“Strong As An Ox”

August 6th, 2022

Rookie talks numbers.

Rookie guard Luke Goedeke wasn’t so humble on draft night when he was talking about eating glass and being a budding NFL tough guy.

Talking to Goedeke in person at training camp, Joe’s found him to be much more about the team and humble

General manager Jason Licht publicly called Goedeke “strong as an ox” last week, and Todd Bowles already labeled him an “outstanding” run blocker since the pads came on this week.

So how strong is Goedeke? Is he the strongest guy on the offensive line? Joe hasn’t gotten a good answer yet to that question. But Goedeke did tell Joe how weight training at One Buc Palace is more intense and focused than at the University of Central Michigan.

However, Goedeke said, he takes a ton of pride in his weight room commitment and he said he was very ready to arrive in Tampa months ago and hasn’t made crazy strides just because he’s in the NFL.

He said he hasn’t tried to hit any new max numbers but he’s in the “400s for bench” and routinely uses the hex bar to deadlift in the 600s for reps.

It’s interesting, or a bit of an illusion; Joe thinks Goedeke looks a little small on the field at times but he appears bigger than other players up close.

Regardless, Joe is rolling with Licht. Goedeke looks strong as an ox in person and he’s obviously moving big bodies in the run game. That left guard competition is going to ramp up in a hurry when the Dolphins arrive to practice in Tampa next week.

31 Responses to ““Strong As An Ox””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Blocking Vea & Hicks will humble anyone…..

  2. Mike Says:

    Good to hear any positives on the rookies. Hearing a guard is strong is a good sign for sure.

  3. SPARKY Says:

    Goedeke would probably look bigger on the field if you had a better pair of binoculars.

  4. Crickett Baker Says:

    Love the positives.

  5. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Any footage of him jumping out of a pool like Wirfs?

  6. NeverGIVEup Says:

    Ummmm, can he carry a tree?

  7. Marine Buc Says:

    Good. Now perfect your technique and you may be something special one day.

    My fingers are crossed…

  8. D-Rok Says:

    My PR on the bench is 350. This guy is strong, indeed.

  9. Hodad Says:

    The starting job was his the day he was drafted.

  10. Riskitbiskit Says:

    Speaking of trees, can he dry him a palmetto bush?

  11. Riskitbiskit Says:

    Dry hump

  12. BucsfanFred Says:

    What binoculars do you guys use?
    I prefer 50 x 7 for stability and light gathering in the cheap ones.
    With the self stabiliizing you can use more magnification without all the jitter, but they cost a fortune.

  13. BucsfanFred Says:

    Don’t underestimate 7x. Very steady.

  14. BucsfanFred Says:

    10 x is too jittery.

  15. BucsfanFred Says:

    50 mm objective lens gathers plenty of light at bargain price.

  16. BucsfanFred Says:

    50 mm is almost 2 inches.

  17. Kody Says:

    Luke’s 6’5” 312lbs. Not sure how he could look small on the field. And up close he must look like the Hulk.

  18. SPARKY Says:

    Wow,that got weird fast..

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    Donny has been known by teammates for a long time as the strongest. I want to see a competition in the weight room with Donny, vita, Wirfs, Hicks and this kid.

  20. Bojim Says:

    I think Vea and Hicks makes him look smaller.

  21. FrontFour Says:

    VV and Hicks make everyone look smaller…..

  22. mark2001 Says:

    For you old time Bucs fans… I wonder if he can lift the front of a tractor like one high draft pick Offensive Lineman we drafted many decades ago? And I wonder if anyone but Ira, Rich McKay, and I can remember who that was?

  23. Infomeplease Says:

    Strength is a good starting point. Add smarts, quickness, and constant communication! Go Bucs!

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    As Fred carries on his own conversation in here about binoculars….

  25. mark2001 Says:

    For anyone wanting to know, the tractor lifting guy was Charles McRae. Our 1991 #7 overall draft pick that year. About 25 picks higher than some guy named Brett Favre. Of course, when did we ever need a good QB?

  26. Goatfarmer Says:

    mark LOL.

    If the Bucs drafted Favre he would have flamed out gotten injured and sold insurance. Lucky for the world those Bucs grabbed tractor guy.

  27. mark2001 Says:

    Well Farmer. You do have a point. In the years after Coach McKay and before Tony Dungy, about the only thing we could develop is film or a cold.

    BTW… did you see the video of the little girls running out of the barn and leading about a dozen kids through the yard and into their stall for their nights rest? Those little kids ran right with them, the lead girl opened the gate, and the kids ran into the stall. About as cute as anything you will see on the internet.

  28. mark2001 Says:

    Of course, there was a nice little bale of hay waiting in that stall. LOL.

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    I thought we got a report that the guy was not as big as advertised.

    Maybe it’s because his body fat is a lower %.

    Weight being equal, a lower body fat guy will look smaller than a fat guy.

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    Charles McCrae. What a bust. Had to bring up his name. :sigh:

  31. mark2001 Says:

    Cobra…. not superstitious. Just saying… talking about how strong a guy is doesn’t mean a lot in isolation.

    I suspect the kid is a weightroom rat. If you have spent winters in rural Wisconsin at a school with little but ice and snow outside, and a nice warm weightroom inside, you would have the picture. Just hope all the other traits needed for success are there. They weren’t with Charles Mcrae. We seemed to have a knack for drafting poorly back then, no matter how high the pick.