The Free Stretch Talks All Things Preseason Finale After A Dreadful Week 2

August 25th, 2022

Bobby Fenton has all things Bucs and more on his mind. Tampa born and raised, Bobby always keeps it real and thought-provoking. Follow Bobby on Twitter, @bobbygameday. The Free Stretch is always a fine listen, presented by Bill Currie Ford. Remember Bill Currie Ford’s nationwide lifetime warranty on new and used vehicles!!

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For 5 years, The Free Stretch has been here for Bucs fans after being heard on several radio stations dating back to ancient times 2006. Bobby also hosted a national show on Sporting News Radio.

Born and raised in Tampa, Bobby is a graduate of Jesuit High School (’98) and the University of Florida (’02) and has been a Bucs fan since attending the 1979 NFC Championship Game at Tampa Stadium in his mother’s womb.

In addition to the Bucs, Bobby loves the Gators, Lightning, and Rays. He is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, as well as a special teams ace for the Dunedin Pirates semi-pro football team of the Florida Football Alliance. His current deadlift PR is 455 pounds. He’s 41 and lives in South Tampa with his wife, two children, and two dogs.

4 Responses to “The Free Stretch Talks All Things Preseason Finale After A Dreadful Week 2”

  1. Bucs Win Says:

    Good thing the Bucs didn’t draft punt god.

  2. BuccYa Says:

    I’m gunna listen to this here podcast, but know that I’d prefer Ira. Jus sayin.

  3. Bobby Fenton Says:

    Bucs Win-

    Yes, I am going to address this on next week’s show since I recorded this one before the Araiza news was out. When I criticized the Bucs before for taking a punter and *not* making it Araiza, I now realize it’s likely that they knew about this all along.

    Thanks for listening to the show. -Bobby

  4. Bucs Win Says:

    Jason Licht seems to always have inside information on dudes, the Bucs must have a really good security team.