Chris Simms Predicts Bucs Repeat As Division Champs

September 3rd, 2022

Lots of firm takes from former Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms on the state of the NFC South.

And yes, his picks are in courtesy of NBC Sports.

Simms sees the Bucs winning the division with a record of 11-6. “I’m expecting 11-6, maybe they get upset and go 10-7,” Simms said on his Unbuttoned podcast.

The absence of Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown are major factors for Simms, as is the loss of Tom Brady in training camp (for other players, not Brady) along with a new head coach, overhype of Julio Jones and the Bucs’ schedule.

“You just don’t seamlessly transition [to a new head coach] and say, ‘Hey, we’re back to the Super Bowl,” Simms said, before noting fans should “pump the brakes” on thinking Julio will be anything more than “a nice target” and not the Falcons version.

The good news is Simms thinks the Bucs very likely could be better than their record when the playoffs roll around.

It’s nine wins for the Saints in Simms’ book, maybe 10. He thinks the loss of head coach Sean Payton will man less stress and more freedom for Jameis Winston — without Payton breathing down his neck to not make mistakes.

Simms also wonders whether cornerstone Saints defenders Cameron Jordan and Demario Davis, both 33 years old, will be run down by Father Time. (Joe will back Simms up on that wholeheartedly.)

Like the Bucs, Simms thinks the Saints could be better than their record come playoff time.

It’s six wins for Carolina, per Simms, and four or less W’s for the Falcons.

Fans will hear a couple dozen season predictions tomorrow from Sage of Tampa Bay Sports Ira Kaufman and Joe on the Ira Kaufman Podcast.

32 Responses to “Chris Simms Predicts Bucs Repeat As Division Champs”

  1. CrackWise Says:

    This was a HARD CHOICE.

    How can you pick against Americas QB. Injured again CM and Pitts?

  2. CrackWise Says:

    You saw how JJ will be used by Brady in the final preseason game.

    Imagine JJ an ME lined up on the same side.

    One of us is going deep, the other is hitting the sticks.

    If that is not open, oh I got CG and RG crossing in front of my face.

    If none of that is there. I have a bad A(Butt) RB coming on a wheel.

    Time of Possession will tell the tale of this season.

  3. CrackWise Says:

    THATS AFTER we smash your D with a couple runs up the gut!!!

  4. MonkeyMan Says:

    Simms is a total sell-out. What a clown 🤡

  5. HC Grover Says:

    Sounds good to me.

  6. Chris l Says:

    Joe what time is the podcast coming out tomorrow? Lol getting on a flight back home to Italy and catching up on the last two podcasts and even bobby Fenton! Need another one before I board! Buccaneers season is here so vacation is over!!!

  7. BucsfanFred Says:

    The aints might be down another safety due to suspension

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    I’ve had 11-6 all offseason, and agree, they could go 10-7. Any moron that doesn’t think that will happen hasn’t bothered to look at the schedule. I’ve also had the Saints going 10-7 and perhaps 11-6, so I think the Bucs will win the division, but it’s going to be close, I think. The Saints might fall apart without Payton, but since all the other coaches stayed the same, I think they’ll get at least a year before they really feel the effects. Which, BTW, is the same issue with the Bucs, if you don’t think losing Arians matters, and Bowles is just as good of a HC, you’re a very low IQ individual.

    Again, that Bucs schedule is brutal – but thankfully so is the Saints. Of course if the Bucs can actually beat the Saints, that’s going to help quite a bit. Personally I think we’ll get a split this year at the very least.

  9. B.D Says:

    how did the Saints do when Payton was suspended again?
    better watch out for those guys….

  10. CrackWise Says:

    We didn’t lose Arians, MORON.

    How can you call people morons that DONT think this team will be 10-7?

    The only morons around here are the ones that take you seriously.

  11. Craig Says:

    I have the Saints at 9-8 because Jameis isn’t going to run the table when Kamara gets back from suspension.

    The Bucs will be 10-7, maybe 11-6, and win the division.

    Carolina and Atlanta are just taking up space this season.

  12. CrackWise Says:

    We will win every game that we win the TOP battle.

    Could mean 0-17 or 17-0.

    This is the KEY to victory for us this year. You simply can not allow the Bucs to control the TOP

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    CrackWise – Arians is literally not the head coach, isn’t making decisions on the sidelines, isn’t coaching up guys on the sideline. He’s sitting in a luxury box, eating a Big Mac during the game.

    However, as I said with the Saints, because the coaches are basically all the same, I think it would be a year before we really notice any differences.

  14. Steven007 Says:

    Craig, unfortunately Kamara may not be suspended until next season. They’ve delayed the hearing a few times already. Is a chance it could start sometime later this season but we will almost certainly face him game one.

  15. PassingThru Says:

    Time of Possession only loosely correlates with winning a game, let alone as a predictor for an entire season.

    The Super Bowl champ LA Rams were 20th in the league on Time of Possession. The Bucs were 18th in the league.

  16. Jason Says:

    When Cam Jordan retires we party. Just saying. Lol

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    Craig – Kamara hasn’t been suspended, and speculation is that he isn’t going to be suspended this season. No idea why, they literally have tape of the savage attack and the guy should be in prison, but that’s what is being said. I guess the criminal case isn’t going to court until next year from what I read.

    But you still have them going 9-8, I have them 10-7, and the Bucs 10-7 or 11-6, basically meaning everything is going to come down to if the Bucs can, at worst, spilt with the Saints. I think they will, and wouldn’t be totally shocked if the Bucs swept them, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if the Saints swept us as well. Point being, it’s going to likely be a close race, and the schedule for both teams is ridiculous.

  18. captivajim Says:

    given the O line issues , Brady’s personal life distractions, a new HC loss of Jensen as tone setter ; a W at dallas would be really good way to put those issues in the background & take away the clouds

    we wouldn’t hear the naysayers going-on about Brady missing 11 days in august ,etc

  19. CrackWise Says:

    Additionally, the TOP rankings are based on the season as a whole. NOT a game-by-game state.

    I am referring to the GAME-BY-GAME time of possession battle. NOT THE end of the year numbers as a whole.

  20. CrackWise Says:

    Yeah, BA not being around is exactly like Sean Payton not being around. Only a goof ball would think different.

    Regarding, TOP. Did I not say the key to THIS SEASON?

    Hmmm, birds of a feather flock together. YOU KNOW

  21. Tye Says:

    NOT really a BOLD prediction!
    If the Bucs stay healthy, who will really challenge them:

    Saints – Sean Payton (gone); Thomas (injury prone); Winston (unreliable)
    Falcons – Defense (unstable); no running back; only 1 decent receiver
    Panthers – ? all over team even including HC

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    BTW, who is the idiot who schedule BYU @ USF for a 4pm kickoff in early September? That’s as stupid as the Bucs scheduling 4pm kickoffs in early September, and it’s turned out the same, lightning delayed…

    Also this nonsense name up BS of delaying a game for 30-mins because of lightning within 6 miles, it’s your typical lawyer created idiocy. You can look at the direction of showers and where cells are and know if there is any danger, and even if there is danger, so what? Put up some lightning rods around the stadium and play the G-D game you low-T cupcakes.

  23. CrackWise Says:

    I was thinking the same thing, Rod. I am so aggravated right now. I didn’t really want to watch the Rays and Bulls play at the same time.

  24. CrackWise Says:


    That TOP stat is a compilation for the entire season. Not a game-by-game stat.

    I am suggesting that if we win on a game-by-game basis we will be the hardest team to beat.

  25. David Says:

    I think people are in for a shock because Julio Jones has looked great.

    As for Winston being better off without Sean Payton… That’s a ridiculous statement. Like him or not, Sean Payton is a great coach who has worked wonders with an offense. The Saints D is good but I am not sold on their O led by a turnover machine and a new coach

  26. WillieG Says:

    “You just don’t seamlessly transition [to a new head coach] and say, ‘Hey, we’re back to the Super Bowl,”—- was Simms quoting Barry Switzer?

  27. Crickett Baker Says:

    If there is another team who had an HC resign and then give him a job to advise everyone who counts, and hires his best bud from within the organization, I have never heard of it. It is setting a precedent, as far as I know, so you can’t predict much from it.

  28. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    If the Oline holds up their end and don’t get Brady sacked 4 times a game , I really don’t see a team that is better than us on our Schedule ! If you listened to Ira’s podcast earlier this week or late last week , he said that we are playing ALL these ‘GREAT TEAMS’ the first 4 game’s at the PERFECT TIME ! And I agree , The Cowgirls have 1 WR and their Oline is worse than ours. Bucs are playing the AINTS when JW is not 100% and will not be moving around too much. We already own the Packers especially when they have no WRs and no LT . The Chiefs are not as good as they were in years past. And the Rams are going to get destroyed by our Bucs and Brady for the playoff game that we should have won. .. Go Bucs 13-4 and maybe 14-3 … Sorry but our schedule is not as scary as everyone thinks.

  29. garro Says:

    Joe why do you continue with the Chris Sims regurgitation?
    He’s got zero credibility anymore in my book
    Joe thinks Simms has a ton of credibility. –Joe

  30. George Says:

    Bucs have a solid squad with the exception of a gaping hole in their offensive line. As a result , I believe the Bucs go 6-11.

    If a miracle happens and, Licht puts away as his ego, The Bucs do bring in two seasoned offensive lineman. Then I could see the team going 13/4 and winning the division.

  31. Wild Bill Says:

    Haha George you are peeing against the wind with that prediction. Haha spell checker rejected the word I tried to use.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Saints play well against us but fail against some mediocre teams……I expect that to continue but I do believe we will split with them this year….