Ira Kaufman Addresses The New And Concerning Look Under Todd Bowles, An Apparent Brady-Bowles Disconnect, Byron Leftwich, Panthers Predictions, And Much More

October 23rd, 2022

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Gameday! The Bucs get a dumpster-fire opponent and Sage Ira is dialed in on the state of all things Bucs with Joe.

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13 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Addresses The New And Concerning Look Under Todd Bowles, An Apparent Brady-Bowles Disconnect, Byron Leftwich, Panthers Predictions, And Much More”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    Toad’s Leftbowelwich is so disconnected from reality, it’s no wonder that Tom is experiencing some discomfort of his own. .

  2. steele Says:

    Unfortunately, Super Bowl hangover and malaise is real, and can last for multiple seasons after a Super Bowl win or loss. As Ira reports, it’s easy for guys with rings to get lazy, relaxed and “been there/done that”, and simply lose the hunger and intensity. It gets increasingly tough to duplicate the effort of the first one. Look at the Seahawks, successively worse every season after a SB. On the other hand, teams that are better coached team with a culture like NE do a better job maintaining standards season to season. I think the Bucs are closer to the Seattle model, or worse with Bowles and Leftwich. “We good.”

    Brady knows, and isn’t happy about it. He misses Gronk and others with the championship intangibles.

  3. HC Grover Says:

    Waiting for a couple 1st qtr TD’s and an early lead today.

  4. Go Bucs Says:

    Just be more consistent on third down’s on both sides of the ball! Is all I ask for!

    Go Bucs…

  5. Byedon Leftbitch Says:

    God help me if we lose this game today. I will flip the fuq out

  6. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete - Founder of Says:

    Under Bowles, our team has no Swag any more.

    Under Bowles, our team is not aggressive on offense any more.

    The team tends to take on the identity of the Head Coach to a certain degree, and our Bucs seem to be way better with the Brash, aggressive, Swaggy, Arians leading us.

    We made some terrible personnel decisions this offseason that are currently tanking our season…

    Getting rid of Arians (in an decision-making/leadrership role), and then not re-signing Suh, JPP, Ronald Jones, & keeping Tyler Johnson is DOOMING US TO FAILURE AT THE MOMENT.


  7. HC Grover Says:

    Bowles may change up today and run up the gut to the right to fool the Carolina Scrubs.

  8. HC Grover Says:

    If we were to lose should call Florida Elite Restoration to get rid of the mold.

  9. Leopold Stotch Says:

    What a brilliant plug for Florida’s Elite Restoration… “Unlike Julio Jones, Florida’s Elite Restoration will be there for you 24/7” straight savage by Steve 🤣

  10. Jake Says:

    “Wow ” I have been thinking about what happened to Mike Tyson when his wife called it quits. Is the same thing happening with Brady ? There have been a lot of low passes, in the dirt low, the line hasn’t been completely terrible and causing them. Why can’t we put Gabbert in when things are going this bad? Something is wrong with Brady right now and I don’t think it can hurt to see if someone can get something happening. I’m just putting that out there.

  11. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Never seen a more incompetent operation in my life. Bowles is as a complete statue on the sideline unwilling or unable to motivate his players. His third down defense is atrocious with lack of ingenuity. Byron Leftwich shouldn’t be an offensive coordinator for a high school team. Carried by the greatest player of all time the past two seasons still at the peak of his talent. Hicks Jones stealing money from the franchise certainly isn’t helping

  12. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Jake-were you watching the same game as me? He threw the ball almost 50 times and missed a few throws give me a quarterback in the NFL that doesn’t miss a throw every game. He was still throwing dimes in tight windows throughout the game. Your Hall of Fame receiver choked, gift right in his hands and he packed it in after that either gimpy or looking for the sidelines in every play. The off line is a dumpster fire in the playcalling is a complete embarrassment. Brady will win another Super Bowl with the 49ers next year

  13. Crickett Baker Says:

    What I would like to know is why does no one ever seem to mention Goodwin? He was Arian’s asst. coach yet no one seems to name him for any coaching position, even over Foote. Does anyone know what’s wrong with him?