Odell Beckham Reportedly Visited The Bucs

October 6th, 2022

Still a possibility?

Let the speculation begin.

All-Pro pass rusher Von Miller of the Bills is tight with free agent receiver Odell Beckham. The two were teammates last year with the Super Bowl-winning Rams.

And since Miller signed with Buffalo, he has made no secret of how he is putting the full-court press on Beckham to come to Buffalo and be their final piece to a Super Bowl puzzle.

Apparently, Miller is not the only guy tight with Beckham, and the Bills are not the only team wanting Beckham. So too is Tom Brady and so too are the Bucs.

Miller spoke with the Buffalo pen and mic club yesterday and was asked about his buddy Beckham, who turns 30 in November and had knee (ACL) surgery in late February. Miller thinks he knows where Beckham will land, but he’s not tipping his hand.

Miller confessed he speaks with Beckham on a weekly basis and said Beckham is visiting teams on sort of a sales tour. One is the Bucs. He also visited the Giants this week.

Now Joe has no idea how much of a salesman Bucs coach Todd Bowles is. Joe does know AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and former Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians are proven salesmen. They landed the biggest fish in NFL free agency history, Brady.

Between those two selling Brady’s tightness with Beckham, perhaps the Bucs have enough sales power to land him.

(Just an aside, Bowles’ personality is nothing like you see in press conferences. The guy actually has a disarming, if not gregarious side that he rarely lets the public eye see. His NBC Sports sitdown with Father Dungy and his even longer chat with Joe and Ira Kaufman are much more like how Bowles is away from the mics and klieg lights of NFL media.)

Miller’s acknowledgment that Beckham has already visited the Bucs makes the timing of the Cole Beasley retirement yesterday all the more curious. Beasley, you might remember, all but begged Brady to get the Bucs to sign him. Two weeks later he quits?

Or is it that Beasley had a good hunch Beckham is coming to the Bucs? Perhaps Beasley could see his targets dropping and never getting off the Bucs’ practice squad. So he just said, ‘aw the hell with it,’ and called it a career.


39 Responses to “Odell Beckham Reportedly Visited The Bucs”

  1. Outsider Says:

    Lmao Bucs really gotta stop signing old injury
    prone players.

  2. kgh4life Says:

    Great, another injury prone receiver. Beckham won’t be ready until November.

  3. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Rather sign Suh or an upgrade on Goedeke

  4. David Says:

    Where are you people getting the notion that he is old and often injured? He got injured last year and there was one time several years ago with the Giants.
    And he’s only 29.

    To me this has nothing to do with Beasley and everything to do with Julio Jones, which is unfortunate. But if they can upgrade that and sign him, then by all means, do it.

    I am not worried about left guard. Goedeke has looked very good at times and he looks like a rookie sometimes. He should get better and better as the year goes on.

    My main concern is Tom Brady getting divorced. That is a big distraction.

  5. Goatfarmer Says:


  6. captivajim Says:


  7. PassingThru Says:

    I hated the Rudolph signing, I know Licht was desperate but foolish? That was wasted money. He declined two years ago, plain as day.

    The Julio signing blindsided me. OBJ is far, far more likely to be healthy at the end of the season than Julio, but maybe that’s why Licht signed him. Licht needed a healthy WR to start the season while Godwin shakes off the rust and regains confidence in his repaired knee. I thought that would be a good strategy: phase in Godwin while phasing out Julio, which would save Julio for the playoffs.

    I’m far less impressed with the current state of the Buc WRs than Joe. The WRs are as a group brittle and when you include the TEs, very mediocre in the red zone. As of now only Evans is the elite end zone threat.

  8. TJ Says:

    All reports are OBJ will be ready about Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if he will make a difference obviously. But by then, we will know what Gage brings to the table. Depending on our needs at TE and OL, I say why not. And OBJ does not have a problem/history with hamstring injuries like Gage and many other WRs throughout the league so he should not be lumped into the “injury prone” category. He blew out 2 knees, bad luck big deal, that’s not injury prone like Other WRs that can never keep their wheels healthy.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    He’s clearly going to Buffalo. Regardless of health, here there’s 2 HOFs, 1 other plays like one and there’s Gage too. Both teams are SB contenders. Where would he feel like he’s going to get to be a super star. Buffalo

  10. SPARKY Says:

    Let me see here, Sherman, Bell, McCoy, Rudolph, Julio Jones, Beasley. Just because Brady can keep playing doesn’t mean everybody else can when they get older and wore out. OBJ was only relevant last year because every team but us doubled and tripled Kupp. Since then, OBJ has tore another ACL and got a year older. The only good news about OBJ is he doesn’t have anymore ACLs to tear. Tom, the young kids can play too. Only they are faster and don’t get hurt as much. How come I feel a Edelman sighting coming soon?

  11. August 1976 Buc Says:

    OBJ probably signs with the Bucs because Brady will not be playing much longer, then after this season OBJ can go sign with Buffalo or another contender

    GO BUCS!!!!

  12. T REX Says:


  13. steele Says:

    You can roll the dice on old injured players, as long as you get the ones who produce as part-time mercenaries. But the key is getting the right ones at the right time.

    Bucs have not done a good job. AB. Rudolph, a disaster. (On paper, a logical choice,but it was up to Bucs to properly evaluate him.) Gage. not looking good. Julio, mixed bag, could fall apart at any time. Cole B, inexplicably ridiculous “retirement”. OBJ was extremely valuable for the Rams, and someone else Brady likes.

    As much as many fret over the problems with skill positions right now, and they are real (no killer running backs, no TE, and fragile WR corps), they should spend what little resources they have on what is losing games right now: trenches. DL, edge, OL. I have a terrible feeling that they are going to do nothing about these, in favor of letting Hall, JTS, Goedeke, Hainsey, Otton, etc. flounder.

  14. BucsBro Says:

    This why Cole retired?

    Just wanted to say something unrelated about JTS. I played defensive end in high school. The problem for him, a problem I had for a long time, is that he’s totally focused on rushing the passer. He’s constantly thinking about getting to the quarterback.

    When you do this, it’s easy to break contain on runs and be a liability in the run defense game. Little guys can chip you and take you out, you can get sealed off on runs easily.

    He’s gotten bigger. That definitely will help. Now he’s got to commit himself to stopping the run, then work on getting to the QB.

    Basically, he’s got to learn how to play the game better from a mental perspective. He’s got the physical tools, but until his mind catches up to his talent then he’ll probably keep disappearing for large stretches of games and the season.

    Playing OLB/DE means playing 3 downs. If JTS just wants to rush the passer, then he’ll be a 3rd down specialist and won’t have a long career.

    I think he’ll figure it out. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  15. adam from ny Says:

    you can sorta tell OBJ has been lobbying tom for a while now…i think he’s even said he wants to be a teammate of tom brady at some point…so i can see it potentially happening…especially if julio prefers to remain in the schoolyard…

    also maybe godwin is starting to hit his stride in practice now as well, and beasley, seeing everything starting to shaping up around him, and potentially without him, said i’m out…

  16. adam from ny Says:


    the dungy/bowles interview was a good one…great add in on the thread guys…nice to see the coach in a different light with a different tone…i watched it in full – never saw that…

    i guess he scales it back and comes out to the presser with a safety net on…maybe he learned to throw up his guard quick fast – from his stint with the jets and dealing with the new york media

  17. BucfaninMi Says:

    He’s going to Green Bay

  18. captivajim Says:

    our 1st game after the bye wk is 11/27 -OBJ could be ready to play for the last 7 games + the playoffs

  19. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Geez. Let’s not sign another banged up oft injured vet. Julio comes to mind.

  20. Lovely rose Says:

    How many more WR injured bucs needs?

  21. FrontFour Says:

    Julio is a bust. Rudolf is a bust. Gage is a bust. Permian is god knows where. Godwin is trying to put his game together. Seven, eight months since OBJs surgery and hasn’t played or practiced. You’ve got to be kidding.

  22. AbucAway Says:

    We don’t need another WR with a broken wheel. We need a tight end.

  23. BuddhaBuc Says:


  24. Georger Says:

    We have a younger 20 million dollar WR who has experience in our system who is been back for 4 weeks after a ACL tear and still hasn’t had a breakout game. How long will it take OBJ to produce?

  25. Professor X Says:

    Snag OBJ if you can! Put Julio “Brittle-Bones” Jones on carbonite until the playoffs. Having 5 Pro Bowl Caliber receivers ready to ball come January, that would be a recipe for Super Bowl number 3…

    Go Bucs!

  26. Rotten Amiigo Says:

    As soon as Beasley retired I had a funny feeling Odell would come out of hiding

  27. Pewter Power Says:

    He’s not coming here to be a third or fourth receiver sorry folks von miller is openly talking about it because he knows he’s coming there

  28. DBS Says:

    He has played 2 full seasons in his career. And how soon would he go down again? He is an injury waiting to happen. We have them already.

  29. Brandon Says:

    Dumb fans want us to pick up every Sherman, Beasley, Julio Jones, and over the hill has been vet that has ever walked the planet.

  30. garro Says:

    Luke Stocker?

  31. BiggBucc Says:

    I’m ok picturing Evans#1 and obj#2 on the outside with Godwin in slot having Jones, gage, miller, etc to rotate in for 3 wr sets. And can set up Evans, obj, godwin, and either Jones gage or Miller for 4&5 wr sets. Watching regular season & playoff film from last year no signs of washed up at all for a 29 yr old receiver that’s had only 2 major injuries besides very few hamstring problems(Evans misses time every season from hamstrings),so if he doesn’t go to bills, packers, rams, or cheifs all suitors hope we get him. Word is bills & packs(obj & Rodgers are off field buddy’s) will be a harder sell do to how cold it gets in later part of season and playoffs. Which bodes well for buccs but also for chiefs(chance to play with future goat) or team he won SB with that plays in a covered stadium….. PS, obj is pretty darn good on wr screens wich our current roster struggles with.

  32. Browsing from DC Says:

    OBJ will go to whoever a) has the best chance for a ring and b) meets his $$$ requirement. Considering he won’t be ready to play until end of November, the best teams should have risen to the top by then. Hopefully the Bucs will be one of them but is he worth the risk and $$$$?

    I would think yes. Including playoffs, you aren’t looking at too many games to stay healthy for and be productive. The problem is, with the constant injuries, the Bucs probably need to address the situation sooner than late November when OBJ is ready.

    If the Bucs roster looks like it does now when Thanksgiving comes (lots of key injuries and OBJ would get lots of targets to appeal to the diva in him) he might be interested if the Bucs look like contenders.

    Plus, this is likely his last chance to play with TB12.

    I wonder if Randy Moss could still play? Lol.

  33. Mike Says:

    I would say it’s unlikely that he will sign with the Bucs, but with the way the WR’s get injured on this team, you can never say never.

  34. Iistnfrmafar Says:

    It’s easier to rehab in a warmer environment and that ain’t Buffalo or GB.

  35. Wayne Cooper Says:

    This may surprise some people, but the Bucs should release Julio Jones and then go after Bechem, Jr. Julio is too injury prone and won’t help the Bucs this year!

  36. T REX Says:


  37. Merryplankster777 Says:

    Please no. How many receivers are too many?

    Use funds rather to create a solid O line to improve the running game and protect QB. Brady is already accumulating injuries after just 2 games. Or bring Suh back as a second option.

  38. Pewter Power Says:

    If we need Beckham to have a better offense then leftwich should be fired and might as well have let trask be our quarterback

  39. brooks Says:

    Why do we keep going after these old washed up players that get injured so stupid