“Relatable” Tom Brady

August 29th, 2022

Regular dad?

It’s hard to imagine hanging in a corner bar shooting pool and pounding Bay Beer from Big Storm Brewing with Tom Brady.

And forget about talking Italian yachts with him or how he actually wants to produce movies with eightysomething hags has-beens or selling men’s briefs with kangaroo pouches.

That’s not something everyday people tend to do.

So when Brady spoke after the preseason game Saturday in Indianapolis and answered Joe’s question about whether his mid-training-camp vacation was part of a pre-arranged plan for Brady to unretire, and Brady replied in part, “There is a lot of sh!t going on,” Rich Eisen said Brady was relatable to the common man for maybe the first time in his professional career.

During today’s broadcast of “The Rich Eisen Show” seen on Peacock, Eisen said Brady came across like a regular guy. A member of Eisen’s peanut gallery said Brady seemed like any ol’ tired dad.

Eisen’s takeaway was that despite being filthy rich and having a supermodel wife, Brady has problems like the rest of us.

While that may be true,  Brady has any number of people he can cut a check to in order to resolve most nuisances/issues that arise. While Joe gets what Eisen is saying, Brady isn’t remotely a regular guy and never will be, short of someone cleaning out his bank accounts.

All that matters to Joe is Brady is back and ready to roll for Week 1 at Dallas.

Yeah, Brady looked tired at his press conference and he was yawning on the sidelines. Hey Tom, stay away from Hanoi Jane and start taking naps. It will do you wonders.

You can see Eisen’s take on Brady in the Peacock video below.

21 Responses to ““Relatable” Tom Brady”

  1. ZZBUC Says:

    Just let TB12 alone…..At the end of the day is a human that puts his trousers on leg at a time like everybody else…..He has his emotions, like everybody else has his concerns and sufferings….Not because he is a billionarie good looking guy with a beautiful wife and being the GOAT doesn´t mean he can´t have a bad time…..What´s private should always be private……

    We just need less speculations by the media….

  2. Bowles4President Says:

    You can’t cut a check for someone to carry out fulfilling your relationships with loved ones.

    Money can help with so much, but the things that a healthy person cares about the most can not simply be bought.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Tom is all about Tom. He made his intentions and motives clear when his plan for Miami fell through with the Brian Flores lawsuit. Tampa Bay was ALWAYS the backup plan. Tom was talking to Miami in DECEMBER of last season. Sounds like a team-first, all-in guy right?

    No person is bigger than the team. He has always been selfish and has never been about the guys. That’s why he got Arians fired, and that’s why he ditched work while the rest of the guys were busting their butts.

    The Bucs have helped Brady way more than Brady has helped the Bucs. I could think of at least 15 QB’s who win a ring with the Bucs roster. Without the Bucs, Brady would be retired already because no one else wanted him.

  4. GOB Says:

    Make no mistake, Brady is incredibly calculated in what he shows the public. The humble, regular guy part of pick 199 died a long time ago. He’s supremely confident, not the muted, aw shucks guy he displays. Go watch the 30/30 about the tuck rule. That’s as close to the real Brady as you’ll get. He always wanted the supermodel wife, the stardom and all that comes with it. Ask his longtime LT Matt Light. Like so many of his peers (there really aren’t any) he’s a star bleeper. Brady is in a class unto himself, and only a handful of people know that’s like. When I think relatable superstar, I think of Larry Joe Bird getting into drunken bar fights in downtown Boston. Not Tom Brady.

  5. Greg G Says:

    Based on watching Brady do the press conferences after practices and games I believe the number 1 reason he’s going to retire is so that he doesn’t have to talk to the pen and mic club any longer.

    People want to read into what he says and then speculate on how happy he is in Tampa or with BA, or BL, or blah, blah… Honestly, you can tell the dude is just effing done with the press conferences. I bet if you told him he didn’t have to do another press conference next year he’d STRONLY consider playing another season.

  6. unbelievable Says:

    LOL, I would gladly take Brady’s “problems” in exchange for mine… gladly.

  7. Dooley Says:

    Jensen @ Brady: What’d this song come out when you were 35?
    (No hesitation) Brady: Go fnck yourself


  8. Bowles4President Says:

    @anon – “The Bucs have helped Brady way more than Brady has helped the Bucs.”

    Is this an attempt at trolling? If you really think what you typed is true, I’m worried about you bro.

  9. alton d green Says:

    anonyomous says. SELFISH???????????? Espn says Brady has left over $100 million on the table so other players could have a chance. Is this the definition of selfish. 10 SBs and won 7. Owns every record on the planet and to my knowledge he has NEVER EVER been the top paid QB. Selfish. BTW Joe Biden got 80 million votes right?

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Anonymous please stay Anonymous, his peers have spoken. Many said he is hurting the players they are going to resent him. Just the opposite, nobody gave a shat. The Bucs have helped Brady? By doing what paying him $25mil, half of what he’s worth? This team has never been more relevant than it is now. Anonymous, Oneilsuckyall, Oralbuc, Passinggasthrough, ALL the same idiot poser.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It’s the truth. Brady needs the Bucs more than the Bucs need Brady. You could put 15 QB’s in the NFL on the Tampa Bay roster and I still think we have the same chances of winning a ring.

    The team went 7-9 with a QB who threw 30 interceptions. If Jameis halved his interception total, the Bucs make a deep run in 2019.

    Tom has always been about Tom. He’s not about team.

    Brady needs a system and supporting cast. He’s not Mahomes, Rodgers, or Josh Allen. He’s benefiting from being on a stacked superteam from the awesome work done by Jason Licht and Bruce Arians.

    Brady should be thanking his lucky stars that Licht wanted him.

  12. Richard Says:

    I’ve never seen a post more ridiculous than Anonymous….to be brief, check your hate for Brady for just a mere minute and look at the Bucs pre Brady and tell me who benefited the most. He took a lowly franchise without any real culture and filled with underperforming players and what happened? WE WON THE FREAKIN SUPER BOWL!!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Have some more self-respect for this team and franchise. The fact that I see so many of you fans groveling over and worshiping this guy is weird. Nobody is bigger than the team.

    We could have had Matt Ryan in 2020 and still had the same result. The reason the Bucs won a ring in 2020 was because we had a stacked superteam. It’s like playing Madden on “Rookie” mode.

  14. D-Rok Says:

    I’ve heard Brady called many adjectives during his tenure in the NFL. Selfish has never been one of those. Ask the hundreds of players he has been team-mates with.

    Give it a rest, Anon. Nobody really wants to hear your drivel, and might I say, borderline insane reasoning.


  15. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    Wife and kids keepin him busy lol


  16. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    (Anonymous Is a Bozo. Get lost)

  17. Cometowin2 Says:

    Get your head out of of your A$$ Anonymous. We wouldn’t have the stacked team if Brady didn’t play for so much less than all the other top quarterbacks. JEEZ!

  18. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Anonymous, 30 ints and 33 tds and 5000 yds and the team did sniff the playoffs. Roster? Gronk, AB, Jones, Ryan, Sherman, Lenny, Jensen, Gage, Bell all came to Tampa to play with TB12. Anonymous, you’re a strange cat. Are you writing from your padded room?

  19. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Forgot Mason

  20. Show Me the TDs Says:

    That brought a tear to my eye.

  21. GOB Says:

    Anonymous, I love a good troll, but you’re absolutely insane, and I love it!! The bucs have never wanted for talent. When you’re picking in the top 15 every year, that part comes easy. The reason they couldn’t win, was because of the QB. Picking up the greatest of all time, didn’t hurt. Please roll back the dosage, of whatever you’re on. Better yet, give GOB some. My knee and shoulder hurts, and I don’t wanna take the red pill just yet. Keep doing what you’re doing. Who am I, and where am I going???