Cade Otton Leads All Rookie Tight Ends

October 25th, 2022

Rookie tight end Cade Otton.

It seems that Bucs rookie tight end Cade Otton may be getting warmed up.

Tight end and defensive end are tough positions for rookies. You don’t see many rookies at those positions ball out right away.

So Joe finds it interesting that in the past few weeks, Otton’s production is improving.

Sunday at Carolina, Otton caught four balls for 64 yards, his most yardage in a game. Otton did catch seven passes against the Dixie Chicks.

Per Scott Smith of, Otton now leads all rookie tight ends in receiving yards (159), has hauled in 15 passes for 159 yards and has taken over the NFL lead in receiving yards among rookie tight ends in 2022.

Joe thought Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht got a good deal on Otton for a fourth-round pick. With Cam Brate out who knows how long, if the Bucs are going to turn things around, Joe has a hunch Otton will be a key part of that.

19 Responses to “Cade Otton Leads All Rookie Tight Ends”

  1. Buczilla Says:

    Good news! We certainly need some. 🙂

  2. Bob in valrico Says:

    Ten yards a catch. that is a step in the right direction. Several things have contributed to our losses. We have not got any big plays from our defense recently to set up easy scores. Teams have figured out how to disrupt our passing
    game. Put pressure on Brady and he will rely heavily on the short passing game.
    At only 6 yards per catch average the last two weeks and a ineffective running game, it takes too many plays to finish a drive. That is when missed assignments,
    incompletions and penalties stall drives. Chunk plays inspire the offense, we need to help out our inexperienced O line with pass protection from backs or extra lineman so that we get more chunk plays from our passing game. Our
    predictable running game should also improve once that happens.

  3. Bob in valrico Says:

    We should also point out that our other under utilized tight end Ko Kief is 2 for 2 for 18.5 yards a catch. He has not been given enough opportunities to show his potential.

  4. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    ^not accurate, Kief also dropped one earlier in the season, but I like the kid.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    Valrico Bob has a good point on Ko. I was thinking the exact same thing.

  6. Bob in valrico Says:

    BA’S Red Pen,
    Both ESPN and Pro Football have Kief with 2 targets and two receptions.
    I try to be accurrate, but have typed some errors before. My bad for those.

  7. Bob in valrico Says:

    ^ reference

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Cam, Ko, Cade & Kyle……

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    Wasn’t able to watch the game Sunday, but he has been nasty and only going to progress. Right when Brate is soon to be walking out, perfect timing.

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Cade Otten is the future at Tight End for us, and he is going to be a good one.
    I was never a Can Brate Fan, and simply could not believe Licht paid him all that Money.
    Gronk is not coming back, Kyle Rudolph is done, and is as slow as a Tampa Airport Taxi Cab.
    Ko Kief may turn out to be a real sleeper. The narrative on him is that he can not catch very well, but that simply is not true!
    He played College Ball for our old Receivers Coach PJ Fleck. No way to be any kind of receiver playing for PJ Fleck, if you can not catch.

  11. John Sinclear Says:

    Otten is good, real good. If the QB had been in camp, working and bonding with him, instead of “on vacation” for two weeks nobody would be crying over the Gronk retirement!

  12. matthew a veal Says:

    maybe in time he will be good but i think we need to give some of that playing time to finding a more productive player

  13. Caleb lee Says:

    I watch the condensed version a few times after every game. I barely got into this one before I had to go but I was focusing on Otton (I’m in WA state and Buca/Huskies fan). It looked like he eas getting open often and early on plays that didn’t go his direction. Hoping Brady keeps trusting him.

  14. Ed Says:

    Otten is a good receiver and needs a few more pounds to improve as a blocker.

    He isn’t that athletic but you can see that he’s tough and has good fundamentals, is a coaches’ son.

    I like his length and stride. In a strange way he reminds me of a skinny Dave Casper. I think with a good offensive coordinator he could be a vertical guy making over the shoulder catches and jump balls in the red zone.

    Cam Brate is done, he is too slow to react to the defenses and is incurring bad hits everytime he makes a catch.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Ed, Skinny Dave Casper is Correct! Great comparison

  16. NDOG is an idiot Says:

    Ed, your comparison of Otten to a skinny Dave Casper is perfect

  17. steele Says:

    Otton makes some plays and is a good receiver, but needs to bulk up bigtime and get much stronger. He is more of a move TE at present. Nobody is Gronk, but it’s hard not to miss such a unique specimen and complete package.

  18. SB~LV Says:

    Brady will be leaning on him and he’ll come through.
    Ko is catching well and one day he’ll catch one and punish the poor guy tackling him

  19. Manny Says:

    If anything, gronk would want to come back more now then if they were playing great. Bradys always been there for him and they are best mates. I can see gronk coming in to save the day after the bye week