Five Things

October 28th, 2022

What a dreadful night last night. And it may be a dreadful morning today for a Bucs coach. So let’s not waste any time.

Joe will work until 5 a.m. this morning banging out copy for this here site. That’s typical after a night game. So Joe will sleep in this morning.

When Joe wakes, if Bucs coach Todd Bowles has any self-respect, failed Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich better have his office cleaned out and his One Buc Palace access card deactivated.

Joe doesn’t want to hear about Ryan Jensen being hurt or Luke Goedeke being a rookie, therefore the Bucs cannot run the ball. BULLS(P)IT!!! Look around the league and try to tell Joe the Bucs have the worst offensive line in the NFL. That is just nonsense by any objective standard.

Good coaches find a way. You think Seattle has better talent on offense than the Bucs? Pete Carroll has found a way to put lesser players in positions to make plays and score points.

That’s what good coaches do.

You really believe the Bears have better talent on their offensive line? Bears fans want to jump off the Hancock Tower into Lake Michigan in the middle of October (which is very cold in the Second City) the Bears’ offensive line is so rotten, yet the Bears have a better rushing offense than the Bucs. The Bears!

Joe could go on and on through the NFL standings. Competent coaches find a way. Do you really believe after eight games Leftwich can find a way? He’s calling the same plays over and over and over again and expecting different results. You know what that is called, right?

If Leftwich could fix this offense he would have fixed it by now.

Last night after the game, Bowles said coaching changes are on the table. The first move and the no-brainer move is to send Leftwich packing. Enough is enough with this guy.

There is no way the Bucs salvage this season with Leftwich calling the shots on offense. It ain’t gonna happen.

To be fair, Joe may be willing to give Leftwich a pass for his wretched irresponsible gameplan against the Steelers if the following is true: Leftwich refused to attack the ravaged Steelers secondary because Tom Brady’s “little rotator cuff” isn’t so little. Joe has no idea if that’s accurate. However, after watching Brady last night, it might be.

Of course, if Brady couldn’t physically throw against a practice squad secondary like the Steelers had, then why wasn’t Blaine Gabbert in the game? So yeah, it still comes back to Leftwich doing a horrible job. And Brady threw for 325 yards last night.

Ravens vs. Zyon McCollum

Man, last night the Crows picked at rookie cornerback Zyon McCollum more than a three-year old picks his nose.

The Crows threw 30 times in the first half. And many were targeted at McCollum on the right side of the offense. McCollum actually had a pass defensed and four tackles.

The contrast between veteran Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman and Bucs failing offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was stark.

Roman saw weaknesses (see below) and was aggressive in attacking them. Leftwich ignored soft targets (tonight and in Pittsburgh).

Joe has to give McCollum props. He sure bent, but he didn’t break. When the Crows and Lamar Jackson finished the first half with 30 passes, McCollum was still standing and the Bucs led 10-3.

McCollum gave up his fair share of completions. But at the end of the day it is about points. The Bucs led when Baltimore finished its artillery barrage at McCollum.

Devin White Not Playing Like A No. 5 Overall Pick

Right now Joe doesn’t think there is any way to spin it. Bucs inside linebacker Devin White is not playing up to his hype. Last night if the Crows weren’t picking on Zyon McCollum on the right side, they were going after White.

White gets peeved whenever someone brings up his (ahem) uneven pass defense. But there is a reason Sean Payton used to target him. And there is a reason John Harbaugh targeted him. These two coaches didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

White is one of those Bucs living off his spectacular 2020 postseason. People, including Joe, have been hoping and praying White would duplicate that fantastic run. We’re still waiting.

White can sure rush the passer. But aside from that, he is best known for overrunning plays, mistackling high, and getting shamed in pass defense. He’s damn near a liability.

Right now White is playing like Kwon Alexander II. A lot of woofing. A lot of trying to break a guy in half. A whole of mistackles as well as ample plays in botched pass defense.

White hasn’t earned becoming a top-paid linebacker (yet).

Pay Jamel Dean

Jamel Dean has balled out this season, his contract year. He’s become one of the better corners in the NFL. If the Bucs have to spend a wheelbarrow full of Team Glazer loot at a young defender, it ought to be Dean.

Joe doesn’t know where this team would be without Dean. Dee Delaney is way too inconsistent to be a starter. Joe isn’t sure McCollum is ready for full-time duty. The Bucs need to keep Dean.

Ryan Jensen Update

Joe understands there was a national report from an NFL stenographer recently claiming the Bucs expect veteran Pro Bowl center Ryan Jensen back sooner than expected this season. Joe cannot get that confirmed (or denied), but Joe did hear unsubstantiated whispers last night that Jensen ain’t close.

Here is what Joe can tell you: Joe saw Jensen leave the locker room after the loss to the Dixie Chicks three weeks ago wearing no knee brace and walking with a slight limp.  Last night, Joe saw Jensen walk out of the Bucs locker room wearing a knee brace and walking with a noticeable limp (though that was likely caused by wearing the brace).

The optics don’t appear to show Jensen making that much headway of late.

53 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Great, sobering analysis by Joe. I still can’t sleep after this game! Joe’s point about the nonexistent run game is totally falling under the radar. The national media is totally focused on the alleged demise of Brady. The run offense is historically bad!! Brady was off tonight. That’s why it’s important to be able to lean on another part of your offense in games like this one. You can’t expect an aging QB to be perfect. He needs a complementary piece on offense. Brady’s not his prime. He can’t elevate a team like he has in the past.

    I don’t see any changes being made. Bowles is too conservative, and Leftwich is BA’s guy. No way he dumps Leftwich. I also think Tom probably likes Leftwich as a man. Will he be onboard? It might not be his decision.

    @Joe. After reading how Brady was in a catatonic state after the game, I think Bowles hands might be forced.

  2. Joe Says:


    Thank you!

  3. HC Grover Says:

    Can we hire Payton?

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Noticed in your 5 things Joe that you gave Tom Brady a pass. Yet again. Yes he threw for 325 yards. Whoopee, we got our asses kicked. TB12 threw for 59% (26 of 44 with 3 sacks), and missed a number of key throws that could’ve put points on the board.

    IF he’s injured, he’s not helping the team by playing injured. Any more than JPP did last season. And if he’s not injured, then the situation’s even more problematic.

    The 27-22 score may make it sound close, but it really wasn’t. When your opponent keeps the ball for over 38 minutes, runs 74 plays to your 62 because they actually know how to run the ball, and they run for 31 times for 231 yards (7.5 YPC) while you stagger to 44 yards rushing in 15 attempts (2.9 YPC), then something’s bad wrong.

  5. adam from ny Says:

    maybe the glazers will have a meeting with tom…

    like when he supposedly went to england and a manchester united game and stayed for the weekend…

    they discussed issues and things got done – and tom was back in the mix…

    this time they may meet to discuss who to nix…


  6. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @DR. He didn’t give him a pass. He made the point, a correct one, that the run game was awful and it didn’t help him out one bit. Does Brady need to perfect every game for this team to even have a chance of winning? His margin for error is very thin.

  7. adam from ny Says:

    jpp was pretty much a no show for the ravens tonight…i’m a little surprised – he’s not even in the box score

  8. adam from ny Says:


    some of the people you mentioned above have a “low on field iq”

    and that’s not really to fixable…

    in an athlete or a coach…

  9. Bucsfan13 Says:

    And Defense Rules always gives the defense a pass. Shocker. When the defense was struggling, you dismissed their poor performance to injuries. The offense isn’t afforded the same grace. Yes, the defense was gassed because the offense couldn’t extend plays, but that’s no excuse for the mental errors that keep occurring on defense, and that’s not my opinion. That’s what Lavonte keeps saying.

  10. adam from ny Says:

    the play with devin white, where he was wrastling with the big o-lineman like 15 yards down the field was completely ridiculous…

    as he was so caught up with the lineman that the ball carrier ran right past him – that’s devin white for ya

  11. Leopold Stotch Says:

    So pay Dean and say goodbye to Devin White next year. Sounds fine to me. Drafting Linebackers and Edge and probably a WR (hopefully not from a small school 🙄). God, I can’t believe talking about draft again… This early… Boy how the mighty fall.

  12. adam from ny Says:


    The 27-22 score may make it sound close, but it really wasn’t. When your opponent keeps the ball for over 38 minutes, runs 74 plays to your 62 because they actually know how to run the ball, and they run for 31 times for 231 yards (7.5 YPC) while you stagger to 44 yards rushing in 15 attempts (2.9 YPC), then something’s bad wrong.

    bingo!…something is bad wrong in the bingo hall

  13. adam from ny Says:

    maybe the chef at one buc has changed everyone’s diet and they’re all living on hostess zingers, suzy Q’s, and drakes cakes 🙂


  14. FortMyersDave Says:

    Thanks Joe, you stated the case for firing Leftwich very accurately. Dude simply has to go (LHTG) and if Bowels refuses to do it then the Glazers have to make an announcement and force his hand. Brady has been off his game, that is true, but is it age, a rotator cuff, personal issues or simply a lack of talent and support from the coaching staff? BTW, Leverett did okay last night, better than Goedecke has this year so far. So make it happen Glazers: give Leftwich his pink slip.

  15. captivajim Says:

    Leftwich is BA’s way lefty gets fired

  16. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Leftwich isn’t going anywhere. BA is in the front office. He still has a say if Leftwich stays. The optics of firing a black assistant coach is also not good. The locker room loves Byron. They will see him as a scapegoat

  17. Bucsfanman Says:

    The TV started watching me around the start of the 3rd quarter. That looks to be the last time the Bucs were actually in this game as I watch the replay this morning.
    There has to be some changes made.

  18. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Just turn white into pure pass rusher like Barrett. He would probably do very well.

  19. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Is White big enough to be a pure pass rusher? Does he have moves to shed blocks?

  20. Bob in valrico Says:

    One thing , RB ‘s almost always in a pass pattern with little pass protection.
    Brady is a pocket passer that needs to be protected better and sometimes that responsibility has to be on the backs. Brady is in trouble if he is flushed from the pocket. It will be a long season if the Bucs can’t protect him in the pocket.

  21. Hodad Says:

    Might as well try Betty White at OLB, he certainly sucks playing inside. It wasn’t just O lineman who blocked White completely out of every play, it was backs, TE’s, and even receivers. He was called out by Baldy last week, by Herbstriet, and Sheman last night. Bowles was seen yelling at him on the sideline. Joe has never been more right, he’s a waste of even a first round pick let alone the 5th pick in the entire draft. Problem is no one pays the price for failure under Bowles. Another national TV embarrassment for the home team, well done.

  22. Todd Says:

    We’re still tied for first in the division and it would entirely be “a Brady thing” to win the right games at the right time the rest of the season and…despite the rest of our sh*tty record, get into the playoffs hosting a home game — and then running the table to win his 8th Super Bowl.

    That’s the script.

    That’s our future.

    The GOAT then retires and starts dating a Farrah Fawcett clone.

    — Toddradamus

  23. Bob in valrico Says:

    Brady’s age, lingering injuries, and lack of mobility seem to be very much affecting his game at this point.

  24. jehzsa Says:

    It seems that from now on, it’s a question of how much. To replace player$ and $taff.

  25. Bucs Says:

    Devin White is the only player on the team that has any trade value. Will Licht pull the trigger? He’s a captain. How would this affect the locker room?

  26. Rick Says:

    Fire Todd Bowles , start Blaine Gabbert , the season is a write off already

  27. Roc Says:


    JOE No accountability for BOWLES he is the HC — <em>Joe has written plenty about Bowles. It’s all over the website. Sorry, it’s called Five Things, not Six or Nine.–Joe

    I hear about Offense but Defense shows up for first half and dropped second half

    This HC was a bum in NY and Guess What HE HASNT CHANGED

    Fire both HC OC —— put BA on side lines

    These players wanted a PLAYERS COACH but when no one is accountable because we are friends this is what you get.

    Wirts said it last night “ players showing up on time this week” tells it all
    NO ACCOUNTABILITY that’s on Coach

  28. beano Says:

    6. 2020 is gone with the wind. Trade Brady; get draft picks; play Trask; see what he has; and move into the future.

    Anyone who opposes this is a biased, irrational hater.

  29. PSL Bob Says:

    We’ve all been raving about the Bucs high-scoring offense the last two years. The same offense run by Leftwich. So what happened between 2021 and 2022? The one big thing that happened is BA left as head coach. So, we now have to know that BA used his red pen and had much greater involvement in the offensive game plan than he let on. And being an offensive minded coach, why did he elevate Bowles to head coach rather than Leftwich? Simple. He knew if left to his own devices, Leftwich couldn’t manage the offense, let alone the entire team.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs rookie class played pretty well last night….

    Rachaad White looked good….Zion…..Ko & Cade..

    But the standout was Camarda 5 punts for 267 with 2 inside the 20.

    That’s a 53 yard average….with hangtime….

  31. D-Rome Says:

    When Joe wakes, if Bucs coach Todd Bowles has any self-respect, failed Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich better have his office cleaned out and his One Buc Palace access card deactivated.

    Firing coaches doesn’t do anything or solve any problems. Did firing Mike Smith do anything to fix the defense in 2018? Did that “send a message”? It doesn’t change anything. I would have liked to see different plays executed in certain situations but the players have to execute. Not enough plays were made.

  32. Arn platz Says:

    Byron leftwich is Dirk Koetter 2.0

    Coaching. Change. NOW!

  33. Arn platz Says:

    Bucs missing the Risk it no biscuit philosophy and it shows

  34. BucU Says:

    This organization has failed spectacularly this season. I’m done w them.

  35. DBS Says:

    Firing coaches doesn’t do anything or solve problems? Well seems we won a Super Bowl after we did and got BA in here. These clowns need to go.

  36. Faspro Says:

    Can’t fire a Black coach, ain’t gonna happen…

  37. FanAdviceforLeftwichHaters Says:

    Everyone saying Leftwich should be fired is a moron. Humans are sheep and they become their leadership. This occurs in any business, family, or organization. The entire team has no energy. Bowles has the energy and passion of a disabled sloth. So does the entire team. Bowles cannot continue to be the voice of the organization. Until he is removed nothing will change. The right move is to FIRE Bowles and interim Leftwich. Then most likely fire everyone after season unless Leftwich makes a miraculous recovery and injects this team with energy, passion and accountability.

  38. Gullfer1 Says:


  39. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    As other long time fans have said, we love the team and we are grateful for what Brady has done. The frustration about this season is the talent is there but so inconsistent that I doubt they will make 8-9 let alone the playoffs. There is no adaptability on both sides of the ball which is a Coach issue. The defense needs work but it’s the offense that is the main cause of losing the games. If the offense scored a TD instead of a FG since the season started we would be 5-3 or 6-2. We can’t run the ball and red zone is gone. I think it must be acknowledged that our Oline in 20-21 was one of the best and without it the offense is a shell. Also Gronk was of course a big reason we did so well but also AB was a key to our success. Leftwich cannot scheme without the “cheat codes” of amazing Oline, Gronk and AB. Even when the offense does work, he can’t adjust to keep up with defenses. There needs to be a drastic change for anyone to have reasonable hope of a winning season. Major trades and a coaching shake up. None of that will happen. The some of the team are spoiled and not used to losing that they forgot how to win. I just don’t see it. We are not losing slightly (7 pts or less but it’s a solid effort), we are losing badly (being dominated on both sides of the ball). I still love the team but I just don’t see us winning enough to make playoffs.

  40. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    Good rants Joe.

    I’m convince more now than ever that DW is the one with a changed attitude on the D side. He doesnt play like he cares.

  41. Bojim Says:

    It was embarrassing to see White get pushed around so much. Oh, and Jenson ain’t gonna save us. Way too many other things to address.

  42. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    D White is not doing his job. I’m not sure if he is trying to do too much, but on defense everyone has a job, you do your job and trust the others to do their job. He is constantly missing his cap or trying to cut underneath a block he is supposed to take on. The number one problem with our run defense is white.

    For a young guy BL runs prehistoric plays. There is no imagination, and more importantly you don’t see us use any of the concepts that other teams use with great success (rub routes, route combinations to put one defender in crisis) we don’t create any easy throws with scheme.

  43. Rob Hamada Says:

    If this season continues to go down the tank, I would shelf Ryan Jensen and allow him an entire year to recover. For sure, pay Jamel Dean.

  44. Bucamania Says:

    White is one of those Bucs living off his spectacular 2020 postseason. People, including Joe, have been hoping and praying White would duplicate that fantastic run. We’re still waiting.

    White can sure rush the passer. But aside from that, he is best known for overrunning plays, mistackling high, and getting shamed in pass defense. He’s damn near a liability.

    NAILED it. And he clearly has no respect for Bowles seeing his reaction on the sidelines to getting chewed out.

  45. Cobraboy Says:

    I’m ready to trade Brady and other vets for picks, suck up the cap hits, see what Trask has, and start a rebuild.

    This season is unsalvageable. Might as well look forward.

    I really don’t want to see The GOAT on a crappy team.

  46. BucitGuy Says:

    5 More Things

    1. For two years in a row we’ve been rattled by the injury bug, this year it’s been devastating. Has anyone thought about firing our strength and conditioning coaches… maybe use the TB12 method to stretch these guys out because 45yr old TB seems to hold up well. I know that this is the NFL and injuries happen, but we are the poster children for pulled muscles, tweaks and other injuries. Otherwise learn to play hurt.

    2. Tom Brady has been an inspiration for kids (now playing in the NFL) for 2 decades. When the chips have been down, you could always count on Tom to pull a rabbit out of a hat and win. Legendary!! Well now Tom is the one needing help. This guy is going through probably the biggest emotional crisis of his lifetime and instead of his team lifting him out of the pit, everyone is again looking to Tom to save the day. For all he’s done for us, how about showing your toughness and winning this season for him. He’s still human and in a bad place, so show him what it’s like to be a teammate and friend.

    3. Jason Light has done a decent job with drafts, but truth be told the team (that was a disaster with Jaimes Winston) is lucky. Tom Brady elevated the team, not brilliant coaching or personnel moves. Without him, we are the Vikings or Browns. We have Tom this season, if we are lucky and he doesn’t get killed by the porous OL, so now is Jason’s opportunity that show how creative and brilliant he can be as GM. We need help…OL, RB, DL, edge. Other good teams are trying to get better…Quinn just vanished to a team that was already great. And they got the Bears to eat most of his salary and Quinn to cancel his last two years of his contract…seriously. That’s being a GM! How about snagging DeEarnest Johnson or Hunt, see if we can grab a guard from Indy…Suh anyone. Tom stuck with the team at the risk of his marriage, so how about making his last year worth the trouble. When he initially retired I said good for him…look what he’s done for this city…well done! Now we can rebuild after a great run. But to squander a Tom Brady year? Either acquire some talent and shed players that aren’t working or tell Tom to get back to his family and let’s start this rebuild process now.

    4. Hey Bucs…get over yourself. You won the Super Bowl 2 years ago! Last year, we were probably one bad defensive coaching decision away from the Super Bowl…congrats…that’s the past. Ok you beat the Cowboys and the broken Saints. But this team seems to have a sense of entitlement when it comes to the “easy games”. Message to the team….there are no easy games. To the bottom dwellers (Pittsburgh, Carolina), we are their Super Bowl and they have acted like it, while we have just half assed it. If we can’t beat bad teams we will never beat good ones.

    5. Coaching…leadership…where is it. This team has no discipline (aside from Vea, Wirfts, Winfield, Evan’s, Godwin and a couple others)… White, can you watch the uncovered lineman? He will tell you if it’s a pass or run. The play calling has been predictable (I can tell what plays they are calling and I’m nobody), the apathy about making changes to personnel, coaching, strategy…is 180 degrees from what it should be. Wake up. I know we put a lot on the defense, but when you string together 3 and out after 3 and out and have no balance, the defense is going to be gassed. And eventually the other team will score…and we will lose.

    Turn it around Bucs!

  47. beano Says:

    “Cobraboy Says: I’m ready to trade Brady and other vets for picks, suck up the cap hits, see what Trask has, and start a rebuild.”

    Welcome to the club! Glad to see so many of you jumping on board with what I have been saying for 3 weeks!

  48. firethecannons Says:

    it is 0945 arizona time and leftwich still is employed, #nothingchanges Leftwich is a Buc for season book it

  49. Anthony Says:

    Brady should have been pulled after the shoulder deal in pgh. Gabbert should have come in. The Bucs could just as easily be 3 and 5 with him or Trask. Brady should have rested until the rams game. I don’t believe it would have been a big deal if anything Trask is more mobile maybe that would help the o line. I know they are not Brady but Brady isn’t Brady right now

  50. OLDE pfart Says:

    Everyone has ” the answer” but it just comes down to execution…..poor play calling does not inspire the players… they fail to perform. Defense is tackling upper body and the runners still gain 3 to 6 additional yards….pass plays are completed right on front of them….where are the takeaway’s? This team has no energy….no passion……and are hard to watch all this expensive talent fail to perform….

  51. Power of Pewter Says:

    Staying the course will just ensure the next 8 games are a reputation of the first 8. It’s time to shed some deadweight, coaches and players, and start building for next year. Is next years QB even on the roster? Probably not. I don’t think next seasons QB whisperer is even in the building.

  52. Power of Pewter Says:


  53. gotbbucs Says:

    What would be the purpose in putting Jensen back out there at this point? A new center isn’t going to suddenly make Brady throw catchable balls to his recievers. He isn’t going to stop Fournette from killing grass with the stutter step dancing. He isn’t going to get Devin White to fight through blocks. He isn’t going to cover one side of the field in the defensive backfield. He isn’t going to rush the QB.
    This year is done. Save Jensen for whoever the poor bastard is that will be sliding his hands between his legs next year, because it isn’t going to be Brady.