Tom Brady Cites Why Bucs Are 1-0

September 15th, 2022

Pinpoints win.

Tom Brady was all good with not being a big factor in a win.

That’s what he basically told Jim Gray in Brady’s saccharine-soaked SiriusXM Radio show “Let’s Go!” earlier this week.

Yes, Brady threw a touchdown to Mike Evans that put the game out of reach. But Brady pointed out it was the other elements of the game, running and defense, that gave the Bucs the needed edge against Dallas.

“Defense was phenomenal,” Brady began. “What the defense did, what the run game did, that set the tone for everything.

“You are not going to lose many games when you play good defense and you run the ball. That really comes down to both offensive and defensive lines.

“We had a great plan on defense and I think we played just about as well as we could play against a dynamic offense.”

Joe would be cool if the Bucs won it all this year by playing ground-and-pound ball. But man, what a waste of resources when you have the greatest quarterback and possibly the best quartet of receivers the game has ever seen.

But with the Bucs’ top five (!) receivers on the injury report, Joe expects more running on Sunday. Perhaps running back Sneak Vaughn needs to get a bunch of touches? Joe believes he can take punishment more than rookie Rachaad White.

And with Playoff Lenny already dinged up (hamstring), Joe has a hunch the Bucs will need Vaughn against the Slimy Saints.

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20 Responses to “Tom Brady Cites Why Bucs Are 1-0”

  1. Bucsfan Says:

    As a Brady and Bucs fan I am very happy with sunday. I just hate when Brady throws dumb ints. Brady fans have to put ego aside even if its game manager stuff. I just hope defense is back to greatness again. Bucs are going to dominate saints sunday. Brady is on a mission.
    Last couple of years with Bucs I think Brady loved winning playing great and sticking it to BB and Kraft. Now his biggest critic is Gisele Bündchen. 13 years ago Gisele thought she was marrying a successful athlete who made her happy. Over the last 13 years not only did she marry a star qb but the Goat. Brady has become a bigger force and popular when it comes to pop culture. Gisele knows she has to be careful because now Brady could divorce her and get any girl he wants. Either Gisele stands down and hopefully lets us fans enjoy this year or Brady got to be done with her. I want to enjoy this season. I dont want this season overshadowed by Bündchen

  2. Bobby M. Says:

    I expect teams to strategically let us run….it burns clock and minimizes Brady and our WRs. It’s a pick your poison scenario, I don’t think most teams prefer a shoot out with our passing offense. Eventually the opposing teams will have to respect the run and the passing attack will kick in.

  3. Beeej Says:

    I found it odd that we ran so much–successfully as well, and I don’t believe I saw a single play-action

  4. Rob In Land O Lakes Says:


    100% agree with you on Ke’shawn Vaughn. Rashaad White may prove me wrong but until I see it, I have not been overwhelmed by White. I have never liked backs that tip toe…. and people.. please stop! He’s not Leveon Bell yet. At least for the short term, I would love to see Vaughn get a shot as the change of pace back to rest Lenny.

  5. Jonny Says:

    Keshaun Vaughn runs with more power and with more momentum hitting the hole. He played his butt off on the preseason, in my opinion the best performer for the whole team. Trying to force feed Rachaad White reminds me of what Bucs tried doing with Charles Sims when he wasn’t ready.

  6. #8 Says:

    The greatest trick TB12 ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.

  7. The Man Says:

    Having all those great WRs makes teams respect the pass… Which helps the run game…

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Very strange that we have so many receivers with hamstring problems and no defensive backs…….all on one side of the ball….

    That said, I’m looking for more passes to backs & TEs Sunday…..

  9. Statguy Says:

    Nothing wrong with that, for a long time Brady in NE could dot them up or they might run 40 times and you didn’t know what RB was going to get the Carries

  10. A Says:

    We can always line up and throw the ball. Now that BA is gone, I think you’ll see more of the Patriot way…Strength vs Weakness…You have a plan A game plan with multiple variants…Plan B if all hell breaks loose etc…

    I think you just let the game come to you – make in game adjustments and see how it plays out. About mid way through the 3rd Q…everyone watching that game knew Dallas couldn’t do anything against our D…so we basically stopped playing offense. That’s what happens when you have a defensive coach.

    Just Win Baby – Go Bucs!

  11. ZZBUC Says:

    Is somehow frustrating when people make a statement on the first game a rookie ever played as a Pro…… Dont get ahead of the situation, just let the guy play some games and then make a judgement……

    anxiety doesn´t help in any cases…..

    How can yuo compare Vaughn to White when White played a couple of snaps as a pro?

    Don´t get dinner before brakfast…Sometimes you can be wrong by miles!!!!!

  12. Bucschamp Says:

    We left a lot of points on he field There’s room for improvement. I feel our TEs need to fill the gap left by Gronk. Tall order but it’s a must

  13. Sauron's eye Says:

    If we can keep run blocking like we did last week all the running backs can feast.

  14. Cobraboy Says:

    I love the Great D & Ground-and-Pound O.

    With The GOAT as triggerman if/when the team really needs it.

    I suspect we’ll see stacked boxes against the Saints, and I suspect the play-action game will be sharp.

  15. CrackWise Says:

    After rewatching the game again last night. Here are a few things I noticed that are going unnoticed.

    1. Brady to SEVERAL Deep shots. I believe I counted 7 that went for OVER 25 yards. 5 were missed. Of the 5 BP got his hands on two. Brady overthrew ME on one and JJ on one. The other was a scramble play that #88 freed Brady up on against the “best LB since LT”. Brady underthrew JJ, even though JJ got his hands on it. Moral of the story. Thats 125 yards MIN that got left on the field in the passing game.

    2. Even with the near misses in the passing game. Up until the INT by Brady. We drove the field with EASE mixing both run and pass masterfully. EXCELLENT game plan from BL.

    3. Our D benefitted from a BAD Dak on several occasions. He either threw into bad coverage or simply missed wide arse open WRs. Granted he was getting pressure from DL from the jump. So, he was probably hearing footsteps.

    4. Redzone offense was shut down twice on two occasions by fluke sacks. Not that impressive really. Just a guy beating his guy. Nothing that can’t be checked out of if the coverage was shifted pre snap. 2 drives stalled due to miss fires from Brady to wide arse open WRs as well.

    5. Darden did a nice job fielding and running to the open space on Punt returns. And the DBs blocking on the outside for him put their guys on the ground on an occasion or two. JD will have his chances this year. Lets hope he steps up against the Saints.

    6. Kick off and Punt coverage was the best I have EVER seen it here in Tampa. And to think, Dallas had a returner that had multiple big returns for them in preseason.

    7. #41 and #88 are difference makers on Offence. They are really fun to watch in the Run game!!!

  16. tampabayallday Says:

    Get Live 45

  17. Mikejp Says:

    CrackWise, where did you rewatch the game?

  18. WillieG Says:

    I was curious about hamstring injuries, so I did a bit of research. I found this from a doctor:

    There are 5 proven risk factors for hamstring injuries: tightness in hamstrings, not enough warm up time before physical activity, past injuries, tired muscles, and imbalance in muscular strength between the hamstring muscles and the quadriceps.

    Do the Bucs have a Super Bowl caliber training staff? I have no idea because I don’t follow other teams and therefore having nothing to compare with the Bucs’.

  19. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Crackwise is on crack, it is apparent like having selective hearing you apparently have selective seeing. I saw quite a few strikes from Brady and did you ever consider that a few of the downfield over throws were on purpose because the wr’s were covered? FYI, it’s OK not to have to throw 400 yds and 3 td’s a game. The int Brady admittedly said was on him and one pass to Jones on a slant clearly was a timing issue. I stated this in earlier posts, if you’re counting on 31 points a game don’t hold your breath. You lost a probowl center, one guard a HOF TE and WR.(if he wasn’t a head case) not to mention Godwin injury. The D needs to answer the calls because you’re looking at possibly a LOT of close games.

  20. David Says:

    I don’t care how they play, just win. If it’s great defense and running the ball, fantastic. The next week if it’s a shoot out and they win, great. I have a feeling that is their mentality, which is the correct mentality. Do it all on offense and defense, adjust, be versatile