Byron Leftwich Not Sweating Injured Receivers

August 24th, 2022

Bucs OC Byron Leftwich talks receiver health.

On face value, Joe sees how Bucs fans would normally be chewing nails over all the nicks and bruises to so many top-shelf Tampa Bay receivers.

Maybe one reason why there isn’t a freakout is more fans, many more, are significantly stressed and laser-focused about the injuries at offensive line.

But injuries at receiver are fairly significant. Three of the Bucs’ top four have missed a good chunk of training camp. Chris Godwin is still rehabbing his surgically repaired knee but again today he was participating in 11-on-11 drills wearing am orange don’t-hit-me-bro jersey.

(Kyle Trask Alert! He threw a beautiful long pass to Godwin in perfect stride that maybe, just maybe, Tom Brady wouldn’t have done better. Maybe. Brady had the day off so he could recuperate from his grueling Bahamas mid-training camp vacation, so Trask got a boatload of snaps today.)

Mike Evans once again had his nearly annual hamstring issue. So too did Russell Gage. Most coaches and fans of a team with three of its top four receivers watching practice would have already gone mental.And yes, Breshad Perriman has been dinged up as well.

But the Bucs are insanely loaded at receiver. So much so Joe is suggests at least two receivers who will be cut in the next six days will be on another team’s roster by Opening Day.

So no, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich isn’t sweating all of his injured receivers. Leftwich knows the depth and that it’s August, so he explained when asked if he is worrying about injuries.

“Nah, cause we’re getting healthier,” Leftwich said. “We are actually getting healthier. It’s a good sign to see certain guys getting on the grass, getting on the field. “We are trending in the right direction from a health standpoint at that position.”

The Bucs are so deep at receiver Joe would not be shocked if sometime this week Bucs AC/DC-loving generqal manager Jason Licht packages one or two along with a draft pick to land an offensive lineman.

To hear Todd Bowles speak, he’s not panicking and the Bucs won’t make a desperation move to a guard or center.

Of course, the real question there is, what does Tom want?

20 Responses to “Byron Leftwich Not Sweating Injured Receivers”

  1. duff man Says:

    tom can make substitute teachers and part time grocery baggers look good, just need our guys to be healthy come January

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is my prediction on the final cut with receivers:

    Evans, Godwin, Gage, Jones, Johnson, Miller, Darden

    Here is what I would like.

    Evans, Godwin, Gage, Jones, Johnson, Miller, Thompkins

    I think they will either trade Perriman (guaranteed salary) or stash him on the IR.

  3. GOB Says:

    What’s he supposed to say, I’m freaking out? I’m sure the internal discussions, are different than what’s said publicly. Any reciever they trade, probably wouldn’t land much of a lineman anyway. This just dawned on me. Winn for Miller? Belichick just lost the speedster he drafted for at least 8 weeks. And, the bucs are in need of line help. Just a thought.

  4. Robert Says:

    I’m sorry, but I really would rather have Bubba from Forest Gump running this offense. heck, have Gump as our return man!

  5. BucsfanFred Says:

    Wynn is always hurt

  6. Maniac Buc Says:

    People still trying put Miller on this team. I will laugh at this everyday until he is cut/waived/traded…😂😂😂😂

  7. Maniac Buc Says:

    @Robert, so you don’t want the OC who has scored the most points since he arrived in Tampa???? Would you have Scott Turner??? I sure the Redskins, I mean Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores, or is it Commanders(who ever), would make that trade in a minute.

  8. Pewter Warrior 813 Says:

    Byron looks just as clueless as he does when calling plays against the Aints or Rams

  9. Biff Barker Says:

    Lefty is facing some adversity this season. To me, it will be interesting to see if Byron can find his own way to win.

  10. Craig Says:

    Glad they are getting healthier. Mainly I’m glad because I think the only viable trade player the Bucs can offer is Miller.

    Perriman is too fragile and has been around the block too many times to trade.

    Darden has too much downside for a trade.

    That gives the list as:

    Evans, Godwin, Gage, Jones, Johnson, Grayson, Sterns, and Tompkins ( maybe as practice squad)

  11. AbucAway Says:

    Lol, that pic totally reminds me of Gary Coleman. Except Gary Coleman was a great actor and ol Lefty is not. He’s sweating it or just clueless

  12. D-Rok Says:

    Just watched BL’s presser on the Bucs site. Meaningful content aside, I must remark that this was probably BL’s best presser – he was quick with answers, astute in his observations, and tight-lipped when it seemed appropriate.

    Maybe it’s just me but I give props to the man, and I learned a few things from him. Good job, BL!

    *POM-POMS going crazy in background*

  13. David Says:

    Godwin is the only concern because I hope he doesn’t push it too quickly.

    Evans, Gage, etc…. Those seem like minor normal training camp stuff that establish players deal with, especially hamstrings in the Florida heat.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Pewter Warrior, now that’s down right hilarious. Comment of the day, sir!

  15. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    If Darden makes this team, somebody has compromising pictures of the decisionmakers.

  16. 941Boltsfan Says:

    Naw, the question is. Who does Tom want?

  17. unbelievable Says:

    Brady was off again today?

    So is that a grand total of 1 practice in the last 2 weeks lol?

  18. Brandon Says:

    Perriman is getting cut. Why? He hasn’t played, hasn’t shown anything, and the team knows he is unlikely to get picked up by anyone and will be available if we need him. He doesn’t play special teams and that is a prerequisite for any 4th, 5th, 6th, etc, WR.

    Darden DOESN’T make the final 53. He’s shown little as a returner, is strictly an outside WR (like Grayson, Miller, Thompkins, only worse. He doesn’t play on coverage teams. Maybe he gets stashed on practice squad, I doubt it though. The team has seen and invested enough to know what they have.

    Miller DOES make the team because he is very fast AND plays special teams, specifically on coverage units.

    Thompkins is a wildcard… maybe he does, but he at least makes practice squad but he has potential as a returner.

    Grayson is cut. He’s made plays for us in the past, but not this year. He also doesn’t play on coverage units and has shown little as a returner.

    Final six

  19. Brandon Says:

    Forgot Tyler Johnson as the 6th with Thompkins being #7 or PS

  20. Ed Says:

    Sterns was good v. the Titans.