“I Don’t Know What’s Missing”

October 24th, 2022

Tony Dungy is disturbed by the Buccaneers defense, and that’s nothing new. It’s also alarming since Father Dungy is a defense-first guy and has been a big Todd Bowles supporter.

Speaking before the nation on the Sunday Night Football studio show last night, Father Dungy expressed his disbelief of how poor the Bucs run defense has been and how far its fallen from being an elite unit in 2019 and 2020, and very good in 2021.

“I don’t know what’s missing,” Dungy lamented. “This is a team you couldn’t run the ball on for years.”

Joe concurs.

Yesterday against Carolina, even if you strip away the 60-yard run by D’onta Foreman, the weaksauce Panthers still had a strong ground game. That’s unthinkable considering they were being quarterbacked by a fourth-stringer and the Bucs could have keyed to stop the run, and certainly did.

The Panthers had 173 yards rushing on 27 carries.

Todd Bowles is going to need on strong shovel to dig the Bucs out of the ditch they’ve fallen into.

40 Responses to ““I Don’t Know What’s Missing””

  1. Upstate NY Buc Says:

    The linebackers are ghosts when it comes to the run game, I saw White run away from many tackles!!! Where’s the gang tackling, very soft!!!

  2. Deeez NATZ Says:

    Suh is missing. J LICHT you screwed up on Suh more than the other 8 wasted players you signed for millions and millions.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    Bye bye Bowles
    I ain’t watching until he is gone

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention as to what’s missing.

  5. Panhandle Buc Says:

    A killer mindset is missing…this team is Charmin soft!!!

  6. WillieG Says:

    People always talk about how a team takes on the personality of the head coach when they’re winning, so why don’t they talk about it when the team is losing? Arians was a fiery leader. His teams played with emotion. Bowles is an upright corpse. His teams have zero emotion. It figures another stoic coach wouldn’t understand what’s missing.

  7. Lakeland Says:

    Everything is missing

  8. HC Grover Says:

    Bowles has a backhoe and is digging the ditch deeper.

  9. Jack Sparrow Says:

    The main thing missing are the brain cells of the head coach and the Offensive Coordinator.

  10. CChead Says:

    Not only was the run defense pathetic, what about pass defense. A 4th string scrub was 11-12 in the first half with the only incompletion being a 32 yard dropped pass. This defense blows.

    JTS is terrible. Saw him stop running on a long run by the Panthers. He should have made the tackle at the line of scrimmage but the b*tch slows down. He is as soft as they come. Bust!

    Devon White overruns every effin play and never fills the gaps. Also terrible in coverage. Put him on the edge, let him get after the QB and sit JTS. Overated!

    Corners playing 10+ yards off the line is a joke, thanks Bowles.

    Anybody see Shaq Barret lately. Put out a missing person alert.

    Goldston is done. Does nothing on D.

    I can go on and on but to say this D is good is simply not true.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Suh and JPP leaving made all the difference in the world.

  12. D-Rome Says:

    Did Dungy lament on Brady missing 11 games during training camp again?

  13. Miller5252 Says:

    I really don’t get where the veteran leadership has gone. Beside Brady, I would expect David and Evans to be the loudest voices in the locker room trying to keep this team from going back to the dark years. Both these guys lived it! Plus we have all these young “character” guys that we drafted to carry this into the next generation of players. Someday it will be great to hear what really caused this team to go south in a hurry!

  14. Brad Says:

    seemingly every big play has one thing in common. Devin White overrunning it.

  15. Heilan Laddie Says:

    60 years ago, was the first time I visited North America and was introduced to American football. I remember playing “touch football” out on the road that some relations lived on with some cousins and their friends.

    Watching the Bucs tackling yesterday reminded me of those days as no one seemed to want to get physical as opposed to the Panthers who were obviously up for a fight. A gutless apathetic display.

    Allegedly the team were showing great energy at training but if that is true why was it never on show at any time yesterday.

    That team has lost faith in the coaches and the system and looked as if they were just going through the motions.

    The only player I thought got pass marks was Vita Vea.

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    White plays football like a chicken with its head cut off. Just put him on the end and let him rush the QB. He can’t focus enough and play within the scheme enough to be a middle linebacker. He just isn’t developing for whatever reason.

  17. Darin Says:

    Just look at the rosters this year and last Dungy. You’ll see what’s missing. Arians is missing too. And missed. C’mon bucco Bruce get your ass on the field again and put a headset on

  18. Craig Says:

    Main thing is the lack of veteran mentors. The kids are trying to use college moves to get past veteran linemen. It doesn’t work.

    Second biggest thing is Devin White. He is a one trick pony, and that is a delayed blitz. He takes such bad angles that he can’t stop a thing. If he does manage to get a hand on someone it is always high and you can’t tackle a running back high. Probably half of those yards are directly accountable to him.

  19. robert Says:

    Dungy is olny clueless because of the coaches of his circle.

    He would lay into the coaching if not for that.

  20. Nicky666 Says:

    JPP IS GONNA MURDER US ON THURSDAY YOU THINK HE WILL HAVE ANY MOTIVATION PROBLEMS??? Bucs dropped the ball letting him and suh walk and it shows

  21. Big slick Says:

    Suh and JPP were very physical players who were highly effective against the run. We don’t have adequate replacements for those two. JTS is not good against the run and may never be. Hicks isn’t the answer to replace Suh. The 2020 D-line was simply more talented.

  22. T REX Says:


  23. Buczilla Says:

    No Suh and Vita’s play going into the dumpster are the culprits I think. It truly hurts me to talk badly about Vita too since he’s one of my favorite players. Im so pi$$ed at this season so far. 😜

  24. matthew veal Says:

    Important but not the priority.

    Running the ball is and if we can’t do that, we need that riskit for a biscuit approach imo.

  25. lambchop Says:

    The coaches hyped too much praise on Devin White early in the season. They let go of two solid veterans. Although, had those two vets did nothing, we’d be crying for their heads too. JPP has been decent in Baltimore, but I think his best is yet to come once he gets used to the defense and gets in game shape.

    They thought Vita Vea was something special, he’s a 6th man coming off the bench, getting paid like a starter.

    JTS sucks sucks sucks. He’s Noah Spence 2.0 without the injuries.

    Shaq Barrett is a ghost. He’s a one hit wonder like Rick Astley, pretending to be Prince.

    Tom Brady is distracted. Mike Evans is injury prone. Chris Godwin is injury prone. Julio is injury prone. The corners are injury prone.

    The old Donovan Smith came back to haunt this team in time for Halloween.

    We have a rookie TE that is starting to look promising, but he’s no Gronk. Jake Camarda actually played much better.Darden looks ok, but he’s scared of any form of contact except with the ground.

    It’s time the players start executing. You can cry all you want about the coaching, but not until the players show us that they’re not screwing things up themselves.

    For starters, this team needs to bench JTS and put Nassib or Nelson in as a full-time starter. They actually know how to play.

  26. GrafikDetail.com Says:

    the leadership and toughness of Suh and JPP are missing

  27. Your Mom Says:

    No Suh, no JPP. Hicks injured. That’s the difference.

    And maybe Bowles having to spend half his time as head coach rather than defensive coord duties. I just don’t see how he could study as much opponent game film with the added responsibilities.

    Shaq always did way better with Suh in the lineup to take some of the heat off of him. Without Suh he can’t dominate a game like he used to. Reggie White was a pretty singular player to take on a triple team and still get a sack.

  28. SlyPirate Says:

    SB-LV: “Not watching until Bowles is gone.”

    With most NFL organizations, losing fans forces change. That’s not how the Bucs role. They’ll go 20 years of the worst attendance, no primetime games, and a continuous stream of public humiliation.

  29. firethecannons Says:

    agree with lambchop JTS is noah spence 2.0 and is useless need Nelson from here on out. this team is the worst in league until we aren’t. Stop thinking potential and realize we are embarassing. Truth is truth! But but but we have Tom Brady who is useless when the o-line is average or worse like we are.

  30. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    HC, DC, and OC are all inferior today than the last three years.

  31. Joshua porter Says:

    Where has David been all season you never hear his name called??

  32. teacherman777 Says:

    In his two games as a Raven, Pierre-Paul has a sack, a quarterback hit, a tackle for loss, and two passes defensed. Despite having no training camp or preseason, the 33-year-old has played nearly 80 percent of defensive snaps, including 86 percent in his season debut in Week 4.
    “Pierre-Paul has hit the ground running in his Ravens career and is already making his contract look like a steal for the organization,” Ebony Bird’s Justin Fried wrote. “The Ravens officially signed Pierre-Paul to a one-year contract with a base salary of just $1.35 million. With incentives, Pierre-Paul could earn over $5 million this season, but his cap hit won’t climb above $1.15 million. That’s quite the bargain for a player who might already be the team’s most efficient edge rusher.”

  33. Jersey Bucs Says:

    What’s missing is talent…the next tackle White makes where he wraps both arms around a ball carrier will be the first time. Vea, Gholston, rode Suh’s coattails and now neither one can make a play. Outside the safeties, the secondary is a joke. Tryon? NoahSpence 2.0. The rest of the D line and linebackers? Their play, including Levontae’s, speaks volumes. What’s hilarious is listening and hearing the media, fellow fans, players and coaches talk about fixing this. There’s no fixings this. You can’t just decide to be a pass rusher, run stuffer, an all world guard or tackle. You can’t just decide to be the next great CB and decide to lock people down. That’s not reality. Due to how bad this division is and that they play 17 games now, this team will probably make the playoffs by mistake and be a first round “bye” for true contender in January. I keep thinking they should have the fire sale, not Carolina…

  34. Goatfarmer Says:

    Coaching. Letting two big leaders leave the defense. Not getting vets to fortify the OL after Maroet retired, Cappa left, Jensen and Stinnie got hurt. Licht is right in this mess.

    But, coaching. Bowels is right behind Mboron for out the door. Full rebuild commencing. Years in the dumpster again. At least we had 2020 and 2021 up until the Todd Bowels’ Bowl where he showed his leadership by the collapse.


  35. Lakeland Steve Says:

    A bunch of people were screaming, sign Suh, sign JPP because we all could see it. Why couldn’t the coaches and Licht. A bunch of people were screaming after Jensen went down, sign some O-lineman because we could see it. Why couldn’t the coaches and why couldn’t Licht. Arrogance that’s why. People start believing that no matter what decision they make it has to be golden, because I’m the great Jason Licht, I don’t make mistakes. He’s made plenty in his time with the Bucs and this year he made several more.

  36. unbelievable Says:

    What’s missing? I’ll tell you:

    – Suh
    – JPP
    – Whitehead
    – Heart
    – Desire
    – Accountability

  37. Tackleblockwin Says:

    The players are not doing their job either. I blame Bowles for part of the bad defense. But the bottom line is Bowles can’t make tackles for the players too. I saw no outside container by DBs yesterday too on some of the run plays. Some of these players are just not smart enough to do their job consistently. This is frustrating.

  38. John Thompson Says:

    I have to start at the top with the head coach. I’m sure if Bruce Arians was still the head coach Tampa would be a lot better. I personally like Todd Bowels as a person but I don’t think he has what it takes to be a head coach remember his time with the Jets.

  39. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Great comment Unbelievable

  40. teacherman777 Says:

    @unbelievable nailed it

    JPP (cost less than Rudolph)

    Whitehead (cost less than Rudolph)

    Suh cost less than Hicks.