Encouraging News On The Buccaneers’ Injury Report

September 7th, 2022

Good news.

The first official injury report of the 2022 season has been filed.

Joe is fired up. Reports are released Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before a Sunday game.

Wide receiver Chris Godwin (knee) was full participation at today’s practice! Newcomer receiver Russell Gage (hamstring) was limited, as was running back Giovani Bernard (ankle). Julio Jones got a day of rest but is heathy.

On the offensive line, center Robert Hainsey was not even listed, so that means his bad ankle is no longer bad in any way (officially.) Right tackle Tristan Wirfs (oblique) was limited.

On defense, it’s now clear that safety-cornerback Logan Ryan is nursing a hamstring injury. He was limited. Rookie corner Zyon McCollum (hamstring) didn’t practice at all. Safety Keanu Neal was off the report and said after practice today that he’s good to go.

Might Godwin go on Sunday night? It really doesn’t matter to Joe. What’s most encouraging is that Godwin clearly is getting close.

47 Responses to “Encouraging News On The Buccaneers’ Injury Report”

  1. CrackWise Says:

    YES!!! CG will play.
    JOE, when is the last time you saw a guy full go on a Wednesday NOT play on a Sunday? Doesn’t happen often, but the Bucs were indoors today and not exactly killing each other. Plus Godwin allegedly hasn’t been cleared for full contact yet. Regardless, great sign. –Joe
    Injury sometime between notwithstanding.

  2. Rayjay1122 Says:

    CG14 is such a warrior. He and the trainers who have helped him recover deserve a ton of credit.

  3. CrackWise Says:

    I was not expecting this.

    OMG my prediction of ME going to take a hit. Thats ok though.

    CG will be used as a decoy and allow him to take a shot or two. Perfect prep work before he destroys the Saints single handedly.

    We are still going to be a run happy team the first 4 weeks.

    Establish that physical dominance early. LET’S ROLL!!!

  4. sasquatch Says:

    I’m still not sure Godwin will play. In an interview elsewhere, he still sounded a bit up in the air about whether he’ll be ready. Sounds to me like he’s not quite there yet. When he’s ready, I think it will sound a little more certain. But who knows? It serves the team’s interest if the opponent doesn’t know who exactly they’re preparing for.

  5. Goatfarmer Says:

    No Gage and no Godwin is not good news. At all. Great that they’re getting better but Gage has been in the infirmary since he’s been here. Godwin is not expected. If he’s not ready it’s no surprise.

    Perriman – get yourself right. Scotty – it’s your time. I’d love to shout out to Grayson and Tyler but alas they were both cut to keep DardOn. Shame. Dude obviously impresses in practice and does nothing to negative nothing in the games. Except block. Oh wait. Except catching, he’s caught lots of passes. Oh wait. Well at least he can return punts and kicks well. Oh wait. If he sees the field it’s a wasted body out there.

  6. Pewter Warrior 813 Says:

    Gage is a wasted signing. Overpaid for a guy who only looked good against our soft zone defense.

  7. David Says:

    Pewter warrior

    That is such a ignorant thing to say. He hasn’t even played a game for the Buccaneers yet. He was fast developing into one of the best slot receivers in the NFL. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about If your fan.
    My guess is your a fake a$$ troll in your mom‘s basement, so just go away

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Scotty may dress if Godwin don’t play, but he won’t see the field. Darden is the #5. Tyler was cut to keep the worse route runner in NFL history on this team, AKA The Great White Hope. The GOATFARMER keep attacking Darden despite the fact that multiple people who actually knows football says different is sickening and proves he doesn’t know jack squat about football.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The fact that GOATFARMER keeps attacking Darden is sickening. His comments should be banned. Darden has more talent in a hair follicle than Scotty has in his whole body. Every coach sees it, but GOATFARMER thinks he’s smarter. If Godwin can’t go, Darden will do big things.

  10. Anon Says:

    Y’all so dumb people are limited 9 times out of 10 end up playing in the game. Shut up Gage will play.

  11. Maniac Buc Says:

    Darden will be ready, much to the dismay of Goatfarmer, to perform if Godwin can’t go. Darden is going to do big things this year.

  12. Hodad Says:

    I don’t see Godwin playing in any of the first four games.

  13. CrackWise Says:


    Me either BUT if he is practicing without limits!!! No reason not to run him out there on a rotation to get him back into the flow of games.

    Honestly, if you are CG, why not take the opportunity to see if you are up to game speed?

    For what it is worth, we really don’t need CG to do CG things until later in the season. So, if you can get on the field as part of your rehab. WHY NOT???

  14. Ben Says:

    Darden has not done spit except …run out of bounds

  15. CrackWise Says:

    As far as Darden is concerned. You will never catch me questioning a young man’s heart and desire to be great.

    Darden has that DESIRE in SPADES!!!

  16. CrackWise Says:

    Seriously, have any of you actually taken a listen to Jalen? The young man is driven to be great.

    If nothing else, the guy will become great at something other than football. MAYBE he won’t be remembered for Football. BUT he will succeed in almost anything that he decides to do.

    I am betting on the young man to make his mark.

    Who here wants to take a bet. I will meet you at the Joes first watch party. JD will average OVER 20 yards a return Sunday night!!!

  17. AbucAway Says:

    Great white hope. Lol. Didn’t know we needed hope..

    Scotty Miller. Scooter., Is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer who happens to be white and has done more for this team when it counts then Dardone ever will.

    With that said, as long as Dardone is a Buccaneer I certainly hope he lives up to the high expectations of our crappy ST coach who seems to be a glutton for poor performance.

  18. gp Says:

    CG will not step foot on the field unless he can do CG things.
    If TB-12 thinks he’s the best option, he’s getting the ball, and he’s going to get hit.
    If he’s ready for that then he should be on the field.
    If he isn’t ready, I hope the coaching staff isn’t stupid enough to chance it

  19. gp Says:

    Rachaad White will be handling kick off returns, per Buc’s homepage.

  20. CrackWise Says:

    NOBODY will take that bet. Unless they have a fridge full of Bromsas at the ready to give aways.


  21. CrackWise Says:


    Glad you didnt bet me. LOL

  22. CrackWise Says:

    @AbucAway such a dumb opinion regarding a young player vs a guy who made A PLAY

  23. Wild Bill Says:

    To Bucs coaches. Please do not rush CG ! We need him long term. Let him run decoy routes a few times perhaps but not over the middle! Quick short sideline outs and no fighting for one more yard. Quick out and up OK too.

  24. AbucAway Says:

    1. Youth does not equate to probable growth in production.
    2. Scotty is more than one play; there were quite a few. But thanks for backing me on scooter doing more for this team than dardone ever will.
    That play was so memorable, you can’t see past it. I’ll forgive your ignorance this time.

  25. BucU Says:

    If Godwin wears the no contact jersey Sunday night does that mean Dallas can’t hit him?

  26. Doc Says:

    CG need to worry about his future. Rushing him back because the G,M, signed names instead of good young receiver is crazy. Take care of yourself, only you can C.G.

  27. Biff Barker Says:

    Godwin will see limited action Sunday is my guess. A little warm up and light duty to bring his game speed back. But Cowpokes better be careful. Tommy knows how to, and will, throw him open.
    He can be a a DC’s nightmare just drawing coverage away from everyone else.

  28. Bucthis Says:

    Funny how you can tell multiple people are using multiple different sign ons in the same argument to look like someone agrees with them. Lol

  29. MonkeyMan Says:

    Have Brady throw CG a pass on the sidelines and let him get pushed out of bounds. He’ll get his confidence right back without truly taking a big hit.

  30. Slacker Says:

    Keep darden off the field and just deactivate Rudolph

  31. Buczilla Says:

    Awesome news!

  32. CrackWise Says:

    I don’t understand how people can use circle back reasoning. OH WAIT, yes, I do. But have they forgotten they’re programing so soon?

    How can one argue that a young talent will never be as great as a one play wonder?

    So, perplexing.

    Let’s give the benefit of the dumb. Scotty made 3 maybe 5 plays in 4 years.

    SO, FOR THE RECORD. No young player will ever do better than that. To think otherwise makes you??? What’s the word, ignorant. Huh, amazing how that word applies when used by the uneducated.

    Here is the bottom line. Scotty is beloved for ONE PLAY and ONE route that he is capable of running. I have no problem with that.

    If he could do more. Well, great, he has had TWICE as much time to prove it. All I am saying is give Darden the same opportunity.

    What did Scotty do his rookie year? Please remind us! What did he do ever, other than ONE CATCH, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL, somebody tell me what Scotty or TJ did for us. AND WHAT WAS THEYRE POTENTIAL AGAIN???

    For crying out loud. STOP Crying the Bucs keep a #5 WR that has more potential than most #2s in the game.

  33. sasquatch Says:

    Pewter Warrior 813 Says:
    September 7th, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    Gage is a wasted signing. Overpaid for a guy who only looked good against our soft zone defense.

    So, are you a scout, coach, or front office person in the NFL? Because if you’re not, you are spewing bullsh!t. The Gage signing has been lauded all offseason as one of the smartest under-the-radar acquisitions of the NFL offseason, by actual football people. He’s a damn good player who will just make our passing game more lethal. Sometimes guys get hurt. And then, dumb fans overreact negatively saying things like he’s overpaid and a wasted signing.

  34. captivajim Says:

    they should release Bernard. he did nothing last yr & is starting off where he left off last yr .

    Gage has been injured for over a month ???

  35. David Says:

    I just hope they do not rush him back

  36. AbucAway Says:

    Crack you can’t keep moving the goal posts man. Scotty caught one, two, or five? Ten? Twenty? Which number do you need to try and validate your (non)point?

    Will Dardone’s highlight reel surpass scooters highlight reel. I don’t think so but for the sake of our BUCS and due to him being a backup receiver, I certainly hope so. Let’s just keep the ‘great white hope’ horsesh!t out of it.

    PS it’s circular reasoning and this is far from a debate forum

  37. Eckwood Says:

    Ok enough with the year in and year out hamstring effect ……….. this is more than likely just not fully understanding or making the effort of hydration,Proper Stretching and Proper warm up………….. these all must continue with extreme effort and discipline throughout practices and games . If not , we’ll you see the results ,, four guys out with hammys going into opening week that isn’t by chance as a bad program will have you believe ……….. Test these teams/ players across the league for Water Content and you find differences due to a wide variety of factors ( supplements,diet,hydration procedures… 48 hours prior to game , player buy in and awareness/ education) ………. this is the equivalent of of repeated nascar failure for bearings that aren’t properly greased ,,,,,, difference is they pull the car apart and see / find the failure , there is no hiding the truth ……… NFL can’t due and add in the anointed good buddy coaches club and that’s why I believe pulled hammys are greater on some teams and for sure happen twice as much as they shoud due to lack of discipline and effort ………. 275 million dollar staff / roster and they just have their heads in their asses when it comes to keeping the car on the track !!

  38. Jerid421 Says:


    The best receiver in football is a white guy. The best (when healthy) running back in football is a white guy. The best overall player in the NFL is a white guy. I don’t think they need this “hope” you speak of. Scotty Miller is plenty talented and belongs on an NFL roster.

  39. Bucc941 Says:

    Calling Scotty Miller the great white hope is as silly as thinking a healthy Christian McCaffrey is better than Derrick Henry.

  40. Frax Says:

    Go BUCS!!!

  41. SOEbuc be Says:

    What’s up with Gage. I don’t want Godwin to come back week one. No reason to not take first or second game off because I don’t think they will go 0-4 with, or without CG.

  42. Goatfarmer Says:

    To you nimrods out there, and you know who you are —

    If Darden shows up and has a game that actually involves difference making plays for the team I will be ecstatic and come in here and you can throw the crow poop all over me and I will enjoy it.

    If any of you Darden fanoys had ever watched him play for the Bucs (not his college hype video) you would see what most of the fans see, The return of Appalachian State phenom Dexter Jackson.

    Prove me wrong, or show me a Bucs game that DardOn has done anything — anything — in.

  43. Crickett Baker Says:

    I was happy to see the Bucs starting Rachaad as a kick return guy on Sunday. Dardone may fit better in another position, but I don’t think he will ever be good as a PR or KR. I saw one time when he was decent out of all the tries he got. He may have studied and looked better in practice but I just bet he still plays scared in a game running a kick back. I hope I’m wrong.

  44. IrishTony Says:

    I have a strong feeling Gage will play and CG will have limited reps in the game.That’s just my take. I do think we’ll see a lot of playoff Lenny. The D will get to Dak and we should do well against the run. My biggest concern is special teams punt covers with this guy Turpin returning. He’s super dangerous.

  45. Alvafan Says:

    I tried to have Darden’s back last year. His rookie camp was decent and he ripped off a 40 yard punt return early on. But he got his bell rung, went on concussion protocol and was never right afterwards. Our special teams sucked (probably still do) and then we lose our best returner (Mickens) to the waiver wire just to keep Darden. This year they cut a lot of receivers that were playing better than Darden. He better contribute. The team can’t afford to waste another year of him hiding from contact and making 0 plays. One of TB’s interceptions was due to Darden hearing the footsteps and doinking a very catchable pass ten feet in the air. I wasn’t at training camp so maybe Joe can make the call whether Darden looked legit. I would have liked to seen my homey Thompson get a shot. What do you say Joe? Who had the better camp? Darden or Thompson?

  46. Jerid421 Says:

    Scotty Miller plays Special Teams and plays them well. End of discussion. Coach said it plain as day when he shipped Tyler Johnson off. He didn’t play Teams. Period.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sandra Bullock is so hot and she said it best: “Burt, run the dang ball!”