Little Room To Quicken The Tom Brady Release

August 23rd, 2022

Since the technology-driven NFL NextGen stats launched in 2016, Tom Brady’s “Time To Throw” metric has been tracked meticulously. 

And a very interesting stat has emerged.
In 2021, Brady’s average Time To Throw, which measures snap-to-release of each pass, was 2.50 seconds. That was Brady’s fastest single-season time since the stat was born. It also was second-fastest in the NFL behind Ben Roethlisberger.

In the wake of the Bucs’ recent offensive line injuries, Joe has heard a lot of chatter about how Brady likely will speed up his release to account for a shakier line. That probably will hold true at times, but the data leads Joe to believe Brady won’t be able to do much of that, as he’s already getting rid of the ball at a pace he hasn’t experienced previously.

Joe doesn’t estimate Brady, but there are limits.

Last year, Brady didn’t play with any new pass catchers, so the chemistry was optimum. And that chemistry has a tie to releasing the football.

If you’re releasing one-tenth of a second later with new targets in 2022, and the defense is pushing the pocket one-tenth of a second faster on your depleted O-line, then that is a combination that will lead to more sacks and less efficiency.

It would speak loudly to Brady’s legendary greatness if he has another fantastic year releasing the football faster than he did in 2021.

77 Responses to “Little Room To Quicken The Tom Brady Release”

  1. Beeej Says:

    Fewer long passes

  2. Buddha Says:

    Quit all the hypothetical speculation. Brady is a surgeon. He finds the weakness and goes to work.

  3. Allbuccedup Says:

    Trade one of our many wide outs to the Bills for Van Rotten.

  4. SB~LV Says:

    I hope he has input on the last 2 WR spots

  5. Casual Observer Says:

    His 4 top WRs are pro-bowl level. I doubt if Brady has ever had such set of weapons. So – could be an amazing offense – sans major injuries. Lots to look forward to.

  6. Bucs Win Says:

    How did Godwin look today?

  7. Captain Oblivious Says:

    Brady was telling Evans what he saw watching Trask read defenses.

  8. D-Rome Says:

    In 2021, Brady’s average Time To Throw, which measures snap-to-release of each pass, was 2.50 seconds. That was Brady’s fastest single-season time since the stat was born.

    The first time I watched Tom Brady in person was in Atlanta last year against the Falcons. I always knew he had a quick release but it looks different when you see it live. It’s so fast, he’s so accurate, and the Bucs offense is so good that it must be a nightmare for defensive coordinators to scheme against the Bucs.

  9. Oneilbuc Says:

    Brady has become bigger than the entire franchise and now yall see why we are the most losing franchise in all of sports lol 🤣🤣🤣!! Now I understand the mindset when Brady leaves this team is done . This team has destroyed every young quarterback they get there hands on . Lol 🤣🤣 and if they draft a quarterback in the first round next year he would be the next victim of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!

  10. Cobraboy Says:

    This team was done with your mancrush, ATM, Oneill…

  11. SlyPirate Says:

    The Bucs need to avoid 2nd, 3rd in long. More creative/affective run plays, screens, and slants should be introduced. You’ll also see more 2 TE and max protect sets.

  12. Mikejp Says:

    There are 4 reasons Tom can set a new record this season:
    1. New OL
    2. Less long and high risk ball because BA retired
    3. Cage is an Eldeman type who is so quick
    4. TB knows the playbook better

  13. matthew veal Says:

    This is incredible. I hope it holds. I expect it will but there will be volatility and a little forward thinking won’t hurt.

    As a gator i must admit its not what Trask does. Those expecting that to change won’t be happy.

    Your paid to win the game. If Trask does that, things are OK unless a better option cones along

  14. Steven007 Says:

    O’Neill, it must really suck to look forward to the time the team is down in the dumps again. And no matter what you say to try to backtrack from that fact, no one will believe you. Like some of the Brady only guys on this page who will go away once he leaves, you remain a JW guy to your core. The logical expression of that would be to become a die-hard saints fan. Good luck with that.

  15. PassingThru Says:


    As I said before, blaming the franchise for not developing a QB is silly. There are franchises much older than the Bucs who have not successfully developed a franchise QB; look no further than last year’s Super Bowl champion Rams. Until recently, their only franchise QB was someone who played for 4 seasons in Arena League and NFL Europe; he developed through discipline and self-improvement throughout that time period, well before Rams’ coaching staff got their hands on him.

    Much of a franchise QB’s development comes from self-discipline. Josh Allen was frighteningly inaccurate, and he worked his tail off to improve his game.

    The problem is that the Bucs never drafted someone like a Brady, Warner, or Allen. You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken excrement.

  16. tampabayallday Says:

    Run the damn ball

  17. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    The armchair & couch potato OC’s, will be along shortly. To advise the Bucs and TB12, how to overcome any offensive shortfalls.

    I’d offer my advice, but I’m too busy supervising my wife cutting our grass.
    Then she’s gotta fix the leaky kitchen faucet. I’ll have to watch that, too.

  18. Lesko_Brandon Says:

    I predict this will be BL’s first play against Dallas…. 1st and 10, hand the ball to Fournette, Fournettes runs in the middle but no room, 2 yards loss. 2nd and 12, Brady throws the ball to Evans on the side, Evans not ready and not looking, 3rd and 12, Brady forces the ball to Gage, and was tip by Dallas secondary….. PUNT! GO BUCS!!

  19. Oneilbuc Says:

    Steve007 I’ve probably been a bucs fan longer than you been alive. I guess I’m Trask fan as well because I supported him the same way I did Jamies. I guess I’m Freeman fan as well because I supported him the same way. I guess I’m a Sean King fan because I supported him the same way. I guess I’m a Dillfer fan as well because I supported him the same way and others . So I guess they’re all my boys ok !!

  20. ZZBUC Says:


    I understand your concern on the OL , I guess that´s why you want to run the ball….

    You can´t just ran the ball when your WR team is ME13, Godwin, Gage, Jones Perriman, Johnson or Miller (its a keeper).

    Maybe some balance?

  21. Beeej Says:

    If you look at it objectively, 2 of 3 first round qbs never went up accomplishing anything

  22. Oneilbuc Says:

    Passthru. We are the only team that never developed a quarterback bro . So who going to the quarterback next year? They just ruined Trask by not letting him practice none last year during the season and I know one thing you don’t develop a quarterback that way by not letting him practice. And another thing look how fast this fan base gives up on a quarterback. Yall have given us on a quarterback that hasn’t practiced in a year. Plus he’s been playing with the bottom of the roster.

  23. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Has anyone inquired about why Tom looks so skinny. It’s very noticeable when he’s next to Trask and Gabbert who are specimens. How will his frail body hold up?

  24. SB~LV Says:

    It’s not because they didn’t try, Jameis had more than enough time to prove that he
    His own worst
    He simply did not progress and continued to make the same mistakes
    Dollars to donuts NO NFL QB will be given that many years as the starter before the team moving on

  25. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Oneilbuc, yet you have an obvious problem with Brady, who is our QB. If you are a Buc fan, you pull for whom ever is QB. That includes Brady. Do you only support drafted QBs? What sense does that make?

  26. Jeff Says:

    I’m shocked he’s back. Very brave man to play behind this O-line.

  27. GOB Says:

    So long as the receivers get separation, Brady will get the ball out. Playing with guys who can actually get open, has allowed Brady to thrive. His last couple years in NE, guys couldn’t get consistent separation. It had to be schemed up. It’ll be interesting to see how Brady adjusts without his security blanket. So much of what Brady and Gronk did, was based on sight adjustment, and a simple hand signal. Maybe Gage becomes that guy for him. I’d love to see more play action passes. Contrary to popular belief, play action success isn’t tied to running success, or attempts. If the line becomes a turnstile, I’m sure they’ll shorten up the route tree, using more three step drops.

  28. Biff Barker Says:

    Yes, this team does have some challenges. So be it. Every season does.

    My biggest concern is the lack of creativity demonstrated by our OC.

    My second biggest concern is the lack of mobility with our QB.

    MY third biggest concern is our head coach facing adversity.

    My biggest delight is all those bum quarterbacks are gone.

    Let the season begin!

  29. Mike Says:

    The Bucs are going to have to change their running philosophy with the interior Bucs O-line issues and run more outside runs. Luckily for us, we drafted a RB who is quite comfortable and effective running outside, as well as catching passes out in the flat, which are basically running plays anyway.

  30. geno711 Says:

    All you have to know about Oneilbuc is how inaccurate his assessments have been of:

    1. Brady
    2. Arians
    3. Jameis

  31. Buc Neckid Says:

    He was telling M. Evans – “You Spend 22 Seasons in the League, Win 8 Super Bowls with 5 SB MVP’s, 3 NFL MVP’s and you don’t have to pull Hamstrings to get out of Training Camp. They just give you whatever you want!”

  32. GOB Says:

    geno, exactly what gives you confidence that the bucs will continue to be successful after Brady leaves? Licht is a competent GM, but the talent around Brady is a product of being terrible for years. It’s not hard to assemble talent picking in the top 15 every year. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. One thing is certain. Brady’s replacement isn’t on the team. At least not a viable option. Trask isn’t the guy they thought he’d be, based on where he was selected. Unless they go get a top flight QB to replace Brady next year, I think things will get much worse, before they get any better.

  33. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady has mobility. It’s pocket mobility and he’s the best ever. People throw around the word mobility and think it means running around. When the Cardinals played the Rams in the playoffs, Murray’s running around didn’t help him at all. Brady outperformed him. Murray took 3 sacks and Brady only took 3 sacks with that make shift line. Burrow also took more sacks against the Rams in the SB. Brady is also the best pre-snap QB in the league. That allows him to process the feel at the speed of light and make the right decision. The pocket passer has died out and Brady has been the last man standing for years. The above listed reasons play a big role in success.

  34. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Even though Evans is 1 inch taller, Brady actually looks taller in that video.

    I suspect Brady will need to cut a half second off his release……and, I’m expecting Rachaad White to be catching a lot of balls.

  35. D-Rome Says:

    Brady has become bigger than the entire franchise and now yall see why we are the most losing franchise in all of sports lol

    It’s actually the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    Go follow the Saints where you can root with other Saints fans about how *this* year is going to be the year Jay-Miss puts it all together and silences his doubters. You remind me of tmax who was only here for the bad times and claimed the Bucs would never be a winner with Brady.

    What kind of a world do you live in and life do you have where you have to be negative about the greatest 3 year stretch in Bucs history? This team not only has Brady but has what is arguably the best WR Duo in NFL history. If not the best then in the top 5. Why do you care so much about developing a QB? Do you realize it would have cost the Bucs *MORE* to sign Jay-Miss to a long term deal than it did to sign Brady?

    Jay-Miss is a BUST. He failed here. He’ll fail in New Orleans. He’ll be a backup and part time starter for the rest of his career. Let it go.

  36. Oneilbuc Says:

    SB. I didn’t know Jameis was the first quarterback the BUCS drafted? This hate yall have for Jameis has blind yall to the fact of all those other quarterbacks I named Jameis is just one of the victims. But the facts or the facts even about Jameis he looked like a better quarterback with the saints than the bucs. The saints were 5 and 2 before he got hurt . And the saints offense sucked after he got hurt.

  37. George Says:

    I noticed that same height difference between Brady and Evans

  38. SB~LV Says:

    Oneil….how many different jobs have you had ?
    I bet you wear out your welcome pretty fast

  39. Duane Says:

    If the pass blocking does not hold up, you run the football. There is a good stable of those on the team as well. Sometimes, when you effectively or consistently run the football, you can set the defense up with play action and create more time to throw. WR screens are likely on the menu this year, and in particular to the right side with Wirfs and Kieft. Evans, Godwin, and Jones are big enough to block if they are not the recipients.

  40. Buczilla Says:

    I bet that Brady’s release didn’t improve while he was f’ing off in the Bahamas.

  41. Oneilbuc Says:

    SB . I’m my own boss I don’t work for nobody.

  42. Oneilbuc Says:

    D-Rome. Every quarterback failed in Tampa when they got drafted here. It’s just unfortunate the fan base don’t even care. I’m wondering if yall are real bucs fan I care more about the bucs than yall do. And yes y’all have made Brady bigger than the bucs and that’s just something I refuse to do to me it’s bucs all the way!!

  43. GOB Says:

    Oneilbuc, the prophet is always scorned in his own time. Answer the question folks, who was the last successful QB the bucs developed?

  44. PassingThru Says:


    Did you even read my post? There are far older teams than the Bucs who have not developed a franchise QB, and I used the Super Bowl champion Rams as an example. Their only Super Bowl winning QBs were players they never developed. Do you get it? It isn’t just the Bucs.

    Further, much of a QB development has to do with the player having self-discipline and a tireless effort to improve. The examples I gave were Brady, Warner, and Allen.

    You blame the institution and refuse to acknowledge that the individual must accept the responsibility to improve. That’s playing the blame game rather than accepting that personal responsibility is the driver for success. That’s a universal problem; we’re quick to blame institutions because it’s easier than accepting personal responsibility.

  45. Oneilbuc Says:

    GoB. As much as I hate it but facts or facts bro they have never developed a quarterback and I still can’t understand why this fan base don’t care or even hold the franchise accountable for not being able to bring in the right coaches instead of bringing in a popular coach to get them all hyped up to sale tickets. I’m for ever a bucs fan!!

  46. Oneilbuc Says:

    Passthru. Name one team that didn’t develop a quarterback at least once? And yes I know there are older teams . But this franchise has drafted Heisman trophy winning quarterbacks , national championship wining quarterbacks and they even have drafted quarterbacks that won both awards and all of them has failed in Tampa every last one of them.

  47. geno711 Says:

    Oneilbuc got it.

    Looking at history is interesting.

    Relieving one part of history, i.e. that the Bucs have done a poor job developing elite quarterbacks seems pathetically boring.

    Even looking at that part of history, it does not change:

    1. Brady was an elite get by this Bucs franchise.
    2. Winston was given all kinds of weapons on this team and failed because of himself.
    3. Arians is a superior coach.

    You failed on your assessment of all three of those issues and those are more recent history.

  48. PassingThru Says:


    First off, a Heisman Trophy means nothing in terms of whether a QB will become franchise caliber in the NFL. I am sure you know that, and that you’re just blowing smoke. But to belabor the point, here are your latest Heisman Trophy winning QBs:

    2019 Joe Burrow
    2018 Kyler Murray
    2017 Baker Mayfield
    2016 Lamar Jackson
    2014 Marcus Mariota
    2013 Jameis Winston
    2012 Johnny Manziel
    2011 Robert Griffin III
    2010 Cameron Newton
    2009 Mark Ingram
    2008 Sam Bradford
    2007 Tim Tebow
    2006 Troy Smith
    2004 Matt Leinart

    From that list, I’d only label Joe Burrow as a legit, franchise QB, he was NFL-ready; Cinci didn’t have to do much. Cam never developed, he had a great arm (younger version) and could run like a FB, but he could only throw flat-trajectory passes with zero touch. Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson? The jury is out on those two, they could develop, or they could suffer a career trajectory like Cam. The rest of these guys are just journeymen at best. In fact, the success rate isn’t any higher than other diamonds in the rough on draft night… which means winning the Heisman means nothing.

    Other franchises have poor records, and some are much older than the Bucs. The Rams have never developed their own franchise QB. Cleveland Browns, ditto. Chicago Bears? Older than dirt, no franchise QB. Minne? They traded away Fran Tarkenton, it was only upon his return later that he moved the needle. Atlanta is a tough one, Bartkowski and Ryan were decent, but between the two you have maybe 3 franchise seasons. The Jets? There’s Namath, who is hopelessly overrated as a pro QB.

  49. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Oneill if it hurts your feelings so much that the Bucs never developed a true franchise qb then why are you still a fan? That’s all you cry about if it isn’t about Shameless Jameis! You act like they’re supposed to coddle and nurture these men like little children when it’s really a 50/50 split if a qb is developed. They actually coddled Jameis who admitted he’d do things his own way at times instead of what he was taught so how was it the coaches fault? His off field and on field mistakes are what led to him being booted. We were supposed to go to the playoffs his final year and he blew it big time. In the NFL the only thing that matters is the Superbowl it doesn’t matter whether you develop your qb or not. Shameless had 5 years Brady did it in 1 enough said.

  50. Steven007 Says:

    O’Neil, I was born before the franchise was a thing. But nice try. And I’ve had season tickets since 1991. I’m guessing you can’t say the same?! I root for every player on this team. JW was my quarterback. Until he wasn’t. Now Tom is my quarterback. Is this a difficult concept for you?

  51. Steven007 Says:

    And as for the whole developing a quarterback issue, who cares? My goodness if you were a Rams fan you’d be crying over Jared Goff! Stafford got the win there. Good move Rams. Ditto Peyton with the broncos. And ditto Tom with us. We will develop a quarterback one day, the odds say so. Sometime soon? Who knows? And who cares? Is it preferable? Yes. In the meantime get quarterbacks who can win. That was not JW.

  52. orlbucfan Says:

    It was not Tom Brady’s Bucs who won the SB and the NFC South. It was the Tampa Bay Bucs who did both. I will be so glad when Brady is gone.

  53. Oneilbuc Says:

    They said I’m crying 😂😂😂 because of the truth I get it I know what I’m saying hurt yall but come next year I can see it now. Oh Brady please 🥺 come back we are nothing without you lol 🤣🤣. And Brady is going to say I know your team ain’t nothing without me but that’s a you problem. And the bucs more likely is going to pick the next victim in the first round and if he’s not a hall of famer by year 2 than yall gone to push him out just like all the rest of them . Just like the real suckaneers fans yall are!!!

  54. Oneilbuc Says:

    Orlbuc. Thanks bro for understanding what I’m saying all they do is give all the credit to Brady . When we win it’s all Brady and when we lose it’s the team and coaches fault. These people on here don’t represent the bucs they represent Brady more than the bucs. They celebrate Brady winning a Superbowl than the bucs. Even though it’s been proven now that Brady wanted to play for the dolphins , raiders, chargers and 49ers he didn’t have a choice but play to play for us. We were his only choice not his first choice but these fans on here have no pride in the team they claim to love so much.

  55. Steven007 Says:

    O’Neill, Brady could have easily opted for retirement. He’d already played nearly 19 seasons. He’s got an idealic life. He’s rich beyond imagination. Trust me, we didn’t twist his arm. He wanted to play for this team because we offered him the best chance to win. Did he flirt with other teams? Apparently. Again, who cares? Neither the dolphins, raiders, 49ers, or chargers won a super bowl. But we did. Sucks that you can enjoy it.

  56. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Oneilbuc, does Jay Miss bear any of the responsibility for not being successful here? Did his off the field antics, like groping the Uber driver, come into play? What about his inability to check the ball down? How about not ever having a clue in the pocket when he was about to get creamed? Throwing 50/50 falls at best? Being almost sacked and throwing it totally up for grabs?

  57. 941Boltsfan Says:

    The routes and plays can be adjusted to fit whatever time he needs.

  58. Listnfrmafar Says:

    One question Oneilbucyall, who do YOU want as QB? If it isn’t Brady, you would rather see Bucs lose. You trash Brady when he has NO control how he is viewed by the media or fans. All I.heard was he was drafted 199 and busted his arse ever since to get where he’s at. He took a NEGOTIATED 11 days off in order for him to come out of retirement, a piss in the snow compared to what he brings to the franchise. He works and studies harder than anyone else and continues to do so even though he doesn’t have to. You cannot fathom how much money he has made the team and city. Dude if you don’t realize that, you’re the loser!!

  59. Craig Says:

    So, if Brady is all set to do his thing, I suggest Trask plays the whole game.

    There has been too much shade thrown, so we need to know. It has nothing to do with draft position. Brady was a 6th rounder and I ave seen just a few 1st rounders who did well.

    Let’s see what Trask can do, see if he can work through the problems of last week and be competitive.

  60. GOB Says:

    Steven, the Rams reached a Superbowl with Goff, for one reason. He had elite coaching. If the bucs had that kind of coaching, maybe one of the past QBs would’ve had a chance. Bruce Arians isn’t an elite coach.

  61. Ausgust 1976 Buc Says:

    OneilBuc……Passthru. We are the only team that never developed a quarterback bro

    As I stated before this is not true.
    And just to reference your poi I have been a fan since before the first preseason game against the Rams in LA in 1976, I can still remember those “The Bucs are coming” bumper stickers from McDonalds on cars before they ever played the first preseason game.

    They drafted and developed Doug Williams.

    And as I have stated before, it is rare in the NFL that any team has developed a QB. Again of the QB’s drafted over the years it is rare to actually see a team draft and develop a QB.

    But please quit saying something that just is not true.
    They drafted Doug Williams in the 1978 draft, and they were in the playoffs the next year.

    During the broadcast of the San Diego Charger game of 1981 in Tampa, they said Doug was the 4th youngest QB to throw for 10,000 yards in less than 4 years.

    Again Doug was 1 of only 4 NFL QB’s at the time in the history of the NFL to do that.

    That is development of an NFL QB

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  62. Goatfarmer Says:

    Qsqueel it’s y’all against the world. Face it. You’re not a Bucs fan, you’re some martyr worshiping ex young loser quarterback lover who would rather have someone young and “developing” than to actually win. Sticking with Burger King would have meant no Super Bowl 37. Sticking with your fiancé JaMiss would have meant no super bowl. You’d be happier with that.

    Twisted and sad. You suck

  63. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    GOB Rams should’ve never made that game, the Saints were robbed and should’ve been there instead.

  64. Steven007 Says:

    GOB, correct, the Rams went to a super bowl and lost. They had a very strong team and were out coached by belichick which McVay admitted. I know you don’t like the old coach, but the fact is he was successful as a coach with the colts, Cardinals and of course he won a super bowl here. Did Brady contribute? Undoubtedly, just like all great quarterbacks with few exceptions (Dilfer) contribute to their teams winning.

  65. Goatfarmer Says:

    007 – add (King) to (Dilfer)

  66. Oneilbuc Says:

    Gooffarmer. The only player yall talk about is Brady and yall love to bring up Jameis to me why because he’s a black quarterback? I brought up the history yall bring up only one quarterback and that’s Jameis. But I don’t care about that we will see next year once Brady is gone . Tell me a quarterback that’s going to be available that’s going to help us win a championship I’ll wait?? Golf, Jimmy G , Wentz, Gabbert, Daniel Jones, Trubisky, Drew Lock, Geno Smith and Gabbert is trash 🗑️ we are the only team that wanted him . Yall rather have those types of quarterbacks than developing our own quarterback. Our defense can’t carry none of those quarterbacks and the sad part about it is we have a OC that don’t want to run the ball that much because he’s trying to get a head coaching job. Facts or Facts!!

  67. Oneilbuc Says:

    I know most of yall will be gone once Brady leaves next year anyway!! And guess what all those quarterbacks yall name where good until they came to the bucs . And now yall hoping Jameis failed not only against the bucs but in the NFL lol 🤣🤣🤣 you scared 😨😨 now 😂😂!!

  68. PassingThru Says:

    @Ausgust 1976 Buc

    You could claim that Doug Williams was developed by Tampa Bay, but despite Doug Williams having a rocket-launcher arm, he was not a franchise-quality QB. He had one outstanding success as MVP of Super Bowl XXII, but I also remember him losing 9-0 to the Rams in the 1979 NFC Championship game. His career path was that of a quality journeyman.

  69. Goatfarmer Says:

    Osqueel y’all are a fargin idiot. The only posts y’all comment on are about Brady, I comment on most threads about all kinds of topics. I’d encourage y’all to try it but it wouldn’t fit y’all’s narrative. Stick to being miserable and wrong, it suits y’all.

  70. Oneilbuc Says:

    BA had Brady throwing a bunch of picks he’s a out dated coach that never developed a quarterback. He gets called the quarterback wishper because he wrote a book called the quarterback wishper. Go see how many interceptions all his quarterbacks threw when he was coaching then remember Payton Manning had a 100 interceptions in 5 years with the same coaching staff that’s in Tampa coaching the offense other than BL and y’all expected Trask or Jameis to be successful?? Lol 🤣🤣🤣 ok !!

  71. Goatfarmer Says:

    Passing – you’re wrong about Doug. The Bucs lost 9-0 to the Rams because they were missing their starting OL (seems to be a pattern against the Rams) , Doug got injured about half way through the game. He developed a real nice touch on his swing passes and he and James Wilder, in addition to House and Giles, had excellent chemistry in the passing game. His stats improved every year he was a Buc. The Bucs were a .500 team with Doug. They weren’t even .250 without him. Doug won everywhere he went. He’s one of my all time favorite Buc players, and if he were born 35 years later, and had the benefits of modern day coaching, he’d be heralded as one of the game’s best. I have no doubt about that.

  72. Goatfarmer Says:

    There’s Osqueel pumping herself out some more nonsense. As a Buc, Brady has 83 touchdown passes to 24 interceptions over two seasons, after throwing more than any other QB in the NFL.

    JaMiss was 33 and 30.

    Y’all are an idjut. Keep leaking derangements- they are entertaining.

  73. PassingThru Says:

    OK, Goatfarmer, I can respect that. My remembrance of Doug Williams is that he had one of the most incredible arms in the history of the game, but he was inconsistent in terms of accuracy. And the Tampa Bay offense swooned late season; it was the defense and in particular Lee Roy Selmon who was All World in ’79.

    I like Doug Williams, he brought great intangibles, but I just don’t consider him more of a quality journeyman than cornerstone franchise QB.

  74. Goatfarmer Says:

    Passing – I’m old, brother! I saw him in person many games 79-82. Didn’t see him his rookie year. McKay was no risk it no biscuit in the Jurassic period – Doug rarely threw check downs until Wilder arrived. And in 78 and 79, his best WR was Isaac Hagins. He had Giles and a bunch of dudes who sucked. House was a stud but he came in 81, Gordon Jones was talented but inconsistent. Theo Bell was ok. Point is, Doug’s completion percentages, TD/INT ratio, and portfolio of throws he could make kept improving.

    He was a stud with the USFL Outlaws, but they sucked and he was injured.

    When he came to Washington, objectively, he was the better QB than Rypien and initially got the job because of injury to Rypien, hence the Super Bowl run. They got there because of Doug and won it because of Doug. Then he ended up losing the job the following year because of his own injuries and basically that was it for him. I loved watching him play.

  75. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Oneilbucyall, Passinggas & oralbuc, Brady doesn’t consider the Bucs wins his achievements, he constantly praises his teammates for the teams success. Your opinions are stemmed from the media’s influence which scares me if you vote. QB’s are developed in college not the pros. That’s why guys like Muier, Tebow, Eason, Manzel and many others couldn’t cut it. The coaches change like the weather, the QB’s are fine tuned around the offense scheme. Brady wasn’t groomed by Belichick he already had the tools.

  76. Oneilbuc Says:

    Listnfrmafar. When have I ever said Brady didn’t give his team credit? Brady was never the problem it’s yall the problem. Yall believes it’s all Brady not him .

  77. Ed Says:

    Well, “they” must have been keeping an important state like release-time, going-back for a longer period of time than only 2016. And, there must be more sources for this stat than just the one quoted here; to get Brady’s career average release-time requires going back to the beginning of the 2000s.

    A quick Google search shows an article from 2013 talking about Brady with the quickest release-time for the year @ 2.47, and Peyton Manning as second best with 2.5 seconds.

    I read an article not long ago that quoted Brady’s career-average release-time @ 2.3 seconds. Yes, of course if I could remember which article it was I’d list it.

    Now, for the release-time stat of a quarterback to have a certain “full & applicable meaning,” the “average time of the oppositions’ defenses to contact the quarterback,” also must be quoted: the article I read stated that this stat is 2.6 seconds.

    So, if these stats are accurate, and the Buccaneers can provide at least an average offensive line, then Brady should be in very decent shape completing passes to the four stating, elite receivers.