Todd Bowles Isn’t Getting Through

October 16th, 2022

Late last week, Bucs head coach Todd Bowles was asked why his team is playing better on the road.

Bowles replied by implying there’s greater focus with the team together and bonding on a road trip. He made a similar comment after the Bucs went to Tennessee for six days during training camp. Bowles said it was a great bonding trip, even though Tom Brady passed in favor a beach getaway.

(No, Joe’s not counting hurricane evacuation with families along for the ride as a bonding trip.)

So it’s rather disturbing that both the Bucs offense (1 yard on the opening drive) and the defense came out flat today and the Bucs fell behind 7-0 in a hurry.

How does that happen to such a talented football team?

It’s a crisis of leadership somewhere. And the easy but possibly inaccurate finger-point goes to the head coach.

Where’s the fire and pride from the opening whistle?

The Bucs aren’t an awful team and they’re in first place at 3-3, but there’s still a Super Bowl standard and expectation as far as Joe is concerned. There’s too much talent and experience to expect anything less.

The seamless transition of power feels like a fumbled snap right now.

76 Responses to “Todd Bowles Isn’t Getting Through”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    i think we have a coach problem…not a player problem

  2. Fred Williams Says:

    We haven’t been prepared to play the last 3 games so I totally agree

  3. William Walls Says:

    Well put, Joe.

  4. SufferingSince76 Says:

    They’re in first place because the rest of the NFC South sucks worse than the Bucs do right now.

  5. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    You mean talentless!!!! F this team and PLEASE BRING BRUCE BACk or SEAN PAYTON

  6. NowimDRUNKERinYbor Says:

    Couldn’t say it better

  7. PassingThru Says:

    New York Jets South

  8. HC Grover Says:

    yes fire bowles hire payton

  9. Anthony Says:

    Is he fired yet?

  10. DBS Says:

    Sorry. If these undisciplined showings and low scores don’t show you an awful team? Well you are only kidding yourself. Most long time fans are seeing the Lost Decade resurfacing.

  11. BucsFan81 Says:

    I agree we don’t have a head coach. We have 2 Coordinators running the damn show and the players don’t even respect it. Too much confusion and lack of communication. If you are not going to bring bruce back then hire a new head coach.

  12. douglas dallier Says:


  13. Bucs miss Arians Says:

    Bowles/Leftwich/Armstrong have been riding Arians coat tails the
    At 2 years. They are completely incompetent in their current roles and will be the reason this team fails

  14. ElioT Says:

    This is a bad football team.

    On the verge of very bad.

    Blame can be spread all around.


  15. BucsBro Says:

    Bowles is right about guys living off the Super Bowl. But it’s also up to him to fix that mindset.

  16. Bobby M. Says:

    Bowles got out schemed by a coach with a depleted defense and rookie QB. That’s pitiful. Following Bowles these last few yrs, he has a clear pattern of struggling when facing QBs in a new system. He play calls like a teenager on Madden football…..blitz, blitz, blitz. This defense can’t make a stop and White might be the most overrated MLB in the game. His tackling in the open field is consistently poor.

  17. BuccedUp Says:

    I like Todd Bowles. He is a good defensive coach for the most part. That said, he seems to lack the intensity and fire that this team needs. Plus his idea to stop doing what has made the Bucs successful under BA was not well thought out. The Bucs O is completely predictable and doesn’t play into the strengths of the team. Leftwich’s play calling is also suspect. All this running on first down and little play action just makes this team easy to defend. The Bucs need to figure out WTF is wrong and stop doing what they have been doing. Maybe go back to last years playbook. More downfield passes. Less running up the middle.

  18. Pete I Says:

    Boring people like Bowles are boring. He is a block of wood.

  19. Zwak Says:

    Gronk just sold his townhouse and took a job with Fox, Brady goes to Krafts wedding before a game! Do the math, they knew this wasn’t going to work with this coaching change!

  20. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Until the Bucs start to win the line of scrimmage consistantly, nothing will change.
    The Bucs have taken a step back on the line of scrimmage and there is no quick fix for it.
    It takes time and talent.
    We have seen this over the years, and it stinks.
    Everyone better get a lot of Bromosa, to help through the week to week mediocraty for the forseeable future.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  21. Don Says:

    Let’s get Arians back on the sidelines before it’s too late. Bowles is not a head coach!!

  22. GlangarryGlen Says:

    Diversity hire.

  23. Natron Says:

    I thought Bruce stayed around to coach Bowles, guess I was wrong

  24. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Bowles is a mediocre coach. When will people notice this? BL is predictable. Some coaches are not head coaches. Go look at Josh mcdaniels. Anyway bucs won’t do anything so expect more mediocrity from this team.

  25. LakelandSteve Says:

    Bowles said some guys are still living off the Super Bowl? I don’t buy that at all. That was two years ago with a brand new coach this year. This is all on Todd Bowles. He’s the head coach, the buck stops there

  26. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Give SEAN PAYTON whatever he wants and where Licht at in this convo ? Do you see the RBS and other players he passed on in this last draft class because Hall for the Jets is tearing it up. The two year run was fun, but we are now seeing the decline begin and it makes me sick AF !!! Please name one defensive player on this team that’s actually playing good ? Please name one ??? Kept Brady and lost Bruce and this is what we get because Tommy couldn’t take criticism and no wonder Gronk left and wants nothing to do with this team. Todd Bowles is a proven loser and always has been. Yet they make him coach to please TB12 who not only has family issues, but something is wrong with that shoulder. It’s too obvious and I’m done and over the drama that comes with the Brady circus and yes I’m glad the NFL is fixed because we got a super bowl, but way more important things to focus on then watching men ( making millions ) embarrass Tampa and the fan base

  27. Anonymous Says:

    BA you gotta come back. Bowles is not a head coach hw inherited a great offense and defense. Both such rt now. Bring back BA tomorrow

  28. SKBucsFan Says:

    Who saw that coming with Bowles in charge? Shocking!

  29. Dave in Winter Park, Fla Says:

    The Atlanta Falcons will win the 2022 NFC South Division. Once you you tell Your So-Called GOAT QB “Rules For Thee, And Not For Me ❗️“ The Bucs are Finished. Like Brady going to a Wedding in NYC on Friday Night before the Steelers game, But everyone else has a team curfew. Going on a 11 day vacation during training camp tells the team that Tom Brady has a “I Don’t Give A Damn Attitude. I can do anything I want because the Glazers won’t fine me because I’m Fuc*ing TOM BRADY ❗️Plus Bowles is a terrible NFL Head Coach, Just like he was with the JETS.

  30. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Still living off the SB? Damaging quote from Bowles. We need a BA tirade.

  31. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this team allowed trubiscuits to convert on two 3rd and longs . My goodness. All they needed is one stop. 🤦‍♂️

  32. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    When you have a QB who’s mind is elsewhere and not one leader on Defense this is what you get !! Didn’t Winfield learn from last year ?? I guess not and wish we had Bush then Devin ( not very smart ) White and would have let LVD walk in a heartbeat because this isn’t the guy from years ago ..

  33. Davenport Says:

    Todd … They are still living off the Super Bowl because they do not fear you. What have you done to shock them into reality? You stand silently on the sidelines, arms crossed. The only time this year that the Bucs sideline showed any fire from from you “guest” BA. Look in the mirror sir – you are the problem!

  34. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Is there any evidence Bowles is a good head coach?

  35. PaBucsFan Says:

    Our team is soft. The oline and dline are soft. The coaching is uninspired. Not a good combination.

  36. Davenport Says:

    Yucs2Bucs — Payton is property of New Orleans. He would have to be traded to the Bucs. That’s NEVER going to happen.

  37. Natron Says:

    Todd looks like Lovie on the sidelines

  38. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this team allowed trubiscuits to convert on two 3rd and longs .

    The Bucs didn’t blitz and the front 4 provided no pressure

  39. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Like him, or not, Bruce Arians was no fluke.

  40. HC Grover Says:

    now boles is blaming the players…..get him out…throw bowles in the bay

  41. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Davenport give them 2 first rounders, White, and Vea

  42. orlbucfan Says:

    Bowles needs to blame BRADY! Get him off the field. He is why Bucs lost. Tomlin probably crapped in his pants at the gift. Let Trask work out with the first team and offense, and give him a chance.

  43. adam from ny Says:

    players are half asleep in the big auditorium room at one buc…where bowles talks in front of that big movie screen on that little stage…they are sleeping, farting and zonking in the seats…

    it’s on coach…he’s creating a zombie effect and it’s now running thru the organization…

    the beet red fire of BA is almost out of the building and the whole team needs smelling salt because of bowles…

    also, brady has one foot in the door and one foot out the door – and his teammates can feel it

  44. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    This is almost as bad as JB being president!!! Bucs fans got sold a bag of crap and I will no longer waste 1200 to watch this crap. This isn’t a but check time, but this is called reality and I hope they lose every game left. Trade all the overpriced FAs ( especially the D ) and start over !!! Give the Saints 2 first and Devin for the rights to Peyton. Show some Balls Glazers and also Jason Licht just because you aren’t being talked about you should because you whiffed on the draft .. look at all the other picks ( especially Hall from the Jets ) that are tearing it up .. Please TOM fix your family and retire, but the funniest thing is who couldn’t deal with Bruce and yet could deal with Bill for all those years. Tommy wants Tommy gets and it backfired and also needs to get his torn labrum fixed

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    We didnt come out flat today. Looking at our offense we came out flat in each and every game.

    How many times have we gone into halftime with zero TDs? 3 i think. Thats almost acceptable for the Trent Dilfer led offenses that had no real weapons or an OL……….For this team? Its a god danged joke.

    The time for being patient with this offense is well expired. We got too much talent to be going entire games without TDs.

  46. Nick2 Says:

    Leftwich calling interior r runs all day when. the steelers are stacking the box?? Leonard Fournette is not Jim Brown. Arians used to light fires under people Bowles coddled them. The best two players on ioffesnse iof late Otren and White are used sparingly while Brate gets a second concussion and Fournette up the middle for no gain was our best play. I’m sick Ledtwhich is clueless

  47. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Sorry Joe this is an awful team. It’s players are sub par at several positions. Licht gambled on this Oline instead of addressing it in camp and it’s come back to bite him. Bowles is in way over his head and will be gone by the end of next year. BTW, the Saints still own Peyton’s rights so as much as we’d all love him here that ain’t gonna happen.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    Alan yes it was a pressure issue. Trubisky aint that good, you get colse enough to make him flinch its game over. Give him an ounce of presdure and throw off timing game over. God forbid we hit the guy or even sack him.

    Blame the coaching, fair. But on them 3rd and longs its on the players. Shaq is just a lousy pasrussher at this point and Tyron cant do much of anything consistently.

  49. Coburn Says:

    Dunno why we seemed to not blitz trubisky after his first bad drive. Seemed like wya too many four man rushes not getting there.

    The biggest blunder and momentum shifter to me was when our guys were scrambling to get off the field and remaining guys clearly weren’t ready at the snap but no timeout. Les to a huge play and a TD right after

  50. ForReal Says:

    orlbucfan – whine away big baby… whine away

  51. Craig Says:

    If he isn’t getting through to the players he needs to try it another way.

    He needs to do something that will motivate the players, to excite them.

    Right now it looks like he has condensed the three year collapse of the Jets into a six game sequel. The Bucs are going backwards, they are not getting better, they are not gelling as a team.

  52. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey ForReal: get f, troll.

  53. alton d green Says:

    here’s a rhetorical question. How would you like to be the owner and you want to hire a coach that is a proven winner or you are told who to hire in the name of diversity. Remember Hugh Jackson from the Browns he went 1-31 in his 2 yrs there and the owner couldn’t fire him. I would sell my team and tell the league THEY can hire anyone they want

  54. Ohta Says:

    Bowls just isn’t a good head coach and Leftwhich play calling is extremely predictable. There’s a reason Leftwhich can’t get a head coaching job.

  55. Aaron Says:

    It’s Shady bradys he getting to old his arm doesn’t even work that’s why wanna run it lol

  56. Ufcguy1979 Says:

    This fcking team has me ready to throw a ball through a window. They are pathetic. The offense is pathetic and the coaches a stupid asss btch. Neither if them can hold Arians jock. Time to step in and light this team on fire. I’m freaking sick of losing and trying to play dungy ball. Bowles better stfu and go back to what we were good at it

  57. Pewter Power Says:

    Sean Payton???? Really people

  58. Bojim Says:

    Bowles and Leftwich are living off the SB.

  59. Goatwatcher Says:

    A stinker. Almost ready to cancel my Fubo, but then the Bills-Chiefs game came on.

  60. Bunny Says:

    Bowles is lost like when he coached the New York jets he is not getting the job done in Tampa they better quickly bring back the former coach if they want to make the playoff

  61. Bunny Says:

    When the bucks lose to a bad team this season the Steelers it shows the bucks coach is not getting it done, he needs to go back to defence coordinator and bring back the former coach at least they would have won today vs the steelers

  62. Keith Henig Says:

    The Coaching change hasn’t worked out. Bowles should run the Defense full time and BA needs to come downstairs to put it back together.

  63. Mackey Says:

    I have said before…I got a really bad feeling when Bowles was promoted to HC in the offseason. The football press seemed to cover for Bowles when he took the Jets nowhere during his coaching stint there. His best destiny is defensive co-ordinator. He is just not a good leader. We might be headed for a Lovie Smith style season, and the return of the den of depression. Hope I’m wrong.

  64. David Jones Says:

    Wow! Felt like I was watching a high school coach calling the plays!

  65. Ontario Mike Says:

    Why were our receivers getting no separation..lots of man coverage. Why were their guys open on critical 3rd down and long plays…soft zone coverages and no effective pass rush. Where is the brilliant D game plan we saw vs the Chiefs in the SB? And don’t get me started on the unimaginative run it up the gut play calling. So predictable!

  66. Anthony Says:

    Coaches seem to be fixed with one mind set. This worked for us before so we are staying with it. We’ll it’s not working now. So make adjustments. All the finger pointing us a sign of a lack of leadership. Both players and coaches. I’m tired of seeing Brady scream at his offense. Man it’s not helping. They are now playing not to lose instead of playing to win. And they are playing tight so they don’t get yelled at. Hey Brady you’re not performing and I don’t see anyone screaming at you. They need to all take a step back. Ask this question what’s different today then Bradys first year. Some injuries some new players but nothing that’s not happened before. So what is it. Off field issues. Get them fixed or be prepared to lose more

  67. Anthony Says:

    Predictable that’d the best way ro describe this team. Along with no fire or hunger. Wow run on first how many times. How about get under center and fake run and pass to a TE. Or I know that guy what’s his name ya. EVANS. Wow how could you not target him more. How about Evans in motion once in awhile. To slow on offense pace is bad hit quick passes quick runs. Look deep take a freaking shot once in awhile. Hey I hear there’s this thing called a shovel pass. Try it. If the team continued like this they will lose 6 0r 7 games. Again Brady needs to back off. Even his receivers don’t want to be around him when he comes to the sideline. Not good. Suck it up tom time to be a better leader.

  68. Browsing from DC Says:

    I was fortunate to be in MA this weekend so I didn’t witness the garbage on display (had to follow the game on my phone with ESPN’s “GameCast”…lol)

    What I DID watch at 1pm was the Patriots/Browns game in Cleveland.

    One could argue the Browns are maybe a cut above what the Steelers put on the field yesterday, and what I saw from the Patriots offense was a 3rd string, rookie QB carving up the defense with ZERO Pro Bowl caliber receivers. They do have a gem in their RB with Rhamondre Stevenson, but he’s similar to Lenny but with maybe a better burst and vision (and the oline really opened some holes).

    So how is it that a team as loaded with talent as our Bucs consistently under-perform? All I can come up with is coaching. Period. Brady has done more with much less. I saw glimpses of fire from him in some replays but it looked more like frustration than “LFG kinda fire”.

    Bowles and Leftwich were handed the keys to a Ferrari (a Ferrari that’s been in the shop often with some defective parts, but still a damn fine car). They drive this thing like an old lady in a school zone. They should be burning rubber at the opening kickoff and leaving opponents in a cloud of smoke. Nope. They ease the shifter into Drive, lightly tap the gas and slowly roll forward.

    Missing Jensen and others is a tired and lame excuse. Losers make excuses. Coaches get the most out of what they HAVE, fix problems, play to your strengths and attack your opponents weaknesses on defense and take away the opponent’s best weapon on offense. Our coaches still have plenty to work with so wtf is their problem?

    The weather in New England sucks this time of year. Cold, gray and dreary but I might stick around a little longer just so I won’t have to watch the Bucs equivalent only they are colder, grayer and drearier.

  69. Brandon Says:

    Let’s see… everybody’s darling is a bad runner, Lenny. He’s fine when he runs straight and there’s a hole, but ask him to stop and start or to run a stretch play where he has to put his foot in the ground and get upfield and he’s probably the worst in the NFL. The dude is big, runs hard, has good hands, can block… but he’s a very limited runner. He generally falls forward but that’s because he often launches himself into tacklers and doesn’t keep his legs moving. He’s got terrible balance and runs like a top heavy two year old… he’s not good. Then on offense. Yes, Goedeke is overmatched most of the time. He isn’t particularly good either. Mason gets beat a lot in pass and run blocking. None of our TEs have gotten open this year and none are anything to write home about as blockers… but Brady deserves the share of the blame.

  70. Buffalo54 Says:

    What is with them,they are all over the place they need to get it together,the kicker has one job to do kick the ball through,and He,did his job well for the game,take notes from the Bills, and see how it’s done!come on guys get your heads in the game!

  71. Rudy Says:

    Listen: you CANNOT coach a team without emotion, fire, passion. The team resembles its HC. If the guy is a cheater, they begin to cheat. If he’s a sore loser, they take cheap shots. If he’s honorable and exemplary, you’ll see Fair Play principles. And if the guy is absolutely ambivalent, like Todd Bowles is, you’ll see a lifeless team. Do the Bucs look lifeless? You tell me. Next time there’s a bad call from a ref, see where the players look: to the HC on the sideline. If that HC isn’t ripping his headset off and slamming his clipboard at the refs’ feet, the fire will extinguish. Bowles’ only reaction is a half smile and arms folded, shaking his head? GTFOH Coach! Evans hitting Lattimore sparked the whole team against the Saints. It came from 13, not the HC. He just isn’t built like that, and it’s a waste of a playoff candidate. Dump him asap. Payton and a million others would die to come to Tampa to “coach” TB12

  72. Eli Says:

    We have an offensive coord problem with no creativity. And a head coach who can’t run thd defense while being the head coach. Make some changes or just hang the season up!

  73. Lg55 Says:

    The Bucs can’t change up the offense because they are still learning it. So if you were to add one different play it probably would throw a circuit breaker just like when they try a trick play.
    I said it in the preseason from what I saw the Falcons will win NFC south.

  74. John Says:

    Strength and conditioning coaches need to be fired too. Or maybe… a lot of them are women or also black? I haven’t looked and am just wondering why we won’t fire anyone who is wasting this team’s time.

  75. CasinoKen Says:

    This Team needs to quit listening to the Press about “How Great of a Team they Have” They aren’t NOWHERE near the Team of a year ago, AND – Todd Bowles needs to get a clue and quit walking around like He’s at the Mall Lost and Looking for his Car – I Can’t even waste typing space about the play calling….

  76. Crunchbuc Says:

    Said it on day 1. Bowles is no Head Coach. Bucs will regret letting Brady dictate BA bring pushed out. Watcha think now?