Defense Played Its Heart Out

September 18th, 2022

Bucs coach Todd Bowles.

If Joe was Todd Bowles, Joe would know what to do immedialty after today’s 20-10 win over the slimy Saints in the Big Easy.

Bowles should give a game ball to the entire defense. Damn, that was some old school, Father Dungy, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch kinda defense.

Not only did the defense put the game on ice with a pick-six from Mike Edwards, the defense suffocated the slimy Saints almost all game long.

“Everybody locked down,” Bucs linebacker Lavonte David said postgame in the locker room on the Buccaneers Radio Network. “Everybody locked in.”

They sure did.

Yeah, Jameis threw a touchdown in desperation mode. He also threw three picks.

Five takeaways by the defense. A King Kong Bundy Five!

If the Bucs just played OK defense, this may have been a blowout loss. The offense, until mouthy Marshon Lattimore woke up the Bucs, played like it was wearing fireman’s boots.

In the last two games against the slimy Saints, the defense has held the Saints to 19 points. That’s it! That is far and away enough to win games, averaging 9.5 points a game.

This defense is shaping up to be an epic unit, and that is saying a lot for the defenses of the past, whether it was Lee Roy Selmon’s defense or Sapp’s.

Joe has made this contention and Joe has seen nothing in the defense that has made him think otherwise: Until the offense gets into gear like the way it played in the fourth quarter and the receivers heal up, the Bucs will go as far as this defense can carry them.

And it might just carry them to February.

54 Responses to “Defense Played Its Heart Out”

  1. Tony1775 Says:

    Thanks Jay miss!!!

  2. Jerseybuc Says:

    Jaymiss doing jaymiss things!!!

  3. Devin J DiPalma Says:

    Math a little spotty there joes 😉

  4. IrishTony Says:

    Hey folks our defense is top tier. Remember that!

  5. Howard Cosell Says:

    Bucs Defense is SICK bro!

  6. Vance Says:

    Jameis gonna Jameis!

  7. Ufcguy32 Says:

    Byron sucks, and play calling and execution was trash.
    We averaged 30 points last year and we can’t freaking get in the end zone with Brady. God awful

  8. StAugBuc Says:

    Ufcguy32 Says:
    September 18th, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    Byron sucks, and play calling and execution was trash.
    We averaged 30 points last year and we can’t freaking get in the end zone with Brady. God awful

    How cute. Stats guy in the house. Go watch baseball

  9. Miller5252 Says:

    Not only can they be an epic defense, but an epic defense in a league that does everything it can to make scores as high as possible and penalties that never favor the D!!! Man the D looks awesome!!

  10. lambeau Says:

    I think we should let BL call plays without BA looking over his shoulder and second-guessing him; something is wrong with the offense and maybe it’s too many chefs–let Byron cook.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    As fans we deserved that. 5 years of heartache from Jamies. Feels really good to be on the recieving end of a terrible pick on 2nd down.

    The defense did more then catch boneheaded 4th Quarter throws. This secondary completely shut it down. In both our game!!

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….not to nitpick but check your math……..19 divided by 2 is 9,5 points,,,not 8.5

  13. B Says:

    This is the exact defense a Scotty Miller based offense requires

  14. Anonymous Says:

    America’s QB!

  15. Bucfan Says:

    The Bucs Defense is just sickly good! I am super impressed with our secondary and I mean all of them.
    All 11 players on D are balling no matter who is in there. This is a fun group to watch. I gotta take my hat off to DW and LVD as they are both playing lights out.
    LFG BUCS!!

  16. George Says:

    Bowles has done a solid job with the defense .

  17. Red86 Says:

    Look what happens when we play a balanced offense and a no nonsense defense. Only 4 more passes than run this game. If we took the points earlier or run the balll from a spread set on 4 and short in the first half, then this would’ve been worst for the Ain’ts!

  18. CrackWise Says:

    How dare you leave out Ronde Joe!!! Especially when it was our CB who came up with two picks!!!

    But great article either way 🙂

  19. Trask To The Future Says:

    People don’t realize how bad SMB made the secondary.

  20. Howard Cosell Says:

    Devin White just now in postgame interview:

    “We knew he’d give us the ball.”

  21. stpetebucsfan Says:

    So clearly we have an SB contender to cheer. A lot of season left and if the injury bug continues that changes things. Once you get to the playoffs any team has a shot but Playoff time is when it’s really great to have the best D in the league.

  22. Colonel Angus Says:

    Devin White was spot on in that interview

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    A couple of more games like this , I’ll be back on board. Love defense

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Devin White…..11 tackles & a sack..

    Secondary was fantastic……..again…..think Logan Ryan is making a difference.

  25. geno711 Says:

    We may miss them at some point but right now not missing either Suh or JPP on this defense.

    Just maybe the GM and coaches know what they are doing.

  26. Infomeplease Says:

    This defense appears to be as good as or better than the super bowl one!! LFG!!!!

  27. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oralbuc, August, Oneilbucyall now Defense rules, ALL the Brady haters go away until next week maybe you’ll get lucky and the Bucs lose so you can throw your shots at Brady. Yes DR, you made excuses for the D all 2021 because of injuries but NO sympathy for the O, it’s all Brady’s fault.

  28. Austin Lewis Says:

    Best D In the league

  29. TombsEN Says:

    Look everyone is excited about a win but if Ingram doesn’t fumble and Olave takes the ball he fumbled to the house then who knows what could’ve happened. JW threw three interceptions but somehow he almost pulled it out, I wouldn’t start talking too much trash yet, even though I’m excited for the win.

  30. ClwJB Says:

    Several drops today, it’s was like we were missing most of our top weapons

    The D carried us again and likely will several more times

    Hope Hicks is okay!

  31. adam from ny Says:

    it was inevitable…

    jaboo went all magoo

  32. Craig Says:

    White had me scared at the beginning, he missed quite a few tackles, but got better later.

    They forced three fumbles and got a handful of interceptions without any big break out runs.

    Hot damn

  33. Goatfarmer Says:

    Any idiot that is bitching about the offense when the OL is decimated, 3 of your best 4 WRs are out, and the starting TEs are rookies, needs to just go play Madden and ignore real football. Some seriously mentally defective morons around.

  34. DBS Says:

    Thanks Lamarcus for admitting you are just a bandwagon fan. Just stay with Winston and the Saints. We don’t need you.

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    Some interesting stats have come out of these first 2 games.

    1 – Ryan Succop now has 5 FGs (on-track for a 42 FG seasonal pace).
    2 – Devin White now has 3.5 sacks (on-track for a 30 sack seasonal pace).
    3 – Bucs’ defense now has 10 sacks (on-track for a 85 sack seasonal pace).
    4 – Bucs’ defense now has 6 turnovers (on-track for a 51 turnover seasonal pace).
    5 – Lenny Fournette off to a great start with 45 carries for 186 yards rushing (on-track for over 1,500 yards).
    6 – Mike Evans off to a great start with 8 catches for 132 yards receiving (on-track for over 1,100 yards).

  36. Goatfarmer Says:

    Well stated Defense Rules.

    And of course, it needs to be said —

    The defense rules.

  37. Ed Says:

    I thought the team that won the turnovers would win and the Buc defense made that happen.

    Issue with offense is Brady misses Gronk and Godwin. Leftwich has to get some catches out of the Tight Ends and Gage needs to get open.

    Miller haas to make those tough catches.

  38. Jbeachbuc Says:

    TB12 looks like a beat down man… married life is Hell apparently.

  39. Infomeplease Says:

    Tombsen, could of,should of, would of!! BUCS WIN!!

  40. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Can’t wait to see the glaze in Rogers eyes next week!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Mike Evans for lighting that fire

  42. D-Rok Says:

    Guys, Ummmkayy…been watching football for over 40 years. This team is super beat-up! Injuries everywhere. And just look at where we are: 2-0, with a resounding win against them slimy Saints.

    When guys get healed up and back into the rotation, this team is primed to DOMINATE.

    Look what we just did the last 2 weeks with less than impressive offensive production mostly due to injury? As soon as we heal up and get our 22’s healthy, holy crap, look out league.

    Excellent win showing the character of this team. SALUTE, Bucs!!!

  43. Coburn Says:

    Defense was fantastic. Don’t understand why a safety wasn’t over the top on Olave in the final minutes.

    Offense I didn’t like our game plan. It seems egery single time we play the saints I’m screaming for screens, dump offs, horizontal routes and I’m always frustrated watching Tom drop back and just sitting there 4 guys just running down field and hoping one breaks free. Didn’t work when we had all of our horses, sure didn’t seem like a great plan with injuries. Thank god for our defense. Like just get 5 yards… Especially if your run game isn’t working.. use the short passing and screen game. Feels stubborn

  44. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey list, whether you like it or not, fossil12 looked like it through most of the game. His TEAM starting with the defense won this one. Stick Trast in there, and let’s compare notes,,,,,hmmmm?

  45. D Says:

    While we are at it with the fun extrapolation session, the most exciting one to me is our defense is paced to be one of the best scoring defenses of all time with an incredible 169 points for the season! 2000 Ravens were the best scoring defense with 165, and that was a 16 game season.

  46. Brandon Says:

    It’s too easy to say Jameis sucked and not give credit to Dean for two great plays and great coverage all game. The dude is amazing

  47. D-Rok Says:

    Add this to your monikers, my fine-feathered friends, Da Joes:

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) Tom Brady helped incite a skirmish that led to the ejections of Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore and Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans, then threw a go-ahead touchdown pass to Breshad Perriman that helped lift Tampa Bay to a 20-10 victory over New Orleans on Sunday.

    “Tom Brady, the 7-time Super Bowl-winning champion and skirmish-incitor, lifted the Bucs with a last-second TD pass to Rob Gronkowski, all but securing the win for his latest, and 8th ring.”

  48. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oralbuc, rewatch the game. Brady was firing bullets. Miller falls down and drops another perfect pass, White in his hands, Evan’s dropped one down the sideline, Pwrriman dropped 2 mis-snap after a great drive. Play calling was as usual predictable, the safeties creep up every first down, NO TE’s, bad blocking assignments, all with an obvious bad hand, poor coaching decisions and make shift line. I’d say that’s pretty darn good. Are you shatting on Lenny for not getting 100 yds? Glad to see the D play well but you need to learn the game idiot. Brady is.screaming for a reason because someone is fing up.

  49. stpetebucfan Says:

    “because someone is fing up.”

    Wow a second time I agree with list!!! LOL On the 4th and 1 that got stuffed up the middle on the replay it looked as if the OLine simply missed the call and ran the wrong play. They pulled..perhaps for a sweep..leaving the hole wide open for a the defender to charge in and blow up the play.

  50. orlbucfan Says:

    Listnfrmafar Says:
    September 18th, 2022 at 4:52 pm
    Hey yahoo, you want to criticize me, go ahead. But it’s orlbucfan, not your idiot oral. I know I’ve been a Bucs fan longer than you have. I called this one for the D. Wonder why?

  51. MadMax Says:

    Our D is on the verge of being #1. Hopefully Hicks will heal quick. But we’ve got some GREAT young talent here! Keep it up guys!

  52. David Says:

    I know it’s two games, but it is two games missing the left tackle, Godwin, Jones, new O lineman, Second and third string LT … I am not worried about it. The O will be fine, give it time.
    The defense will keep them in games & the O will do enough until the receivers and Smith get healthy.

    If you watch the Packers game, it might be a good game to get the O on track. Their defense doesn’t look like it has the last year or 2.
    Their O line cannot block that well with the injuries they have.

    I expect to see everything clicking and the Buccaneers to dominate the Packers… Especially if Smith is back at left tackle.

  53. Listnfrmafar Says:

    I agree David, Bucs barring more crucial injuries beat the Packers but the real test will be if the secondary can hold up to Mahomes. That’s the real test, Bucs really faced two so so offenses. What was good to see is the Bucs not lose to ainferior Qb.

  54. Ontario Mike Says:

    Hope ME13 doesn’t get suspended. We need him vs the Pack along with Julio. Also hoping Hicks injury isn’t serious. Why no screen passes to slow the pass rush a bit?