Tryon-Shoyinka “Needs Tender Loving Care”

September 14th, 2022

Second-year edge rusher Joe Tryon-Shoyinka is very hungry and very talented — and very raw.

Joe sees it on the film. Tryon-Shoyinka has a tremendous ceiling but his game needs a lot of fine tuning. Still, he’s productive and he should grow quickly with a more defined role this season.

Bucs co-defensive coordinator Larry Foote talked about Tyron-Shoyinka on the Buccaneers Radio Network yesterday and sort of described him as a project.

“He didn’t play that much ball in college, so he’s still learning how to play the position,” Foote said.

“Smart and extremely athletic” is how Foote described Tryon-Shoyinka, and he said benefiting from being in a fantastic incubator of learning with eager teachers in Shaq Barrett, Carl Nassib and new Bucs outside linebackers coach Bob Sanders.

“He’s in a good position to grown and learn, and he just needs some TLC — tender loving care.”

Tryon-Shoyinka played about 70 percent of the snaps against Dallas and flushed quarterback Dak Prescott from the pocket on the interception by Antoine Winfield, Jr. Tryon-Shoyinka also blew up a first-quarter run that led to a loss of seven yards.

The great thing is that the Bucs are so damn talented they don’t need Tryon-Shoyinka to have a monster season. He just has to keep improving steadily.

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30 Responses to “Tryon-Shoyinka “Needs Tender Loving Care””

  1. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    We will be forced fed this guy because where he was drafted. Jason L pride gets in his way at times. Think Jameis Winston. There is a reason why they brought in Nassib. Heck, Nelson is more productive than this guy

  2. John a Says:

    Yes great talent butt have to get sacks it’s time for Anthony Nelson to start look at his numbers in last 7 games isn’t even close ! Put most productive player on the field

  3. Lt. Dan Says:

    “he just needs some TLC — tender loving care.” Not really how you like to hear your starting OLB described.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    Smart is not a word I would use to describe this guy.

  5. beano Says:

    Wow, such love and patience for the 2021 first-rounder, something not seen for the 2021 second-rounder. What gives? 🤔

  6. Bucdan Says:

    He looked more controlled against Dallas than he did a majority of the time off the edge last year. He also looked to be taking over JPP’s edge-cover roll a majority of the time (Nelson also dropped back several times) and continued to play QB spy from last year. Dude is versatile!!!! Coach Bowles has to love it!

    My opinion, he played under control and was a catalyst on a number of plays. If he would have got the T.O. on that double-reverse…. Oh boy!

    Hard to analyze edge rusher sack numbers when they have to chase Dak. We’ll be going against a few less athletic QBs this season and the sacks will be there off the edge.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    TLC….BS……tell the boy to sic’em

  8. SB~LV Says:

    I watched every game of Ted Hendricks in the OB when he played for UM , he reminds me of him

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    They ran the ball against us.

    JPP was stout against the run.

    Joe gets pushed around.

    I’d still like to have Suh and JPP by week 8.

  10. Wild Bill Says:

    Lots of potential but short on experience. He would have been better off with another season backing up JPP and learning the position. Baptism under fire this year for sure. Hope he learns to use his skills with better control this season. He might start to hit his full potential as the season goes on. Or not. But he should improve a lot.

  11. mark2001 Says:

    Take a rest guys. He played well against Dallas. He isn’t close to a finished product but has shown flashes of being an exceptional player. I’m sure Foote and Bowles know the score and are coaching him up. Just give him time. And Biff… this isn’t the old Los Alamos laboratory or Cape Canaveral rocket lab…. If they think he is smart relative to what they see and need on the field, I’ll take their word for it.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I realized the D won’t be as good against the run but keep in mind the pass D will be better. As long as we arent getting gashed like the panthers game on monday night years ago lol

  13. Red Skeleton Says:

    He needs some Pancake Lenny type blocks on him, that when we know he has arrived!!

  14. mark2001 Says:

    As far as the run is concerned, if we aren’t as good, it will be inside. Suh wasn’t very mobile anymore but was a brick wall inside and he wouldn’t get outside very well to stop the run, his last year or two. So it will be an adjustment in progress.

  15. AbucAway Says:

    I had two picks going into the season: Rashad White would be RB2 and JTS was going to go beast mode from the get-go. Nailed the first and although JTS is seemingly playing better than last season, he didn’t make as big a step as I had anticipated. I do expect him to progress as the season unfolds.
    The comment seems to be meant to put his back up. There’s no other reason for your coach to publicly call you a panzy azz. Lol toughen up JTS because Anthony Nelson is snarling to get in there

  16. Dooley Says:

    JTS looked good, watching him rush is kind of anxiety inducing only because he’s realistically capable of effecting plays on a snap to snap basis. Just like the Winfield INT, JTS was the reason Dak stepped up and launched the ball into a zone cover overlap between Winfield & Davis. Also showed off some new pass rush moves that have to have come with the blessing over our in-house sack dynamo Shaq Barrett. The only thing JTS didn’t test out was that inside rip & swim, but dud was dipping n ripping all game long.

  17. sasquatch Says:

    Predictable to see the tough guys blow out an artery when they hear the term TLC.

  18. Goatfarmer Says:

    JTS still runs so far by the dropping QB trying to go around the OT that he still takes himself out of the play and loses outside contain because of it.

    He was better but still has a long way to go.

  19. orlbucfan Says:

    What exactly is the problem here?? JTS practically lived in the Dallas, NOT Tampa, backfield when he played. He’s a second year player who is being groomed like a JPP if I’m reading this right. That’s not exactly a cupcake act to follow. Now, let’s see what he does against Winston.

  20. Steven007 Says:

    Exactly Sasquatch, I knew the acronym would highly distress the wannabe alpha keyboard warriors. But hopefully the actual message was still delivered. The first thing I thought when I saw TLC was that the JBF incel community would get a broner (TBBF excluded – I agree).

  21. Red86 Says:

    JTS was solid. Looking forward to beating the Ain’ts.

  22. Brandon Says:

    OMG… his stat sheet wasn’t impressive but anyone that watched the game can clearly see JTS is a player… Saying Nelson is better because he had an unblocked sack is like saying Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino because he has a Super Bowl ring.

  23. George Says:

    JTS is going to keep growing as a player . Having Anthony Nelson as a back up is a very nice luxury for the team to have

  24. SlyPirate Says:

    TLC = Coaching Up

    Don’t get it twisted.

    Coaches/players are asked questions on the fly. They provide unrehearsed responses. Stop overanalyzing.

  25. Steven007 Says:

    Brandon, great point. I saw JTS in the backfield all game long. The sacks will come.

  26. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The biggest challenge for JTS is the tradition here in Tampa Bay. A LOT to live up to when it comes to pass rushers and DE’s. Is he up to it? Probably.

  27. Biff Barker Says:

    Seems like JTS has a fair number of fans here. So we can expect to see some real numbers soon?

    TFL Sacks, forced fumbles, etc. Not just he’s a nowhere fast guy who cant shed a block. He always runs into the camera view when the play is over.

    ATS. Almost Tryon Shoyinka.

    Bet the Saints OL is cowering in fear. lol

  28. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    @Brandon – Nailed it 🎯💯

  29. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    @Biff – Smart is not a word that is used to describe you either ! There’s a reason why JPP is still not on a roster, not that I don’t have a ton of respect and love for the man but he was a shell of his former self last year and the Bucs couldn’t afford to get the same thing from him

  30. Wild Bill Says:

    The big name pass rushers are bull rushers. So far Tryon looks like a dancer. Prettyboy with speed. But takes outside lane and the blockers are happy to shove him that way. Until I see him blow by a blocker or use a swim move or knock a blocker on his ass I see a handsome likeable dude who looks more like a basketball player.