Mike Evans Extends Sour Tom Brady-Era Streak

October 28th, 2022

It didn’t get any headlines earlier this week, but Mike Evans entered tonight’s sad loss to the Ravens on a new streak that surely made him and every Bucs fan cringe.

And he extended it.

Evans not catching a touchdown pass tonight made it four consecutive games that he hasn’t caught a TD. Before Sunday in Carolina, Evans had not gone more than two games in the Tom Brady era without a touchdown, including the playoffs.

Evans led the Bucs tonight with 6 catches for 123 yards on 11 targets.

For former Bucs cornerback Richard Sherman, an analyst on tonight’s Amazon broadcast, that’s nowhere near enough.

Sherman said the Bucs need to pump a bunch more passes into Evans because it’s an effective strategy. Former Bucs quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick argued with Sherman a bit, saying Tom Brady doesn’t play that way and won’t do it. Sherman barked back that he needs to, and Fitzpatrick insisted it won’t happen.

“This offense is broken,” Fitzpatrick said. “I don’t see a fix anytime soon.”

36 Responses to “Mike Evans Extends Sour Tom Brady-Era Streak”

  1. JimmyJack Says:

    Its Evans Fault. He coulnt get his feet downin the back of the endzone.

    Later he was unable to much a big catch and it led to three and out.

    We needed players to step up tonight and give us a huge win and Mike was not the guy to step up.

    Thats cold reality

  2. Lamarcus Says:

    Mike Evans is pressing hard. He’s playing with urgency with no success tho

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It is very sad to see that Brady is often on another page with Evans.
    Those 2 just have never developed that chemistry a top receiver/QB combo must have in the NFL

  4. T REX Says:

    Evans has the yips…he looks terrible and running some lazy routes

  5. G-Buc Says:

    Brady missed the TD! He’s not playing his best either!

    Team is off ! Clearly! If they can’t even show up on time … what more do you need to know.

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    What I don’t get is how, in week 8, Brady and Evans are having miscommunications.

    Let me take that back, I completely understand how it happens, because you have a complete clueless moron as your OC, one that decides to put his own low IQ spin on Arians offense, and we see the results.

    As for Brady, I’ve wished the entire time he’s been here that he’d force the ball to Evans – but as Fitz said, that’s just not who Brady is. It’s hard to argue with Brady’s success, but what makes Mike special is that he catches it, regardless of coverage.

    But hey, you can’t win if you turnover the ball – and Brady, through 8 games, is on pace for a career low number of INTs, and that is all that matters. Not scoring, nope, it’s not turning the ball over.

  7. Austin Christopher Lewis Says:

    How in the world do we go from demolishing the cowboys and beating the saints, to this???

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mike does have 454 yards in 8 games…..9 left……60 yards a game and he’ll be at 1000 again…….Go Mike…

    At least that’s something to root for.

  9. MadMax Says:

    I’ll be back in a minute….this chic got me all hemmed up…but y’all know this already,I’ve been calling it,it’s over…this was their last try……all good

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    G-Buc Says:
    October 28th, 2022 at 12:06 am
    Brady missed the TD!


    The pass to Rudolph? Really?

    Brady though he was throwing to a TE, not a washed up offensive lineman and lead him as such. But Rudolph, at this point, is as slow as a washed up offensive lineman.

  11. Buczilla Says:

    Outside of special talents like Wirfs, our entire team is broken. Heads should have rolled last week and I hope that we don’t make the same mistake this week.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    And to be fair Brady was defientally not the guy to step up. Clutch 4th&3 and you you got guys out of your huddles jumping false start??????? Thats poor QB call and that needs practice………Lets call it a spade, Bradys not been practicing, its truely didnt suprize me when we effed it up.

  13. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Tonight was all on Tom Brady! Let’s stop making excuses for him! He had open receivers he missed all night, ran out of the huddle seeing ghosts when he had great blocking all night (btw keep Leverett and bench Goadummie), held onto the ball to long and was obviously indecisive … This is what happens when you don’t practice and only have walk throughs all week!! … Plus Tom is checked out man! I’m sad to see his career end this way! Now when he’s talked about down the road they’ll say things about his divorce and how that effected his season, how he took off so many days and they’ll say “did Belichick and Arians keep him in check all that time and it was good coaching all his career” … I mean he should have totally committed to this season and he’s obviously not! This is probably his final season and he’s going to call into question the one thing he’s always been known for … His commitment!!

  14. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    Brady has Giselle getting banged by Pete Davidson on his mind

  15. Will Says:

    I hope sometime this weekend Joe will have an article saying that BL has been relieved of his duties. Something needs to shake this team up. As bad as the defense was in the 2nd half I blame it on them being tired from the offense unable to sustain drives. But I’d love for Bowels to make a statement and sit Devin White for a bit. Dude has only got worse each year since the Superbowl. Watching him get put on skates tonight during the 1st drive of the 3rd qrt and then the over running of plays and lack of hustle I’m done with him. Without Suh and JPP there are no Alphas on the defense. Lavonte is not going to step up and get on guys like those 2 would. I miss BA calling guys out that aren’t performing. Todd is to laid back and I fear the team has taken on his personality. Mini bye couldn’t have come at a better time.

  16. Booda Says:

    Lol, gotta order some ladies to show up at Tom’s home. He’s gotta busta nut !

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Jimmy Jack

    What??? Were you watching??
    He did not get his feet down in the end zone because of where Brady put the pass. Then he threw one later real low at the goal line that could’ve been intercepted and looked upset about Evans not being on the ground in front of the defender. He also overthrew Evans a couple times and led him to far in the end zone corner. Brady had a garbage game. There were about 10 incompletions that had nothing to do with the offensive line or receivers, it was all because Brady made bad throws.

    I am not blaming him or BL or the line or the receivers or the running backs or all the injuries on defense… It is the entire team and all the coaches. But I’m sick of people defending Brady.
    He has had a crappy season and has missed a ton of throws. Not sure if age has caught up, doesn’t seem it, seems like someone who really didn’t practice much this off-season or training camp or during the week. His head is not in it. He does not want to be here

  18. LastDance Says:

    For the first time I will say that Brady didn’t look great. But you know what makes you look not great. Having your rhythm phoooked up by NO DiSCIPLINEguys not reading the route right guys jumping offsides guys holding for no reason guys being slow as Christmas. He isn’t allowed to have a couple bad passes because everyone else sucks so much it’s amplified. All of this is on the coaches.

  19. David Says:

    Every player and coach is to blame. The defense cannot overcome five or six starters down. Regardless, they still can’t stop the run and it started halfway through last year.
    Every position is to blame for the offenses. And Brady is not above it. He has had a horrendous year. He had 10 incompletions tonight that were all because he made that throws. He should’ve had 4 interceptions tonight.

    If he made better throws Evans would’ve had 2-3 touchdowns tonight. In hindsight, maybe don’t skip out on half of training camp and go to a wedding and not practice half of every week. He obviously is distracted by the divorce and is not focused. He seems like he has no desire to be here.
    Maybe the only reason he came back was to be traded to Miami and that didn’t happen and now he’s going through the motions.
    I won’t completely torch him though because he did bring a SB here but it’s done. Over.

    Look to the draft. Identify the building blocks. Move forward.

  20. LastDance Says:

    David the Genius … who forever thinks a few days in training camp changed the world… must of been what caused BL and TB to forget how to coach too. Sharp as a very flat very soft surface this guy

  21. Redeemer Says:

    Rod, exactly. Rudolph looked like he was running in wet concrete. That being said, I don’t think Brady is close to 100%. Anything over 15 yards past the LOS looks like a lawn dart. How many quick wr screens did they throw. I counted 6. I’m not making excuses, just using my eyes. He misses Gronk like nobodys business

  22. LastDance Says:

    Anonymous… don’t be a fool. He missed the TD to ME but they scored. The one low at the goal line ME was supposed to read the coverage and sit down at the goal line. Any peewee league football player should recognize that. Maybe talk after you go to school or something.

  23. LastDance Says:

    Yeah man. Gronk can read a defense. ME is good at contested balls but has never been on the same page as Brady. Without and Edelman or Gronk he cannot work the middle. Everyone wants to say he’s washed. He doesn’t have any of the TYPE of weapons he needs. Skill is irrelevant if you cannot read the defense the same as Brady. Period. He does not look his best but he didn’t in 2019 with a bunch of guys who couldn’t read defenses. But they won because of GREat coaching. They do not have anything but a lot of sad weeks ahead because this can’t be fixed. The team is too undisciplined and it’s too late in the season. A playoff sot due to a bad division is still possible though unlikely and that is going nowhere. I hope Brady plays one more year somewhere else so he can rinse this stench off.

  24. LastDance Says:

    Funny though. Nobody is trashing Herbert for not looking great this year because he’s you g. I really like him but he’s has one good game and otherwise looked ordinary. Brady is allowed to be human people. It is a team sport. If he were superhuman you wouldn’t need other players or coaches. He did really F up unreturing though. So wasteful for his family.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Tom Brady is old and ineffective. He is protected and has time on most of his throws but still missing receivers. Worst decision for him to come back from his retirement. I think his teammates are ready for him to retire as soon as possible. He is losing the locker room and respect of his teammates. Buccs are done with three game losing even if somehow win the division. It is time to bench Tom and let the future begin. We need to give Kyle Trask and other young players a chance to play in some regular season.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sure it’s controversial but it was clear Brady wanted to fake retirement and come back as a player/minority owner in Miami. Given the Bucs are going nowhere fast with a superstar QB whose head and heart is not 100% here, they should grant him his wish and trade him to Miami or San Francisco while they can still get some draft capital or a couple good players who will be here longer. As it stands he will bounce to another team or retire for real next season so we might as well get something for the future for him now.

  27. LastDance Says:

    It’s all the future with you fools. Your future is as bleak as your past. Better enjoy his last ride.

  28. steele Says:

    Brady and Evans have never had a great chemistry. With Brady at QB, Godwin, Gronk, even AB etc. were preferred targets, but Evans has been his #1, and now the miscommunication is more obvious. Evans is also mentally bad this season, “watching life go out of us”, along with so many of his teammates, checking out psychologically in some way or another.

    But as I wrote in another thread, tonight Brady was way off. His throwing motion was messed up all night, excessively rotating his torso. Like he either has an injury that he is compensating for, or he’s forcing or rushing throws out because he feels pressure, or both. His passes were also weaker than usual, and placed poorly compared to his normal.

    This is not something longtime Brady watchers haven’t seen before, in bad Patriots seasons when his support system was lacking. On this team, with so many things off, what is any QB supposed to do?

    Put this 45 yr old Brady on one of the good teams today, and he would look like a god. Put any living or current great QB into this offense, and he would look mortal and diminished.

  29. Joe Says:

    Brady and Evans have never had a great chemistry.

    Since… when???

    Don’t ever recall them not being in sync.

  30. David Says:

    Last chance
    Fire the OC
    Now! Fire the OC
    Get a coach with some backbone to stand up and get in his players faces, motivate them or sit their butts on the bench
    Well, AB did have some good coaching traits, he wasn’t timid and could stand toe to toe with the GOAT and tell him what’s for
    Anyone as old as me here who remembers Shula in his prime?
    He would have put the GOAT on the bench as close to the Highway as possible for missing training camp and then attending that ridiculous wedding Or bring his reality tv martial problems to camp Shula would have not let him in the building!!
    Shula would motivate the guys because they would not play again if they came in with a suck attitude or personal problems Or they were out of shape, etc, etc.
    Find a Shula
    I agree, play the bench, might find a fire in some young guys who still remember why they love the game of football
    Bench the running back
    He is mostly ineffective unless catching a short pass from the GOAT

  31. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Steele. Great points. I’ve followed Tom’s entire career, and something is off with his mechanics. He’s usually so precise with his whole body. The finger and shoulder are bothering him. The people that think this offense would be better with Trask and Gabbert are ridiculous. A lot of fans didn’t want Brady here in the first place, and our enjoying his decline.

    The problem is that we are putting too much on Brady’s shoulder. This season was doomed when Licht refused to address the interior OL. They sucked in training camp and preseason. Licht’s hubris is to blame as much as the players and coaches.

    This is a severely flawed team. If the QB is off, this team has no chance to win.

  32. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Evan’s is a great receiver but he does lack reading the defender awareness. It was obvious Brady wanted him to curl on a 3rd & 4 and Evan’s went downfield. In the end zone Evan’s was supposed to stop he turned in. AB & Gronk were masters of this. Anonymous you idiot, watch the panning view NO receivers were open most of the game. The Rudolph pass is a timing pass, Rudolph either ran it to wide or is slow as shat.. Sherman can call for what he wants, he’s no QB, the 50/50 pass causes just as many turnovers as wins. The fans would want Brady’s head if he threw 3 picks last night. The short screens/pick passes behind the line of scrimmage were killing me, might as well run the ball for a 2yd gain. 2&1 BL decides to kill a drive with a reverse to Jones, a player with a bad knee. 2&1 is where you take your shot. I am giving BA more respect every game I watch these clowns. Yet he did stick Bucs with them.

  33. View from 132 Says:

    Are we ignoring he was wide open in the endzone early on (play was a defensive holding call) and Brady missed him?

  34. TJ Says:

    Everyone is failing to some degree. Brady is missing a LOT of open receivers. Passes just not in ideal catch location for the receivers. He rarely is making passes that receivers don’t have to expend way more concentration than usual. That being said, the receivers have had some key drops, not sharp route running, miscommunication. You name it. But what is inexcusable to me is the job Leftwich is doing. I get the fact that he is working with patchwork players but offense was soooooo predicable. At one point we had four drives that started with Fournette run for 2 or 3 yards then the very next play was a WR screen. Varying between Godwin, Evans, back to Godwin on second down. 5 WR screens a game is too many. We have a half azz, constipated offense and that lacks creativity and leaves NO room for error with play calling. I feel bad for Leftwich for coaching himself OUT of HC consideration and probably another coordinator job after he is let go. I hope we somehow muster some pride and end up at 9-8 because that gets us in.

  35. TJ Says:

    Oh and one last note with playcalling and our antiquated offense. EVERY play is a slow developing deep route. A big trademark for Arians but that system CANNOT succeed over the course of a season with a make shift Offensive line. They can’t protect for over 2 seconds. Why wouldn’t Leftwich ADJUST and coach. Draw up some quick hitting plays BESIDES A WR screen. What is proven this year is the chink in the armor with our offense. Yes everyone agrees the run opens the pass game. Not disputing your theory. We don’t have a run game and D’s get to tee off with the pass rush. So why the slow developing long routes for 2 and 9. Why not do the hurry up offense to start the game? Arians would of done that 3 games ago to get players in rhythm. Watching the offense is the definition of insanity.

  36. brooks Says:

    Trade him and godwin for some picks