The Sweetness Of Three Jameis Winston Interceptions

September 18th, 2022

Santa act looked familiar.

After forcing Bucs fans to endure the horror of 30 interceptions during the 2019 season, Jameis Winston delivered sweet payback today by throwing three fourth-quarter picks to the Bucs — three! — including a trademark pick-six to Mike Edwards.

Yeah, those 30 picks in 2019 were horrendous and still are a painful stain on Bucs fandom. The only other QB to throw more than 20 picks in a season since 2017 is former Browns QB DeShone Kizer, who fired 22 picks in 2017. (In case you’re wondering, he’s out of football at 26 years old.)

So Jameis playing Santa Claus in Saints costume today and stuffing the Bucs’ stocking was really extra sweet. And it could have been worse/better.

Jamel Dean had the huge first big interception in the end zone, followed by Dean again on a throw down the seam, capped by Edwards jumping a route and housing the football.

Three picks on three consecutive series — with the game on the line.

That reminded Joe of Jameis throwing four picks to the Texans in Week 16 of the 2019 season, with the last one clinching the home loss.

Joe now gets why some believe in karma.

94 Responses to “The Sweetness Of Three Jameis Winston Interceptions”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Chris & I say “Shame on the Joes & Ira” picking the Saints with “America’s QB”

    how could you?

  2. Bucanero Says:

    Talk about a trojan horse Joe

  3. Jerseybuc Says:

    😂😂jaymiss we all know. Thanks bro

  4. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Thank you famous jameis! How about we eat an L today lol.

  5. Vance Says:

    It’s nice to be on the other side of famous JamINTs

  6. Bucs Orlando Says:

    Only things guaranteed in life: Death, Taxes and JW INT

  7. TombsEN Says:

    Look everyone is excited about a win but if Ingram doesn’t fumble and Olave takes the ball he fumbled to the house then who knows what could’ve happened. JW threw three interceptions but somehow he almost pulled it out, I wouldn’t start talking too much trash yet, even though I’m excited for the win.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Jameis feeding the Bucs a W.

  9. adam from ny Says:

    you had to wonder…

    did they actually fix jameis after he left the bucs…

    never…he had to go back to being himself – he is who he is…

    jaboo went all magoo…

    and it was a sight to behold !

  10. Francisco Guzman Says:

    Bucs finally at home next week against the packers. A team in transition on offense.

  11. ClwJB Says:

    He is who he is and always will be – looking forward to our next matchup just before Xmas, some early presents coming!!!

  12. stpetebucfan Says:

    Cmon Joe check yo sheets dude balled out today. It’s like the Buc D took JW and F’d in him the P…ah the good ole Seminole Days. LMAO

  13. Bangkok Buc Says:

    You dancing on your crutches this afternoon Jaboo?

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    The first one wast his fault. The reciever claerly ran wring route.

    The pick six was tipped at the line if you look closely at the slo mo you will se it.

    Only one pick was his fault and the Saints lost because they fumbled at the 10 yard line and because Chis Olave cant get open to save his mother

  15. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Hot Rod Mulch will be there for Winny like Stevie was there for Kenny Powers in Eastbound & Down when he shat down his leg. It’s a beautiful day in Tampa Bay!

  16. NDOG is an Idiot Says:

    Oribucfan, AKA NDog is in utter Shock !!!

  17. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilaints who we blaming? His online? His owners? His coaches? His kicker? His defense?????

  18. Mr. Editor Says:

    Thank goodness the “America’s QB” moniker is now retired.

  19. Ash Says:

    @tombsen you have been saying the same thing in a few threads same could be said in just about every game well if they didn’t turn over there or if they would have called a different play there these what’s ifs are irrelevant. The saints lost and the bucs defense looks awesome more importantly the bucs are 2 and 0 go BUCS.

  20. HC Grover Says:

    Our D has won us 2 games but I do not like the Bowlse up the gut style. it is going to catch us and bite us. Then he run up the gut and takes points off the scoreboard in the 1st half.

  21. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard strongly believes that Winston is the reason that Sean Peyton left the Saints

  22. firethecannons Says:

    did not even read the article yet–going off the headline yeah no doubt winston twice a year is all good! we are not winners till we are the winners and now we are the winners! Love it! gritty game and fck the saints.

  23. Miller5252 Says:

    For 5 years we watched this week after week. Seeing Winston doing it to our hated rival just makes it even that better. We all know how the Saints feel…. Winston will make some great throws, but then he vapor locks and thinks he can ball! It’s almost as good as retiring Ole Drew on our way to a Super Bowl

  24. firethecannons Says:

    was glad to see chris and mike out of this game perfect! defense won this and that is just what we need!

  25. D-Rome Says:

    “He’S A gUnsLinGeR!.!”

    He’s also the same guy who the Bucs drafted in 2015. Turnovers, INTs, throwing into double coverage, staring down receivers, overthrowing receivers, and occasionally flashing. But let me guess, he needs one more year right guys?

  26. VATom Says:

    Americas Turnover machine. Nothing has changed when a team needs Jameis to put them on his back.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Lets just be grateful the Bucs did the right thing and got rid of this guy.

  28. Mike Johnson Says:

    Jameis played well for 3 qtrs. I mean what was he suppose to do? They were behind. Defense won it for us again.

  29. Mikadeemas Says:

    Hey O’ Neal, looking like the Aints can’t develop a QB, LOL! Who they ever developed!?!?

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    That was the Jameis Winston Bucs fans lived with for five years.

    America’s Turnover Machine.

    After the excellence of Brees, I suspect Saints fans will turn on Winston.

  31. bucsince79 aka bumanner Says:

    Classic Jameis Winston!!! I have been waiting a long time for this day to come!!

  32. Chris K Says:

    I called the pick 6 before it happened. Was a thing of beauty!

  33. Coburn Says:

    Was playing fairly well.. but just seems like the moment his team falls behind he can’t help himself. He lacks patience. I’ll give.him credit for toughing it out though

  34. Onetrickpony Says:

    He just didn’t eat his crab legs before the game

  35. RandsABucFan Says:

    That’s our boi ..he must’ve left his lasiks at home lol

  36. orlbucfan Says:

    Hate to disappoint you, yahoo but I’m not Ndog. Had my UN for close to 25 years plusvI’m not stupid. You are.

  37. Craig Says:

    Jameis won the game for us, I am redeemed.

  38. Oneilbuc Says:

    Lol 🤣🤣 so what Jameis had a bad game I’m glad my bucs won some of yall will be gone next year once Brady leaves. And Brady didn’t have a great game either. Ain’t no player regardless of the position we have a good game every game. And yes the saints still done something that this franchise has never done and that’s developed a quarterback. Until the bucs developed their own quarterback Tampa is still where young quarterbacks careers come and die. This will be a defense lead team this year just like I said before the defense will determine if we win a Superbowl.

  39. Brandon Says:

    It was more great plays by the D than bad plays by Winston. Receivers were covered, pressure was in his face, our DBs made great plays on the ball. Never before in Bucs history has Jameis been able to find Buc players with the game on the line.

  40. MadMax Says:

    Famous jaemiss…..doing what hes famous for lol. Thank you JW!

  41. Tye Says:

    Good to see some things never change, ‘Int’ Winston!

  42. Mikadeemas Says:

    Not sure who you’re talking about but Brees wasn’t “developed” by the Aints! Get real, man!! GO BUCS!!(not JW and the Aints)

  43. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Goofy Uber groping POS. Glad your a** got handed to you.

  44. Youngbucs Says:

    Look at oneilaints trying to make it about Brady.

  45. Rjscheapseats Says:

    Only 1 of those interceptions someone somewhere is saying

  46. SKBucsFan Says:

    We hadn’t seen JW live up to his true potential until today. He has been masking well the first few meetings. The Bucs have to be confident after today.

  47. Oneilbuc Says:

    Drew Brees got ran off from the Chargers and played 15 years with the saints. But good win for us but I don’t look at the saints as a rival. They don’t even care about us beating them or when they beat us . According to saints fan the falcons is their rival not us . I’m just telling yall the truth go ask any saints fan who they rival is . But this offense got to play better than that !!!

  48. SufferingSince76 Says:

    All of these ifs and buts mean nothing. Bucs beat the slimy Saints and it’s killing them, no matter how some of you Saint apologists try to paint it.

  49. Georger Says:

    I do think JW made a few mistakes. I don’t think it matters, I think we are about to witness something special. The Bucs secondary is something special, they deserve the credit.

  50. Denny Gay Says:

    Still felt bad for him. The it’s and he just cannot hit that long ball. He’s such a roller coaster of a player

  51. Natron Says:

    Anybody know where Ndog is?

  52. D-Rome Says:

    And yes the saints still done something that this franchise has never done and that’s developed a quarterback.

    Who did the Saints develop? It wasn’t Brees. Drew Brees was a pro bowler with the Chargers before he got to New Orleans.

  53. Coburn Says:

    While he toughed it out he’s gonna be hurtimg later. All.those hits with his back issues

  54. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Let’s be honest.
    It’s the Jameis that we ALL know.
    And those of you “Bucs fans” that keep throwing his name at us… please relax just a little.

    I know Jameis was paying through injury & pain, and I sincerely hope he will be ok, and admire his toughness.

    That said….. when the game was on the line…. he became… JW.

  55. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:


  56. Patrickbucs Says:

    O’Neil: maybe put the phone down and stop typing idiotic as usual posts. Winston looked like ass again today and cost his team.

    Developed Brees? He was on the Chargers for 5 years, same as Winston. Also had rotators cuff and Miami wouldn’t pass him physically. Plus they drafted a new QB.

    Take a hike

  57. Oneilbuc Says:

    Drew Brees had 76 interseptions with the chargers that’s why they drafted Rivers. But regardless of all that they had a quarterback for 15 years why we can’t even have one 6 years. And as far as the saints I still believe it will be a split and that’s cool with me. I guess I don’t care about the saints like y’all do I hate every team the bucs play . We have a good enough defense to even win next year so far for what I’m seeing right now to win next year with a rookie or with Trask. We are a playoff team and I new that from the beginning of the season. But yes I do want my own quarterback or at least a younger guy so we don’t have to ask after every season is this the last year for our quarterback.

  58. Oneilbuc Says:

    They drafted Rivers while Brees was still on the team. And again as far as Jamies again every quarterback has a bad game. You think Brady haven’t since he’s been with the bucs he did and that’s ok with me. But to act like Brady had a good game every game is just stupid . I remember hall of famers throwing more picks than that. Big Ben threw 6 in one game than came back the next game and threw 5 it happens to all of them. I just say when Brady plays a bad game stop blaming BL and everyone else. I think Scottie Miller needs to go he drop to many passes today.

  59. Natron Says:

    The Saints are really feeling the bite of Drew Brees retirement now. Although their defense looks good, they are a long way from the dynamic offense they had with Brees. And being in QB purgatory like they are usually means no playoff hope. Enjoy Tom Brady while he’s still around, we might very well be in same place they are after this season.

  60. Jameisgirl1 Says:

    Refs decided this game. Two phantom penalties after 3rd down stops?? Ok.. Brady is the goat and showed it by getting Lattimore tossed. That was the game changer not the fight. Enjoy your second Brady super bowl because the league has it locked. Jameis will haunt y’all for years when Brady is done..

  61. Hodad Says:

    Yo, check yo sheet!

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jameis gonna Jameis!!! Saints thought he was their answer. What fools to believe. I knew we’d get picks and a pick 6, although my timing was wrong. It was going to happen because good defenses make Jameis take chances with the ball. Truth is that better team won and the bullies went wah wah wah all the way home. I hate the Saints. They were on the Bucs sidelines and instigated the fight. Mike Evans is bad dude you don’t want to mess with. No fear junk yard dog. With the line injury today I’d look a signing Suh back. We can use him.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    Brate and Miller need to catch the ball. They could have cost us this game.

  64. stpetebucfan Says:


    “Only one pick was his fault”

    With all due respect did you have the audio turned down on today’s broadcast.

    Greg Olson played 14 seasons in the NFL. Normally I respect your posts JJ but sorry I can’t begin to respect that take which totally contradicts exactly what Olson said and ILLUSTRATED in replays.

    He said JW should NOT have thrown at least two of those picks based on the Bucs obvious coverage.

    JW had a charmed life in Tallahassee. The freaking Noles were so talented that JW could just cut loose and let his future NFL stars make up for his mistakes against college kids.

    Then came the National Championship and JW gaves us a preview. He is a choker! He accepts NO responsiblity because he is fundamentally irresponsible whether it’s betraying a franchise trust and overlooking his HORRIBLE off Field manure in Tallahassee only to go out and get blind drunk while rolling with a convicted rapist and groping an Uber driver.

    He BETRAYED THIS FRANCHISE and the trust the management and fans mistakenly gave him. JW is a choker.

  65. Ontario Mike Says:

    Anyone notice that even the TV announcers wondered why Byron didn’t use the occasional screen pass to slow down the Saints pass rush. TB12 had his top receivers out of the game by the 4th qtr and could have used the extra time to give his healthy receivers time to get open.

  66. Mike C Says:

    Wow, what did jaymiss put in your drink Onelilbuc, you are a lost cause HE F#$%@%$ SUCKS BRO!!!! THATS IT , no this or that, well this guy did this so jaymiss will be good GTFOH!

  67. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    stpetebucfan: 100% agree with you man.

  68. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilaints wants to talk about Brady drew anybody but winston right now.

  69. Buczilla Says:

    The wheel of karma always comes back around. It’s a thing and that was one hell of a sweet win.

  70. MadMax Says:

    @Jamiesgirl….you like being his backup side piece?….must be an under performing uber driver looking for brownie points here, lol.

  71. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Oneilbuc, what we saw today from Jameis is what we saw so many times as a Buc.

    Please do not bring up Drew Brees or any QB.
    This is on Jameis.
    Since Jameis was drafted, overall things just go wrong when he is leading a team.
    Say what you want, but watching the 2019 season and seeing Jameis just as inconsistent as ever, I said enough of the roller Coaster, get another QB.
    That was at midseason 2019. I was tired of the roller coaster of emotions watching a Jameis led offense.
    Then watching the total implosion in the last 2 games of 2019, against the Texans and to finish it off with a pick 6 to lose to the Falcons.
    Thankfully Brady came. But I was wanting another QB wether it was Brady or someone else. Just to get off the Jameis Roller Coaster, with the chance of it getting better.
    So much promise for Jameis, but consistently he makes enough mistakes to nullify whatever good he does.
    He can make a great play, but then it goes wrong , somehow someway.
    And again today, we watched the same story, but different Jersey on Jameis.
    I have been a FL State fan since 1979, Rick Stockstill, and Jimmy Jordan days.
    I am a Jameis Winston fan, and hope he does well in Life. Just not against the Bucs now. But in life I hope he does well.

    But so far in the NFL he has proven to be a very inconsistent QB that cannot be trusted to win games.

    Maybe that changes, maybe not.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  72. David Says:

    He has not changed.

    He is a very good quarterback. BUT if he is under pressure or pressing late in a half or the game, he will give the other team opportunities. The Buccaneers capitalized today.

    5 takeaways!

  73. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    He had plenty of familiar over-throws too.

  74. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Jaym Miss will always be Jay Miss. Simple as that.

  75. Smashsquatch Says:

    Thank you Jameis, you’re a giver.

  76. Aceofaerospace Says:

    What if this? What if that? The hell with all that BS. That’s why you play the game. And we won. Period.

  77. Scott Says:

    Love it 5 years of his crap here

  78. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Not really sure where you are coming from. I think we ALL look forward to a home-grown BUCS QB becoming something special. We are not unalike in this way.

    But in the mean-time??? We have the GREATEST to ever play the game. It’s pretty special, man.

    And AGAIN… like YOU… I look forward to when we have a young kid running the show. I really do.

  79. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Jameisgirl1 Says:
    “Jameis will haunt y’all for years when Brady is done..”

    Wow, that really is pretty pathetic. Maybe you REALLY are Jameis’ girl. Don’t know. But if you are…. let me say this. I have NOTHING but admiration for Jameis’ toughness & willingness to battle through everything physically that he is right now. I also appreciate his desire to try to win while he was here in TB.

    Unfortunately for Jameis… when the game is on the line… what happened today… is what ALWAYS happens.


  80. Oneilbuc Says:

    Youngbuc lol 😂😂😂😆 I knew you would be back . I was ready for you I knew 1 bad game from Jamies would bring you back lol 😂😂😂 !! I don’t have a problem with saying Jameis played bad never did every player regardless of the position has bad games. But it’s funny how when Brady plays bad it’s BL fault or the team fault. This is the first bad game Jameis had with the saints and it won’t be the last . Jamies played with 4 broken bones in his back but he played so it doesn’t matter. Just have that same mind set when it’s Brady. Brady will have bad games as well it’s just the way it is. And yet the bucs still haven’t developed a quarterback and they are about to fail Trask just like they did all the others. But glad to hear from you.

  81. T REX Says:

    Winston is crap on and off the field

  82. Oneilbuc Says:

    I’m just happy to see youngcookie back!! Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  83. Youngbucs Says:

    Why why why can’t oneilaints talk about jameis on his own? Now he talking about trask lol. Peyton Brady drew rivers. Wtf fractures got to do with throwing into coverage???????? Seriously answer that and on dean second int he was backpedaling didn’t have his feet set it floated. The truth is there but you refuse to acknowledge it but carry on.

  84. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Oneilbuc, just skip right over me, lol. All good man.

  85. Oneilbuc Says:

    Tampa Bay Demon. Just having fun bro making these people mad 😡. You see you supposed to hate Jameis and worship Brady on this site and that’s just something I don’t do. I don’t lose 1 second of sleep rather Jamies plays good or bad . I don’t lose 1 second of sleep if Brady plays bad like some of these people do . Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  86. Goatfarmer Says:

    Osqueeleryall – it’s been said before.

    If all the village idiots in the world moved to the same single village, yall would be the village idiot.

    Congratulations on y’all’s anointation.

    Now go back in yalls room and stare longingly at yalls JaMiss Saints poster with a jar of bacon grease and tire yallself out.

  87. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Fair enough man, lol. All good. You know all that matters? We both love our BUCS and want them to dominate. Today was a good day. Enjoy bro, and I will too.

  88. TAMPA BAY DEMON™ Says:

    Oneilbuc, and I enjoy your posts.

  89. Buc king Says:

    Brady is the savior 🙏 came back to save us when it matters.

  90. Bucschamp Says:

    It wasn’t all Jameis. That 12 man at 4th&1 was dumb

  91. toopanca Says:

    The first interception was a great throw by Winston; Dean just played the ball better than the receiver did. I just watched the replay – Winston is standing on the right hash mark when he releases the ball, the receiver runs down the right hash mark, and Dean and the receiver are on the right hash mark when the ball arrives. Dean made the play by going up to get the ball while the receiver stayed on the ground.

    The second throw was bad Jameis; he was behind, he wanted to fix things, and he became undisciplined – he did not set his feet and the ball sailed. That was the ball game.

    The third throw was a nice pass, but Edwards was looking for it; it looked like a Ronde Barber pick 6!

  92. Mike C Says:

    Ahhhhhh hahahahaha he SUCKS LOL LOL !!!

  93. Vadertime Says:

    Winston is no Brees, unfortunately for New Orleans. I think the Saints will do okay, but they will not contend for championships until they find another, elite QB like Drew Brees. They got spoiled by Brees for all those years. Expectations are high and I think Winston is only on a 1 year contract, so he better perform if he wants to stay in the Big Easy.

  94. geno711 Says:

    I thought Jameis had leadership ability and talent to make it in the NFL.
    He may still have that.

    But I have to be honest, as many games as I watched and thought that Jameis was making one bad decision after another and losing a game for the Bucs, it was so satisfying to see him do that while playing for the Saints against the Bucs.

    If he can be the Jameis we saw in yesterday’s game, I hope he stays with the Saints for 5 years so we can get all those bad Jameis games to the Bucs benefit.

    Great being a Buc fan right now. 24 out of the last 29.