Ian Beckles Has Harsh Words For Tom Brady Leaving The Bucs To Attend A Wedding Of Another Team’s Owner

October 19th, 2022

Not much love for the Bucs.

Joe thought in the wake of the vomit-inducing offensive showing last Sunday in Pittsburgh, former Bucs offensive guard and current popular sports radio personality Ian Beckles would destroy the team.

He didn’t. Speaking on his podcast “In the Trenches” Beckles wasn’t throwing bouquets, that’s for sure. But it seemed he threw more fire at Tom Brady than any other Bucs player.

Beckles was outraged that Brady would leave the team to attend the wedding of an NFL executive not with the Bucs.

“Since when is Tom Brady missing a Saturday night meeting?” Beckles asked. “He’s at Robert Kraft’s wedding. Are you f@cking kidding me? Robert Kraft’s wedding? Since when is this sh!t not important to him? This is during the season. We are 3-2 [before the Steelers game] and you are going to Robert Kraft’s wedding? Bill Belichick didn’t go to Robert Kraft’s wedding. For what? You are not a Patriot anymore. Stop it!”

Beckles said the optics of Brady blowing off a Bucs walkthrough and a meeting and then cussing out his teammates (caught on camera) was a very bad look. And Beckles believes that could backfire on Brady given that he wasn’t all in last week but his teammates were.

“If you are not giving 195 percent you better not get in my face,” Beckles growled. “And I’m not sure Tom Brady is giving 195 percent right now.”

Additional thoughts from Beckles six games into the 2022 season:

On the team as a whole.

“The Buccaneers are not a good team right now, that’s the long and short of it.”

On the defense.

“As a whole defensively, the Buccaneers didn’t play poorly. I thought they played well enough to win. Still, you have to shut that team down. Great teams do. [The Steelers] were down three corners. Any team that misses its top three corners is in trouble. Yet they figured out a way to win that football game.”

On Playoff Lenny.

“We better figure out a way to keep Leonard Fournette healthy. If Leonard Fournette goes down, we are in bbbiiiggg big trouble.”

Who is blazing a trail for the Bucs.

“Who is balling? I’ll wait. Where are we better than two years ago? Maybe our defensive backs are better than two years ago.”

On Bucs tight ends.

“I don’t think we have a tight end dressing. Where are the Bucs struggling right now? Red zone. You know what you need in the red zone? A good running game and a good tight end. We don’t have either of those.”

On Robert Hainsey and Luke Goedeke.

“Hainsey and [Luke] Goedeke, this is the way it is supposed to look, people. When you are a rookie or a second-year guy and you are playing against good football teams, that’s the way it is going to look. And you know what? It may not get better. Those guys are [young players] all year long.”

Beckles added the Steelers are much better than their record just based on having Mike Tomlin and the pride and strong history of Steelers football.

On Joe Tryon-Shoyinka.

“I’m not bringing up JTS because I don’t know what he is. He makes one play a game and it is usually not against an offensive lineman.”

On Vita Vea.

“Vita Vea to me is overrated at this moment. He’s just kind of running around. I don’t see him making many plays. He doesn’t make a whole lot of tackles. Ain’t a lot of TFLs [tackles for loss]. That’s the only way to be good on the defensive line. Give me some TFLs; give me some sacks; give me some big plays. He ain’t doing that.”

On OLBs Anthony Nelson and Carl Nassib.

“We’re better when Nelson and Nassib are in the football game. Real talk.”

On the mentality of the Bucs.

“The Bucs just don’t have the same swag. They don’t. Pittsburgh wasn’t scared. You know why? The film is not scary. The Buccaneers film is not scary.”

Beckles believes we have seen the last of Cam Brate. Given he has a Harvard degree, Beckles said, Brate has too much of a promising future to risk it all getting two concussions every three games and end up walking around like a vegetable in 20 years.

Beckles also added that rookie left guard Luke Goedeke is getting unfairly criticized. He said when you put a rookie guard against good tackles, the rookie will struggle. Beckles added he knows from experience. It is up to Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich to craft plays and schemes and blocking assignments to stop Goedeke’s rookie struggles from hurting the team, Beckles said.

62 Responses to “Ian Beckles Has Harsh Words For Tom Brady Leaving The Bucs To Attend A Wedding Of Another Team’s Owner”

  1. Bucfan Says:

    How about the coaching staff?

  2. KingLDavid54 Says:

    I only disagree with Beckles’ Tom Brady take… look, Tom Brady almost single-handedly won us a Super Bowl title in 2020-2021 with his play at QB and the talent he recruited to play for us. That season has made a lot of Buccaneers players a lot of money and fame. It’s the “Tiger Woods” effect on the Buccaneers team, and players should be grateful for all the ways they’ve benefitted. Now, that being said, that was 2 years ago and people have short-term memories in the NFL’s win now culture. It’s a what have you done for me today kind of thing. Thus why people like Beckles and those on this site are so temperamental when it comes to a Week 6 football game in a 17-game season.

  3. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    Nothing Beckles said was wrong or out of line. There is a serious problem brewing with this team and I fully expect it to get worse before it gets better. Todd Bowles is a great guy I am sure but I don’t think he has it in him to be able to correct this problem.

  4. BucfaninMi Says:

    He’s not wrong. BTW F! Robert Kraft for having the gall to even ask TB12! Asshat!

  5. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Who ?

  6. Robert Says:

    If TB is so committed, then he should not have gone. When your top player gets special privileges…it almost always turns out bad.

  7. Miller5252 Says:

    Why is everyone acting like a crazy ex girlfriend? Beckles ratings must be in the tank and he’s digging deep trying to find something that will get people to listen. Did everyone forget it could be Trask or Arians boy at QB if Brady didn’t come back…. If he’s off every week it’s still better then those 2.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘Beckles also noted it is up to Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich to craft plays and schemes and blocking assignments where Goedeke’s rookie struggles don’t hurt the team.’

    B-I-N-G-O !!! We have a winner.

  9. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    It appears that Beckles and I were watching the same game this past week. Not always the case. By the way Ian, no one can give more than 100%, but I get what you’re saying. Brady is at least part of the problem. Maybe the smallest part, maybe not, but definitely part.

  10. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Devin McCourty and Matthew Slater also attended the wedding. They are captains of the current NE team. The issue is not the wedding. The issue is missing time (meetings, walk-through) with the Bucs. –JoeNot one mention from the media. This whole wedding thing is ridiculous. Brady was not berating his teammates on the sidelines. He was encouraging them. The only people outraged by this are outside people like the media and fans. His teammates aren’t making a big deal out of it. They actually see the day to day work that he puts in. They also probably don’t see any difference in his behavior around the team. Beckles is a shock joke. Full of hot takes.

  11. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    Tom Bratty!

  12. BUCkleup Says:

    We suck but not fair to say it’s all on GOAT. He doesn’t block on 4th and 1 or defend on 3rd and a mile. Neither of which we can execute on at this point. The whole team needs to step up. That is what teams do.

    Oh, and did I mention Leftwich sucks

  13. Bucs since 76 Says:

    Leftwich does a poor job of crafting plays period. It was Godwin hit that knocked out Brate the first time, it was like they both trying to catch the ball. Pittsburgh schemes on both offensive and defense were ten times better that ours with lesser talent. NFL is a copy cat league if we don’t adjust we will have a hard time beating anybody.

  14. alton green Says:

    wah wah wah. Do y’all REALLY think Tom doesn’t deserve to go to RC’s wedding??????? Just look at the leader of the Bucs on the sideline. Identical to the look when he stoled the Jet’s money. When we won the SB, who WAS NOT the head coach? That Ben Stein looking statue. How in hell do you expect there to be fire in your players with this HC????? Biden got 80 million votes Mark it on your calendar i said this today. Tom WILL NOT be on the team next year and i damn sure don’t blame him

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is 100% on Todd Bowles……he has a captain claim Bucs were bored vs Atl……should have publicly chewed him out.
    He should have told Tom….OK….go to the wedding but come back for the walkthrough…..fly out late Fri night or early Sat AM…..

    Be a head coach!!!

  16. Erick Says:

    No problem with Brady going to the wedding on Friday night. However, it is totally INEXCUSABLE that he didn’t show up to Saturday walk throughs-meetings. The guys head is not into this season.

  17. Roc Says:

    Hey Ian

    I don’t see you calling out the COACH for an unprepared team three weeks in a row.

    Wait that’s right you thought RAHEEM WAS A GOOD COACH

    This team has no FIRE That’s from the COACH PERIOD!!

    Brady missing A practice MATTERS Of Course that’s why the Defense played like they were 80 year old men

    Brady missed a practice That’s why this WHOLE Teams sluggish play is happening


  18. Bucfan Says:

    Falcons will win the NFC South!

  19. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Simply out coached! All Pittsburgh did was what the Saints do every time they play the Bucs and the Oline turtles. BL has NO answer for this nor did BA. I was under the impression Brady made the Saturday night meeting just missed the walk-through?

    Listen, you can’t fix incompetence and stupidity ask Oneilsuckyall and Beanbag, as long as BL is your OC this O goes nowhere no matter who the QB is.

  20. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Horse slugger should not be allowed anywhere near animals.

  21. beano Says:

    The season is a bust. Dump Brady, let him go save his family, save money, and play Trask. Trask had a higher quarterback rating than both Goobert and Brady in the last preseason game (playing with truck drivers) and deserves it. Go look it up, haters. Hell, Trask would probably be 3-3 too right now, and developing. The Bucs are living in the past – 2020 – and it ain’t coming back. Time to grow up and move on.

  22. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Beckles has been doing too much of his own Kava and weed.

  23. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Does Beckles have a ring? Has he ever been to the show? Have some respect for a man that’s been to 10 and actually knows what he’s talking about.

  24. alton green Says:

    FYI; i’ve been watching football for several decades and have been a Brady career Brady fan from Mi. to the daycare center in Tampa. I couldn’t count the times i’ve said or thought “this is it” This time it’s different. Tom has lost a lot of weight. I will say that if the offense struggles against the Pooty Cats, we are in serious trouble. 1st on the list? find a coach that knows what the hell he’s doing. In the Pitts game, he bent over with his hands on his head when they completed a 3rd and long. If only he showed that much emotion when the Bucs do something positive. If he didn’t blink you’d think he wasn’t alive

  25. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Beanbag, Brady played one series in pre-season moron. Let me enlighten you, he led the NFL in passing yards and TD’s in 2021, he was better than 2020. If not for job hunting now HC toilet Bowels Bucs possibly have a 3rd SB. He is currently leading the NFC in passing and 4th overall in the league, he’s NOT the problem.

  26. Ed Says:

    All of those 3rd and longs completed by the Steelers, I blame on the linebackers not in zone about 5 yards deeper. On 3rd and +15 yards you don’t need for White and David to be running with receivers in the 3-6 yard area. Let them have that and back up so you make them catch it in front of you.

    Every single one of those completions the ball was in the air for over 10 yards. Bowles should have been playing zone with 8 men back and a 3 man rush.

    Stupid having David and White chasing receivers and leaving the middle wide open.

  27. Kentucky Buc Says:


  28. Defense Rules Says:

    Beano … ‘The season is a bust’.

    We’re only a third of the way into the season & we’re 3-3, tied for the NFC South lead. Bucs aren’t playing good football to say the least, BUT … all isn’t lost either.

    We’re in a weak division. We (hopefully) have the toughest part of our schedule behind us. Several key players who’ve been hurt (Jensen, Hicks) SHOULD be back (hopefully again) within a few games. Our youngsters (Goedeke, Hainsey, Otton, White, JTS, Hall) are playing a LOT, and that experience SHOULD prove valuable as we get further along in the season. The trade deadline is still ahead, and you never know, JL MIGHT actually bring in some help (OK, not holding my breath).

    I’m thinking now that the key going forward is to get BL some ‘help’. The rest of it ‘is what it is’, but we need to game plan better, scheme better, play call better, adjust better. It’s not seeming to me right now that BL is capable of doing that by himself. Maybe get BA more involved in game planning. Maybe Tom Moore. Maybe Jenna Laine, who knows? What we’re doing clearly isn’t working very well. So, do SOMETHING to fix that area of our offense.

  29. HC Grover Says:

    put these coaches on any nfl team you will get the same result.

  30. Buddha Says:

    Sagarin currently rates Buccaneers as number 3 in NFL and number 2 in NFC. Football Outsiders has us as number 6 and number 2 in NFC. Allis not lost. Beckles is right about tight end defeciencies, but other than Philadelphia which is playing a cupcake schedule nobody in NFC scares me. This a wakeup call.

  31. DingleBerry Says:

    Anyone who thinks that Brady going to a wedding had any effect on the game is a moron.

    It didn’t make our OC come up with a horrible, predictable, bland game plan.

    It didn’t make our LG and C struggle to block Hayward and Ogunjobi.

    And it definitely didn’t make our defense give up 4 horrible 3rd and longs to Mitch f’ing Trubisky.

  32. View from 132 Says:

    In related news, an old man at the bar mumbled criticism incoherently.

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    @DR: if this team plays poorly against the Kitties, win or lose, the season is kaput.

    The ONLY salvation going forward is a serious, high-score butt-whuppin’ of Carolina. Anything but that means this team is mediocre at best, and we start talking about gutting the team of spendy vets and the 2023 draft.

    And that is NOT what Buc fans…or the Glazers…anticipated. The Glazers were measuring virtual drapes for their SB suite in their heads, while this team may be in line for the 16th draft pick.

  34. Cobraboy Says:

    There is no “softest part of our schedule.”

    The Bucs proved they could not beat a weak team in Pittsburgh, and needed a phantom RTP call to beat Atlanta, another “soft sister.”

    And a good team, the Chefs, really blew them out of RayJay.

    I believe this team is 5-1 if BA was still head coach.

  35. Coburn Says:

    Aside from that wedding comment I agree with everything else he said. Weddings aren’t exactly soemthing you can take a raincheck on. Not my place to judge how close his relation is with kraft and whether it’s worthy of missing some practice. There are definitely some people in my life I’m taking time off work to go celebrate with and wouldn’t miss it for the world

  36. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Nothing Ian said was wrong. The QB has decided he’s a part timer and Jill Tryon-Sissyinka is a detriment to the team, Nassib and Nelson are better players and it’s not even close.

  37. Duane Says:

    Its a fair take, and we are likely to see it play out this season. We rolled the die once more going to the TB12 well and are likely to pay the price. We brought in all these veteran free agents in attempts to make one more playoff push with the Goat, and we overestimated his commitment. When I see Brady play this season, he seems particularly rushed, and early in both halves. I cant blame him for not wanting to take the hits, but its affecting his throws. Lots of late balls to the receivers and low throws. The even scarier notion is what happens when we turn those reigns over to Trask, or BA’s favorite clipboard carrier.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    Ian isn’t saying anything that isn’t true. Leftwich is a big problem but one of many problems. It would be great if there was one or two problems to fix, but there’s a bunch of problems with the team. One major problem is that they aren’t playing like a team, where everyone is committed every single play.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t have a problem with Brady going to a wedding before a game…just so long as he plays well the next day.

    Brady didn’t play well.

  40. beano Says:

    “Duane Says: The even scarier notion is what happens when we turn those reigns over to Trask”

    Why are you scared of a guy who performed well in the preseason and had a higher quarterback rating than both Gabbert and Brady in the last preseason game? Because he’s a white boy? Because he didn’t play at FSU?

  41. SOEbuc Says:

    I usually never agree with Beckles on a lot of things, but a lot of this was correct, with Brady and that wedding especially. Brady looked like hot garbage still sweating off a hangover. Then he is going off on his sideline when HE WASNT the one at walk through and travel with the team. He was at 80 year old man wedding marrying a lady half his age obviously for the cheese. Is Brady crashing weddings with Gisele problems? It’s not Brady and it doesn’t inspire teammates like when he arrived 2020.

  42. Defense Rules Says:

    Cobraboy … I have trouble envisioning that ‘The ONLY salvation going forward is a serious, high-score butt-whuppin’ of Carolina’. This team has ‘issues’ that won’t be resolved in 1 week or even 1 month. Getting Jensen & Hicks & Edwards & Brate back SHOULD help, but this team is nowhere near as good as what we fielded in 2020 & 2021.

    I agree with you that there is ‘no softest part of the schedule’ since on any given Sunday any NFL team can beat any other IMO. So if you don’t play your best, you’re setting yourself up for a loss. Bucs are prime evidence of that. However, some opponents are more ‘forgiving of mistakes’ than others. I’d rather play a 1-5 team like the Panthers right now with their #27 offense & #23 defense than play a 5-1 team like the Bills with their #2 offense & #1 defense.

    And as an aside, I loved BA but he knew full well that this 2022 team would struggle. Too many key losses, especially on the offense (Marpet, Cappa, Gronk, and yes AB). Injuries to key veterans like Godwin & Jensen have crippled this offense (and I’m still convinced that Brady isn’t close to being ‘all-in’ at this point in the season). Personnel-wise, we’re a mess.

    I think we’re just now starting to see what the ‘red pen’ was all about last year. BL still needs ‘mentoring’.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    beano…some people have issues…you’ve got volumes.


    With your silly preseason stats all the time…

  44. Bucamania Says:

    Brady is obviously less committed this year.

    Goedeke is brutally bad. Rookie or not, he’s getting beat cleanly early and often.

    JTS was getting handled by TEs blocking. That is just disrespectful.

    Positives: Jamel Dean and Winfield are balling.

  45. GronksRibs Says:

    Agree with Beckles 100%. The difference between Brady going to Kraft’s wedding and Belichick not going is that Brady wants in to the Billionaires club some day. Belichick doesn’t give much of a damn about anyone.

  46. Craig Says:

    Brady removed himself from being a teammate with that. He is now a celebrity on the Bucs and the offense isn’t going to get better until he finds a way back onto the team.

    Other players will bust their legs for a good teammate, not so much here.

  47. captivajim Says:

    Beckles is SPOT -ON . Bellicheat didn’t go -because he had a game to prepare for !!!!

  48. Buczilla Says:

    I can’t argue with anything that Beckles said. Weird season man.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I know a lot of former professional football players (mostly former Bucs), and I cannot think of one who would be cool with the starting QB taking a couple weeks off during training camp for anything other than an injury or death of a close family member. Let alone blowing off a meeting and walk thru that was mandatory for everyone else to attend the wedding party of his former team’s owner.

  50. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Ian Beckles is right, you don’t do what Brady did, then turn around and yell at your offensive linemen, after what you did.

  51. beano Says:

    “Buc1987 Says: beano…your silly preseason stats all the time.”

    Suuure. They’re silly stats because they’re good stats, and you can’t reconcile them with your inner bias and hatred. Had his preseason stats sucked you’d say they are oh so meaningful. You haters are so predictable.

  52. beano Says:

    Tom Lady is a prima donna. Real men don’t take time off from training camp and real men don’t scream at their fellow players in public.

  53. Cobraboy Says:

    Brady wears the uni, but he’s not part of the real team.

  54. Cobraboy Says:

    @DR: I’d like to buy this team for what nit’s worth, and sell it for what those slackers *think* it’s worth.

    It’s been a long time since I saw six weeks of such uninspired football since Brady arrived.

    These guys don’t care. And what’s worth, they don’t even know they don’t care.

    I’ll stick to my observation od what the Kittie game means. Lose, or look poor in a win, the wheels come off. Win bigly, and maybe there’s hope.

    I just don’t think these imposters know how to win bigly…

  55. b4l Says:

    Tom Brady this, Tom Brady that. Distraction, distraction, distraction. Loss, loss, loss. Kyle Trask time.

  56. b4l Says:

    “We’re better when Nelson and Nassib are in the football game. Real talk.”

    No more Barrett. He is a fraud.

  57. T REX Says:

    It would be nice to have a coach with the balls to tell Brady NO

    This season was always gonna be a trainwreck

  58. Woodenman Says:

    A.GREEN mark your calender right now Tom Brady will not be playing for anybody next year and I don’t blame him he’s 45 and showing it

  59. garro Says:

    Please Joe …Stop with the Beckles BS….He should stick to fishing!

  60. Caleb Says:

    Leave it to Beckles with the dumbest insights. We are in big trouble if Fournette goes down? So we will be worse than the worst team at running the ball in the league? Maybe if he gets hurt we will run it less and actually be better. The defense did not play “well”. They were slppy and undisciplined and were lucky to have been playing a bad offense thaw t didn’t take advantage of the mistakes. When Trubisky came in, he owned them. This whole wedding thing id lazy and silly. Brady made some amazing throws in that game. Some of these fans forgot what it actually looks like to see bad qb play in Tampa. The offense is bad right now because of two things. The OC is bad and the LG is a turnstile. Period.

  61. AJ Turner Says:

    So I need him to have this same energy for Leftwitch and Bowles it’s funny (especially former NFL players who played the game) will do everything to cover for the coaches incompetent work, when’s the last time Leftwitch called a complete game? Why does Bowles insists on cushion coverage? Why are we running fournette into the ground? These are questions for the coach not players!

  62. Brandon Says:

    We’re in trouble if Lenny goes down? Why? Because nobody else can get tackled because of having poor balance and stopping his legs when hit? Because nobody else can show ZERO agility and the ability to get upfield when running laterally? Lenny is okay… he catches and blocks pretty well. When he gets a hole and hit it hard he is a load, he’s gonna fall forward but he is not a tackle breaker, he doesn’t have much speed, and he has absolutely no quickness. He is not a true power back… he doesn’t keep his legs moving and move the pile. I’d like to see Vaughn as the starter and the rookie as the 3rd down back. Lenny’s 3.0 YPC is not solely on the offensive line.