Flying Julio Jones

September 13th, 2022

Still has afterburners.

So, Julio Jones is a washed-up old man of a receiver who needs to go to the old folks’ home, eh?

A lot of folks scoffed when the Bucs signed former All-Pro receiver Julio Jones. And Joe admits to being a bit skeptical, too. Julio hasn’t been the same (you know, the receiver Mike Smith made famous) in the past couple of years, largely due to injuries.

And Julio was a total non-factor for the AFC South champion Titans last year.

Well in training camp with the Bucs, Julio looked damn good — when he practiced. The Bucs barely had him practicing because at this point in his career, Julio has become brittle. But the talent is still there.

How much so? Jenna Laine of ESPN apparently found the speed of Julio from NextGen Stats, which has censors on players’ equipment that allows the NFL to track speed. Apparently, Julio still has the quicks.

Yeah, that’s right! Julio was faster than Cheetah Hill this weekend.

So it seems not only can Julio make some receptions that foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski used to make, Julio can replace snaps from another key member of the Bucs’ 2020 Super Bowl champions. Antonio Brown and the nutcase’s ability to stretch the field.

Tom Brady isn’t the only member of the Bucs teasing Father Time.

30 Responses to “Flying Julio Jones”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    What an outstanding catch he made against the Cowboys. Chris Collingsworth was ecstatic about it. Great addition to the GOAT”s aresenal.

  2. Just Saying Says:

    I hope I’m eating humble pie all year with regard to Julio. It would only mean good things for my Bucs. Go Bucs

  3. Kody Says:

    Not it mention his awesome running back snaps. Loved those.

  4. Deano Says:

    Damn that’s fast

  5. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Julio looked great….but we gotta get Russell Gage going, he looked a little shaky out there

  6. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Tbbucs3 – to me Gage didn’t look healthy. Although he had two catches on two targets. Hopefully he’s healthier this week so he can be more involved in the game plan.

  7. Mike C Says:

    Just Saying Says:
    September 13th, 2022 at 12:37 pm
    I hope I’m eating humble pie all year with regard to Julio. It would only mean good things for my Bucs. Go Bucs

    Way to own up Just Saying.

  8. T REX Says:

    more crow please…i was wrong on julio

  9. geno711 Says:

    Just Saying…

    I was there with you on Julio, and I tend to be a homer; So, when I am uncertain (or negative) on a Buc’s player like Julio, I just keep quiet.

    I will gladly be wrong as well. That is crazy that he had the 3rd fastest time this week.

  10. Redeemer Says:

    We’re going to find out right quick if Jones can stay healthy, because they actually need him now. Rudolph was a healthy scratch, and Gage had two targets. Maybe it was a gameplan thing. Jones looked amazing, but I still have a little trepidation about relying on a 33 year old reciever with a recent history of injury. Hopefully the TB12 stuff continues to work, because Jones is no longer a luxury piece.

  11. Timbucs2 Says:

    Tom’s placement and timing to Julio was a bit off on Sunday. I imagine come week 6 or 7, that 48 yard reception will be a beautiful 75 yard touchdown.

  12. SPARKY Says:

    Me too. Can I have some ketsup with my crow?

  13. Buczilla Says:

    That’s impressive and over half as fast as fast an alligator who can hit 35.

  14. Steven007 Says:

    George, take a hint. Plenty of posters fess up when they mess up. You had ample opportunity on all the o-line posts from yesterday. Still waiting.

  15. #8 Says:

    Joe runs faster than that to Big Storm Brewing Co.

  16. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Timbucs. Tom was off on that slant pass to Julio, but that bomb he threw was perfect. Julio was never gonna be able to catch that throw in stride. The next gen stat said he only had 0.8 yards of separation. The completion probability was only 23.6%. It was a great catch by Julio, but it wasn’t off.

    Gage needs to show up. I was excited we picked him up because i thought he would really help us and be a good outlet for Brady. I especially thought he would be a weapon against the Saints. Brady called him out in a nice way earlier in camp. He said the team paid him well and we need him to step up. Earlier in camp, Gage looked good with Brady, and then he injured him before Brady went on his leave, and he didn’t practice in a limited role the week before the game. He was only targeted by Tom two times and he caught both of them. He only play 42% snaps. That needs to change against the Saints. Godwin won’t play Sunday, and he’s owned the Saints. We need gage to step up this week!

  17. Ed Says:

    I want to see the Bucs preserve Jones for the playoffs and division races later on. When they play the lesser teams on the schedule, just give the ball to Lenny, play some defense and save Julio for the teams that require a shoot out and lots of points.

    Really need Julio and Godwin down the stretch. Bucs like to use the middle of the field for their slot routes, how about using Rashid White, Scotty Miller and Russell Gage, Cade Otton to do the dirty work and protect Godwin and Julio by using them in the deeper parts of the field and along the sidelines.

    The Saints are dirty, we need to play smashmouth on Sunday.

  18. CrackWise Says:

    Well considering AB never played an entire season for us.

    I would say we just need JJ to do the same in order to replace AB. I mean, did AB really do anything special for us?

  19. sasquatch Says:

    Joe Says:

    … which has censors on players’ equipment…


  20. sasquatch Says:

    Joe Says:

    … which has censors on players’ equipment…

    “Censors” would only be necessary if you meant players’ “equipment”.

  21. teacherman777 Says:

    Julio Jones and Mike Evans are two of the greatest receivers of our era.

    And they are teammates.

    I think God is a Bucs fan.

  22. tampabayallday Says:

    I wonder how many times she giggled when saying that tweet out loud, she’s the worst reporter covering tampa.

  23. emo Says:

    I flew over from Tampa to watch that game. Man, what a thrill it was when Julio dived for that catch right in front of me

  24. Oddball Says:

    JJ wants ( and deserves for that matter ) a ring. He’s a baller. Always has been.

  25. Goatfarmer Says:

    I’m saving my crow eating for the upcoming Darden breakout. It’s coming. I can feel it.

    So, I will eat buzzard about how Julio looks. Besides they’re bigger and do better in the smoker.

  26. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Tom brings out the best in everyone around him, and that means Julio too. Julio really wants to catch a TD pass or two from Tom in the Super Bowl, and then get himself that ring. Julio is motivated, and so is Tom, and they got some good chemistry. Gonna be fun to watch!

  27. Bucschamp Says:

    He looked gassed after that long bomb by Brady. At first I thought he can’t stand up lol

  28. orlbucfan Says:

    How about knocking a few Aints players out of the game with solid, legal hits? Payton’s slimy butt might be gone, but the team still has the dirties on it. Bucs are long overdue for some honest payback.

  29. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Again Says:

    I love Julio in a Bucs Uni!!!! Those high white socks are Old School Man and he’s still got it!!!!! GO BUCS and GET IT JULIO!!!!

  30. Brandon Says:

    Interesting from the aspect that I would never consider Zay Jones any more than average speed and he was up there.