Discord Away From Football May Lead Tom Brady To Keep Playing Football

October 6th, 2022
Tom Brady

Still a future with Bucs?

Look, Joe isn’t going to go Page Six or TMZ here, but since it involves an international superstar athlete whose daytime job is the quarterback of your Buccaneers, it is all relevant.

A long-time NFL writer who Joe respects believes marriage chaos off the field for Brady will make Brady want to keep playing because the the NFL provides him with a sense of structure, discipline and peace of mind.

Oh yeah, and football satisfies Brady’s hunger for competition on the field of play.

Armando Salguero covered the Dolphins and the NFL for the Miami Herald for what seems like forever. Now typing for OutKick.com, Salguero has spoken with a fellow reporter who is as close to Brady as anyone in the Fourth Estate (Joe has a really good idea to whom Sagero is referring, and Joe has talked to the same guy about Brady in the past). Salguero seems confident Brady’s troubles off the field could lead to Brady extending his NFL days into 2024.

And could that be an extended period of time with the Bucs?

So here we are, asking people who might know; what happens to Brady’s career if a divorce is inevitable? And one of those people told OutKick it will get tricky.

“Look, it’s too early to be saying with any certainty because so much has to play out, but I know this guy and it’s not outrageous to believe that as long as his children are happy with him playing, he could very well decide to keep playing beyond this year,” said one media source who has been as close to Brady as media are ever allowed get.

“If Gisele isn’t there to push him to retire, the factors that decide whether he gets out are his children, his [parents], and his ability to do what he’s always done, which is to be the best at his position.”

Is Brady playing like the best as his position? Well, you tell Joe. Brady looked like his old self with both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin back on the field again Sunday night.

Brady has six touchdowns against one interception and has thrown for 1,058 yards in four games to start the 2022 season. To stretch that out to 17 games, Brady is on pace to dance with the 5,000-yard passing plateau (again) while throwing 25 touchdowns and three picks.

Oh, and you may have heard, Brady is 45.

Do those numbers sound like a washed-up quarterback?

26 Responses to “Discord Away From Football May Lead Tom Brady To Keep Playing Football”

  1. Buc king Says:

    Hope be gets a super bad chock that loves bucs football..maybe gronks girl

  2. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:

    It’s not a stretch to see someone focus on their work when there is discord at home. The bigger question in my mind is whether it’s here or somewhere else. Does he want to play the year out and go to a loaded San Francisco team in 2023.

    If he’s really committed here for the long(er) haul, then we see a contract extension to free up cap space, they will sign OBJ, Gronk for the second half and maybe a DLineman who may be out there.

  3. Marc Coppola Says:

    He’ll want to go somewhere with Seay Peyton. Doubt it’s here, sadly.

  4. Reddington Neck Shores Says:

    maaaaybe he unretired after the offseason at home realizing he needed the distraction and reasons to not be at home? we don’t know if a famous international supermodel is a pain in the a or not. needless to say plenty of people keep working because their home life is an emotional drain. which came first the unretirement or the chaos. anyway leave the dude alone and be glad he’s here it’s no fun for anyone to go through marital discord

  5. Beeej Says:

    Work is a refuge when your life is a dumpster fire

  6. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Fire Toilet Bowles hire Sean Payton!

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If he risked & lost his marriage due to football, it would make logical sense he would continue to play.

    We have Jensen, Lenny, Evans, Godwin all signed up for 2 more years……he would stay with his Buc Brothers…

    Maybe…..(doubtful) Gronk will come to the rescue.

  8. PSL Bob Says:

    I agree with Coppola. I’m not that optimistic that if Brady plays next year, it will be here. If he breaks from Gisele, why not change surroundings all together? The only factor in our favor is that he has established a lot of friendships here on the Bucs team and seems to enjoy this area. So having friends and pleasant surroundings might persuade him to stay.

  9. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    They say when you’re going through a divorce you should just plan on having a bad year.

    This is the final test for the goat. Last year, final ride (probably) Going through a divorce. No man can conquer such a challenge, but can the goat?

    Giselle: What do you have left to prove?
    Tom: That I dont need you b**ch!

  10. Smashsquatch Says:

    Disagree, it’s his final year. LFG!

  11. John Sinclear Says:

    Introduce him to Rachel Watson??

  12. Brandon Says:

    Things are falling into place and theories now of why Brady never shot down the rampant rumors.

    Brady takes a vacay…. then retires. He was trying to save his family. Apparently, it wasn’t enough. Brady figures, hell, my marriage is over, why retire, I’m back. Meanwhile rumors about him to the Dolphins, 49ers, Tuscasloosa Twisters, etc, run rampant and he shoots none of them down… but did say that he had a lot to deal with…(DIVORCE)… which he’d rather keep the speculation on going to a different team than his failing marriage. Now in getting a divorce, if him ending his playing career was actually one of the causes of friction between him and his wife, this gives him far more incentive to continue his playing career… he’ll show her… she wanted him to retire this year, screw that, I’m playing til 50!

    This is why someone you love should never ask that you give up something else you love. “Give it up… for me!” You do it, and they decide to leave you anyways, what are you left with? No wife plus that thing you loved so much is gone now too. IF Giselle loved him, she would have never asked him to give it up.

  13. SOEbuc be Says:

    But it is TMZ Joe. Need to ease up on the Jenna articles and live in the now. 2-2 with 13 games to go for the Bucs as a team.

  14. garro Says:

    Hmm n…New NFL team in the Bahamas “TheBahama Mammas” signs Brady and gives him half ownership 🙂

  15. Cobraboy Says:

    The problem with “washed up” is it happens really quickly.

    Even in the case of a guy who tries to stay on top of his body.

    Ask Drew Brees.

  16. MadMax Says:

    It sure would be nice if he came back next year, but Im not counting on it with the way this O line and running game is looking….return game too. And anymore major injuries to the WR core and we’re screwed there too.

    If he does come back, we better be drafting O line 1st, rb 2nd, wr/returner 3rd.

    This is why I was pushing so hard for us to draft Landon Dickerson in the 2021 draft…(Looking good playing G for the Eagles) and instead we got JTS…Landon went a few picks later. Im sure Mr. Licht would like a do over with that one.

    See what happens when you dont listen to me!!!!

  17. MadMax Says:

    And if I was Tom, screw her, she looks like a trans anyway, i never found her attractive….go play the field bro. Seriously, with his money and status, he could pull some serious hot babes (that arent trans looking).

  18. MadMax Says:

    Tavon Austin is available. I dont know, just saw the news…..could kick the tires on him, see if anythings left.

  19. CrackWise Says:

    I think this was well known before the season started and is a HUGE reason why we saw the core guys on Offense all get 3 year deals.

    Think about it. Brady has 3 more years in the tank. Including this year of course.

    PLUS, a Super Young and talented core on the OL and Defense.

    He wants a couple more SBs to make catching him IMPOSIBLE for the rest of time.

  20. bucsince79 aka bumaneer Says:

    I would be shocked if TB12 came back next year. He said after 1st game that his body is not healing the way it once was. He will complete his NFL legacy after this season… Thank You TB12 for playing in Tampa for 3 unforgettable years!!! I have been a fan since 1979 & it has not been easy at all…

  21. Captain Oblivious Says:

    I’m divorced and it was the worst experience of my life, and it adversely affected our two sons. Unless one of them committed one of the 3 A’s, I hope Tom and Gisele stay married and find a way to improve their relationship.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady plays for 2 or 3 more years after this one. If so I would expect him to play for the 9ers or Fins. His parents still live in the Bay area and did you see the 9ers defense against the RAMS? Oh, and I suspect the Fins will be looking for a QB next season and their roster is loaded.

  22. stpetebucfan Says:

    Agree with what Cobra said. Brady is amazing…SO FAR THIS SEASON. Assuming that he continues to play the arm could go dead almost overnight.

    Brady can beat and has beaten all the other NFL teams and he has scoreboard on all the rest of the NFL QB’s past and present. He will know if his arm goes south and he’s outta here or anywhere else.

    As far as Gisele I’m not sure why everybody is hatin’ on her when NONE of us know what the real issue might be.

    Giselle is worth twice as much as Brady so money is irrelevant! Giselle put her career on hold when TB was in NE to provide an excellent home for Tom and the kids. IE She HAS paid her dues! If it was finally HER turn to venture out while Tom assumed more parenting skills…IF they had that conversation and he agreed…then she is not the one at fault.

    I get TB’s side as well. He’s freaking addict. He’s as bad as a meth head he HAS to have his fix. Might be nice for Buc’s fans but on a human level it’s a bit questionable. What if he gets “Tua’d.”? What if he ends up like Bear’s QB Jim McMahon who literally does not know what day it is, Worst of all he has just enough mental acuity to REALIZE he doesn’t know basic stuff. Can’t drive. Surely can’t enjoy a Netflix series because he wouldn’t remember the last episode. Do any of us wish that on Brady?

    No it’s not a certainty but let’s be honest. The Bucs have a very promising OL when they all get healthy. But that’s just it. What if Wirfs and Donovan both go down. Is Brady gonna say…oh noes I can’t play behind two no names at tackle? Nah he’s going to suck it up and further risk his health.

    At some point we need to check our humanity. It’s Tom’s life and he can satisfy his “habit” with whatever fix he craves, that’s his business. Just saying there is no need to slam Giselle…she is the innocent one in the deal!

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I really doubt he’ll play after this year. That tv deal won’t last forever if he keeps putting it off.

  24. Hodad Says:

    Did you ever think that what she was really pissed at was him signing with FOX to do what? Football! Oh nice Tommy, you’re going to be in Minn on Xmas day calling a football game instead of playing in one? How’s that good for the family? See Tom’s not really leaving the NFL when he retires. He’s just going to have a new job with the NFL in some respect. Like Tom said, I got a lot of Sh#t going on, lead a complicated life.

  25. Goatfarmer Says:

    Jason. Extension. Get it all ready

    And sign Suh. We

  26. Goatfarmer Says:

    need leadership for the bozo brigade on defense.