Leaning Left

September 13th, 2022

Reason to smile.

If Joe had explained to Bucs fans the following on Sunday morning, the freakout would have been epic to monitor.

Imagine if fans knew in a two-score game at halftime in which the Bucs couldn’t get the ball into the end zone, that the left side of the Bucs’ offensive line would be backup left tackle Josh Wells, rookie Luke Goedeke and at center Robert Hainsey (making his first NFL start), the meltdown would have been worth paying to watch.

And that’s what happened in reality when Smith left the game with a hyperextended elbow.

Yet what did the Bucs do? They ran Playoff Lenny left.

NextGen Stats demonstrated that Fournette was having success doing that — big-time success.

This blew Joe away.

So this information tells Joe a few o things:

1) Goedeke, Hainsey and Wells were getting the job done on the ground.

2) The Bucs trusted two guys who were green as beer on St. Patrick’s Day.

3) That offensive line coaches Harold Goodwin and Joe Gilbert know what the hell they are doing and can coach guys up.

Always remember and never forget, coaching matters. Right, Lovie?

40 Responses to “Leaning Left”

  1. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I hope he can do it again this week!!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I don’t know if it was our strong side or Dallas’ weak side….but it sure worked well…..let’s give it another try on Sun…..

  3. lunchmeat Says:

    Looks like they’d rather see Shaq Mason leading the way (pulling) than the rookie.
    Makes sense to me.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Running the ball helps a young O line build confidence, continuity and really gets there legs going. Pass blocking is typically a hold your ground middle and deflect push around creating the pocket. They’re never punishing, moving forward ( exception Lenny’s De-Cleater). When you run, the line gets to push, attack the D line , steer them where you want them to go and use their own momentum against them. We really need to keep running the ball having a BALANCED offense, also saving TB12’s arm.

  5. Sauron's eye Says:

    We had some of the best run blocking in years on Sunday. Was great to see it.

  6. Bucfan1988 Says:

    They ran left a lot cuz I think Parsons was sitting on the left side on D a lot as well. Run right at that dude!!

  7. geno711 Says:

    According to BSPN:

    Against the Cowboys, Goedeke had a pass block win rate of 87.5% (14-of-16) and a run block win rate of 70.4% (19-of-27), according to their Stats & Information research. He wasn’t perfect, but it was a good first game. Transitioning from playing right tackle in college to playing inside at guard and also transitioning to the left side has been quite an adjustment.

    The NFL offensive lines this week looked like sh*t. Not the Bucs.
    Great coaching to get Goedeke transitioning in his 1st week.

  8. Dooley Says:

    What’s funny is, Parsons & D-Law both started rushing away from Tristan Wirfs, and as soon as Dominican Smith went down they both took turns trying to overload Wells & Goedeke, what’d we do? Run right at their b*tch asses lol there’s was that one run with the 3 TE set where Dallas stacked the box and Goedeke just had to move out of the way to create a whole iirc he got Vender Echt(however you spell it) and just coasted for a quick 12 yards.

  9. Bucsfan13 Says:

    When we picked up Shaq Mason, I knew we would be emphasizing the run more, and using a little more wide zone, which i think is more effective than duo. It’s obvious that our OL are better at run blocking.

    Brady mentioned earlier in training camp before Jensen went down that we have “favorable passing conditions.” This is certainly not the case right now. I’ve always thought we should game plan differently for each weekly opponent. We’ve always had an air of ignorance thinking we could just out talent people at the skill positions, and we were just gonna pass the ball no matter what. It was always sort of a flawed strategy and we got exposed when we lost our receivers, and our offense looked out of sorts.

    Bowles has often said that he and Brady see the game the same way. Bowles said if we need to run the ball 60X we will and if we need to throw the ball 60X we will, and it’s just about the win. We saw that play out Sunday night. Don’t expect MVP level numbers from Brady this year. Sunday night was vintage Brady. One of his best attributes has always been his outstanding situational awareness. He’s a chameleon. Last night, the defense was playing outstanding. We didn’t need for him to be a super hero and launching bomb after bomb. We needed a game manager who limited turnovers.. Besides that egregious pick, he did a good job. We do need to be better in the RZ, though. If we need him to sling the ball down field because we a favorable matchup in the secondary, he will throw 50X a game.

  10. geno711 Says:

    I also read that 1st 12 plays that Parsons lined up against Wirfs and beat him once for a pressure but lost on the run plays against Wirfs.

  11. Steven007 Says:

    George, see my recent post in the other thread. Legitimate posters man up and fess up when they mess up. Where is your rhetoric now?

  12. Casual Observer Says:

    Goedeke had fine first game. Not perfect but good. He’ll get better with experience. Nice job.

  13. rrsrq Says:

    The Bucs did run left, but there was an awful lot of pulling action by the right side. also love the pic on Buccaneers.com of playoff lenny and Micah Parsons one on one where Parson had the angle on Lenny but he chose to grab him from behind pics in the photo gallery 25 thru 29 (sorry for siting another site, but a picture is worth a thousand words)

  14. Greg G Says:

    What an amazing stat, and what a great start for the team. I’m not ready to say that this is what I’ll expect us to be able to do, or even be good at moving forward, but I will say that I have a new level of excitement for our offensive repertoire if this type of run game is sustainable.

    One thing that stood out to me from Bowles was his statement that, “we were ready to open up more of the playbook, but the run game (apparently to the left) was working, so we stuck with what worked. So again, this may not be a new thing we’ve developed or added to our offense. It could simply be, on this particular Sunday, we were whooping that ass running to the left so we continued with said whoopin’.

    I also wonder if that’s why Brady had his 6 second pause to the question about if running the ball more was a Bowles philosophy change to the O or not. My (wild) guess/wonder is if Tom was thinking about saying, we knew we had some new guys up front and we didn’t want to expose them in pass pro more than we needed to. So once we saw we had that run game working we stayed with it. Tom can’t say that, cause every headline across America would say, “tom brady calls out new lineman as not ready for pass protection”.

    Could be wrong, but I thought it was interesting.

  15. SlyPirate Says:

    The Bucs pulled guards and TE on nearly every run play.

    The best block of the day … Ko Kieft. He wiped out a LB and sprung 4Net.

  16. Duane Says:

    Looks like we had Mason pulling to the left on a bunch of those runs, with Wirfs stonewalling the backside pursuit. It was a sight to behold. I think these guys can keep the run game going until they get better.

  17. HC Grover Says:

    Also Mason pulling thataway too.

  18. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Saints have the game film. They’ll be 8 in the box but make it look like 6. They will be ready for the pulling sweeps. We will need an adjustment. We know the only time we’ve beaten them of the last 7 is the playoff game where we ran the ball. They know it too. Some play action with Lenny and Ko staying in to help protect Tom, sending out ME Julio and Gage sounds good.

  19. HC Grover Says:

    Pound the Rock!

  20. Ed Says:

    I truly believe that to beat teams that like to bully you, you have to match their physical play style.

    New Orleans is the perfect team to play smash mouth football against. For the past 5 or 6 games you could see them pushing our offensive line around as Brady was dropping back regularly. They never really gave the running game a chance.

    I see this 2022 Bucs team as more of Todd’s personality than Byron’s. I think everyone in that locker room knows that to finally put down the Saints in their barn, they have to punch them in the mouth.

    Pass on first down, run on second and if short yardage run again on third. Just keep pounding. New Orleans will be surprised by these new more physical players. Marpet was one of the best pass blocking guards in the NFL but his run blocking was not as strong as his pass blocking. Godeke isn’t a great pass blocker like Ali but he certainly has the strength to push people around as does Mason, who is more physical than Cappa.

    It will be fun to see some punishment dished out against the Saint big talkers who had sleezy Sean Payton as their bountygate leader.

  21. unbelievable Says:

    There was another key element I think you left out:

    4) They used a tight end to help out Josh Wells. A lot.

  22. Joe Says:

    I truly believe that to beat teams that like to bully you, you have to match their physical play style.

    Absolutely. Playoff Lenny vs. Micah Parsons, Exhibit-A.

  23. Redeemer Says:

    I actually saw Mason pulling!! The run game looked a hell of a lot more imaginative than last year. The credit goes to the coaches for realizing they didn’t need to throw to win. I expect a similar plan against the Saints.

  24. rrsrq Says:

    @Goatfarmer – the Saints can have all the ilm they want. Their secondary is not what it was, they lost Malcolm Jenkins to retirment and just traded Chauncy Gardner. Their replacemnts will see Russell Gage and Perriman feast if they have to double Julio (assuming Lattimore is one on one with ME13)

  25. David Says:

    I noticed it all game. Hainsey and Goedecke (and sometimes with a lead block by the rookie BO) were getting it done on the ground!!
    Wells did pretty damn good too. They all did, I saw Mason pulling around and no one ever beats Wirfs.

    Pass protection will get better and better

    Stay healthy my friends 🍺

  26. Jonny Says:

    Shaq Mason is the unsung hero from this stat. Still, this feat would have only been possible if Wells, Goedeke and Hainsey did their part. There was a very good run on the right side that Goedeke was the pulling guard. His athleticism will only get better with confidence.

  27. Trask To The Future Says:


    This O-Line is a better run blocking line than our previous line. The results prove it.

    Smith/Marpet/Jensen/Cappa/Wirfs were solid pass blockers, but we rarely ran the ball well behind that line.

    It’s very possible that Goedeke & Mason are simply better run blockers.

    Of course, this could all be a one game fluke where we just matched up better against the Cowboys. But if we can continue to run well against the Saints, and then this line is definitely a better run-blocking line than previous line.

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Godeke looks like another solid OL draft choice by Licht. Hainsey too. Amazing anybody doubted. We ran behind them 2 with great success. And I dont remember seeing much passrush coming up the middle.

    Wells is the concern here. Our passblocking clearly takes a dive without our starting tackles.

  29. Duane Says:

    Lean to the left, right, and up the middle against the Saints. Would love to see Honeybadger stack the box and try and stop Pancake Lenny. Saints gave up 100 yards against Patterson last week. No way they stop the run and pass this week.

  30. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Geno. I know you love numbers. According to ESPN’s Pass Block Win Rate, the Bucs Win rate was 46% pass block rate, which would have ranked last in the NFL last year. Most of the it has been on the left side. I know you’re the total optimist and this team can do no wrong, but with what was showed on film and these numbers, wouldn’t you say that this group are better at run blocking? I think it’s better to add nuance and context when grading the OL.

  31. ClwJB Says:

    They were smashing people in the run game, it’s that speed rush they struggle with when either Wirfs or Smith is out

    Just have to keep a back and TE in to support or KO the DE

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    rrsrq … ‘Their replacements will see Russell Gage and Perriman feast if they have to double Julio (assuming Lattimore is one on one with ME13)’.

    I’m with you on Russell Gage (although didn’t he get a little dinged up Sunday?), but Perriman IMO is a waste of a roster spot. Sunday he was thrown to 3 times … ZERO catches. But that’s OK, he made up for it by losing 7 yards on his Bennd-around.

    Was however quite impressed by our short passing game to our RBs (although we used it very little; still nice to know it’s there). Lenny was targeted 2 times … caught BOTH of them for 10 yds. Rachaad was also targeted 2 times … caught both for 7 yds. Not much of a sample & not much yardage, but the first prerequisite was met: Catch the damn ball. Good stuff will happen eventually.

  33. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I agree with Trask to the future.

    This line looks a LOT better run blocking than last year’s edition. Our linemen looked more athletic when it came to pulling for one thing. And they were mostly in synch and timely with their run blocks after pulling.

    OL generally love run blocking because they can line up and play some smash mouth aggressive football. Pass blocking generally means retreating and just trying to buy some time for the GOAT. I think on the outside however it takes some real talent to pass block. Instead of just drilling your guy in the gun game the tackles have to worry as the back up will they get bull rushed, run around on the outside or juked and faked opening up an inside route.

    Bottom line…with Playoff Lennie in no mood to take prisoners it’s great to have an OL that gives him a chance to play some smash mouth football.

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    I was very concerned about the Oline, but they looked really good.
    This week will tell us if they are for real or not!
    Im optimistic

  35. geno711 Says:


    Thanks. I tend to try to be an optimist with the Bucs. For instance, when Julio Jones was signed, I was not a fan. But I just kept my mouth shut about it until games started.

    But I certainly on here have written negative comments about Jameis Winston, Gerald McCoy, Adam Humphries, and Devin White in the past.

    I tend to use stats especially when guys are hating on cornerbacks and offensive lineman.

    I see the Bucs were here on the team Pass Block win rate for week 1.
    27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 45%
    28. Dallas Cowboys, 44%
    29. Los Angeles Chargers, 44%
    30. Carolina Panthers, 43%
    31. Jacksonville Jaguars, 42%
    32. Detroit Lions, 41%

    Some of ESPN stats in my opinion, like QBR, are less accurate than other stats out there. I would argue that ESPN Team Pass Win Rate is off for them.

    For instance last year:
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 60%
    20. Indianapolis Colts, 60%
    21. Las Vegas Raiders, 59%
    22. Detroit Lions, 58%
    23. Dallas Cowboys, 58%
    24. Tennessee Titans, 56%
    25. Minnesota Vikings, 54%
    26. Atlanta Falcons, 54%
    27. Houston Texans, 54%
    28. New York Giants, 54%
    29. Carolina Panthers, 50%
    30. Cincinnati Bengals, 49%
    31. Pittsburgh Steelers, 49%
    32. Miami Dolphins, 47%

    Dallas and Tampa were both in the bottom half of Pass Block Win rate last year but somehow ended up 1 and 2 in passing yards. This is certainly odd?

    But I do appreciate you seeing the optimist in me.

  36. Goatfarmer Says:

    rrsq – FYI Siri autocorrects your handle to “Rosa” so if that ever happens inadvertently my apologies.

    I agree about your Saints back end assessment. It’s why they will pack the box and max the pressure on Tom. Play action can be effective early thanks to success against the Cowboys, but obviously Wells and mates can’t handle Cam and company by themselves. Got to keep Ko and Lenny in to chip (and pancake) and put three out into the secondary. That won’t work for long unless some effective running also happens. I know Patterson did well, so they will adjust based on that and Bucs film.

    BL’s counter is critical. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a goose egg again.

  37. Hodad Says:

    Luke Goedeke, and Hainsey did a very good job their first time out. I believe they’ll only get better. I watched Cappa get completely smoked against Pitt giving up an instant sack. No loss there.

  38. Browsing from DC Says:

    I think I saw somewhere that out of Lenny’s 127 yds rushing, 93 yds were before contact. Pretty impressive blocking at the line for that kind of number.

  39. 1#bucsfan Says:

    JOE how nice is it that we have a coaching staff that not only develops it’s draft picks but coaches up other players to. I’m not a betting man but if I were I’d bet that this coaching staff prob could have coached up Hargreaves,Spence and a few other draft picks that got cut because mike smith , lovie n co couldn’t do it

  40. George Says:

    The young offensive lineman exceeded my expectations . They did a nice job on the run , still learning to pass protect . I am hoping they can build on that experience this week against the Saints. I still believe we need to bring in some experience for depth in the offensive line , otherwise Brady won’t last the season.