The Bucs & Isaiah Wynn

August 24th, 2022

“Byron, check this out. I’m going to poke Bill and see what he says.”

Now that Tom Brady has returned from his 11-day football vacation, cynics will say it’s time for Brady to make hard decisions/recommendations when it comes to the undecided left guard position and the inexperience at center.

After all, Bucs general manager Jason Licht would be insane to not crave Brady’s feedback on those roster spots.

If Brady believes in second-year center Robert Hainsey, who has never started a game, does Brady believe thee Bucs have a capable backup center?

And at left guard, might Brady turn the Bucs’ attention to a player he knows?

Various chatter out of New England is that the Belicheats are eager to trade 2018 first-round pick Isaiah Wynn, who has played left tackle and left guard for them, and was projected to move to right tackle this season.

Wynn skipped 2022 OTAs and some training camp, and there is speculation that he’s unhappy and wants out because of his position change and the Patriots are eager to comply. The problem is Wynn is due more than $10 million guaranteed this season.

Joe is not worried about the money. The Bucs can figure out a way to get the Patriots to eat a healthy chunk of Wynn’s salary if a trade were made. Joe is focused on whether Brady likes and respects Wynn, and whether Bucs right guard Shaq Mason, the ex-Belicheats right guard, would bless Wynn as a former teammate.

If a Brady-approved Wynn is eager to play left guard in Tampa, Joe would find it hard to understand why the Bucs would pass, if he’s healthy and inexpensive.

66 Responses to “The Bucs & Isaiah Wynn”

  1. Steven007 Says:

    Well, in this case, as well as in most cases, Brady is the perfect person to ask. He knows him and has played with him. And a move inside seems like the right move from everything I’ve read about the guy. Interesting. This might have some legs.

  2. SB~LV Says:

    Fine with me

  3. AbucAway Says:

    I’m curious as to the reasoning behind wanting to switch him over to the right side? Does he lack ability on the left that would be required for our left side?

  4. Kgh4life Says:

    Wynn has so much untapped potential,however, he can’t stay on the field.


    You would also then have Wynn & Mason, both from the Patriots OL, together on this OL. — It just adds to the familiarity & teamwork factor.

    I really love it. Hope it happens.

  6. Bird Says:

    Maybe some of the pretend buc/ patriot/ brady fans can chime in…

    I Only watch bucs and teams bucs are playing

    Is This guy legit? Maybe due splitsville and we take on half or 5 mil?

  7. Buc92’ Says:

    Make it happen, roll with hainsey at center since Jensen will be back


  8. CrackWise Says:

    Its a win, win for Wynn

  9. PSL Bob Says:

    Yes, make it happen Licht! Sounds perfect.

  10. Kentucky Buc Says:

    He’s pissed that he got moved to right tackle but he’s going to be happy at guard ?? Also how many games did he play with Brady ? Not many. Hurt constantly.

  11. D-Rok Says:

    Intriguing option. However, Belichick already gave Tommy a huge present at RG this year in Mason. Think BB is gonna give the Bucs TWO O-Linemen? Highly doubt it. (See, GOB? I can be pessimistic at times. 🙂 )Again, it’s an intriguing option.

  12. CrackWise Says:

    Although this could be BBs way of continuing to be able to lay claim to TBs success.

    Brady would have never won the SB if BB didn’t trade Gronk to the Bucs. Now, it will be because he gave the Bucs two starting linemen.

    Yup, there is no Brady without BB. LOL

  13. sasquatch Says:

    Such a trade would make a lot of sense, provided he wants to play LG. He could also be our top OT backup in the event of injury. 10 million ought to be managable, even if it means adding a voidable year to spread 5 million into next year.

    Make the trade Jason!

  14. D-Rok Says:


    If BB’s so worried about his legacy that he chooses to gift TB12/Bucs 2 gift horses in order to make claims later – – so be it. That’s a trade-off I’d gladly accept so we can cement this Bucs legacy NOW, and let the talking heads on TV declare the genius of BB for decades to come.

    Good find on this Wynn story, Joes, and bring it to the attention of the shot-callers at OBP. I’m sure the team has Wynn on their radar, now let’s just hope at least ONE quality lineman (hopefully starter) lands in our lap. Now I’m just being optimistic.

    Oh LOOK – a squirrel! Gotta run.

  15. D-Rok Says:

    Crud – sorry, I meant CrackWise, not WiseCrack. Silly phone transpositions messing up my typing game.

  16. Kentucky Buc Says:

    This guy has missed over half the games in his career. 34 missed games out 65 and that’s not counting playoffs. Makes no sense to bring an injury prone player in to bolster an O line that’s diminished by injuries. Not for 10m .

  17. Maniac Buc Says:

    Brady, like any Franchise QB, can definitely make recommendations! Let’s stop short though of saying Brady makes roster decisions. Not talking about this story, as this is a legit conversation. However, you have to be careful how you label things, as there are crazies here who think Brady is sitting in a room after practice making depth charts and deciding who is getting cut and who isn’t.

    However, even as his comfort level will come into play, Brady won’t be personally making a decision who will start at LG and Center. That’s what they have coaches for. Arians or Bowles are both smart enough to take input, but neither comes across as the type who will bow down against what they think is best cause Brady said so.

  18. Mike Johnson Says:

    Like I’ve said, I don’t think our Bucs are satisfied completely with our O line situation. There is a lot of smoke screening going on right now. You can believe Licht and company have something up their sleeves. They have o. It’s no secret, Quick release or not, Brady needs almost max protection if he is to make it thru an entire season. Something is going to happen here with an addition or two withing these next 2 weeks.

  19. Cobraboy Says:

    IF the GOAT approves:



  20. Maniac Buc Says:

    @D-Rok, bill didn’t give Brady a gift at all. Bill is actually extremely close with Licht. They have a great relationship. So if JL calls and want to talk, Bill will definitely listen.

    I’d rather stick with Goedeke though.

  21. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bucs aren’t spending $10 million and destroying their cap space on an average disgruntled OLineman.
    They will probably claim someone who gets cut next week.
    The starters are Hainsey and Goedeke. They will be fine if they stay healthy.
    Leverett is the backup for both.

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Whoever- we need a talented Guard
    This is probably Brady’s Last season here.
    If we protect him- he can win us another Superbowl.
    We have to be ALL-IN on this season.
    And this Season depends on Tom Brady.
    Not the defense, not the WRs, not our rookies.
    He is the only person on the team- that we can not lose.
    No Brady- the team sucks.

    We have to improve this line. Not only the starters- but the backups.
    Critical path item one is to protect the greatest QB of all time.
    Nothing else is as important

  23. Ash Says:

    I feel like bowles isnt lying when he says they are happy with their in house options they might sign some depth after cuts but I doubt they will make a big signing or trade.

  24. PassingThru Says:

    I’m all for it, but I find it highly unlikely.

    I was a bit surprised that Wynn was a first round pick as he didn’t seem to have adequate length to be a LT. Believe it or not, he was a decent, above-average LT when healthy. The health qualifier is important as his career has been marred by injury. I could see why Wynn was considered at RT; to be fair Trent Brown is a much better LT.

    The finance part is tough as only the most desperate teams should balk at a $10 million LG with a history riddled with injury. The only way New England will agree to eat salary is if they get back a pretty good pick in return, along with a WR (Tyler Johnson or Scotty Miller).

  25. tampabayallday Says:

    This trade would be great, just move him back to his college position of OG and he will own it.


    Good call, Maniac Buc, about the relationship that Belichick & Light have. If the Bucs are interested, I agree that Bill would listen.

  27. HC Grover Says:

    Sounds good to me.

  28. Marine Buc Says:

    My only concerns would be Wynn’s ability to pick up a new offense in a very short period of time and jelling with his new line mates. He has missed most of training camp so I hope he is able to get in football shape within a few weeks…

  29. George Says:

    I am “All In For Wynn”


    Above…. Licht, not Light.
    Stupid spell check.

  31. D-Rok Says:


    I didn’t think the trade for Mason was a literal “gift,” per se. I think it was a football transaction made for the betterment of both teams. However, many in the media, including some fans on here, have labeled it a gift for TB12. I was poking fun of the gift aspect part of it as that idea seems ludicrous to me. Glad to have re-affirmed what I thought I already knew: that BB and JL are close and will answer that phone if the other calls.

  32. Buc4evr Says:

    Wynn sounds like a perfect fit. Let’s see what TB12 decides.

  33. MadMax Says:


    Move Hainsey to LG!

  34. STL-BucsFan Says:

    i would give a 2nd if they eat 50% of the contract and 1st if they eat 75% of it! next years draft pick wont see the field this year unless we trade it for a “ready Now” player!

  35. Coburn Says:

    Was reading jets have a lot of Oline depth and will be letting someone go. Not sure as I don’t follow them. Did think if was funny that Caleb benenoch was mentioned as a backup with paying experience. I know he wasn’t well liked here.

    Keep saying the name JC Tretter mentioned. Know nothing about him, but everyone seems to think he’s good? Is he even healthy? Wondering why he’s not even in an 80 man roster if he’s so good

  36. Robert Says:

    sounds good on paper, 1st round can cover two spots…

    the smiff test doesn’t smell so good though. why did they change his position, and if he doesnt like G, then why would he want it here. plus the money.

    In TB I trust, but I would wait to see the final cuts before doing anything.

  37. All_da_way Says:

    I like Wynn as a backup tackle but he hasn’t show anything as an interior OL.

  38. Eckwood Says:

    A sixth round pick can prob get you the best veteran left guard/ center or guard/ tackle that is on the bubble of being cut.It’s A Great Time to be roster building !!!

  39. Steven007 Says:

    Regardless, the bottom line is we are signing one to two offensive lineman within the next week and a half. It may be this guy or more likely a couple of others who don’t make cutdowns for their respective teams.

  40. PassingThru Says:

    New England changed his position because their RT, Trent Brown, is an overall better OT than Isaiah Wynn. That isn’t really a red flag was Trent Brown (when he maintains his weight) is one of the better LTs in the game. Even Von Miller mentioned Trent Brown as the LT that gives him the most trouble. But with Brown, the question mark is whether he can keep his weight down in order to maintain quickness.

    Wynn can play OG, he played LG in college. I like that he can be moved around the OL, as versatility is very important. He’s a smart player and has been exposed to multiple blocking schemes.

    The problem in acquiring him is two-fold: First, his salary is extremely high for an oft-injured LG. Teams pay much more for LTs, so that salary carries a better risk to reward ratio than LG. The Bucs could restructure a contract (presumably Donovan Smith), or the Bucs could give a sweet pick with a WR back to New England, who would then eat part of that salary.

    Second, there are other teams might have an interest in Wynn. As I mentioned earlier, Wynn (when healthy) is an above-average LT. A team might accept the injury risk and salary as acceptable for Wynn.

  41. Allbuccedup Says:

    Depends on what Belichick wants in return we already traded our 4th round pick. Something sounds a little fishy why would Belicheat trade Mason then turn around and trade Wynn?

  42. GOB Says:

    Winn is mad about the switch to RT, because he thinks it’ll cost him money in free agency. The Patriots are switching to a zone blocking run scheme, and it isn’t going well, especially for Winn. He’s had problems staying healthy his entire career. Bill believes the best ability is availability. I was surprised they picked up his option. 10 million is more than he’s worth. I guess if the Patriots are a sizable chunk of his salary, I’d do the deal just from a depth perspective.

    As for the whole Bill doing Brady a solid thing, I can understand why people feel that way. I don’t necessarily think it’s accurate. Gronk was only going to play for Brady in Tampa. The team had already moved on from him, so it would’ve made little sense for Bill to hold up his rights. As for Mason, the bucs ate his entire salary, hence the low compensation, for one of the better guards in the league. Bill only deals with a few GMs around the league. Licht is one of those guys. they’ve made trades before Brady departed. I’m sure it helps that the bucs are in the NFC. I wouldn’t read much more into it.

  43. PassingThru Says:

    Licht has a solid relationship with Bill Belichick, as he’s had two tours of duty as a New England front office executive. Belichick is loyal to his friends, and a real SOB to those he feels betrayed him (Eric Mangini). The fact that Belichick sent Mason over to Tampa Bay means that Licht is in solid with old Bill.

  44. Buczilla Says:

    Cool with me. Our window to win is this year, so screw the cap and draft picks.

  45. GOB Says:

    Just a ?, Did the same bucs fans that call Belichick, Belicheat refer to Brady as a cheater, before the laundry change? I bet you did. Here are the facts. The league has only taken away a teams first rounder on three occasions. Two of those occasions directly involved Tom Brady, not Bill Belichick.

    BTW, the Patriots didn’t film the Rams walkthrough before the Superbowl. That story was retracted, and the writer publicly apologized. They did tape defensive signals in the regular season but, were not the only ones still doing it after the league told teams to stop. I’m sure if we knew about all the infractions teams have committed over the years, and were never caught, we’d be surprised. Fact is, nobody cares if a 5-12 team cheats, evidenced by the falcons proverbial slap on the wrist, for pumping in crowd noise. A fifth rounder and 300k?

  46. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, and I am just joking here, if we trade for another New England Patriot, I will never be able to shut up the guys at the Sports Bar, who are from the Boston Area.
    They will be singing a tune that goes like this ” Tampa can not win w/o our QB, Tight End, and Offensive Linemen ”

    But seriously, the addition of this lineman may make our line so good, that Brady may want to come back another year ?

    If we can afford him, and Brady and Shaq Mason say yes, I say go for it!

  47. ocala Says:

    Yes please

  48. PassingThru Says:


    New England has used power gap as their primary blocking scheme, but they also use wide zone to throw opponents off balance. As a guess, the breakdown has been 85%/15% in favor of gap. New England has problems, but I think changing the blocking scheme balance is only one part of the problem on offense. Either way, Wynn definitely won’t have problems with the blocking scheme in Tampa Bay, which resembles gap (duo).

    I’m sure Wynn does not want to become a RT, or OG. Those positions pay far less than LT. He’s a trooper, he would report to Tampa Bay and play as a LG, but there’s no way Tampa Bay would extend him, which impacts salary negotiation for any trade. I really wonder if any team will look at him as a long-term answer at either tackle position. If he wants LT or RT, he’s going to have to prove himself with another team with a one or two year deal.

    Honestly, I don’t think of Wynn as being a LT. If he’s looking for the big bucks, he’s going to be disappointed as his injury history makes him too big a gamble for a high-dollar position like LT. I think Wynn’s destiny is lower-dollar, but a longer career as a swing OT.

  49. geno711 Says:

    This is a Buc’s site; I don’t mind fans calling the Patriots Belicheat’s.

    I don’t see a Wynn trade happening for us. I doubt we would take his full salary and I think other teams would value Wynn as a tackle.

    Another observation GOB, I think you are with me that transitioning from zone to power or power to zone does not always work. There are a lot of fans on here that think that Tretter automatically is a good fit for the Bucs and do not care about the transition that he would have to make.

    Coaching and systems matter in the NFL. Some players transition well (Shaq Barrett) others do not (Michael Johnson).

  50. Jason Says:

    OMG I would love this !!!


    Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:
    “LOL, and I am just joking here, if we trade for another New England Patriot, I will never be able to shut up the guys at the Sports Bar, who are from the Boston Area.
    They will be singing a tune that goes like this ” Tampa can not win w/o our QB, Tight End, and Offensive Linemen ”


    LOL Chris, just remind them that they have WAYYYYY the hell more Patriots on the team than we have…. so what is their excuse now? Haha.



    Just answering a question that you asked of Bucs fans. Even as a BUCS fanatic, I was a fan of Tom Brady as a Patriot. Loved his story and the unbelievable meteoric rise he took from a draft day also-ran to the most accomplished QB in NFL history. I honestly rooted for Tom and the Patriots in every single one of those SB’s.

    So yea, when he came HERE to TB….. (something I actually believed was going to happen that Free Agency here)….. it was pretty frikkin special.
    The rest was SB history for the BUCS.


    meant to say (that Free Agency year)

  54. MadMax Says:

    Just go get Tretter (when affordable if possible) and let Hainsey and Luke be our LG rotation…….!!!!

    Good God how hard does this have to be to figure out!

    Last year with Brady and you know it…..come on Mr. Licht!

  55. Rod Munch Says:

    Can teams retain salary in trades in the NFL? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that happening.

    Some quick googling shows inconclusive remarks, with the closest answering saying teams can retain 15% of the their salary — which sounds like BS, I’ve never heard that before.

    I theory, if they really wanted to do a trade, I believe the Pats could convert the salary to a signing bonus, then the Bucs would only be on the hook for the base salary — I think.

    For the Pats to give up another guy to Brady an the Bucs, a former 1st, and eat the salary, they’d have to give up something of real value. Which I’m perfectly fine with if Brady wants them.

    What Brady wants, Brady gets.

  56. GOB Says:

    geno, I agree. once again the league is changing the rules. In the past, the advantageous part of zone blocking, was the ability to cut block. You can’t run the old Denver system anymore. It especially changes the screen game. The NCAA has completely outlawed cut blocks. It’s only a matter of time before the NFL outlaws it, like the crack back block. I think what the Patriots are doing is madness. They’ve eliminated the full back, a staple in the offense for decades.

    As for the Belicheat thing. I just think it’s a sign of disrespect. You know half the league was doing the same things Bill was. The Patriots were singled out, because of all the winning, and jealousy that comes with it. Belichick create many enemies, because of his attitude and arrogance. Both Bill and Brady proved through Superbowls 49, 51, and 53 that it didn’t matter. If you’re going to use the term Belicheat, than why not Bradycheat?

  57. D-Rok Says:

    Oh GOB, how blasphemous of you to even remotely entertain the silly notion that perhaps our current beloved savior QB is even capable of actually “cheating?”

    LOL! (#Sarcasm)

    This topic is WHY I rarely choose to engage in negative monikers. That should only be done behind closed doors with a cigar and a few drinks with the boys, not on a public blog.

  58. David Says:

    The guy has been an injured reserve almost every year of his career, I would not trade for him at 10 million a pop. No thank you.
    There will be other guards coming available, there’s already a couple that are better out there

  59. teacherman777 Says:

    Must happen.


    Ali Marpet by week 5.

  60. GOB Says:

    @TAMPA BAY DEMON, appreciate your candor. I still think you’re in the minority of bucs fans though. Some on this site can’t wait for Brady to leave, so they can have their beloved lovable losers back. Glad you’re not one of them. Go Brady, Go Bucs!!!

  61. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    This would be a great thing , but I don’t know if anyone else has seen that Earl Watford has been ALL over Twitter telling the Bucs ” I’M AVAILABLE 👋” … Get one of those guys or both and get JC Tretter for THIS SEASON , the one that we know we have Brady and the best WR group to ever take a field. Let the rookies and young guys play next year ! We are all in this year ! Window is closing fast. Don’t need Brady getting sacked 4 times a game cuz they wanted to give a rookie a chance to play ! That’s for “Post Brady” and the Trask era to experiment with young guys that have not impressed. Go Bucs

  62. TampabayDJ82 Says:

    JC Tretter – Earl Watford/Isaiah Wynn and let the rookies and young guys play backup and rotation

  63. steele Says:

    Wynn doesn’t address the question mark at center. It remains a question mark.
    Objectively, Hainsey hasn’t lived up to the in-house hype. At best, a mixed bag who still needs time. You don’t take that risk if—if—this is the final all-in for Brady.

    Wynn could play LG, but with him, the issues are size (he’s undersized like Shaq), injuries, and cost.

    There are other guys that could be gotten for less. Tretter, Paradis, Ereck Flowers, Duvernay-Tardif, Senio Kelemete etc

  64. RustyJay1 Says:

    Maybe Tom was checking with Miami first to see if they want or thought of Isaiah Wynn first after all thats where he is going to be next year and you forget that without Adam Veniteri field goals or Ty Law with a pick six in the super bowl or Malcolm Butlers interception or James White against Atlanta tthat Tom would have only won 3 Super bowls that be one less than Belicheck

  65. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    If ever Licht needed to trade for a G in August, now is the time

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