Todd Bowles: Breshad Perriman Can Play Special Teams

August 23rd, 2022

Special teams mystery.

Joe is absolutely fascinated by who the Bucs will keep and, inevitably, who the Bucs will wave goodbye to at receiver in a week when the roster must be whittled down to 53.

The Bucs have a loaded wide receiver room and who gets the final couple of slots is intriguing.

Some years ago an NFL suit at the combine told Joe that when teams finalize their rosters, a reserve player who cannot play special teams is an endangered species. So looking at Bucs receivers not counting Julio Jones, the guys with a reasonable chance of making the squad all play special teams.

Except Breshad Perriman.

So Joe asked Bucs coach Todd Bowles today how much that puts Perriman behind the eight ball. Bowles corrected Joe saying Perriman can play special teams. If that’s accurate, it makes Joe wonder why Perriman rarely has played special teams, unless a couple of popular, widely-used references are dead wrong about Perriman.

Joe checked It is essentially the NFL’s online history book and media guide wrapped into one. Joe has never known this reference to have inaccurate information. It has Perriman with a grand total of six snaps on special teams in his six-year career.

Joe cross-referenced Perriman’s special teams snaps with the Football Outsiders database and it also lists Perriman with one snap at special teams last year.

Then Joe checked the Bucs’ 2022 media guide. It doesn’t document snap counts but does have special teams stats from 2021. Perriman is not listed as having a tackle despite Bowles noting Perriman’s experience at gunner on punt returns and that he also played kickoff return.

“He does play special teams,” Bowles told Joe. “He will play gunner and he will play kickoff return. He plays as much as everybody else.

“He’s just been hurt. We’ve run him down on kickoff before and we’ve run him as a gunner before. He’s in the same boat as the rest of the receivers.”

Aside from the mystery of Perriman’s special teams snap counts, Bowles basically said Perriman is not at a disadvantage with other receivers because he can play special teams.

That’s good to know. It seems the only time Perriman has had major success in the NFL is playing in a Byron Leftwich offense.

60 Responses to “Todd Bowles: Breshad Perriman Can Play Special Teams”

  1. bucfan Says:

    Perriman has not consistently produced and he’s injured too often. Give me Thompkins over him. Thompkins can play special teams. Also, how did the team look in today’s practice? i know you can’t give real details, but a little nugget would be nice 😉

  2. tampabayallday Says:

    Cut or trade Darden, dude can’t help but slip and slide all across the field.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    Smoke to other GM’s
    Fire under the azz’z of Miller, Thompkins and Stern

  4. ZZBUC Says:

    I really can´t understand why pepole dont like Miller. His first year with TB12 was awesome and last year was injured…

    If we let him go , he will be picked in a second and will shine somehwere else…..

    Perriman or Darden out, NOT MILLER

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    We picked up Perriman from San Fran’s Practice Squad as I remember. Maybe they still have a place for him because I seriously doubt he’ll be making the Bucs’ roster. For years he’s been living off his 1st Round draft status & his speed. With a CAREER Catch Percentage of LESS than 50% (OK, 49.8% to be exact), his chances of sticking on this roster are slim to none.

  6. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @defense rules. Exactly. It’s about nostalgia with Perriman and Miller.

  7. Dooley Says:


    Initially we got BP from Cleveland, last year it was Chicago that waived him and in between Tampa in 2019 and Tampa in ’21/’22 he signed with 3 other teams. That’s what puzzled me when guys were saying he’s a lock to make the roster, when in theory a healthy Julio Jones is a more reliable target than BP. 2019 was his best statistical year as a pro and we let him walk the following offseason. We’ll see how the roster shakes out a week from today.

  8. GOB Says:

    The problem with Miller is three fold. He can’t get off the the LOS consistently, he isn’t a great route runner, and he can’t stay healthy. He has great speed, world class. But, unless he vastly improves his deficiencies, his speed is largely useless. One thing is for sure, expecting the entire group of pass catchers to stay healthy is wishful thinking. They may need to rely on one of these guys.

  9. Maniac Buc Says:

    Miller is as good as gone. Literally every other Bucs outlet is reporting it but Joe, mostly because Joe is smart enough to know how many of his “unique viewers” love Scotty. I haven’t read another single outlet that suggest Scotty makes this team in the last few weeks. Joes(plural but singular) is just a smart business man. I’m not sure Perriman can be a ST guy, but if Bowles says he can, then so be it. Either way, this is all pretty much writing on the wall for the Scotty Fanboys. Top 6 spots are decided. Perriman is probably a PS guy. If the Bucs carry 7, it’ll be Thompkins, only if they feel they’ll lose him.

  10. BucsfanFred Says:

    Perriman is a blind squirrel. He’ll find a nut ever now and then.

  11. GOB Says:

    Maniac, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  12. Maniac Buc Says:

    GOB, the main problem with Scotty is people only see the plays he make. Well any player will make plays with enough opportunities. The play against GB wasn’t really a great play by Scotty, it was a terrible play by King. All Scotty did was run really fast in a semi straight line. Also, Scotty doesn’t beat #1 and #2 corners, he consistently beat guys the Leftwich has worked to put him in advantage against. That’s can be useful, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t bode well for you when you have deep competition at your position.

    Well, this is the problem on top of what you said.

  13. David Says:

    Sounds like he was just being very general because other than Brady practically everyone “could” play special teams.
    As far as returning and playing gunner… Maybe at practice over the years.

    Regardless, I think he’s just trying to sell him and that he is the one they will try to trade to possibly bring in another Guard.

  14. Dewey Selmon Says:

    George Yarno could kick extra points. Doesn’t mean we asked him to do it a lot.

  15. Bird Says:

    That video is his entire highlight real past year. Dude doesnt play special teams. If he really did he would get injured every game

    I dont get the perriman love. They could cut him and no one would pick up and you are now allowed to put some vets on practice squad (i believe)

  16. Power of Pewter Says:

    Ridiculous to think Perriman has trade value. If he did, he wouldn’t have been cut by 5 teams In 3 years.
    My guess is Tyler Johnson is #5 and Darden is #6 and KR. One or two WRs get signed to Practice Squad.

  17. JimmyJack Says:

    Once we signed Julio I pretty much forgot about Perriman. Because he doesnt play ST. Scotty does play ST and makes plays on ST, I dont see any chance they cut him. Twice in 2 preseason game Scotty blew the top off of the defense. Yes, we will hang onto a weapon like that especially if he has good chemistry with Tom.

    I think we keep 7 and I would have to get rid of Darden. He hasent shown improvement as a returner. I like Gieger to make the team but he did have a lousy game against the Titans. Might be between him and Thompkins and might come down to this final week and game.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I guess everyone is forgetting we’ll have to eat Perriman’s $1,047,000………

    I certainly think it’s possible…..perhaps he can be traded for a late round pick next year to a team that loses a WR.

    He’s certainly worth being a #5 somewhere…….I think saying he can play special teams is like saying Wirfs can punt.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    Dooley … Looking back through the Player Transaction Archives, Perriman would have to be voted the ‘Cat With 9 Lives’ Award-winner. He’s been with almost every NFL team in one way or another it looks like.

    After he left us in 2019, he signed a juicy 1-year, $6.5 mil contract with the Jets, who promptly cut him after 1 season. Lions signed him to a 1-year, $3 mil contract after that (Mar 2021), but he never even made their 53-man roster & was released in Aug 2021. Then signed with the Bears in Sep 2021 to a 1-year deal, but never saw the active roster & was released in Nov 2021. Bucs signed him shortly after that, and promoted him to the active roster in Dec 2021.

    Wow, like I said, he should win the ‘Cat With 9 Lives’ Award. He’s made a lot of money for very little production … but he is fast. So are Miller (58% catch percentage) & Darden (50% catch percentage). Together, the 3 of them have 19 TDs in 10 years combined experience. Guessing that it takes more than just being fast.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    JimmyJack … I don’t get a vote, but if it was me I’d keep 7 WRs on this roster to at least start the season (we seem to be injury-prone). My preferences would be Evans, Godwin, Gage, Jones, Johnson, Grayson & Thompkins (he’s diminutive but he just seems to have a ‘nose for the ball’).

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    TBBF … I didn’t know that Wirfs could punt. I’d expect that though from a guy his size who can jump out of a pool like he can. I doubt they’d let him punt though because he’s so strong that the ball would probably explode every time he kicked it.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules during the titans broadcast Bruce was in the booth and mentioned 7 WRs. I think they are planning to keep 7.

    I would not get your hopes up on Grayson. Im not sure that he even has a target in the 2 games. Meanwhile, a few other WRs have really stood out. Not a good sign.

    That last spot probably does come down to special teams. The way I see it Rashaaaaaard White has already won the kick return job. Punt return may be the deciding factor and something to pay attention to.. Might be between Thompkins and Darden.

  23. Maniac Buc Says:

    Jimmy Jack is going to be so disappointed when Darden is returning kicks all season, and Scotty is playing in Jacksonville, get 31 targets for 17 catches.

    SN: If funny how I have been saying I have direct knowledge of the support Darden has in the franchise, and was told I didn’t know what I was talking about, and now every reporter since camp is saying how Darden has the support of the coaching staff and front office. He has Tom support as well!!! 😂😂

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    Maniac dont worry Im not going to get bent up about our #7 receiver. I just think Miller brings more to to table on ST and as a reciever. If the Bucs like Darden more so be it. Ill root for the kid.

    Your not really arguing about it, you are just claiming insider knowledge. I generally ignore these kinds of comments because you are just a random poster to me. If the team does keep Darden over Miller I wont be impressed. Nothing personal I just read the comments for opinion. Im not looking for insider knowledge.

    But it does seem bizarre to me you arent really seeing the possibility of 7 WRs and keeping both Miller and Darden.

  25. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    If this team keeps Darden, they are fools.

  26. Duane Says:

    He may be able to play special teams, but that does not mean he should. Special teams is a younger player’s game. The collisions alone are enough to wear out a veteran player, and this team scores a bunch of points.

  27. George Says:

    Miller and Perriman can hopefully be traded.

  28. Buc92’ Says:

    Thompkins better make the team , he’s better than Tyler, perriman, Darden & Miller .. it’s clear , in practice & under the bright lights what a find … He should be number 5 behind Julio


  29. Statguy Says:

    There might be Miller fan boys but you forgot the most important one, Brady. He will dictate what wrs we have

  30. Maniac Buc Says:

    @Statguy, he most certainly will not dictate which WRs we have. Also, I can assure you Brady isn’t this super fan of Miller that y’all think he is. That some made up crap by his fanboys. Brady has literally constantly asked for receiver help to push Miller deeper and deeper down the chart. And like one guy said today, if Brady was such a big fan of Miller, why wasn’t he playing over Grayson and Perriman late last year when he was fully healthy.

  31. Maniac Buc Says:

    @JimmyJack, no football person can look at Miller and then look at Darden and say Miller is better. It’s not even remotely close honestly. I know fans see the game different, but there is nothing Miller does better other than run really really fast in a straight line. Darden is actually a very good route runner. Also, Darden is quick, Miller fast, there’s a difference. In football, I’d rather have quickness 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.

  32. Maniac Buc Says:

    Also @ Jimmy Jack, when national reporters who have no clue who I am, once camp starts get to repeating things I’ve been saying for a while now, then maybe at some point, you’re like hmmm, how does he know. Well before camp started I was telling people Darden was ahead of Miller and the coaches and FO were still big on him. Now every page, including, has repeated that since camp started. It’s not that they’re repeating what I say obviously, it means they’re starting to get the same info from the people they talk to.

  33. GrafikDetail Says:

    @ZZBUC, certain people said the same about letting Adam Humphries go and he’s out of the league… that said, I trust Scotty over the undrafted guys this year…

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    GrafikDetail … Remember when Humphries, Brate & Griffin became Bucs and roomed together? All 3 were Undrafted as I recall. Both Humphries & Brate made some pretty good money as receivers, probably thanks to Griffin (remember reading an article years ago that they practiced a lot together trying to get better).

  35. Goatfarmer Says:

    Scotty produced in the Rams comeback / Todd Bowles Bowl when it mattered the most. He drew double coverage allowing Mike to win his one on one. No way Darden would ever get that kind of trust and if he did he’s blow it.

  36. Goatfarmer Says:

    Meant to add he caught the 4th down pass on a dig type route run very well.

  37. Goatfarmer Says:

    I don’t like waving good bye to any of these guys other than Darden. Apparently the coaches see something I don’t which is why they are there and I am here.

  38. GOB Says:

    Defense, I’ve thought of keeping 7 recievers also. Here is why they probably won’t, bear with me. It’s important to distinguish the game day roster, from the active/inactive. If a team has a minimum of 8 dressed OL, the roster limit is 48. If you dress fewer OL, it’s 47. If that happen, you can’t dress more than 4, maybe 5 reciever, and still field a team. Then teams also have 2 SEA designations which could bring the roster to 55. I’m not sure about the stash rules anymore, but if they can get away with it, without having to waive a guy, go for it.

  39. Goatfarmer Says:

    We know we are thin at OL depth, particularly LG and C, and there are about to be 837 players from other teams released in a week, not counting ours. It would be shocking if we didn’t pick up an OL or two from that crop, regardless there will be gyrations after our final cuts and everyone else’s. It will be interesting. I do feel for those that are about to be cut. This time of year absolutely sucks, and as we’ve seen there is razor thin difference between the last to make the team and the final cuts. Why there really needs to be a legit developmental football league.

  40. JimmyJack Says:

    Maniac “No football person can look at Miller and then look at Darden and say that Miller is better” That comment is technically absurd if we are looking at film. Lets not pretend like actual production isnt the true measure.

    Im not saying your opinion is wrong. If you are right it will show up on Sundays. So i hope your right. If that happens we have just upgraded over Scotty who does have his limitations.

    Theres no such thing as “no football person” can clearly see this guy is better then that guy. If that was true O.J. Howard would give us no worry about losing Gronk, Tom Brady would have been picked in Round 1 and John Lynch would of been, at best, an average DB.

    For all I know we are both wrong and Sterns is better then both. Im down to root for whoever gets the honor to wear Pewter this year. And Ill come here to complain if they stink up the joint.

  41. GOB Says:

    GF it’s terrible. When you say razor thin margin, it should be measured in microns. This is all these kids have worked for, to make a 53. Sadly, some of these guys will be looking for square jobs soon. I remember how dejected I felt. Glad they have the expanded taxi squads now. At least it provides an alternative.

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    The 8:01 post is just lame to me. Again, i only go to commets here for opinion. Not sure why you want credibility as an insider here. If im looking for insiders Ill read the top of the page, not the fan comments.

  43. Z31 Says:

    Maniac Buc says “Joe is smart enough to know how many of his “unique viewers” love Scotty”


    What the hell does that mean? Spit it out. You mean because he happens to be white?… or is there something else you are getting at? WTF cares? The analysis is about what each guy can or can not bring us. Nothing else matters. RIGHT??

  44. Z31 Says:

    Maniac Buc says “when national reporters who have no clue who I am….”


    Always love these guys, lol. Oooh, listen everybody. I am SOMEBODY.
    Ok, whatever. Have fun with it.

  45. firethecannons Says:

    That one play–THE walkoff touchdown will forever be one of the best plays of the 2021 season and I will never forget it!

    My preferences would be to let Darden go, stash devin thompkins and jereth sterns on the practice squad or somehow package those two up with Kyle Trask for a corner or a guard. Let Rachaad white or scotty miller or cyrill grayson do kr/pr

  46. Maniac Buc Says:

    Z31, who mentioned race? “Unique Viewers” is what Joe calls the traffic that visits his sight.

    But on a side note, since you brought it up, if Scotty wasn’t a fast little white dude playing WR, he would be no near as popular as he is. Everyone knows that.

  47. Maniac Buc Says:

    Also Z31, love it or hate it, I don’t really care what you think. There will never be a time when I say something that won’t be true. I told y’all months ago there was zero percent chance Darden would be cut. Looks like I’m right. 😂

  48. Goatfarmer Says:

    GOB – I can see it and feel it vicariously. I truly feel the NFL should fund the developmental league themselves, none of this XFL quackery. The AAF seemed like it was on the right track but had a poisonous sponsor who got bought out by Wrestling criminal Vince because he didn’t want the competition with his XFL.

    The NFL can afford it – the owners can afford it – make the developmental league happen. Over time, it could become like a condensed version of baseball minor leagues. There is certainly enough stadium infrastructure.

  49. Joe Says:

    “Unique viewers” is an industry term of a user with a specific IP address or specific computer (each device has its own IP address) visiting the site.

    For example, someone can visit once in the day. That’s a unique visit or a unique viewer. Now if that viewer reads two stories, that is known as two pageviews. Three stories, three pageviews. And so on.

    Unique visitor or unique viewer represents how many individual device users came to the site. Pageviews is how many stories someone read.

    And no, Joe is not writing about Miller for traffic. Joe honestly believes Miller is better than Darden, based both on their resumes and their play in practice. And Joe has seen every practice this summer.

  50. Z31 Says:

    Maniac Buc Says:
    “if Scotty wasn’t a fast little white dude playing WR, he would be no near as popular as he is.”


    How POPULAR he is? He is just a guy. Not sure he is that popular. I loved the guy for a little while too after some big plays, but now frankly more intrigued by Deven Thompkins. — Your comments right here point at it being an issue for you. And I just don’t understand it. Can we not just enjoy a player that catches our eye….. and not give an F about black or white?

    (Michael Jackson put it best.)
    music symbol

  51. Z31 Says:

    Maniac Buc Says:
    “There will never be a time when I say something that won’t be true.”

    Wow, a little narcissistic?

    Maniac Buc says:
    ” I told y’all months ago there was zero percent chance Darden would be cut. Looks like I’m right. 😂”

    Um…. there are still 80 guys on the team. I hope you are right. I like the guy fine, but isn’t a bit early for you to be sounding the bugle?

  52. Maniac Buc Says:

    Z31, I sounded that Bugle before training camp started when even national writers, including Joe, was saying Darden could be cut. Darden, barring injury, will be on the field week 1 for the Bucs.

  53. Maniac Buc Says:

    @joe, you may literally be the only reporter who has been at practice who thinks that. Literally the only one.

  54. Joe Says:

    @joe, you may literally be the only reporter who has been at practice who thinks that. Literally the only one.

    Oh well? 🤷‍♂️ Would it make you feel better if Joe wrote what he doesn’t see and lie to you?

    Hell, Joe could save a shitload of cash in gas money and stay home and write about how everyone is kicking ass and all 80 guys will make the final-53.

  55. Z31 Says:

    Maniac Buc,

    Fair enough. On Darden, the kid has clearly busted his ass to try & be better from last year. It is evident, and I am rooting for him.

  56. Maniac Buc Says:

    No, but by every report, Darden has outperformed Miller. You even wrote an article about a play Miller made Saturday and said the ball was uncatchable and out of bounds when it hit Miller in both hands clearly in bounds. The. Dardens comeback a drop when it was a clear hold on the DB. But either way, Darden is better than Miller. It’s not close. The football people that matter clearly see it. I’m not being biased when I say Miller, aside from running fast straight, is the worse route running WR I have ever seen. Great guy, great teammate, really fast, terrible player…

  57. Z31 Says:


    THANK YOU for being at each & every one of those practices and providing the content and insight each day. We appreciate it.

  58. Rod Munch Says:

    Perriman has nearly his entire salary, just over $1m guaranteed, so basically he’s making the team because the team really can’t afford to cut him and then pay someone else, the cap is that tight. I mean, it’s not impossible, but it doesn’t seem likely.

    But if Perriman can just stay healthy, we saw what he can do in 2019 when Godwin and Evans and Miller went down, and Brate and OJ and Watson were dropping everything, and basically Winston had one guy to throw to, that being Perriman, and he had by far the best stretch of his career. As a deep depth WR, a #5 or #6 or #7 WR, he’s an advantage, because while he might not still have 4.2 speed, he’s probably still a legit 4.4 speed guy with good size, and has proven himself at times. For a guy that deep on the roster, that’s a nice to have combo.

  59. Joe Says:


    You are welcome! Labor of love. 🙂

    Joe is very fortunate to have the opportunity.

  60. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … Perriman is toast. $1 mil guaranteed only means that he’ll be a millionaire, not that he’ll make the final-53.