bowels (movement) and Lard Byron are still here….

  29. Beej Says:

    Lance did not have enough time in before his season ending injury. If you’re looking for a team who is a QB away from the super bowl, I believe you’re looking at the Rams (Stafford looks washed), maybe the Colts or Washington

  30. alton green Says:

    All I did was read the headline. I didn’t read anybody’s comments. Let me answer that naive (or stupid) question. HELL NO. The only way he would is if Heckle and Jeckel are no longer the coaches. I’m sure Tom feels like he’s trying to push a wet rope

  31. alton green Says:

    i’ve said several times this year that i wouldn’t blame Tom if he walked off the field and cleaned out his locker. I’ve been a career Brady fan. I really feel sorry for him

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    For those that keep saying the Niners….San Fran isn’t even close to where his kids will be living….Miami.

    Why would he go all the way out to California to play football?

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh I also think Tua’s done enough that they won’t want Brady in Miami.

    So it’s Tampa Bay! (if he wants to play more)

  34. Kidfloflo Says:

    If he leaves and chases rings it will sully his reputation, cause if he some how wants to play and stays for say 2 more years, thats a half a decade with ANOTHER team, and a legit second half to his career with at least one ring to boot! We go on a run and make playoffs again that’s 3 straight years with post season play and one championship! Bouncing around is a bad look and I will root against him like I did before he came!

  35. Mr. Magoo Says:

    Brady could also go to New York Jets to play. His son lives there, Brady is known to love NY, he may even own an apartment there already. Would you rather go to an up and rising team with lots of good talent in 2023 that needs a QB or return to the Bucs where some of the players are quiet quiting? NY makes more sense to me for him.

  36. Tye Says:

    Bowels is the one that should NOT be back in Tampa next year…

    Maybe do a deep dive research on OC like Eagles or Dolphins OC as The Bucs new HC!
    DC turned HC is not what the Bucs need, ESPECIALLY not Bowels who is failing for the second time at it…

  37. PassingThru Says:

    You mean return to the team that stubbornly wouldn’t improve by the trade deadline?

  38. Dooley Says:


    What one player on either side of the ball was talented enough to get via trade to fix the execution problems we’ve been having the entire season? What single player would, not make us lead the league in drops or raise Bradys’ confidence in terms of his comfort in the pocket? Name names

  39. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    The Bucs have had a pretty good defense the past few years, with Bowles around.
    It’s the offense that is broken.

    Run Bowles off, then have a broken offense and defense? Start over from scratch?

    Seems easier to do whatever needs to be done, to fix the offense.
    Surely, the Bucs are looking into the this. They aren’t blind.

    From my armchair expertise, losing Marpet, Jensen, Cappa, is a major factor.
    Those guys up front are a big deal to the offense.

    But what do I know?

  40. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Mike Leach, credited for the Air Raid Offense.
    Has always said, and still does, “the o-line is the most important unit, on a football team”…. He’s an offensive minded coach.

  41. catcard202 Says:

    IMO, the FO’s catering to TB12’s retirement tour has the Bucs a little more than cash strapped for 2023…As soon as the 2022 season is over, it’s time go into full rebuild mode.

  42. HC Grover Says:

    Not with Sluggo and Lefties as the coach.

  43. BucsFan81 Says:

    I think he finishes his career with the 49ers he will probably play 2 more years with them and be done.

  44. Manny Says:

    People keep saying the dolphins or the 49ers. Tua has been great this year and trey lance hasnt been a le to showcase his talent yet so they will stick with him. I really think the jets and giants, or even the rams are a tom brady away from being really strong contenders. Look how well both the giants and jets are playing this year with crap qbs. The reason for the success is good coaching. Put brady on the jets or giants and they are 5 times better. He would be great for the rams throwing to cooper cupp. Those are the three best choices. Another team he would have great success on is def the seahawks. I mean pete carrol is an amazing coach. He turned one of the leagues worst qbs into a top ten qb. Russel wilson was a top 5 qb his whole career and all of a sudden he comes to the brincos and hes likebthe 25th best qb lol.

    So the giants, jets, rams or seahawks are all great fits. Im still astonished at what pete carrol can do with a piece of junk like geno. Sean payton is known to have similair results, thats why i could see brady staying in tampa if they can work out a deal to bring payton to the bucs

  45. TJ Says:

    I want you Joe and everyone else to know you heard it here first, from ME.

    Josh McDaniels is 100% gonna get canned!

    Brady returns next year and he gets the band back together with Josh McDaniels as our new OC. Who has Gronks number?

  46. PassingThru Says:


    It isn’t a single player now, is it? So why change the goal posts? Brady isn’t the problem, but he also hasn’t had the stellar season to date. He simply doesn’t trust the interior of the O Line. Hainsey and whatever cadaver the Bucs plug in at LG are underwhelming at best. They could have traded for JC Tretter (despite whatever Joe believes, he was shunned for his union activities), and in absence of that, the Bucs could have traded for two quality interior linemen. Brady is probably nursing a bad thumb and a bad shoulder, courtesy of Licht’s inability to address the obvious problems at the interior.

  47. TJ Says:

    And Manny I respectably disagree. Pete Carrol is the Joe Maddon of coaching. Always given ENORMOUS roster talent, Wildly popular with players with a loosey goosey, butterflies and unicorn locker room party but his XO coaching ineptness, just like Maddon in 2 World Series, coaches themselves OUT of championships. The Maddon and Carrol teams win IN spite of their coaching abilities not because of them. But I agree the locker room culture is player friendly.

  48. TJ Says:


    Bucs QB Tom Brady
    Bucs OC Josh McDaniels

  49. David Says:

    Let’s focus on this year because so far hardly anyone has

  50. adam from ny Says:

    if she chose to take a house/investment 5 blocks away from him, she isn’t done with tommy b by any means…

    she is going to patiently wait for him to finish his career, then make herself more available…

    a young hottie will “snatch him up” quick fast tho…

    #SnatchAsAyeSnack #JustAyeSnack

  51. AbucAway Says:

    Ill say he’ll be a Buccaneer, or in the Booth. Probably the booth because it pays more and he may need to recoup some of his losses on this FTX deal. The Booth pay plus the 35million from the Bucs is a good start.
    I personally hope the team goes on a run for the ages this season and he comes back next year

  52. G-Buc Says:

    Arians is are only shot at a Brady return.


  53. Cobraboy Says:

    1) He may return to the NFL because, as one wise fan relayed to me, he and Gisselle were heavily invested in crypto, and they lost a massive amount of $$$ in the crypto collapse, which is not over. He may simply want/need the $$$.

    2) He will not return to the Bucs as long as that brainiac dense-black-hole-of-incompetence Leftwich has one fingerprint on the offense.

  54. BT_Vero Says:

    Here is some shocking news on FTX.

    If Brady was not in on this, you can expect him to score 4 TDs, from plain fury.
    If Brady was in on this, you can expect him to fall apart, as he should. If this is the case, I am done with him.

    Time will tell.

  55. BT_Vero Says:

    Only approved thoughts allowed.

  56. BT_Vero Says:

    The news is that military aid money sent to Ukraine was invested in FTX. The young boy Sam Bankman Fried, head of FTX, used this money for a number of dubious reasons, including funding campaigns of politicians, both D and R, (Murkowski) who had previously voted to send your tax money to Ukraine.

    The United States no longer exists folks.